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Zombie Master - Chapter 30.2


Zombie master chapter 30.2 : interlude 4 

Sakura is taking a bit of time to find out the meaning of Sarah's words. After a while she seemed to understand something.

’’In other words those that become zombie has a possibility to still be living?’’

It will be ridiculous if it was true, eating another human while fully conscious of it. Sarah however move her hands left and right signifying it was wrong. Because most of the zombie can't speak nor confirm the theory.

’’When I dissected some zombie and checked it, some of the brain cells was eroded by the virus but the damage mostly happened in the body. To define death itself is quite difficult. Heart stop beating, homeostasis, loss of body temperature, zombie itself is moving and attacking other human, we may as well consider zombie as a living being.’’

Indeed, because it was still able to move around, the terms 'death' means nothing. Given the ability of the zombie to regenerate itself giving a sign that it is still 'alive'. This is something that is out of the normal thinking sense and it is all happening in this zombie apocalypse. Even all the smart people in the world is working together to solve this phenomenon.

’’So, what happens if the zombie we met is able to speak some words?’’

’’I have one captured sample and give it an autopsy. As the result, the infection rate is still the same with other zombie. Only the brain cells are infected less than normal zombie. However, it still showing the same results with their heart stop beating, loss of temperature and can't do anything aside from attacking other humans.’’

This is also the great mystery at how their brain still emitting brain wave like normal human. This is also why some of the researcher thinking that the zombie is 'alive' because of their brain which is still working but still coldly dissected the zombie.

’’For those that is infected, their muscle is developing in a strange way and I can't found out the reason. It doesn't change whether they can speak or not but based on my research I categorized them into three kind of zombie.’’

When saying three kind of zombie, Sarah moves towards Sakura and giving her a meaningful look. Sakura on the other hands is afraid to say something just in case she said the wrong thing. However, this time she is giving it a deep thoughts and it was something that is always in her mind.

’’Is it something connected to us?’’

Sakura was given silence treatment and Sarah continued to look at her. She also realized that at this point she isn't normal human or a 'normal zombie'. When Sarah said she is categorizing zombie, it was most likely Sakura is in one of the category.

’’Yes, we are perhaps, the perfect sample.’’

’’Perfect sample?’’

Of course if she asked to investigate her brain, she will reject it but Sakura can clearly think that her brain is still working normally. There is nothing different from her usual daily life in terms of action or decision making.

After asking with anxiety, Sarah replied with a nod.

’’It is. I have a story and I'm not sure you've heard it or not.’’

Sarah is telling theories of the zombie apocalypse source. Some said that it was a rabies virus that is mutated. It was rather dubious but in reality no one can proof it right or wrong. Because the virus and the symptoms that is happening need to be examined from various viewpoints. The reason why zombie exist right now in the living world has been a big question.

The most famous theory is that zombie was resurrected from the dead or even casted from voodoo magic. Instead of manipulating corpse, right now the magic is manipulating living human beings and suspended them in semi living condition using a poison called zombie powder. The victim thus turned into a zombie and wandering in the world.

Whether the zombie was caused by voodoo magic seemed to be an absurd story but there are actually similar cases in the natural world. It was found in snails and mantis that is infected by parasite. For example, a small parasite like spider and it somehow can affect the host behavior.


’’Yes, however it was hard to proof that it was parasitic organism since it won't be able to infect a large amount of cell of human body. Because of that this is definitely virus and we can say that it was a mutated virus.’’

It was settled one again that it was caused by virus but this time the virus has the properties of a parasite and it is able to manipulate the host. The effect is making the host become ferocious as if becoming a rabies dog. Even though it was still moving around we can say that the host is as good as dead and the virus still active inside the dead host body and actively multiplying. Natural self-multiplication and rapid infection spread it was as if the virus itself have a hidden purpose.

’’Given the fact that it has the properties of a parasite, the next question is whether human is the 'final host' or are we only a temporary host?’’

’’What do you mean?’’

Is there really a difference? For Sakura this is something new.

’’To describe it in simple terms, temporary host means that the parasite that infecting us is only in it juvenile state. When it matured it will search for a new host.’’

’’What will happen if it was only a temporary host?’’

’’if that's what happen then we're not the main target of the virus. It will no longer matter if we're alive or dead since it will be looking for a new host after it matured.’’

If we're judging from the current situation of humanity, it can be said that we're being treated as temporary host. Because if human is the virus final target, it will not cause too much damage to the host. Of course there's still the possibility that humanity is the final target.

The worst assumption is that the virus is only using humanity as a media to multiply. If that's what really happens that it was an utter nightmare. Considering that the zombie apocalypse has only happened for a month, there is no clear conclusion on what's going to happen next. It was only clear that the target right now is humanity and we're being at disadvantages.

Of course no matter what theory is being discussed by the researchers they still need to find an evidence because this is also one of the way to save the human race.

’’Well, I don't know because in this kind of situation, the parasite may have their own intention and there is a possibility that they are manipulating our mind.’’

Sakura becomes pale when she heard that. She is thinking has she been manipulated by the parasite?

’’It shouldn't be like that doctor. Of course I'm still me!’’

’’Haha, it was a joke.’’

Sakura then patting her own chest but Sarah at that point seemed to think of something else. Because when she wakes up after being bitten by an infected person, she has lots of question in her mind. After exchanging views with various researchers, the more possibility that is rising in her mind. The virus however at this point seemed to have a goal to 'multiply' and there's nothing that can be done to interfere with that.

Somehow there is a moment when fear taking control because of the unknown but Sarah obsession become something that drives her forward. It can be said that Nakagawa Sarah want to be victorious over the virus. However, Sarah doesn't have any idea how to win against the virus and the parasite like ability.

Since there is a difference between the degree of infected brain cells in zombie, Sarah get another idea. If the zombie is only muttering some unknown words, then it was nothing special but if they can somehow communicate then it means they have consciousness of their own and the virus isn't completely in control. There might be some virus that damaged the brain but not damaging the body too.

’’Sakura-san, what do you think?’’

’’Well... at this point I think that I'm different from the 'original' me.’’

When hearing that Sarah put her hand on her chin and is thinking something. However, Sakura doesn't know what she is thinking exactly. To begin with it seems that Sarah never notice that it has become an obsession for her.

’’I think it wasn't that bad. In this way we are living coexist with the virus.’’


Sakura was kind of confused. Because the parasite usually taking advantage of the host, some are profiting both sides but it was really rare. It can be said that at the moment they are in a symbiosis with the virus.

’’I think Sakura has noticed it too. Our body is stronger than before and even injury can be healed easily but make sure not to stand out in front of people.’’

’’Eh, is that true?’’

’’when you're bitten, isn't it healed already?’’

Sakura then examined her own body and it is true that even scratches can't be seen and in her memory when she was injured, it is indeed healed faster than normal.

’’Your strength should be increased too. At this point you can take care of adult male easily and there are lots of benefit.’’

’’But, if it was symbiosis, won't the virus take something from us too?’’

’’in my opinion, 'reproduction'.’’

’’Eh?’’ Sakura was surprised hearing that and blushed.

’’Sakura-san, do you get what I'm saying?’’

’’Yes... but it's weird.’’

The process of multiplication can be achieved by infecting others, why should Sarah mentioned reproduction?

’’Well, that was my own symbiosis theory and it was all my intuition. The truth may be completely different.’’

The idea of symbiosis comes to Sarah because of her thinking. If it was only parasitism, one-day humanity will be gone or at least 'normal human' will no longer exist. Because of that they need to leave some special human to keep reproducing offspring. The result of this reproduction, it can't be clear that if it was a 'human' or completely new species that is only identical to human because it has human gene. But her only conclusion for now is they are different from others because they will be able to reproduce. Whether it was true or not, Sarah still don't know and the relationship of the host and virus itself still unclear.

’’If it was really 'reproduction' then there should be a normal 'zombie male' like us right?’’

’’Sakura, don't you feel it? It was somewhere around here.’’

Sakura then remember when she feels something at Tokyo's 23rd ward. It was an area that used to be highly populated and the calling to come there before isn't because there is a probability of finding survivor. Sakura closed her eyes and feel some kind of urge. A faint feeling that is calling her.

’’Yes, I can't explain it but I understand. There are people like us and it wasn't far from here.’’

Sarah then nodded heavily hearing Sakura's words. She can understand because she is feeling the same thing.

’’It should be an infected male that is calling for us. I think he will be the center of this apocalypse.’’

It wasn't a good theory but the girls are convinced because they felt it.

’’So, I have a favor to ask from Sakura-san.’’

’’Could it be...’’

’’Yes, I want to look for that 'infected male'.’’


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