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Zither Emperor - Volume 2 - Chapter 13.3


Chapter 13.3

Chapter 13 - Behemoth (III)


At this moment, Mjolnir Stronghold's city gate abruptly opened, causing the earth to subsequently tremble. An enormous figure appeared outside of Mjolnir Stronghold's city gate. Zi's deep violet eyes blazed with a burning flame as he watched it, tightening his double-handed grip on the heavy iron stick.

It was a 15 meter tall giant, a being which naturally surpassed everyone in height. Iron-gray hair covered its entire body. In the sun's flickering and glimmering rays of light, the giant released an incomparably domineering aura which seemed to make even the magical elements in the atmosphere flee quickly in fear.

A large, meter long foot extended outward. Each time it took a step, the earth violently trembled in response. Every part of its body was thick and solid. What was especially notable were its two bloodthirsty, red eyes.

Its broad shoulders were five meters in width. On each side, its bulging deltoids resembled small hills. These hairy muscles could only be described as frightening. At the ends of these thick and solid arms were numerous sharp claws, over two and a half meters in length. Every one of them was capable of matching the dragonspears used by the dragon cavalry of the human countries. The sound of deep breathing emerged, as if the air was sobbing.

Without a doubt, this was truly the only monster that could contend with a genuine dragon. The one that was unrivaled in land warfare and given the title of the 'Beastmen Tribe's Trump Card' - the Behemoth.

Even a gigantic dragon's physical body couldn't compare with the body of a behemoth. If it was only through sheer combat ability, at present a rank 7 Berserker Behemoth could tear a rank 8 gigantic dragon to shreds. Although it was merely rank 7, no magical beast of equal rank was a behemoth's adversary. Its naturally advanced magical resistance made it completely immune to any magic lower than Indigo Rank, and their bodies were like strong fortresses. As for rank 8 Silver Behemoths and rank 9 Gold Behemoths,they were heralded even more as paragons of war.

The Northern Wasteland's beastmen were divided into multiple tribes. Territory was not at all divided according to whether the members of the tribe were strong or weak. Instead, it was divided by the quantity of behemoths they possessed. The tribe that possessed the most behemoths was the tribe with the strongest beastmen.

At this moment, a hundred Berserker Behemoths appeared outside the Mjolnir Stronghold. Their troops were not organized because they had no need of any camps. They did not appear to be fighting;rather, they were practicing. Even at Mjolnir, the beastmen's largest stronghold, the commanders did not dare to let such violent behemoths train within the stronghold.

Besides the hundred Berserker Behemoths, there were also five Silver Behemoths and two Gold Behemoths. This was almost comparable to half the amount or more of the total number of behemoths within Mjolnir Stronghold.

The silver hair covering the Silver Behemoth's bodies were much sturdier than the bodies of Berserker Behemoths, which made them nearly immune to all Indigo Rank magic. Only Violet Ranked Magic could bring harm to them.

Gold Behemoths were even more frightening. They had the reputation of being the king of the Behemoths, super behemoths that were unconditionally of rank 9 strength. Concerning Violet Rank magic, unless it was Level 3 or higher Violet Rank magic, then the spell could only deal the slightest of injuries. The golden hair on their bodies were more tough and durable than any armor. Even Even their bloodthirsty gazes made gigantic dragons shudder.

Because of the existence of these behemoths, the human countries couldn't step past the boundaries.

Numerous rank 4 to rank 6 tamed dragons were captured from unknown beastmen countries and released outside, causing the atmosphere outside Mjolnir Stronghold to be filled with panic and alarm. On the stronghold's city wall, countless of the powerful beastmen tribes' armed forces were shouting crazily, cheering for their king.

Dragon blood was the best thing to control a Berserker Behemoth. The Berserker Behemoths moved, their unparalleled, strong bodies not seeming even the slightest bit clumsy. The height of a Behemoth's jump could unexpectedly reach the height of the Mjolnir Stronghold city walls. In a split second, tamed dragons who were about to fly were ripped from the air by sharp claws and brought to the ground, where the Berserker Behemoths tore their still breathing bodies to shreds.

A Behemoths' attack style was very simple. Power. Absolute power. Bloody power.

Tamed dragons could not put up any resistance and were equally unable to escape. Five minutes. It took only five minutes. There was already a foul wind and a rain of blood outside the Mjolnir Stronghold. Those tamed dragons disappeared;not even one piece of meat could be found. Blood soaked the Berserker Behemoths' iron-gray haired bodies. The light dwelling within their crimson red eyes became even more rich and powerful.

At this time, five Silver Behemoths and two Gold Behemoths joined in the fighting ranks. Their targets were their own compatriots. Unexpectedly, the Berserker Behemoths' huge bodies, when in front of these seven more valiant Behemoths, were continuously thrown flying like fired projectiles. Their crazy, thunderous roars seemed to rip the air apart.

Zi, from beginning to end, stood there, gazing at the distant, fighting distant, fighting behemoths. He knew that this was the way behemoths toughened up. Even if this was a practice, every behemoth went all-out. With their superior defensive power, they were simply unafraid of getting injured. It was only due to unceasing battles that the behemoths could gain the valiant fighting strength that caused every country to tremble.

His body's blood began to boil. Zi knew that he himself could not stay here because he had already had to repeatedly exercise control over his emotions. Looking up to the sky, he issued a commanding roar to the distant behemoths that brought them all to a halt. Zi's body then turned into a violet shadow. Facing towards the left of Mjolnir Stronghold, he sped away, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye.

When Ye Yin Zhu came to his senses from his unconscious state, he found himself already reclining on his dormitory bed. The aroma of food made his stomach unable to refrain from issuing an utterly depressing cry.

Turning over, he crawled up and out of bed. Besides his head, which was still slightly spinning, his body was already fine. He was somewhat amazed. When did his body's healing ability become this powerful? The internal injuries produced by the elemental backlash were, to his surprise, already completely healed.

’’You're awake. Eat.’’ Sura's somewhat cold voice echoed out. Two dishes and a few steamed rolls were arranged on the table.

’’Not enough food today?’’ Ye Yin Zhu jokingly said.

Sura groaned, ’’More food? This is already plenty to eat.’’

Ye Yin Zhu picked up a steamed roll and bit into it. ’’Sura, what was wrong with you? I remember that I hadn't offended you! It seemed like you said you wanted to kill me right before I fainted in front fainted in front of you.’’ As he spoke, his hands were not idle as the vegetable dishes rapidly entered his mouth. Sura's culinary talent wasn't bad, the taste nearly peerless.

’’You say I did what?’’ Sura fumed with rage as he said between gritted teeth, ’’Who let you win. Who let your divine Music division win. Why are you so strong? Why didn't you tell me before?’’

’’Eh? You didn't ask me!’’ Ye Yin Zhu asked with some slight confusion, ’’Sura, what's wrong with you? I heard my father say that only andropause could cause such emotional instability. It's unlikely for you to have started andropause.’’

’’You...’’ Sura's complexion became even more gloomy. Suddenly, he cried loudly. ’’Wa! Money, my money! You bastard, you made me to lose all my money. I, I want to kill you, kill you!’’ While saying this, a dagger unknowingly appeared in his palm. He brandishing it against the air as if the air were Ye Yin Zhu.

’’I made you lose money? I remember you bet only one gold coin. Moreover, you bet on our divine Music division to win. How could you have lost your money?’’ Ye Yin Zhu didn't understand.

’’This...’’ The weeping sounds stopped. Sura looked at Ye Yin Zhu, his gaze immediately becoming awkward. Lowering his head, he explained, ’’Actually, I also wasn't optimistic that your divine Music division could win. Therefore, I bet all of my money on the Dark Magic division. I originally thought I would be able to earn a little money to improve our lives. Who could have imagined that you, you unexpectedly won?’’

Listening to him explain it like this, Ye Yin Zhu suddenly understood. Frowning, he said, ’’I already told you it was not good to gamble. Why did you still go gamble?’’


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