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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 748


Chapter 748 - Flame Hawk Archers

Not long after, a man with a large beard walked in. He shouted at me, ’’You're that new kid right? Record all of the names on the received messages. You must send out every document here, today. Organize them all by the type of document and then send them out in the morning. Don't get lazy, we're not handing out charity here!’’

I nodded, I didn't even know what his name was. But, seeing as I came here to become a member of the shipping and receiving team, then I will do it with ease!


That entire morning, I pushed the cart across all of the floors, as I received and sent out documents. I was also in charge of refilling the paper cups, printer paper, and ink in each of the offices. I didn't stop for a single moment, all the way up until twelve. The brutish bearded man let me go on my break and shouted at me, ’’Youngster, go and get your food. I'll give you half an hour. After that, get the f*ck back to work!’’

I nodded with a smile, ’’Yes sir!’’

I went upstairs to the eleventh floor so that I could eat with Wan Er in the cafeteria. By the time I got there, I saw that Dong Cheng had arrived as well. And so, we all went to the seventh floor to eat. Li Rong followed along and cheerfully asked how my work was going. She then gave me a second glance and asked, ’’Li Xiao Yao, are you satisfied with your work? The manager of that department is pretty mean. Everyone calls him Bi Beard. His favorite thing to do is shout at people But, his character actually isn't that bad, he's just one of those aggressive types of people.’’

I smiled and shook my head, ’’That's fine, I didn't take it to heart.’’

Dong Cheng raised a brow, ’’What? That Bi Beard actually dares to cuss at my Brother Xiao Yao?’’

Wan Er was also stunned, ’’He's really cussed at you?’’

’’No, not at all. He was just giving me some work.’’ I immediately explained it all to them. But no matter how I tried, it was of no use. The two girls looked pissed.

I bought my lunch in the cafeteria and just as I was about to eat, Bi Beard suddenly walked over to my side. He was holding a tray of food. He then glared at me, ’’Eh? You're eating that much? Today's food is pretty good, there's Yuxiang Pork and Hong Shao Fish. Hurry up and eat. When you're done, get the f*ck back to work!’’

I nodded with a smile, ’’Yup, I'll be as fast as I can.’’

’’Pa!’’ Dong Cheng slammed the table and stood up. She glared at him and shouted, ’’Bi Beard, who gave you the guts to bluff around him? Are you some kind of idiot, trying to piss him off like that?’’

Bi Beard stiffened and then looked at the nameplate on Dong Cheng's chest. The plaque on her chest was extremely noticeable and it was color coded cyan, to represent her manager status. Furthermore, both Dong Cheng and Wan Er had the same plaque. That was the moment Bi Beard realized that he couldn't offend these two girls. And so, he stuttered, ’’You guys.... You guys are?’’

Li Rong put down her chopsticks and said, ’’Bi Beard, these two are the new CEO assistant and Human Resources Manager. They're both Li Xiao Yao's friends, so, it's best that you be more polite to Li Xiao Yao. Otherwise... I'm afraid your days as the manager of the shipping and receiving are numbered.’’

Bi Beard shuddered, ’’Yes... I understand....’’

I grinned, ’’There's no need to be nervous. Hurry up and eat your meal. When I'm done, I'll immediately head back to work. I won't leave until I'm finished with all of the work on my hands.’’

Bi Beard panicked, ’’No, I can do it!’’

I didn't respond and just quietly ate my food.

I sighed inwardly, having a friend up there really was nice....

Up there, hey? Why does it feel like something isn't right?


And like that, Wan Er, Dong Cheng and my winter break internship began. Wan Er and Dong Cheng's protection was left to me this time. Tang Qi that kid went back home to Sichuan. He said he was there to visit his mother. As soon as he was done there, he would take the first plane back.

But, after seven days, Tang Qi had still not returned. He had even called Dong Cheng, telling her that he had gotten together with some old pals from back home. When he was done, he would come back. Dong Cheng told him to take his time and that it'd be better if he just didn't come back at all. She even said that she was perfectly happy being with Brother Xiao Yao. Although, when she said it, she put an emphasis on the ’’happy’’, so much that I couldn't understand.

For the next seven days, there wasn't too much happening in the company to keep us busy. After all, the scouting mission from HQ didn't seem to be very successful. They couldn't even find a single hint about the whereabouts of the Rune System's core, and so naturally they wouldn't know where its defense system was being hacked from. Actually, I was already starting to suspect that there was something going on in the twelfth floor. That floor housed the greatest number of servers and software programmers and it was the place with the highest probability of being the source of the hack. Unfortunately, that floor had the highest security clearance. I didn't even get any of their documents, leaving me with no chances of going up there. Nevermind, I'll just wait for the brothers at HQ to break in. My mission was to protect the safety of the two girls and nothing else.

In those seven days, I was able to reach Level 135. I worked in the morning, and grinded levels until late in the night when I went home. My efficiency was terrifying. I managed to sweep through a number of the Tian Ling city maps. My focus continuously shifted between my internship and the game. Wan Er had also reached Level 133. However, even after she had killed several BOSSes, she still wasn't able to get the two skill books, [Unyielding Spirit] and [Concealed Spirit]. On top of that, it didn't seem like there were any other assassins in Tian Ling City that were able to get the skill books to drop. Some people were even starting to doubt that the two skill books even existed.


That afternoon, I had returned from work. After I finished lunch, I relaxed on the couch.

’’It's been so tiring at work these days....’’

Wan Er stretched out her arm and lazily said, ’’I'm receiving calls nonstop in the assistant's office. And to top it off, I have to watch the PDA from Mr. Peng and Liu Yao. It's really uncomfortable...’’

I stood up and walked behind her. I started to massage her thin shoulders and smiled, ’’How's this, are you feeling better? Honey, you've worked hard today!’’

Wan Er started to giggle from my massage, ’’Idiot, its ticklish and relaxing...’’

Dong Cheng was holding a cup of juice and looked over at the two of us, ’’I predict that that hand will start moving downward and perhaps explore Wan Er's private areas? You two should be more ashamed, after all, I'm still here....’’

Wan Er and I glared at her, ’’Are we even being inappropriate? The one who needs to get her mind out of the gutter is you!’’

Dong Cheng giggled, ’’Alright alright, its me. That's right, should we go and clear the Deer Cry Cave? Our levels are high enough. Wan Er is 133, and I'm 132, while Brother Xiao Yao is 135. Grinding Level 140+ monsters should be good enough. If we don't act fast, I'm afraid that [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and [Prague] will take it first. So, while they haven't found it yet, we should clear it first.’’

Deer Cry Cave was a type of SSS tier map. It was discovered by Qing Qian and Wei Liang. However, the monster levels there were extremely high. Only a little after entering the cave, Wei Liang was instantly killed. And so, we decided to wait until our levels were higher before we cleared the map. Now was a pretty good time.

I nodded, ’’Then let's prepare to set out. It's almost evening, how big should our team be?’’

Dong Cheng replied, ’’A twenty man team should be enough. If we have too many, it'll be hard to split the equipment. Besides, it'd be a waste as well. Deer Cry Cave is a small map, and isn't suitable for large scale battles. Taking too many people wouldn't be practical.’’

I replied, ’’OK, then later on when we log on, you and Wan Er pick the people. Count me in too!’’



I returned to my room and logged on!


I appeared in Tian Ling City. I first took a trip to the Dragon's Den and checked on its operations. At the moment, the Dragon's Den's revenue was around two million RMB per day. Of them, 30% was spent on taxes. The other 1.4 million was put into the guild treasury. My own revenue came from selling equipment at the National Beauty booth. The Dragon's Den thus became the strongest fort for [Zhan Long].

I urged my Flying Scythe Horse towards the territory. The Dragon's Den had already reached a Level 9 City and its production capability was incredibly good

Food: 50770/hour

Wood: 50000/hour

Stones: 50000/hour


The growth of the city's production per hour was increasing at a terrifying pace. Furthermore, we were fast approaching the one million unit limit on the city's warehouse. And so, I started recruiting more NPC armies. Now it was time to get some Flame Hawk Archers. This type of archer was mounted on Flame Hawks. It was incredibly flexible in terms of battle potential and their killing power was extremely high

Flame Hawk Archers, City Owner Stats x110%, Requirements: Goldx2000, Foodx2250, Woodx2500, Stonesx2240


Our wood sources had already reached the maximum of one million units. Without any hesitation, I immediately recruited four hundred Flame Hawk Archers. After waiting for three minutes, I heard screeches echo throughout the sky. Hawks that were wrapped in flames soared into the sky. There was a warrior dressed in red armor seated on the hawk. He carried a long flaming bow. With a hand across his chest, he greeted me, ’’City Lord, I am at your beck and call!’’

I nodded and commanded him to stay on standby. This Flame Hawk Archer had 110% of my attack, defense, and health. It was incredibly aggressive. I had already made my decision, even if it meant leveling Dragon's Den to Level 10, I was going to recruit five thousand of them. After all, it would require ten days of resources. If possible, I would get ten thousand of the Flame Hawk Archers. When the plan is executed, I'm afraid that their battle power will overcome even our Steel Blade Horsemen!


I received a message from Wan Er, ’’Pig, hurry up and return to the city. We're waiting for you!’’



I pulled out my City Return Scroll and returned to the Tian Ling City plaza. As I arrived, I saw Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wolf and the other main characters all present. There were twenty total players present. I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and arrived before everyone with a smile, ’’Thank you for everyone's hard work. These days, I've been busy grinding levels and working. How has [Zhan Long] been developing?’’

Li Mu replied, ’’Everything is going great, don't worry. We now have 9700+ Steel Blade Horsemen. We're just about to surpass ten thousand. Our battle power is incredible!’’

Matcha smiled, ’’Don't just report the good news and skip the bad news. Boss, let me tell you what's happening with the other guilds. [Legend] now has over nine thousand Earth Bane Oxen, and isn't far behind from us. [Judgement]'s Ice Battle Rams have reached seven thousand while [House of Prestige] has over five thousand of their Steel Scale Horsemen. The Seventh Tang recently found a Flame Crystal Battle Horse in the Flame Crystal Basin. It's a Level 120 Holy Tier Mount. Currently, the [Hero's Mound] has a total of two thousand Flame Crystal Mounts. I'm sure it'll grow even greater very soon.’’

I nodded, ’’That's the best. The stronger they are, the stronger the Chinese Server is. Let's go, we're heading to the Deer Cry Cave!’’

’’Yes sir!’’


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