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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 747


Chapter 747 - Internship

The morning of the next day, an A4 pulled over beside the Sheng Lin Media building. When I got off, I looked up at the twelve story tall construction. It was a rather unusual architecture. It was completed rented by Sheng Lin Media. Clearly this media company has a lot of strength and influence. Of course, that was understandable. Dong Cheng Feng was not one to worry about money. In addition, with the partnership with Wei Fan's Song Feng Entertainment, renting out a building this large was not strange at all.

’’Looks pretty good...’’

Dong Cheng was wearing an elegant dress suit paired with a thick down petticoat. She smiled, ’’Let's go, we just have to report in at the front desk. Wu, our winter break has finally begun, he he!’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’Dong Cheng, why are you so happy about this?’’

Dong Cheng replied simply, ’’Wan Er, you don't get it. I've always been alone, ever since I was a kid. I didn't have many friends. On top of that, Bro was pretty slow. And so, winter break was always boring. I'd spent it all saying at home and playing games. This time, though, is different. There's you and Xiao Yao. So, this will not be a boring winter break.’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’Alright then. Actually, I'm the same. My winter break used to be.... Wu, I don't even want to think about it. Let's go in!’’


The two girls didn't seem to be that worried about the hidden dangers of working undercover at Shen Ling Media. I thought about it for a moment and wryly smiled at my trite thoughts. What comes will come, what was there to be afraid of?

Wan Er grabbed my hand and dragged me into the building. The moment we entered, we saw a female holding a stack of documents waiting for us. She was donned in office clothes. She had long hair and skinny legs with a capable look on her face. She smiled to us, ’’You must be Wan Er, Dong Cheng and Li Xiao Yao, right? Hello. I am the human resource manager Li Rong. Welcome to Sheng Lin Media. The CEO has been awaiting your arrival. Follow me. Afterwards, I'll set you up with your work.’’


Wan Er held my hand and walked towards the elevator. She looked back with a smile and then stuck her tongue out, ’’It's nothing, right?’’

I nodded, ’’Yup, everything's good...’’


The elevator stopped at the eleventh floor. When I entered, I saw that there were only a few people in the large meeting room. Sitting outside was a woman wearing sunglasses who was fixing her make up. Dong Cheng narrowed her eyes and smiled, ’’Well, isn't that the supporting actress of that really famous drama? What was her name again?’’

Li Rong smiled, ’’Liu Yao?’’

’’Yea, I believe so....’’

In the end, Dong Cheng's voice was a little too loud. That Liu Yao looked right in our direction and took off her sunglasses. Her eyes had a prideful spirit, but she smiled courteously, ’’I'm not signing autographs today. I have to rush to a photoshoot soon.’’

Dong Cheng was stunned and smiled back, ’’Oh, I don't need an autograph. I'm here to intern.’’

Liu Yao didn't seem satisfied with the answer. Li Rong then smiled, ’’Liu Yao, this is Dong Cheng Yue, the daughter of the honorable CEO Dong Cheng Feng. This is Lin Wan Er, the creator of ’’Heart of Time’’. You must know her.’’

Liu Yao seemed to be struck by lightning. The pride in her face was completely wiped away. She stood there stunned. Whether it was Dong Cheng's identity or Wan Er's popularity, both were enough to instantly defeat a second rate actress like her. Before the two girls, she was inferior in every way. On top of that, Dong Cheng was the daughter of the CEO. With a single word from her, Liu Yao's career could drastically change.

’’Is the CEO in there?’’ Dong Cheng asked with a smile.

Li Rong nodded, ’’Yup!’’

As she said that, Li Rong walked up and lightly knocked on the door, ’’Sir, they've arrived.’’

A voice came from inside, ’’Oh, let them in. Li Rong, go talk with Liu Yao and the other actors. Tell them to wait outside for a moment. I'll talk with them about extending their contracts after this.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

Li Rong opened the door and invited us in, ’’I wish you all a good time working at Sheng Lin Media~’’


After we entered the office, I noticed that the room was very elegantly decorated. There was a calligraphy painting hanging on the wall ’’Work for the People, Work for the Holy, and Receive Enlightenment’’ . Beside it was a Han Sword. There were carvings etched into the sheathe. There was a light directly above it, shining off of the blade. The hilt was wrapped with cloth, as though it was used frequently.

There was an enormous round table that stood within the room. A male around forty years old sat at one of the chairs. He was wearing a black overcoat and a brown scarf. His eyes were hale and hearty. He smiled in our direction, ’’You've finally arrived. You're late by five minutes on the first day!’’

Dong Cheng walked up, her eyes widened and she smiled, ’’Oh? Uncle Peng, why's it you?’’

The manager smiled back, ’’Why wouldn't it be me? Last time I went to your house, it was to talk with your dad about this partnership. And now you see, he dumped me here in Sheng Lin Media all by myself. Now I'm the only one here to manage such a big company.’’

Dong Cheng giggled, ’’Seeing as the manager is Uncle Peng, then its perfect! That's right, what kind of a job do you plan on giving me? Apparently....Wan Er's dad has already gotten in contact with you?’’

General Peng nodded, ’’Yup. Old Tian Nan has reached out to me. Wan Er, you'll be my assistant. Your office will be right next to mine. Little Yue, you've been set up with Human Resources. You can act as a Human Resources Manager for a few days. You won't have to worry about not knowing what to do. Li Rong will be there to help. If you have any questions, go to her.’’

Dong Cheng happily replied, ’’Ok. I think I'll be fine. Uncle Peng, don't forget, I've acted as a sales manager before at my father's company....’’

’’Wasn't that only for three days?’’

’’Wu, you know too much!’’


Even though Manager Peng was only around forty years old, he was certainly charming man. He was able to coax the two girls into a happy mood. I was secretly admiring him. After all, that was a skill too. He must have quite a few female colleagues and friends around him. To top it off, he was the manager of a company like this, and seemed to have a good grasp of the business.

I walked up and said, ’’Then what about me?’’

D*mn, saying it out loud was embarrassing. What a feeling of ignored existence. Ever since I entered the room, Manager Peng didn't even give me a single glance....

General Peng gave a carefree smile, ’’Aha, I got caught up talking with Little Yue and Wan Er, and nearly forgot about Li Xiao Yao... don't worry, Old Tian Nan has explained it to me, you're also one of our esteemed guests. What kind of work do you want?’’

I was caught off guard, ’’I can pick my internship? Anything on the backend is fine...’’

Manager Peng laughed, ’’Actually, there aren't many empty positions left. There are only three. You can pick from them. We're short on some manpower in the movies and television department. Things like moving the backdrops and whatnot. We also need a photographer on the third floor. Finally, we've been lacking some manpower in the shipping department. It's mostly sending and receiving files on the eleventh floor.’’

I rubbed my nose, ’’There really are a lot of options. I won't try the movies and television work, it's too far. As for the photography job, that isn't one of my specialties. How about the last one then. I don't want to be too far from Wan Er.’’

Manager Peng gave a mischievous smile, ’’Ha ha, so it was like that. Then I'll let human resources know. Later, Li Yuan will take you to report at your office. This will be a tiring job.’’

’’That's no problem.’’ I patted my hands. It wasn't like I hadn't done hard work, this was nothing.


After I left the manager's office, I walked over to the assistant office nearby. Manager Peng had two assistants. The other one was a woman around 25 years old. She was gorgeously dressed. I could smell the flowery perfume all the way from where I was standing. On top of that, the blouse she was wearing was cut very low. Her originally small chest was practically overflowing out of her top.

Wan Er sat at one of the desks. She then grabbed my hand and smiled, ’’Don't worry and go do your job. We'll eat together for lunch!’’

I nodded. While Dong Cheng and Li Rong weren't paying attention, I leaned over and planted small kiss on Wan Er's lips. Dong Cheng turned around and stared right at me. Li Rong hid a smile behind her hand. As for the other assistant girl, she flipped her hair and gave a flirty smile to me.

I quickly walked out. When I entered the elevator, Dong Cheng blinked a few times and smiled, ’’Li Rong, that other assistant looked fairly pretty. Who was she?’’

’’Shang Yi, she's the assistant in the CEO's office. Didn't you see the sign?’’

Dong Cheng bit her lip and gave an evil smile, ’’I heard... Wu, that Shang Yi, is her relationship with Uncle Peng...’’

Li Rong smiled and lowered her voice, ’’Unspoken rule, do not talk about it....’’


Dong Cheng had a large office. Apparently, this Sheng Lin Media has seven to eight sets and so there were a lot of different interviewing and internship type events. The human resources department was in charge of recruiting, and so naturally, there was a lot of work. Dong Cheng Yue's office was at the end of the large hall. It was a stand alone, which demonstrated how special her identity was.

I sent Dong Cheng to her office and then went to the first floor. The Receiving and Shipping office was on the first floor.

When I entered the great hall again, a couple of security guards walked over and followed me into the office. ’’PA!’’ the door shut close. I turned around with a smile, ’’What, you two kids want to come in too?’’

The two police officers tipped their hats and smiled, ’’Captain Li, you saw through that too easily, haha...’’

Those two were none other than members of the Guardian Team. They were all members in my team. One of them was called Liu Qin and the other was Li Tong Lin. Li Tong Lin was pretty strong. He had already broken through the Refined Body Tier and was now at the beginning stages of the Royal Air level. They had even sent him over. Looks like the Captain was putting a lot of weight into this mission. Of course, he had too. If Tian Jin Corporations little miss Lin Wan Er was put in any danger, then the entire HQ wouldn't be able to take that responsibility.

I asked, ’’How many others are there?’’

’’Seven or eight. A total of seven of our brothers are here. One of them is a brother on the tech team. He's working in the engineering team right now. Our main mission is to infiltrate the organization and find the core processer of the Rune System.’’

Li Tong Lin said, ’’Don't worry about it boss, nothing will go wrong here. Originally, Xing Lie wanted to come as well, but Captain Wang gave him another mission. Soo, haha, that kid's just going to have to envy us.

I nodded, ’’Leave the operations here to me then. Li Tong Lin, you take care of patrolling the eleventh floor. Best case scenario, you don't leave during work hours. We must protect Wan Er. Liu Qian, you take the fifth floor human resources department. Watch over that place, and send two people to watch the elevators. Take note of any suspicious characters.’’

Li Tong Lin nodded, ’’Ok. What about you boss? You must have an even more important mission right?’’

I smiled and pointed at the mountain of letters and said, ’’Right now, my job is to send these out... you guys hurry up. Don't let anyone see that you know me. There are some cups over there. Pour some water and pretend that you came in here to get a drink.’’

’’Yes sir!’’


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