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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 746


Chapter 746 - Media Company

When I logged off it was already late in the evening. I drank a bowl of congee, some goose soup and munched on some spring rolls. The chef's cooking was pretty good and everything tasted delicious. Wan Er and Dong Cheng however were both too tired. They quickly ate just a few bites. Wan Er smiled to me, ’’Alright then, now that Li Xiao Yao has the Zhen Yue Blade, he's even more like [Zhan Long]'s ace. It's time I work harder, all the way until I hit level 130!’’

I exclaimed, ’’Shouldn't you be aiming for Level 150 so you can get your sixth advancement? Why just level 130....’’

’’You don't get it...’’

The beautiful little miss grinned to me, ’’For other class players, Level 150 is the sixth advancement, but for assassins, it's actually level 130. They released the announcement in the last update. Level 130 assassins now get two new skill books for grinding mobs and BOSSes in the wild.’’

’’Oh? What skill books?’’ I was starting to get excited.

Wan Er was getting more excited as well as she talked about it. She pouted her lip and said, ’’[Unyielding Spirit], its an SS tier skill. It allows assassins to become nearly undefeatable for a period of time. Defense power and Attack power both increase exponentially. In addition, during the undefeatable period, the assassin's movement speed increases as well. I won't be much slower than a Steel Blade Horseman. Every second uses up one point of stamina. Every attack I deal increases my stamina by a point. In other words, during a chaotic battle, I can continuously keep it open, as long as I don't die.’’

I raised my brow, ’’Is it springtime for assassins?’’

Dong Cheng giggled, ’’Of course. But, the real spring time comes from the second skill.’’

’’Oh, there's another?’’


Wan Er nodded, ’’The second skill book is a Holy Ghost Tier 1 skill, [Concealed Spirit]. It's a passive skill. Every time an assassin deals a critical attack, the skill will activate. This means that every time you're hit by an assassin, you won't be able to immediately counter the attack. Unless your ability to predict is incredibly on point, or you're using an area attack, there's no way you can hit us back.’’

I took a deep breath and said, ’’Looks like it really is springtime for assassins..... That [Unyielding Spirit] is perfect for team battles, and that [Concealed Spirit] is even more omnipotent. Both the assassins survivability and killing power has been raised. Even if you go against a horseman, you wouldn't necessarily lose. Unless..... You were completely covered by a net of firepower from archers and mages, then you would die.’’

Wan Er lightly smiled, ’’Yup, of course it all depends on the person's skills. But, [Zhan Long] has quite a few assassins. Qing Qian, Wei Liang, Wolf and a bunch of others. If they can all learn the [Unyielding Spirit] and [Concealed Spirit], then it'll increase our overall strength quite a bit.’’

’’A Holy Ghost Level 1 Tier Skill, it shouldn't be that easy to get right?’’

’’So, I need to take more quests and kill higher level BOSSes! I'm gonna need you and your Zhen Yue Blade to help me out....’’

’’Yes yes, will do.’’

’’Finish eating soon. I'm going to sleep!’’


That night, I slept all the way until two o'clock in the afternoon the next day. Unexpectedly, Lin Tian Nan came to visit before lunch. Even though Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I were all caught off guard, we still let him stay for lunch.

As number one in the Tian Jin Corp., Lin Tian Nan's social status was already in the billion dollar range. But, the sight of him holding a bowl of rice was very similar to a father.

’’Wan Er, how have you been lately? Is everything going smoothly in the game?’’ Lin Tian Nan asked.

Wan Er smiled, ’’Yup. Everything in the game is going smoothly. We went to the British server and snatched a godly weapon. On top of that, we were also able to snatch the godly weapon in the Chinese Servers.’’

Lin Tian Nan smiled and warmly looked at his pearl, ’’Well well, impressive....’’

Qin Wen giggled, ’’Of course it is impressive. I've been frequenting the game forums, and heard that our Wan Er and Li Xiao Yao are both reputable key figures in [Zhan Long]!’’

Lin Tian Nan choked on some rice and smiled, ’’Well, as long as you're happy. But, you shouldn't think of the game as important as real life. Qin Wen, as her older sister, you should watch over her more. How can she play so many games that she doesn't eat or sleep. When you're young, you don't know how to cherish your own bodies. By the time you're thirty, you'll slowly learn to regret it.’’

Wan Er gave a spoiled smile, ’’Dad, you're worrying too much. When have I not taken care of myself!’’

I didn't say anything and ate my meal. I smiled inwardly and looked over at Lin Tian Nan. I was starting to think that with his suit and leather shoes, he looked very stylish. However, I could see some white hairs growing. He must have exhausted himself for Tian Jin Corporation, not to mention the fact that he has to spend time caring for his treasured daughter Wan Er. Parents really do have it hard. But, from the looks of it, Wan Er really is Lin Tian Nan's only source of true happiness. He didn't put on any airs in front of his precious daughter. Nor did he have any guard up.


’’That's right.’’

Lin Tian Nan looked up and his voice became stern, ’’I've already set up the internship situation for you. It'll be in the Xiaoshan District. It's a collaborative office set up between Tian Jin Corp and Booster Corp. I've already set Wan Er up as a general manager. You can learn a lot from that. It'll be a great opportunity for your future. Li Xiao Yao, you go along with her. I've also set up some responsibilities for you as well.’’

’’Booster Corp?’’ Wan Er's elegant eyebrows scrunched up and she protested, ’’That's Wang Ze Cheng's company, can I not? Hmph, Dad, I've already decided, I will not go. No matter what!’’

Lin Tian Nan smiled, ’’Alright already, if you don't want to go, then don't. I had already predicted that much. Thankfully, I was able to call Dong Cheng's father before this. And so, instead, I'll be setting you guys up with an internship at a Chen Ling media company. Wan Er, you'll still take on the role as a general manager. Dong Cheng's company has been collaborating with Song Feng Media Company, and as a result, Shen Lin Media in charge of packaging and distributing celebrity news. I figured that young people would like that kind of work environment. Apparently, quite a few idols and superstars are all contracted talents with Song Feng Media...’’

’’Song Feng?’’ I was stunned, ’’Song Feng Entertainment, why does it sound so familiar’’

Lin Tian Nan smiled, ’’Li Xiao Yao, you know it?’’

’’Yup.’’ I pondered for a moment, and explained, ’’I know. That's Wei Fan's company! Mr. Lin, you should know, Wei Fan's business... Isn't very clean. You're planning on sending Wan Er to a place like that to work?’’

Lin Tian Nan's eyes appeared a little prideful as he replied, ’’Don't worry Li Xiao Yao. Seeing as I dare to let Wan Er work there, then I will definitely protect her well. Besides, you're Wan Er's body guard. Isn't her safety guaranteed by you?’’

I was speechless.

Qin Wen smiled, ’’Li Xiao Yao, do not worry. Sheng Lin Media seems to all be from the Dong Cheng corporation. Just think of it as her house. Besides, once you enter the company, won't you notice some of Uncle's people there as well?’’

I furrowed my brow and looked over at Lin Tian Nan, ’’I just don't want Wan Er to face any kind of danger.’’

Lin Tian Nana softly smiled and gave me a confident look.

’’Then, you guys get ready. You'll begin work tomorrow. I'm not asking too much from you guys, just that you'll go to work every day from 9 - 12. You can do whatever you'd like in the afternoon.’’ Lin Tian Nan said.

Dong Cheng happily smiled, ’’Is this what it'll be like, working alongside Wan Er and Xiao Yao....’’

I was speechless.


That afternoon, I logged on with Wan Er and Dong Cheng to grind levels. Using the sharpness of my Zhen Yue Blade, I managed to level up to 130 in that afternoon. Wan Er reached Level 129, and was only one level away from getting the new skills.

After we finished eating dinner, the moment I returned to my room, I heard my phone ring. It was a call from Shen Bing

’’Sister Shen Bing, what's wrong. Do you have bad news?’’ I asked.

Shen Bing giggled, ’’But of course. I called to congratulate you.’’

’’Oh? What for?’’

’’He he, shouldn't I congratulate you for snatching the Zhen Yue Blade? Besides, you now have the chance to go to work with your lover Wan Er. Now you'll be together from dawn to dusk. Then, add in a little office romance. Isn't that worthy of congrats?’’

I was beyond embarrassed, ’’D*mn, how did you know about my internship?’’

’’Because, that was something that Lin Tian Nan had organized with Captain Wang!’’

I exclaimed, ’’What? Is it their plan to run some interference in their HQ? That... Is there something wrong with Sheng Lin Media?’’

Shen Bing replied, ’’Of course there has to be something wrong with it, we're just not sure how big of a problem it is. You've heard of Tian Jin Corporations Rune System, right?’’

’’Yea, what about it?’’

’’The Rune System has been stolen and broken through.’’

’’What?’’ I shuddered and asked, ’’Who would dare trespass onto Jupiter's land? They actually stole the Rune System?’’

Shen Bing smiled back, ’’Exactly. Someone out there has really gotten gutsy and decided to break through the Rune System's security. However, even though his skills were pretty good, he had underestimated the coding of the Tian Jin Corporation. After they broke through the Rune System's firewall, he was locked in by Tian Jin Corp's defense mechanism. On top of that, it's been confirmed that the ping had come from Sheng Lin Media's office. It happened just a month ago. HQ has already secretly sent seven others to infiltrate the office. There's no need for you to know who. But, in the end, this mission cannot go on without you.’’

I asked, ’’You want me to find the person responsible for breaking into the Rune System?’’


Shen Bing continued, ’’Captain Wang really is savage, putting such a dangerous mission on you. I'm starting to think that Sheng Lin Media is where Wei Fan has been hiding his trump card. The real person behind breaking into and stealing the Rune System is Wei Fan. And so, using Dong Cheng and Wan Er's internship as a cover, we'll have them let down their guard. That way you can move around more easily. Otherwise, if we sent you in by yourself, then they'll immediately get rid of you.’’

’’Then what about Wan Er and Dong Cheng's safety?’’ I clenched my teeth.

’’Don't worry, HQ and Tian Jin Corporation have all sent people.’’

’’That's too dangerous. Which idiot came up with such a dangerous plan?’’

’’Oh, that was Captain Wang. He's also listening in from HQ.’’ Shen Bing awkwardly laughed.

Another voice sounded through the phone, ’’Li Xiao Yao, do you have any objections to my plan?’’

I shuddered, ’’It's completely foolproof. Captain Wang, you really are meticulous!’’

Captain Wang:’’......’’


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