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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 745


Chapter 745 - New Attack Style

The hot wind brushed past, and made the Zhen Yue Blade waver slightly. In the distance, I could see Rumor swallow hard. His eyes greedily stared at the blade. He wanted to go up and grab it, but he clearly had some hesitations. After all, even if I didn't have the Zhen Yue Blade, I had absolute confidence in the fact that I could kill him. The me without the Zhen Yue Blade could still lay waste to those [Run Like Flames] members without breaking a sweat!


Every fiber in Rumor's body was telling him to get that Zhen Yue Blade. After all, it was a peerless weapon. Once he took it, he could equip it and rise to a new level, that was without doubtful. Unfortunately for him, he had to go against the savage Steel Blade Horsemen. He then glanced at the fearsome glint of my sword. Even if Rumor wanted to grab it, he didn't dare to. But at the same time, he was unwilling to admit defeat. He clenched his teeth and shouted, ’’Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what is the meaning of this. I told you to hand the Zhen Yue Blade over to the country, not because I wanted it for myself. Just what kind of a person do you take me for?’’

Skeptical, I smiled back, ’’So you weren't? Alright then, where do you think I should take the Zhen Yue Blade if I want to hand it over?’’

Rumor coldly looked at me and said, ’’Based on contributions, whoever has the given the greatest contribution to the country deserves that blade!’’

Li Mu couldn't resist anymore and coldly laughed, ’’Then what will you do if our guildmaster doesn't hand the Zhen Yue Blade over? Are you going to take it by force?’’

Rumor replied, ’’Are you saying we shouldn't? I have numerous Tian Ling City guilds supporting me. Do you really think we would be afraid of a small [Zhan Long]? Don't forget, I am the deputy commander of the Chinese Server. I have the power to use their military!’’

At that moment, someone in the crowd whistled, as though ridiculing Rumor's words.

Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword looked up at the sky, as though they weren't particularly buying his words. Only leeching guilds like Not Ordinary, Liu Yin, and Lu Dong Bing would agree with that.

Right at that moment, a group of people suddenly dashed forward from the mass of soldiers. They were all riding oxen. It was [Legend]'s Earth Bane Oxen Horsemen. Enchanted Painting, Lu Chun Yang, Xuan Yuan Feng and the others were all there. Fang Ge Que sat behind Enchanted Painting. He gripped his fan and jumped off of the horse. With a [Dimensional Leap] he appeared before Rumor and I. He smiled, ’’I think that we need to put this Zhen Yue Blade into deeper consideration!’’

’’Oh, Fang Ge Que is here....’’

Rumor stiffened slightly and looked over at Fang Ge Que. He immediately cut down on his threatening manner Fang Ge Que was widely recognized as the number one player in the Chinese Server. Furthermore, he was the commander of the battle forces. In terms of both position and influence, he was far above Rumor. And so, he said, ’’Seeing as the commander has arrived, how about you tell us, just how should we deal with this Zhen Yue Blade?’’

Fang Ge Que let out candid smile and opened up his fan. He glanced around at everyone and said, ’’I was able to take the commander position without much work, but at the same time I feel somewhat ashamed to not fulfill the duties of this position. Seeing as Liu Chan is asking me, then I'll give my five cents....’’

He then looked over at [Zhan Long] and smiled, ’’It is as Liu Chan had said, this country weapon is a treasure that should be shared by the entire server, and should be given to the person that deserves it the most. And so, Xiao Yao Zi Zai should hand it over to the country storage. At the same time, this Zhe Yue Blade is a rarely seen holy weapon. Leaving it in storage would be be too much of a waste. And so, I suggest that we give it to the person with the greatest contribution to the country before the country battles. Xiao Yao Zi Zai had fought with [Dawn] guild in Moon City and managed to take the Lion King Shield. He then went to the desert and fought hard against the Port City Korean and Japanese players. Let me ask, in Tian Ling City today, who can rival these contributions? And so, I suggest that the Zhen Yue Blade go to Xiao Yao Zi Zai. After all, he fills all of the qualifications!’’

Once Fang Ge Que had finished his speech, he had left everyone shocked. I finally understood why Fang Ge Que was so popular in the Chinese Server. This level of decisiveness and intelligence had to be praised!

Rumor stiffened and said, ’’After all of that, the Zhen Yue Blade still ended up in Li Xiao Yao's hands...’’

Not far from us, I saw Mu Xuan arrive in front of us. Her elegant long robe fluttered in the wind. She raised her staff with a smile, ’’Fang Ge Que's words are both reasonable and backed by logic. Besides, he's the commander, and holds the most power. I think that deputy commander Rumor wouldn't ignore the grand scheme of things and disobey a command from his commander, is that right?’’

Rumor felt a migraine coming. Mu Xuan had hit the nail on the head.

The guildmaster of [Appearance Alliance] smiled, ’’Li Xiao Yao is [Zhan Long]'s guildmaster, and is a rising star in the CBN Battlenet Rankings. Having him hold the Zhen Yue Blade is the best fit. I agree with the ultimate decision.’’

Goodbye Tears raised his warblade and rubbed his bald head with a laugh, ’’That's true. I think that it's a good choice too. It is suitable that the Zhen Yue Blade go to Xiao Yao Zi Zai.’’

Don't Be Foolish pointed his spear and asked, ’’Doesn't Xiao Yao Zi Zai use a sword?’’

North Pole rubbed his nose, ’’Mind your own beeswax!’’


Everyone broke out into laughter. I on the other hand was feeling some gratitude. At the most critical moment, even [Vanguard] had come to support me. Even though I had planned on fighting for this Zhen Yue Blade with force, the best outcome would be if I could take the blade without fighting. Now that the country battles were upon us, I didn't want my Steel Blade Horsemen to take any losses.

Rumor finally let out a sigh and said, ’’Seeing as everyone agrees, then I have nothing left to say. This Zhen Yue Blade will stay in Xiao Yao Zi Zai's safekeeping. I hope that you can use it to guard the gates of the nation. Do not let everyone down!’’

I immediately straightened up. I could tell that the time to make myself clear had come. I pulled the Zhen Yue Blade out from the sand and resolutely said, ’’[Zhan Long] is a guild of the Chinese Server. We will fight with all we have for the Chinese Server's honor and territory, even if it means losing every drop of our blood, we will have no regrets!’’

Rumor nodded in satisfaction and said, ’’Alright, everyone, this meeting is adjourned....’’

Fang Ge Que had already pulled out his City Return Scroll and smiled to me, ’’Good luck!’’

I gave him a nod back.


Everyone returned to the city. Of course, there were those who loved to fight. For example, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Han Bei Song, Jian Feng Han, and Yan Zhao Warrior. Yan Zhao had arrived a bit late, and weren't able to see the drama unfold. He said, ’’Li Xiao Yao, you just got the Zhen Yue Blade, do you not want to try it out? Let's go, and bring your Steel Blade Horsemen. I'll go with you to the southern section of the desert to hunt. There's at least thirty thousand Indian Flame Cloud City players who have illegally seized that territory. Let's go and teach them a lesson!’’

I shook my head with a smile and wearily replied, ’’Not this time Uncle Yan Zhao. Our [Zhan Long] players have been online for 20 hours. If we keep this up, we'll all die of weariness. Any more and everyone will just drop dead. You guys go and play. [Zhan Long] is going to return to the city and rest!’’

’’Yup, alright then!’’ Yan Zhao looked over at Ye Lai and the rest and said, ’’Ye Lai, do you guys want to go with [Prague] then?’’

Ye Lai laughed, ’’With [Prague] breaking the enemy lines and [Judgement] cheering, then I'll bring my people along!’’

Yan Zhao knew that a hot blooded man like Ye Lai wouldn't be able to sit on the side. He patted his horse and laughed, ’’That's no problem! Bring your people and let's go. We'll go and meet those Indians!’’


There were fewer and fewer Chinese server players in the desert. I raised the Zhen Yue Blade and looked over at [Zhan Long]. They were still waiting on my command. However, I could see the weariness in all of their faces. Especially for the original twenty horsemen. They'd been on this game for far too long. The server had suddenly spawned two country weapons, and everyone chased after them. Thankfully, [Zhan Long] was able to get both the country weapons. Now, when we walked down our path, everyone would have to make way for us.


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and smiled, ’’Let's go back then! We'll just stay out of the action in these desert battles this time. Let's deal with everything tomorrow. Everyone's worked hard today. Time to go back!’’

Everyone pulled out their City Return Scrolls. In the next moment, they appeared in the Tian Ling City. It had been a long time since we had seen our home. I quickly equipped the Zhen Yue Blade into my supporting hand. The Zhen Yue Blade's attack power was extremely high. If I use it in my [Blade Spin], then its killing power would be even stronger. On top of that, I could use it to parry attacks and break through defenses. What made me the most satisfied, was the fact that now that I had this Zhen Yue Blade, the chances of [Zhan Long] winning the championship in the Hero's Wings Cup were even higher.

Unfortunately, Matcha wasn't in our team. Otherwise, the two country weapons were enough to wet any cheeks with tears of defeat.


When I arrived at the storage manager, I took out all of the Spirit Stones from my storage. Afterwards, I crushed them and successfully upgraded the Zhen Yue Blade to +7. My attack power increased along with it

[Zhen Yue Blade+7] (Country Weapon)

Attack: 7400-9500(2590-3325


I had increased its stats by 35%. That was already very successful. Once I equipped it, all of my stats had flipped. Now, it wasn't my Dragon Reservoir Sword that represented my upper limit, but rather the Zhen Yue Blade

Xiao Yao Zi Za (Dragon Knight)

Level: 129

Attack: 15044-18875

Defense: 10173

Health: 67065

Magic: 15250


CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6


Just what realm of strength have I reached? My attack power was now 18875. With the Dragon Reservoir Sword and the Zhen Yue Blade's double attack power, I'm afraid that just one of them was enough to cut down several dozen thousands of a top tier Tian Ling City player. On top of that, my Zhen Yue Blade had a 50% chance of completely ignoring the target's defense. Once that happens, then I would cut down at least 20,000 health. I was practically a god now.

With the increase of my attack power, my ability to survive was raised even more. Besides my 20% [Drain], my [Cleansing Rain] could heal 18875 health. That was the same as a Large potion. Furthermore, it was a potion that I could drink every seven seconds. That, along with my 67,000 health, it would be hard for me to even try and kill myself.

Standing beside the storage, I satisfactorily looked at my equipment. I swung my Zhen Yue Blade a few times. With this supporting my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I tried out a few of the moves of the Breezy Swordplay. ’’Shua Shua Shua’’ I dealt five continuous strikes. I confirmed that the Zhen Yue Blade could be used by anyone. When I swung it, it was very light, but it had a lot of force behind it. It wasn't much different from using a sword. Using the Dragon Reservoir Sword alongside the Zhen Yue Blade in the Breezy Swordplay was extremely satisfying!


I received a message from Wan Er, ’’Stop showing off and come eat with us! There's an event tomorrow. We can't spend all of winter break laying in bed like a fish!’’


I was starting to feel like a salted fish after playing in the game all day.


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