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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 743


Chapter 743 - Caught off Guard

Around thirty minutes of fighting later, the battle finished. We could no longer see the red Korean names on the map. On the other hand, several of [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Horsemen had forgotten to use their Pardon Cards, and had themselves turned into red names. Four thousand [Millennial Dynasty] players' were now corpses, and lay on the ground. After they had been defeated, there wasn't any chance to escape. The Steel Blade Horsemen moved faster than all of them. Even if they had tried, they wouldn't have been able to escape.


Everyone quickly swept the battlefield. I then picked up my sword and examined our losses. Yao Yan lead her horse over and said, ’’We've lost 1200+ people. That [Millennial Dynasty]'s battle power is rather significant.’’

I nodded, ’’I ordered the healers to hurry up and revive everyone. Let's leave soon and continue south. Let's go and stop his escape route.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

The light from revival spells being cast flew up into the air. This skill was special to the Chinese Server Healers. In the west, this belonged to the Clergy class and was called [Resurrection]. Each had different characteristics, however the basic idea was the same. The hundreds of millions of skills in the game were all unique in their own way.


Time passed by quickly. By the time we finished some more teams from foreign servers, Frost Forest had already roamed the Great Desert with the Zhen Yue Blade for four hours. There was still five hours left before that blade becomes his. Once it had passed the original ten hours that the system had set, then he would be able to return to his city and enter the Safe Zone. At that point, I'm afraid the Zhen Yue Blade will no longer be fated to return to the Chinese Server.

I was feeling a bit anxious. Li Mu and Wang Jian were even more so. As we ran through the desert, we were constantly running towards Frost Forest's coordinates.

’’We're almost there!’’

With the hot wind against his face, Wang Jian pointed, ’’Based on the last published coordinates of the Zhen Yue Blade, Frost Forest will appear here!’’

I swept out my blade, ’’Spread out the formation!’’

Five thousand of [Zhan Long]'s horsemen all spread out, creating an enormous net. This way, as long as Frost Forest entered the net, he won't be able to escape no matter what.

On top of that, Frost Forest will definitely recognize the [Zhan Long]'s insignia. After all, he was [Casualty]'s guildmaster. [Casualty] had suffered an enormous defeat to [Zhan Long] and as a result had two thousand bodies lying in the desert!

The sand rose in the wind as [Zhan Long] spread out its formation. The scene was a weird phenomena. If Frost Forest could see it, she'd probably jump in surprise.



I received a message from the guildmaster of [Judgement], Ye Lai, ’’Xiao Yao, are you guys going after Frost Forest? Spread out your lines, don't concentrate in one area, otherwise you'll never be able to catch up. I brought seven hundred of my Frost Forest Rams to chase after him, but I only managed to see his back. As long as [Zhan Long] can stop him, then in less than half a minute, I'll be able to kill him from behind!’’

My heart rate started to spike and I smiled as I replied, ’’OK, understood. Goodluck!’’


The Zhen Yue Blade refreshed its location every three minutes. However, three minutes on horseback was a rather long distance. That was what worried me the most. There was no way to estimate just where that Frost Forest was going to appear. He was the number one player in the Japanese server, reasonably speaking, he shouldn't be idiotic enough to go in a straight line. If that were so, then he wouldn't have escaped pursuit for the past four hours.

’’He's here! Right there!’’ Wang Jian suddenly shouted into the team chat.

I quickly looked in the direction he was pointing at. Just as expected, a figure flashed past in the air. It was running right towards the right wing of the Steel Blade Horsemen. I, coincidentally, was on the right flank. D*mn, this was the perfect place to stand!

’’Throw a net and trap him!’’ I shouted.

Wang Jian took a team of horsemen as they charged over. In the distance, they immediately activated their [Charge]s. That Frost Forest looked to be young man around twenty five years old. He had a long and thin face. His gaze was strong and determined. I could tell at a glance that he wasn't any ordinary person. He was mounted atop an obsidian dragon. He held a chain in one hand. He suddenly lifted the reins and laughed, ’’The morons of [Zhan Long]!’’


The dragon let out a cry and flew up into the air, around forty yards above the ground. In the end, he had dodged all of the [Charge]es from Wang Jian and the others. In a rage, Wang Jian swung his sword and shouted, ’’[Flying Sword]s bring him down!’’

The Steel Blade Horsemen all threw out their swords. The attacks flew about. [Flying Sword] has an attack range of 15 yards, and would never have been able to reach the dragon's position. On the ground, Dancing Forest jumped up from the back of Li Mu's horse and pulled on her bow. ’’Shua!’’ She shot a [Meteor Shot] at the dragon. This was an aimed attack.

Frost Forest tugged on his reins and flew in a jagged path, dodging Dancing Forest's [Meteor Shot]. All we could do was watch as he flashed past over our heads!

I was too far from him, around three hundred yards. I used [Haste] and [Seven Star Teleportation] together but I was still unable to catch up. All I could do was watch as Frost Forest flew forty yards above us. On top of that, the dragon flew 1.5 time faster than the Steel Blade Horses. No matter what, we couldn't catch up.

’’Keep chasing!’’ I shouted my command. Even if we couldn't catch up, we still couldn't give up.

Wang Jian clenched his teeth, ’’What the f*ck is up with this, there's actually flying type mounts? That's too shameless. If that's the case, isn't the Zhen Yue Blade going to go to the Japanese?’’

Dancing Forest squinted, ’’Not necessarily. Don't panic just yet. Let's keep chasing after him. The dragon's normal altitude is twenty yards. He's now flying at 40 yards, which is pushing the stamina of his mount. As long as we can force him to keep it up, then the moment that he use up his mount's stamina is the moment that he's gonna have to face his execution.’’

Li Mu nodded as he ran, ’’That's right. We'll chase him at full speed. We cannot let Frost Forest get even a chance to breathe!’’


We continued our pursuit. In the distance, I could see Ye Lai split up his team of [Judgement] players. After a few minutes, I could even see Enchanted Painting and Q-Sword. At least half of the famous ranked players on the CBN Battlenet was here, chasing after Frost Forest. This number one Japanese player is getting a lot of respect right now.

Of course, everything was for the sake of the Zhen Yue Blade. Otherwise, nobody would chase a shorty like him.


In the blink of an eye, three hours had passed. There was only two hours left before the Zhen Yue Blade completely slipped out of our hands. There was only one hour left before the Lion King Shield was ours. The shield itself was still in the possession of Matcha and had around twenty thousand [Zhan Long] players protecting it. [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other fellow allies had all sent players to protect it. It was on the scale of around fifty thousand elite players. The Lion King Shield was held tightly in [Zhan Long]'s hands. The only variable in the equation was now the Zhen Yue Blade.


I brought up the map for the desert and looked at it in frustration. Frost Forest had already took us around three full circles around the center of the desert map and he's still not a bit tired. Motehrf*cker that b*st*rd is too cruel.

The dragon's flight speed was incredibly fast. No matter how I tried, I couldn't catch up. That dragon could fly to an altitude of forty yards, a range that most player attacks couldn't reach, other than my [Dragon's Hook], [Grip of Purgatory] and [Defeat the Dragon] effects. Otherwise, there was no way we could keep him in one place. And yet, every time, I'm not anywhere in the dragon's flight path. In addition, Frost Forest's information was pretty up to date. It seems that each time he was purposely trying to avoid me. That man was like a pile of muddy sand, and I couldn't hold onto it no matter how I tried.

I watched as we continuously circled the desert. I suddenly had an idea come to me. I looked down at Wan Er and said, ’’Wan Er, go onto Yao Yan's horse. I'm going to leave the line!’’

Wan Er was stunned, ’’Pig, what are you doing, leaving the line....’’

I replied, ’’If I don't leave the line, then I'm afraid that the Zhen Yue Blade will never fall into the hands of the Chinese server. Motherf*cker, even if the Koreans or the French take the blade, I will at least endure that. But it just cannot be the Japanese.’’

Wan Er blinked a few times and smiled, ’’Alright, I understand. Good luck!’’


Wan Er leapt over to Yao Yan's side. She hugged Yao Yan's thin waist while I bid farewell to Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others and charged out on my own and summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger.


I looked at the map and urged my horse forward. Around twenty minutes later, I reached no man's land. I couldn't see a single figure in the map. However, this was the exact place that Frost Forest had been taking the Tian Ling City players in circles. Even though there wasn't a hundred percent chance that they were going to pass through here, but this was the conclusion that I came to after the three circles that he had taken us in. Each time, he ran a larger circumference, around 300 meters wider. Based off of this, he should appear here!

I leapt off my horse and put it away into my mount space. Afterwards, I raised my two swords and dug a hole into the ground and hid myself in the sand. The pit was around a meter deep, leaving only a small space for me to breathe. This way, if you were looking from above, there looked as though nobody was here.

The sand was burning hot from cooking under the sun. I was starting to drip sweat from all of the heat. I felt as though thousands of ants were crawling on my body. However, for the sake of this Zhen Yue Blade, I continued hiding.

After a few minutes, I heard the sounds of hooves pounding in the distance. Countless Horsemen were running towards us. There seemed to be people who had ran right over me and didn't notice. However these people weren't Frost Forest, because their names were green. They were most likely the players from [Judgement], and [Legend]. Frost Forest was riding his dragon and his spot looked 50% larger than that of other players.

I continued waiting. Around fifty minutes later, the Steel Blade Horsemen were less than ten minutes away. I felt my heart tighten. It was now! A red dot flashed past on the map. It was larger than the normal players and it was red. It was Frost Forest, no doubt about it!

I could feel my heart in my throat. I nearly forgot how to breathe. The dragon had flown exactly as I had predicted. It was around a hundred meters away, but that was enough. Frost Forest that b*st*rd saw me every time he turned and every time he would be over two hundred yards away from me. This time he was close enough!


Right as the dragon flew over me, I suddenly leapt out of the sand. I looked up and saw the dragon's figure flash right over the sun. My body began to heat up and my dragon power rose. I activated my special skill [Dragon Transformation]!

In a flash, I had obtained the ability to fly and I stepped into the air. I activated my [Haste] and quickly flew at the dragon. I raised my hand and activated [Seven Star Teleportation] in the air. This time I jumped right into it, flashing forward. Frost Forest looked back and saw me, his face filled with shock, ’’D*mm*t!’’

The dragon's speed wasn't much higher than mine when I was using the [Dragon Transformation]. I raised my hand and activated [Dragon's Hook]!


The Dragon's Hook pierced right through the chest of the dragon. I pulled backward and the dragon wailed, and rammed right into me. In that moment, I activated[ Combo]+[Strength of a Thousand Men] and let loose onto the dragon's abdomen. In that moment, Frost Forest's health had dropped to critical. As he was flying, he had no way to defend against my attacks and quickly pulled on his dragon's reigns.

I grabbed onto the dragon's leg, and made him flip. I then threw several cuts with my right blade, and drew more dragon blood!

’’Son of a b*tch!’’

Frost Forest roared. His health was close to disappearing. He activated a special skill, and let a golden light wrap around his body. It lasted for fifteen seconds where he wouldn't receive any damage. He had also cancelled the [Battle Dragon] effect. He raised his Zhen Yue Blade and let a[Combo]+[Combo]+normal attack.

I hadn't completely expected the force and didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to hold against the attacks of the Zhen Yue Blade. I shuddered and grabbed my arm, activating my own invincible special skill that lasted for 25 seconds!

Frost Forest quickly drowned a health potion. ’’Peng!’’ he fell to the ground with me. I grabbed onto him. ’’Peng!’’ my knee smashed into his stomach. Even though this didn't technically deal any damage, it was enough to deal some pain. Frost Forest went after me with the Zhen Yue Blade raised and, jammed it deeply into my shoulder. However, with my Invincible body effect, he wouldn't be able to kill me.

In the next fifteen seconds, I raised my hand. Frost Forest was already trying to retreat. However, when he looked up, he saw a fierce attack coming right at him from above. Both of my blades had cut into his body. With my Dragon Transformation, my attack was too strong for him. All he had was the strength of the Zhen Yue Blade, but still couldn't block my attack. He fell to his knees and died!


I raised my left hand and grabbed the hilt of the blade!

The Zhen Yue Blade was mine!


I summoned my Flying Scythe Horse and ran. In ten minutes, it was mine!


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