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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 742


Chapter 742 - Millennial Dynasty

By the time we reached the area, the one thousand five hundred mounts of [Dawn] had already pulled out their [City Return Scrolls] and returned to their home city. The originally man covered desert was now left barren with only a hot breeze and the scorching sun. All of [Zhan Long]'s players were stupefied. None of us had imagined that Hand of Waterloo, the number one player in the FBN Battlenet Rankings would be so quick in his command to retreat


One Second Hero chuckled, ’’What Number one player in the French Servers? What kind of a coward is he? He didn't even try battle against us before heading back to the city. Looks like the day that Tian Ling City takes over Moon City is coming soon.’’

Li Mu replied, ’’Not necessarily. I actually think that this Hand of Waterloo is rather terrifying.’’

I nodded, ’’I agree. He understands when to retreat. He immediately understood that he couldn't match his opponent and was able to decisively determine when to retreat. It was clean and precise. This kind of an enemy is very terrifying. If our positions were switched and it was [Dawn] who had more players than us, then without a thought, the Hand of Waterloo would not have let us leave. Looks like this time, the Moon City players have already given up on chasing after the Lion King Shield.’’

Wan Er smiled as she sat in my lap, ’’The Lion King Shield gives protection to at least ten thousand of [Zhan Long]'s members. Even if the elites of Moon City came at us, we still wouldn't feel any fear. Besides, [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] and [Judgement] have all sent out a group of their soldiers to grind in the desert. They can provide reinforcements for Matcha and the rest. The Lion King Shield is too far from its home city, The Moon City players can only sigh at what they once had.’’

Wang Jian raised his sword and carefully examined the map. He suddenly exclaimed, ’’A group of people have appeared just south of us. They're all red dots. I don't think they are Tian Ling City's people. They're getting closer and closer to us. What should we do?’’

I saw the same thing, ’’They seem to be coming for us. There's quite a few of them too....’’

’’They're here!’’ Li Mu roared.

I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shouted, ’’Line up and prepare for battle! Charge with me!’’

The Steel Blade Horsemen all pulled out their blades. Of them, the thousand with the Black Flame Sets had a black haze surrounding their figures. Our morale was now at its peak.No matter who was coming at us, we were ready for battle!


On the horizon, we saw a large mass of horsemen coming towards us. I watched from afar. Their equipment and mounts all looked pretty good, but still slightly lower than the quality of [Zhan Long]'s equipment. On top of that, they all had a Korean flag beside their IDs. It's the Korean players from Port City. There looked to be around four thousand of them. They didn't have as many players as we did. All of them had the same symbol on their shoulders. I could read it from a distance. It was the 'Millennial Dynasty' guild.

’’What an uncommon guild name...’’ I furrowed my brow.

Wan Er grinned, ’’Idiot, stop teasing me....’’

Li Mu smiled as well, ’’I just did a quick search. [Millennial Dynasty] is the number two guild on the Korean Servers. Yup, their battle power should be pretty good. Even though it may be a little weaker compared to the heroes of Tian Ling City, they were still coming after [Zhan Long]. We had just killed that many Japanese players from the [Casualty] guild. The Koreans and the Japanese shared the same city and probably have a lot of alliances. They must be coming after us.’’


I could already analyze the situation very clearly. Standing in the front row of [Millennial Dynasty] was a knight that went by the name of ’’Liang Heundeullim’’. He urged his horse and dashed forward. I could see the symbol of vice guildmaster floating above his shoulder. The vice guildmaster of [Millennial Dynasty] had arrived. Even if this wasn't their main force, it must be fairly similar to this. Not bad, this will be a good chance for [Zhan Long] to sharpen its blade once more.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, ’’Brothers, charge together and slaughter them!’’

The sounds of hooves rumbled across the desert. After a few seconds, the five thousand [Zhan Long] knights assumed their [Charge] positions. The thunderous hooves shook everyone to the core. Just based on the sound, we could already tell that we overpowered our enemy.


Around a hundred yards out, Liang Heundeullim suddenly raised his halberd. He stared at us with a fiery rage and shouted, ’’Brothers of Millennial Dynasty, Kill! That group of people ahead are ranked fifth in the Chinese guild rankings. Kill them all! Defend the honor of our Millennial Dynasty! Take revenge for the morons from [Casualty] and show those idiotic Japanese players who the real undefeatable ones are!’’

I clenched my teeth and said in the team chat, ’’Let's kill that moron quickly! He's so obnoxious!’’

Li Mu nodded, ’’I was thinking the same!’’

’’Haha, agreed!’’ Wang Jian replied with a smile.

When there was only thirty yards between us, I dealt the first blow. I had activated my special skill [Defeat the Dragon]!


In that moment, Liang Heundeullim was dragged to my side. ’’Peng!’’ My Flying Scythe War Horse rammed into Ha Liang's battle horse. In the end, it sent them flying backwards again. I swung out both swords as I charged towards him. Liang Heundeullim quickly raised his shield and activated his [Heavenly Shield wall]. I then followed the attacks with [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Combo]+five normal attacks. My strikes created sparks each time they clashed against his shield and Liang Heundeullim's health quickly dropped to 30%. Even while he had a [Heavenly Shield Wall] up, he couldn't take much more than a round of my attacks.

Wan Er leapt out from my lap. A pair of wings grew from her back as she activated her [Arrival of the Hermit God]. ’’Keng!’’ Her dagger rammed against the shield. The beautiful vice guildmaster threw a kick with her long slender legs, and cast aside his shield. She then used [Twin Blade Harmony], and pierced right into his chest!


Liang Heundeullim let out a groan and was instantly killed. Wan Er remained afloat in the air. Right as my horse passed by her, she grabbed my shoulder and spun around, and sat herself behind me. She hugged my waist and smiled, ’’Hurry up and charge!’’


With Wan Er and my teamwork we had killed vice guildmaster of the [Millennial Dynasty] guild in little more than a few seconds. This had stunned the Korean players. Clearly, I had achieved the purpose of my strategy. Instantly killing Liang Heundeullim had greatly affected the morale of their army. Even though the Steel Blade Horsemen weren't afraid of these players, this strategy would minimize our losses.

In the next moment, our horses clashed. ’’Peng Peng Peng!’’ The sound of screams and bodies crashing filled our ears. Lances, swords, and blades continuously clashed. The sound of blades cutting through metal and flesh was unbelievably cruel. But it was also one of the main themes of this game. The fact that this [Millennial Dynasty] actually dared to use four thousand men against five thousand of [Zhan Long]'s was enough to show that their strength was pretty good. The moment that we clashed, we had actually lost a dozen of our Steel Blade Horsemen. However, the enemy suffered multitudes more losses than we had.

Te Japanese guild [Casualty] had taken a great loss due to us. The Koreans must have thought that we had won using our advantage in numbers. They are probably thinking that [Zhan Long] is just ranked fifth in the country servers, and logically speaking, shouldn't be very strong. And so, the Koreans decided that if they used similar numbers against us, and they won, then they would have a greater say in matters at Port City, and even if they had lost, they would at least be of the same position as the Japanese.

Unfortunately for them, Liang Heundeullim had miscalculated. Due to the lag on his reports, the information he has on [Zhan Long] was only limited to the guild rankings, but those were only the last round of decisions. These past two months, [Zhan Long] has made leaps and bounds in its growth. Whether it's in numbers or in battle power, we've made incredible process. The rankings were still being calculated, but [Zhan Long] must have advanced to the top three guilds.


As we were in the midst of the charge, I suddenly heard a notification. It had come from the beautiful vice guildmaster of [Vanguard], Simple, ’’Xiao Yao, is [Zhan Long] fighting against the Korean guild [Millennial Dynasty]?’’

I was stunned, ’’Yea, we just went against them. What's up?’’

Simple asked, ’’How many of them are there?’’

’’Around five thousand, why?’’ I asked.

Simple anxiously replied, ’’This [Millennial Dynasty] is really arrogant. Around half an hour ago, they'd already destroyed several of the guilds in the Chinese Server. Of them, there was a team of two thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders from [Thousand Burial]. Also, they had destroyed a thousand seven hundred from [Epic]. One of our five hundred man teams was also annihilated. On top of that, I heard that small teams from [Legend] and [Judgement] were also defeated by them.’’

I was stunned, ’’This group of trash doesn't look that strong, right?’’

Simple smiled, ’’You're leading the [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Horsemen right? I'm afraid that the only people in Tian Ling City that can say the Koreans aren't that strong might be you guys. When they entered the desert, there was around eight thousand of them. After killing around ten thousand of the Chinese guilds, they only have five thousand left. That's right, how many Steel Blade horsemen are you bringing to this battle?’’

Without thinking, I replied, ’’Four thousand. On top of that there are some other mounted players, bringing the total to around 5500.’’

Simple smiled, ’’Then I don't have to worry any more. Kill! Teach those Koreans a lesson to never think about leaving their Port City again. They didn't even bring any healers. The distance between the graveyard and the desert map is incredibly far. They won't be able to revive in a short amount of time. Every one that you kill means one less of them! Tell me what your coordinates are. I'll have the nearby [Vanguard] teams assist!’’

I replied, ’’No need. You guys focus on centralizing your forces. [Zhan Long] has around five thousand here and we've brought a hundred healers with us. Even if we die, we can revive them. Let [Legend], [Judgement], and [Appearance Alliance] be more careful. There has to be at least two million players in this desert. I think that the Indian players from Flame Cloud City have also heard the news and made their way here. There's only a few hours of travel between here and Flame Cloud City. If they found out that the Chinese Server has a Country Weapon Blade, they won't be able to sit still on the sidelines.’’

Simple replied, ’’Understood. Good luck!’’



I looked up. After the millionth time I raised my bloody sword, I had cut down another one of their swordsman from his horse. I urged my mount to continuously charge. Wan Er had already left my horse and was now dashing through the crowds with her dagger raised. The light that reflected off of the blade was incredibly terrifying and bloodthirsty. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yao Yan, Old K, and Meng Yao had all cut into the enemy lines, not letting up on their fierce attacks. Faced against this group of terrifyingly strong [Zhan Long] players, [Millennial Dynasty] could only try their hardest to deal damage. However their attacks weren't enough. Each time, their lines were broken by our charge and thrown into chaos.


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