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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 741


Chapter 741 - Desert Chase

’’What's going on?’’

I asked in the guild chat, ’’Where'd that Frost Forest come out from?’’

One Second Hero's voice trembled, ’’D*mmit.. he's a Japanese player!’’


Li Mu roared, ’’We let a jap take our country weapon? Yong Jie, how useless are you?’’

Yong Jie exploded then, ’’What the f*ck do you think? You think I want this? Cang Cheng that motherf*cker is ahead of us with his Greedy Wolf Raiders. Enchanted Painting, Jian Feng Han and the others are close behind. Before them are the four thousand Steel Blade Horsemen who even got the chance to get close to that Zhen Yue Blade. That Frost Forest is a swordsman that rides on a dragon type mount. When Cang Cheng's health had dropped to critical levels, he charged forward and plundered the blade and then flew off into the sky. What was I supposed to do?!’’

I quieted them down, ’’Stop arguing. What's most important now is to get that Zhen Yue Blade back! Yong Jie, take the Steel Blade Horsemen and split them up into four teams of a thousand people to entrap that Frost Forest. Either way, no matter what, we must take that Zhen Yue Blade back. If the Japanese take the Chinese Country Weapon, that will be the ultimate embarrassment and we will be to blame.’’

One Second Hero nodded, ’’Ok, understood!’’

I continued, ’’Continuously report Frost Forest's position. We'll secretly enter from Moon City's territory and outflank them. Good luck. Maybe we'll even be able to get the Lion King Shield and the Zhen Yue Blade!’’

Li Mu nodded, ’’Yes sir!’’

Wang Jian smiled from the side and lowered his voice, ’’In the end, Brother Xiao Yao is still the one that can remain the most calm. Just now, Li Mu and Yong Jie nearly panicked...’’

Li Mu rubbed his nose in embarrassment and chuckled, ’’Caring can create confusion. I was just feeling indignant that the Zhen Yue Blade had been taken by the Japanese. Yong Jie, my apologies, I shouldn't have acted that way towards you.’’

One Second Hero, ’’That's fine, just treat me to some beer later on.’’



Our party continued forward. With the Steel Blade Horses' speed and stamina, we easily had an advantage over most of Moon City's horses. Around four hours after we had left Moon City, no one was able to catch up behind us. Even Hand of Waterloo seemed to have given up on the pursuit after the Lion King Shield. When we to a good look at the situation though, he probably hadn't actually given up. He wasn't the type to do so. Otherwise, how else would he have been able to sit in the seat as number one in the French server.

The Lion King Shield had already been in our hands for close to five hours. We were practically counting down the minutes.

Even though we had been on online for so long, nobody seemed too weary. With the excitement from two country weapons, it seemed that everyone had limitless energy.

In the blink of an eye, another hour passed. The rising sun peaked over the eastern horizon of the dusty desert. Countless figures appeared in the distance. They looked to be the Steel Blade Horsemen from our guild. There was a total of two thousand of them, lead personally by Death God's Elegy. From a distance, that [Zhan Long] division guildmaster waved his weapon and laughed, ’’Guildmaster, the Lion King Shield really is with you guys!’’

I nodded with a smile. I finally felt a sense of grounding in my heart. With the protection of two thousand Steel Blade Horsemen, this Lion King Shield was practically ours!

’’Now what do we do?’’ Death God's Elegy raised his spear and gave a command to his two thousand soldiers. He smiled, ’’Should we head back to Tian Ling City, or?’’

Without any hesitation, I replied, ’’Let's not go back. Rumor, Jian Feng Han, and Q-Sword won't let [Zhan Long] safely get back. Death God, lead your two thousand Horsemen to protect Matcha and continue roaming the desert. Avoid any and all grinders. If you really can't avoid them, then kill them as fast as possible. Have the rest of the [Zhan Long] players all enter the desert. Our top priority is protecting the Lion King Shield!’’

Death God's Elegy sternly replied, ’’Guildmaster, don't worry. I will not dishonor my mission!’’

Qing Qian asked, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, then what do we do?’’

I replied, ’’divide out four thousand of the Steel Blade Horsemen. We'll go after Frost Forest. We must get them to drop that Zhen Yue Blade! We must!’’

Death God's Elegy replied, ’’It won't be that simple. Frost Forest holds the number one seat in the JBN Battlenet Rankings. He's level 127 and is the guildmaster of the number one guild in Japan, [Casualty]. I heard that [Casualty] already has five thousand men in the desert. This time, they're really planning on fighting to the death!’’

’’That's just five thousand’’

I turned around and looked at everyone with a smile, ’’Would four thousand of [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Horsemen really be afraid of five thousand of theirs?’’

Li Mu raised his sword and laughed, ’’Kill them all and get that Zhen Yue Blade!’’



We split up our teams and went on our mission. Death God's Elegy lead two thousand Steel Blade Horsemen to protect Matcha back towards the north of the desert. Li Mu, Wan Er and I lead another three hundred Steel Blade Horsemen towards the east. We continuously collected Steel Blade Horsemen that we passed by. Our numbers were growing bigger and bigger. By the time we met up with One Second, we already had three thousand with us. Then, with a few more of [Zhan Long]'s high level mounts, we had five thousand people total. We split up into three teams and galloped through the forest. We held a trident formation to strike at the people holding the Zhen Yue Blade.

Battle horses dashed across the sand. As I pushed forward, I asked, ’’Yong Jie, tell me a little more about this Frost Forest!’’

One Second Hero gripped his halberd as his cloak fluttered behind him. Even though he had a slightly chubby figure, the armor in the game was able to make him look handsome and fit. He stared forward and smiled, ’’In the Japanese forums, it's rumored that Frost Forest is a 'Great Dragon Rider', however, I've noticed this detail. His mount is called a Ren Dragon and is a Ghost Harvest Tier BOSS mount. It's actually an earth dragon that has two wings on its back. It's the lowest level flying dragon type. The highest it can fly is a hundred yards. It can't even enter the cloud layer. If it flies for too long, it can't even maintain 40 yards of altitude. And so, pursuing that Frost Forest isn't impossible.’’

Li Mu gripped his fist, ’’Alright then, that sounds easy. As long as we set up a giant net over the desert, then we should be able to catch a big fish like Frost Forest. As long as we force him to use up all of his mount's stamina then we'll be good!’’

I nodded, ’’Li Mu's idea sounds viable. Let's do that!’’

As I said that, I opened up my map and said, ’’[Hero's Mound], [Legend], and [Judgement] have been pursuing him from both flanks. We'll cut in from the west and break his escape route.’’

’’Yes sir!’’


We all dashed forward like crazy. This was collaboration of every guild in Tian Ling City. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Simple, and Ye Lai had all taken the initiative and reached out to me, sharing their coordinates. This time Tian Ling City had at least thrown a million soldiers into the desert. It was mission critical that we get the Zhen Yue Blade back in time.

The five thousand Steel Blade Horsemen from [Zhan Long] raced across the desert. Around an hour later, we suddenly saw a cloud of dust rise up before us. A large group of mounted players were charging from the north. All of them had the Port City symbol floating above their shoulders. Furthermore, you could see the Japanese flag next to their names. It was the players from [Casualty]. There looked to be around two thousand of them. This wasn't all of their main forces.

’’Its part of the main forces from [Casualty]. What should we do?’’ Li Mu asked.

I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and chuckled, ’’Seeing as we're face to face, follow me and leave no mercy! Kill them all!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

A group of Steel Blade Horsemen pulled out their weapons and laughed. Clearly, fighting Japanese players was one of the greatest excitement they could experience. On top of that, for quite a few of the five thousand Steel Blade Horsemen, this was their first time seeing Japanese players. It was easily understandable why they'd be so excited. Besides, there wasn't much more to say about the history between our countries, all there was left was to kill!

Hooves beat against the ground. [Casualty] had already noticed that some horsemen had appeared on the horizon. All of them were slightly shocked, but quickly reacted. One of the Level 125 Knights raised his spear and shouted, ’’The Chinese are here. Kill, Kill them all!’’

It was the exact same as my command!



My Flying Scythe War Horse let out a long whiny as it activated a charge. My sword slightly trembled before arcing out in a [Blade Spin]. I then swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and let out a [Sword Tempest]+[Seven Star Fragment Slash]. My blades cut through their flesh, as blood spurted out. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger leapt out into the crowd and charged alongside me. Wan Er pushed herself up with her hand on my shoulder. ’’Pa!’’ she flew up into the sky, using her [Hermit God's Arrival] skill. She then used her [Blade of Death God] and cut down two knights with one hit. Even as an assassin, this kind of attack power was just too OP.

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Yao Yan all urged their horses forward. In terms of ramming and strength, [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Horsemen were completely in the advantage. Add on to that, our [Halberd Flame] effect only gave us even more of an advantage. After one round of charges, there were at least three hundred bodies left in our tracks from the [Casualty] guild. The Steel Blade Horsemen that had been outfitted with the Black Flame set were even more courageous. The Black Flame shields hadn't even broken after the first charge.

Glancing around, the team leader knight of the [Casualty] guild's face was practically green, ’’Oh no, these players, they're some of the main forces of the Chinese server. Such a strong charging strength and defense power.... Immediately retreat. Our task isn't to become entangled with them here!’’


Old K raised his battle axe and cut right into the crowd. He whooped, ’’What the f*ck, you want to leave? What kind of bullsh*t do you think we Chinese players are, so as to let you leave our territory whenever you want?’’

I nearly fell off from my horse. Let's not talk about the fact that Old K's like a battle god right now, but the fact that this dessert` isn't the Chinese server's territory either, right?

Li Mu raised his sword and shouted, ’’Kill! Don't let a single one of them escape!’’

The Steel Blade Horsemen all charged ahead. The two thousand [Casualty] players didn't even have the strength to hold us off and were completely defenseless before the massacre that the five thousand Steel Blade Horsemen laid. After twenty minutes of fighting, two thousand bodies lie on the ground of the desert. Darling Duck and the other healers quickly revived the four hundred of our players that had died. We swept the battlefield and continued forward towards the target location.


In less than thirty minutes, we met another team of players. These were from the [Dawn] guild of Moon City. There were around 1500 of them. Hand of Waterloo had personally lead this team. That b*st*rd had finally caught up. However, once he saw the scale of our army, Hand of Waterloo's face had turned green, ’’They came so quickly! Retreat! No... immediately use your [City Return Scrolls]!’’


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