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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 740


Chapter 740 - Frost Forest

In the middle of the night, the harsh sands made it hard for us to keep our eyes open. I urged my Flying Scythe War Horse forward. I pulled over my hood to cover my eyes and said, ’’What's going on in the back?’’

Matcha raised her Lion King Shield and said, ’’We've sent out around twenty assassins to scout out the area around us. We haven't found any Moon City players as of yet, but I know that Hand of Waterloo wasn't going to give up easily. They'll get here sooner or later.’’


I nodded, ’’Let's continue advancing at the same pace. As long as we can reach the Blood Demon Forest in the Chinese Server, then this Shield of the Lion King will become a national treasure of the Chinese Sarver.’’


’’Is there any news fro Li Mu and Wang Jian?’’

’’They've both revived and are rushing over right now. They'll reach here in thirty minutes.’’

’’Yes, that sounds good!’’

Right at that moment, we heard the voice of the One Second Hero over the guild chat, ’’Enchanted Painting is bringing a troop of [Legend]'s Earth Bane Horsemen to attack MYRA up front. They should be able to get it! After MYRA activated [Absolue Step], her movement speed accelerated, and was even faster than our own Steel Blade Horsemen. Guildmaster, once MYRA is killed by [Legend], should we try and fight for that weapon?’’

I furrowed my brow, ’’What does everyone else think?’’

Li mu chuckled, ’’A treasure belongs with the deserving, as long as we fight hard enough, then getting that Zhen Yue Blade wouldn't be anything hard. Xiao Yao, what do you think?’’

Wang Jian then said, ’’That depends on what type of path Brother Xiao Yao wants [Zhan Long] to walk. The path of the virtuous, or the path of the tyrant?’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’I think that based on his personality, he'll pick the first option.’’

I smiled, ’’Alright... let's look at the situation. If [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague], and [Judgement] all want the Zhen Yue Blade. Then we shouldn't go and fight for it. If the Zhen Yue Blade is in their hands, then it will only add to the strength of the country. However, if Rumor and the others get that Zhen Yue Blade, then we must fight for it.’’

Old K gripped his fist and said, ’’Little Li, you need to think about this very carefully. If [Zhan Long] gets that Zhen Yue Blade, do you think that Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword will watch as we slowly climb our way up? I think, that's a little soft hearted....’’

I refuted and said, ’’Yes, if I order the thousands of troops under [Zhan Long]'s disposal to fight to the death against [Hero's Mound] and [Legend] for the sake of one Zhen Yue Blade, then what difference exists between Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword, and I? Even though that Zhen Yue Blade is a country weapon and is a rare blade, what about it. My greatest weapon is the thirty thousand brothers of [Zhan Long]. But, once we pit ourselves against [Legend], and [Hero's Mound], then I'm afraid that every [Zhan Long] brother will lose a level and several pieces of equipment.’’

Dancing Forest smiled and said in the guild chat, ’’May I say something?’’

Li Mu replied, ’’Go ahead.’’

Dancing Forest's warm voice rang out as she said, ’’Maybe, in your eyes, Li Xiao Yao is acting too merciful right now, however, that is what I think is the true look of a king. Every move Li Xiao Yao makes is for the sake of protecting [Zhan Long] and the Chinese Server. His methods are incredibly profound. It is because we have a guildmaster like this that we accept him wholeheartedly. Its because of him, that we are willing to fight with our lives for [Zhan Long]. That Zhen Yue Blade, if [Zhan Long] has it, then that would be the best scenario, but if we can't, then we don't need it. After all, it isn't much.’’

Li Mu stiffened and then smiled, ’’Yup, Little Dance is right. That Zhen Yue Blade isn't as important as we think it is. It is nothing compared to the one level sacrifice from all of [Zhan Long]'s brothers.


One Second Hero smiled and said, ’’Well well, aren't you guys generous. Seeing as it's like that, how about everyone take a look at the Zhen Yue Blade's stats. How about we discuss after we see it.’’

As he said that, One Second Hero quickly copied the image of the stats for the Zhen Yue Blade into the guild chat. As the image was processing and appeared before everyone's eyes, the entire guild chat went silent

[Zhen Yue Blade] (Country Weapon)

Attack: 7400-9500

Strength: +270

Stamina: +265

Agility: +255

Magic: +250

Additional: Increases the user's attack power by 120% and attack speed 70%

Additional: Ignores 40% of the target's defense power

Additional: Grants a 50% chance of ignoring the target's defense skills

Special: [Strength of Weapons], Decreases the weapon's dulling speed by 70%

Special: [Unbroken Blade Slash], deals 40% splash damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the target

Special: [War Song of Zhen Yue], a battle song that awakens the heavenly soldiers. Increases the base attack of all friends within a 1000 yard radius by 4000 points. Duration: 10 minutes, Consumes: 120 Rage

Special Attribute: Heavy Armor Players

Special Attribute: Country Weapon - China

Special Attribute: No level limit


’’So how about it?’’ One Second Hero chuckled, ’’Now do you think that it doesn't matter if we have the Zhen Yue Blade or not?’’

Li Mu's eyes nearly rolled out of his head, ’’That....’’

Wang Jian wiped up some droop, ’’What the f*ck, it's so strong... Brother Xiao Yao, say something.’’

What could I say? I gulped and said, ’’This Zhen Yue Blade, if we get the chance to take it, then we should try. There's no need to be polite...’’

One Second Hero added, ’’MYRA is about to enter the Blood Demon Forest. The brothers in Spirits of No Return Valley say that they saw a group of Korean players going over. They're all from the King team, part of the [King Nation] guild. There looks to be around three thousand of them. They really have a lot of guts. They must've came here along the southern banks of the War God River and Pan Long Peak and then passed through the Forbidden Ice Plains to get here. Looks like those Koreans have long been interested in our maps.’’

I clenched my teeth, ’’Then why are you spitting so much crap? Hurry up and attack them! Get that Zhen Yue Blade!’’

One Second Hero retorted, ’’You think I haven't tried? There's too many people.... Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting, Ye Lai, Wild Beauty, and Jian Feng Hand have all brought their players to the Bridge of Fate. I even heard that quite a few people were blown away by that Killer Gale in Broken Blade Canyon, haha....’’

I was a little speechless. It took all of my will to stop myself from flying back to Tian Ling City. I didn't dare leave, however. Because, one if I leave, that would greatly decrease the protection we had on the Lion King Shield. Nope. We can't leave. Even if it means that we can't get that Zhen Yue Blade. At the very least we can't let the Lion King Shield fly away as well.


Within the desert, a branch of troops appeared very quickly. They were players from the British Server Moon City. There looked to be around seventy of them. For the sake of pursuing us, their battle horses had already used up all of their stamina. In the end, they were all killed by Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and some others. Without any losses we had killed all seventy of them. This slightly delayed our schedule but we continued to run forward. MYRA carried the Zhen Yue Blade and was dashing towards the desert. If all goes as expected, then MYRA was most likely running that way to escape for her life. And, if she's lucky, she might not even meet us. That, however is a very slight possibility.

Just as I was thinking about that, I heard a bell. Good! The Zhen Yue Blade has changed hands!


System Notification: Players, please note. The country weapon [Zhen Yue Blade] has been taken by the player ’’Enchanted Painting’’ (Tian Ling City). Their current location is Blood Demon Forest (3211, 2712). If you kill this player within the next 8 hours and 57 minutes, then the player will drop [Zhen Yue Blade], good luck!


Enchanted Painting really deserves the name as Little Demon's sister. In terms of skill, she's already one of the top in the Chinese Server.

However, we were only able to celebrate for three minutes before another bell rang. Enchanted Painting had died and the Zhen Yue Blade was taken by something else


System Notification: Players, please take note, the Counry Weapon [Zhen Yue Blade] has been taken by the player ’’Cang Cheng’’ (Tian Ling City). Their current location is the Blood Demon Forest (3124, 2473). Kill this player within the next 8 hours and 54 minutes will drop the [Zhen Yue Blade]. Good luck!



Li Mu widened his eyes, ’’Cang Cheng was able to kill Enchanted Painting? What kind of joke is that?’’

One Second Hero gruffly said, ’’D*mmit, who knows. Cang Cheng tht b*st*rd suddenly brought a whole team from the [Hero's Mound: division One] charging into the forest from the north. The archers continuously stunned Enchanted Painting while the knights bore with the charges from the Earth Bane horsemen's attack and stole the Zhen Yue Blade. On top of that most of the players that Cang Cheng had brought with him were all Greedy Wolf Raiders!’’

’’Greedy Wolf Raiders?’’ I was stunned, ’’Aren't the Greedy Wolf Raiders solely owned by [Thousand Burial]? Are you saying that the honeymoon period has come again for [Thousand Burial] and [Hero's Mound]?’’

Wan Er softly smiled, ’’That sounds about right! That's right, One Second, where is Cang Cheng taking the Zhen Yue Blade?’’

One Second Hero replied, ’’He's running towards the west. It seems that he's planning on going into the desert.’’

’’That idiot!’’

I clenched my teeth and gripped my fist, ’’Does he not know that the [King Nation] guild has three thousand players waiting for them in the desert?’’

Matcha said, ’’He knows. However, he probably doesn't want to look back. Once he does, [Legend], [Vanguard], [Hero's Mound], and [Prague] will do whatever they can to make sure that Cang Cheng doesn't keep that Zhen Yue Blade. And so, entering that desert might be his last chance to carry the zhen Yue Blade.’’

One Second Hero asked, ’’Guildmaster, I have four thousand Steel Blade Knights pursuing him now, should we continue?’’

I nodded, ’’Do it! Go full speed ahead. If you can kill him, then kill him and get that Zhen Yue Blade. The worst scenario would be if the Koreans get a hold of that!’’

One Second Hero grunted, ’’Understood. I'll do everything I can!’’


The situation was growing graver by the second. The Zhen Yue Blade was changing hands too quickly. For the sake of that precious blade, a lot of people had already sacrificed their lives. But, that was unavoidable. This country weapon had incredible stats and its could go to any class. Meaning, as long as the user was a heavy armor type player, then they would be able to use the full might of the Zhen Yue Blade. That means, even I, as a swordsman, could use this sword without any obstacles.

The Greedy Wolf Raiders were traveling fast. In a short period of time, even Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword were starting to lose them. This only made me feel even more anxious. Zhen Yue Blade, those stats are right there. It's practically the perfect weapon for both solo and team battles. If it falls into the hands of the Korean players, then in the future battles, they'll be able to use that Zhen Yue Battle Song where all players within a thousand yards get a four thousand increase to their base attack. Who will be able to stop them within those ten minutes? I'm afraid that even our Steel Blade Horsemen would be cut to shreds.

Within the next twenty minutes, another bell sounded. Finally, Wang Ze Cheng had been killed. Plus, what had made me even more frustrated was that it had fallen into the foreigner's hands once again


System Notification: Players, please note, the country weapon [Zhen Yue Blade] has been taken by the player ’’Frost Forest’’ (Port City), they are currently located in the Desert (274288, 173263), Kill this player within the next 8 hours and 37 minutes and you will receive the [Zhen Yue Blade]. Good luck!


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