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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 739


Chapter 739 - Zhen Yue Blade


[Halberd Whirlwind] wrecked havoc among the crowd, killing a group of [Dawn] players that were at critical health. Wang Jian, Li Mu, Dong Cheng, and Moon Feather knew that they probably weren't going to be able to leave. After Wan Er and the rest protected Matcha and the others left, the five of us faced the army.

’’Kill, we must kill that Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’ Hand of Waterloo's eyes were icy cold. We had killed his people and plundered the shield from his guild. This was a debt that was not going to be easily wiped away.

Magic and arrows descended upon us. We didn't even get the chance to raise our swords in defense. And like that, the horde rushed into us. I gave the Ancient Heavenly Tiger the kill command. Now that I had 800 more points in magic defense, all of the [Lullaby]'s that the Mages were shooting at me had Missed. Of course, it was still not good to underestimate the damage that magic dealt. Some strong mages were able to deal three thousand damage. Thankfully for me I had the 20% [Drain] that allowed me to continuously fight.

Moon Feather was the first to fall under the pressure. She grunted and fell to her death. She had even dropped a pair of wrist guards. They were from the Black Flame Set. That wasn't worrying however since there were several back ups in the Dragon's Den storage.

Cang Lei swung his battle axe and roared, as he charged into the crowd. He had cut one of the shield carrying knights in half. That b*st*rd's attack power was extremely fierce. Even I would feel danger when I saw him battling. Thankfully, he wasn't [Zhan Long]'s enemy. Otherwise, an enemy like that must be the first to be killed, or else he'd deal serious damage

Li Mu and Wang Jian's teamwork was also very admirable. They both advanced at the same time and dealt attacks left and right, killing the [Dawn] players as they switched off.

Hand of Waterloo suddenly walked off in rage and stabbed his sword through Dong Cheng Lei's chest. Then, a field of [Magma Abyss]es exploded underneathe him. Dong Cheng Lei had died on the spot. Wang Jian turned around and roared, ’’Ah Lei!’’

I clenched my teeth, ’’Continue charging towards the east. Do not hesitate!’’

And like that, the three of us continued fighting towards the north. Star Blade and Cang Lei had both died. Luckily, Wan Er who was with me and Dong Cheng who was with Li Mu were both safe.


’’Brother Xiao Yao!’’

Wang Jian threw his battle axe, as he hacked down a swordsman. Blood splatter was all over his face. He laughed, ’’We've killed enough people. Li Mu and I don't have many [Charge] skills left, but Brother Xiao Yao, you have the [Dragon's Hook]. Escaping won't be a problem for you. There's no need for you to die with us. When you find the chance, run!’’

My brows creased even further, ’’Let's kill first!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

Very soon, the ten minute effect from the [Shield of the Prideful] was up. Even so, we continued our forward charge. Everyone had killed over several hundred people and I had reached the limit of the [Kill for Blood] on my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Hand of Waterloo continued running after us. Even after several attempts to kill him in one wave, we still failed. That b*st*r*d's ability to survive was abnormally strong.

I watched as Wang Jian's health emptied out and he died, losing a level. Right as he was about to die, he shouted to me, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, you are the spirit of [Zhan Long], you're not allowed to die!’’

Li Mu swept out his sword and cut down a dozen people before he died in the grass of Moon Valley. He hadn't dropped a single equipment.

I clenched my teeth again. He had been with me til the end. But it was just as Wang Jian had said, there was no need for me to die here. I gripped my sword and charged forward I used [Haste] and urged my horse forward. At the same time, I raised my hand and used my [Seven Star Teleportation].’’Shua!’’ I teleported away towards the Yao Guan position, and then the Tian Quan position. In that moment, I had surged forward twenty yards. I then used [Blade Rush]+ a Normal attack, and instantly killed an archer. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and activated [Burstfire Raid] in order to cover for me. Behind me, a group of mounted players had already locked their charges on me.


I raised my left arm and activated my [Dragon's Hook]. ’’Peng!’’ it pierced through the cliff on the border of Moon Valley. Both person and horse had dissolved into light and dashed forward, as I was dragged forty yards. A large MISS popped up behind me. I glanced behind me and saw that eight of [Zhan Long]'s players were left behind in corpses. Later when everyone had left, they could revive.


I opened up the big map and found Wan Er and Matcha's position. I had my horse go full speed ahead, and ditched the horsemen from [Dawn].

The hot wind of the desert brushed against my face. I said into the team chat, ’’Li Mu, Wang Jian, Ah Lei, have they left yet?’’

Li Mu replied, ’’Nope. We're waiting for them as spirits. They're guarding our corpses. Looks like we won't be able to help you guys in the future. Good luck!’’

I then asked, ’’How's Matcha's side?’’

Matcha quickly responded, ’’We're moving forward. Boss, how about you?’’

’’I'll catch up to you guys soon. Don't wait for me.’’

’’Yes sir!’’


Very soon, I suddenly heard a bell right through the sky. As a Tian Ling City player, I soon got word of the country weapon that was in Ba Huang City


System Notifcation: the player ’’Emperor Dragon’’ has successfully obtained the Chinese Server Country Weapon [Zhen Yue Knife]. In the next ten hours, any player carrying this Zhen Yue Knife is not allowed to enter a city or log off. Death and logging off will result in losing the country weapon. Within these ten hours, if the coutnry weapon is equipped or traded, the player's position will be reported. The Emperor Dragon is located at [Holy Bone Pagoda] (Seventh Floor 277, 202)!



Li Mu couldn't help but smile and say, ’’The Chinese Server Country WEapon has such an impressive name. Zhen Yue Blade. He he, but how did a second tier trash like Emperor Dragon take it?’’

Dancing Forest explained, ’’That's simple. There are no constants in battle. Unfrotunately, that has allowed emperor Dragon to pick up that Zhen Yue Sword from the BOSS. But, I know that he won't be able to keep it for long.’’

’’Zhen Yue Sword... ’’

I grunted, ’’It's an attack type Country Battle. That's way more worth it than this British Server's Country Weapon. I hope that we can keep it. At least within the Chinese Server.’’

’’Yep!’’ Wan Er added, ’’Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai are both within Ba huang City. They most likely won't let the Zhen Yue Sword fall into someone else's hands?’’

Before I could even respond, there was another notification. Emperor Dragon had been killed and the second to hold it was the beautiful guildmaster Gong Zi Yin of Moonlit Lake. Gong Zi Ying wasn't able to hold t for longer than a minute. It traded hands again, to the beautiful knight ’’Wild Beauty’’. Wild Beauty and Wild Swan were both the vice guildmasters of [Appearance Alliance]. They were both valuable generals under Mu Xuan. Looks like this time Mu Xuan is the one acting.

Very soon, Wild beauty had died as well and the Zhen Yue Sword fell. Finally, a somewhat powerful player had picked it up Xuan Yuan Feng, the rumored number one knight of [Legnend]. During the Hero's Wings tournament we had also witnessed the stamina of Xuan Yuan Feng. There wasn't much to worry about with him carrying it.

However, I was too idealistic. The moment that Xuan Yuan Feng crossed Mount Zi Wu, he was suddenly ambushed and the Zhen Yue Blade had once again exchanged hands


System Notification: Players please take note, the country weapon [Zhen Yue Blade] has been taken by the player ’’KING_MYRA’’ (Port City). His position is Mount Zi Wu (1274, 9273). Kill the player within the next 9 hours and 41 minutes and you will obtain the [Zhen Yue Blade]. Good luck!


’’F*ck....’’ I gripped my fist and said, ’’It's someone from Port City? How did someone from Port City manage to get into Ba Huang City.... Who's that MYRA?’’

Qing Qian fell silent and said, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, do you really not know who MYRa is?’’

’’No...Before when I was serving in the army I knew the Girls Generation, but other than that I don't know much about the famous players from Korea....’’

’’This idiot...’’

Wan Er cleared her throat and said, ’’She's like a god in Korea. During Korea's [Conquest], the core players had all become KINGs. One them, KING_MYRA was a vice team leader. She's an assassin type player and is known as the queen of assassins in the Korean Servers. She has a lot of fans in China alone. If you don't believe me, just ask Wang Jian and the rest....’’

Wang Jian was lost in thought as he smiled, ’’Before I did like MYRA a lot, she was really strong and pretty....’’

Star Blade asked, ’’And now?’’

Wang Jian laughed, ’’Now, well now I only like you...’’

Star Blade grinned, ’’Smart move!’’

I was speechless.

Old K then interjected, ’’How can we let a Korean player take our Chinese Server weapon. D*mm*t, I won't take this sitting down. Let's, let's go back to the city and kill that MYRA and take back our Zhen Yue Blade!’’

Wan Er then said, ’’Then what do we do about the Lion King Shield? Don't forget, that's also a country weapon...’’

Old K was speechless.

I calmed them down and said, ’’There's no need to go back. Our mission is to protect the Lion King Shield. As for the Zhen Yue Blade, believe in the strength of Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword. I believe that they won't let us down. They must be returning to the city and chasing after MYRA right now. She's an assassin, but her movement speed doesn't match that of a horse rider.

Li Mu nodded, ’’Guildmaster you're right. We must believe in [Legend] and [Hero's Mound].’’


After a few minutes, MYRA had already taken the Zhen Yue Sword to the Bridge of Fate. We couldn't help but start having doubts. What the f*ck is this girl doing? The Bridge of Fate isn't in the direction of Port City?!

Qing Qian clenched her teeth, ’’Smart. Looks like this MYRA is planning on using the desert map to escape the chase from the Chinese server players. That's smart.’’

Wan Er's beautiful eyes lit up, ’’Maybe, there are reinforcements within the desert. This time, the country battles are near and there have already been quite a few foreign players within our borders. This is the precursor....’’

I replied, ’’Quick, check out the situation in Tian Ling City. Go and see what Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting and Ye Lai are doing. How could they let MYRA, an assassin take the Zhen Yue Blade? Aren't our players at the Bridge of Fate? Hurry up and let the players in the Blood Demon Forest know that we must keep the blade!’’

Li Mu nodded, ’’Understood. I'll have Chen Yong take care of that!’’



Unexpectedly, around ten minutes later, we suddenly heard One Second Hero's voice

’’D*mm*t! I'm pissed. They actually won't let [Zhan Long] anywhere near that Zhen Yue Sword!’’

I was stunned, ’’Who won't?’’

One Second Hero replied, ’’The people chasing after MYRA!’’

’’Just who?!’’

’’Knights Templar, Valley of Gods, Wrath of Hero's and that vice commander, Rumor. They said that they'll go and do it themselves. D*mmit, those b*st*rds, are they just going to let MYRA take off with our weapon!?’’ One Second Hero was so angry his voice choked.


I pondered for a few seconds and said, ’’Yong Jie, immediately lead some Steel Blade Warriors after MYRa. If Rumor tries to stop you, just kill him. We must keep the Zhen Yue Sword within the Chinese Server. Otherwise, I'm holding you responsible!’’

One Second Hero stiffened and grunted, ’’Yes sir!’’


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