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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 738


Chapter 738 - Shield of the Prideful


System Notification: All players, please note, the country weapon Lion King Shield has been taken by the player ’’Xiao Yao Zi Zai’’. His current location is in the Rose Forest (2128, 8191). Within the next 9 Hours and 17 Minutes, you must kill this player in order to get the [Lion King Shield]. Good luck!


The almighty lords of the system must be thinking that I have lived for too long. Every three minutes they would report on the coordinates of the Lion King Shield. Matcha, Li Mu and I were sprinting out of the Rose Forest. This was not our territory. The best method of course would be to dodge everyone we could and enter into the desert and hide out there for the next nine hours. At that point, this country weapon will be the Chinese Servers! One piece of equipment isn't actually much, but it will boost the morale of the tens of millions of chinese Players!

Behind me, Han of Waterloo lead a large group of players and chased after us, even after he had practically used up all of his strength. Unfortunately for him, most of their cavalry was not on the same level as the Steel Blade Horsemen. Few people had mounts that surpassed the Steel Blade Horseman's speed, and none of them dared to charge over by themselves. They had all witnessed the strength of [Zhan Long]'s elite players. And so, Hand of Waterloo wouldn't dare act carelessly. He could only follow us from a distance. He was most likely calling in more reinforcements and trying to find a way to lay siege on us.

’’Full speed!’’

I held tightly onto Wan Er's waist while I urged my horse forward. I sped ahead towards Mirror Lake. Behind me, Li Mu, Matcha, and Meng Yao had all caught up. There was no need for us to go around. What we needed to do was take the fastest route through Moon Valley and leave the Moon City territories.


Li Mu galloped forward and smiled, ’’Hurry up and show us the stats for the Lion King Shield. He he, it's just too OP. We were actually able to steal it from all of those French players. That Hand of Waterloo must be so mad that he's about to explode!’’

I smiled inwardly and pulled out the Lion King Shield. I waved my hand over it, showing the stats in the team chat. This Lion King Shield was one of the French and British server's weapons

[Lion King Shield] (Country Weapon)

Defense: 2750

Strength: +240

Stamina: +237

Agility: +235

Magic: +230

Additional: Increases user's defense power by 70%

Increases user's MaxHP by 30,000

Special: Shield Energy, raises the user's magic defense by 1200

Special: Shield of the Prideful, Gives a shield effect to all friendly players within a thousand yards. Increases their defense by 4,000 and their magic defense by 800. Lasts for ten minutes. Requires 120 rage points, Cooldown: 4 hours.

Special Status: Country Weapon - United Kingdom

Special Status: No level limit

Required class: Knight, Monk


’’D*mn....’’ Wang Jian furrowed his brow and said, ’’What an insane stat. Those must be god tier stats right? Jeez, so this is the legendary country weapon. Its stats are really terrifying... Well then, why didn't Afternoon Knight that idiot use that [Shield of the Pride] special skill? Its so strong and increases defense by so much. I;m afraid that no players would get killed with that skill in effect....’’

I smiled slightly, ’’Did you not notice? This special skill requires 120 rage points. Normal players only have around a hundred rage points. Without special equipment, you couldn't reach 120. And so, the Afternoon Knight can only relish the fact that he has it. Thankfully it's like that, or else I'm afraid that we won't be able to fight Afternoon Knight....’’

Dong Cheng blinked a few times and smiled, ’’To be honest, it was a little hard even before. This shield adds 1200 points of magic defense. It's not just a hundred, it's a whole 1200 points. My [Thunderbolt Finger] wasn't enough. That shield really is powerful...’’

I carried the Lion King Shield and said, ’’I'm a swordsman, I can't use this shield. How about a knight take it....’’

Li Mu licked his lips and said, ’’Most of the [Zhan Long] vanguards are knights. Matcha, Yue Yao Yan, Tang Xing, Meng Yao, Tearless. One Second hero that idiot is back in Tian Ling City. Who do you plan on giving that Lion King Shield to?’’

Wang Jian smiled, ’’Meng Yao is Brother Xiao Yao's sister. Of course he'll give it to her. Otherwise, Meng Yao will beat her brother up later when she goes back to Su Zhou, Ha ha....’’

Meng Yao stiffened and widened her eyes, ’’No, I wouldn't do that. Besides, my level isn't high enough. Give it to someone else. I don't want it. Plus, that Country Weapon is so precious, if you give it to me, it'll be too much of a waste.’’

I thought for a moment and said, ’’Based on battle contributions, Matcha is unrivaled. She is one of [Zhan Long]'s top commanders. If we give this Lion King Shield to her, we'll increase quite a bit of her MaxHP and battle power. Let's just set it like that, I'll give it to Matcha.’’

Matcha was stunned. She spun her horse around and mumbled, ’’Boss? You.... are you sure that you want to give that Lion King Shield to me? I... I'm afraid I won't be able to fully protect this country.’’

I smiled, ’’That's fine. Then I'll just wait ten hours. If we successfully hold this Lion King Shield, then I'll give it to you to use.’’

Matcha nodded, ’’Ok, thanks boss! I... wu, I will definitely be loyal to the country and make contributions to the guild....’’

I couldn't help but grin. Matcha was already a very cute girl. In the end, after spending so much time in [Zhan Long], she's learned how to joke around with everyone, she was even getting a hang of everyone's sense of humor. No wonder so many boys from the main guild were happy to grind levels under Matcha's direction. Matcha's position in the guild was no longer any lower than Wan Er or Dong Cheng, the two goddesses.


As we sprinted forward, we soon entered the Moon Valley. Originally, there weren't many players in front of us. However, before long, small groups of Moon City players would appear before us. There were more and more gathering in this map. The rest had learned to group together to attack us. After our twenty horsemen cut down around a hundred or so people, our advance had slowed down quite a bit. Behind us, Hand of Waterloo was leading two thousand of [Dawn]'s players and charging at us!

’’Pu Chi!’’

My blade pierced through the chest of one of the knights, and cut him apart. I furrowed my brow, ’’There's no end to them. We can't continue like this. Sooner or later, we'll be stuck her until we die. Let's hurry up!’’

Yao Yan replied, ’’We've been using [Charge] and [Haste] this entire time. The Steel Blade Horses' stamina is down to 10%. If we run any further, we can only jog. If we stop killing people, we'll be able to recover some stamina. There really isn't many options in this scenario.’’

I glanced back at the thousands of players from [Dawn] and clenched my teeth, ’’We can't. They'll reach us within three minutes. There's at least ten minutes of road left from the eastern side of the Moon Valley!’’

Wan Er played with her dagger as she sat in my lap and smiled, ’’Then there's no other way. All we can do is battle it out with them here and now. Otherwise, not a single one of us will make it out!’’

I nodded with clenched teeth, ’’Ok! Matcha, take the Lion King Shield. Later on, when we turn around to face the [Dawn] players, use the [Shield of Pride]!’’

Matcha was stunned, ’’But boss, I don't have 120 rage, I only have a hundred max...’’

I took off my Halberd Battle Knee Guards and tossed them over to her, ’’These Knee Guards will increase your maximum rage by fifty points. When you're done using them, hand them back to me. Otherwise, I won't have any knee guards.’’

’’Yes sir!’’


Everyone turned around. This was a decisive battle. This would decide whether or not we can hold our position here and recover stamina for our mounts. The [Dawn] players were the same. Otherwise, we would've been able to leave them here and pulled the distance between us even further apart.

’’They're here!’’

Li Mu gripped his heavy sword and coldly smiled, ’’This [Dawn] guild really is a crazy dog. They won't let go of the thing they're biting. Motehrf*cker, I'm putting it all on the line!’’

I nodded, ’’Yup, but don't get too into it. We're only resting for a little bit. There's no need to dive too deep into this battle’’!

’’Yes sir!’’


In the distance, Hand of Waterloo was already dashing towards us. Rage filled his face as he shouted, ’’Break them apart and kill them!’’

Thunderous hooves beat the ground. [Dawn]'s players were using the last of their horses' stamina to activate a charge. I glanced over at Matcha and said, ’’Now! Use the special skill on the country weapon!’’

Matcha nodded and raised the Lion King Shield. She suddenly rammed it into the ground. A golden light rose from around her and spread out a thousand yards. All forty of [Zhan Long]'s players were enveloped by the image of a golden tiger. This was the effect from the [Shield of the Prideful]. It increased our base defense by 4000 points and our magic defense by 800 points and lasted for ten minutes!

In that moment, I felt a strong energy rise up around my body. Yup, my base defense had risen four thousand point. This was almost as if I was carrying an iron shield. On top of that, even our mages, leather assassins, and archers had the same defense. They weren't just relying on the Steel Blade Horsemen for defense now. Even they could openly attack.

I stood at the very front of the crowd and raised both swords. I slid forward, which brought me right to Hand of Waterloo. I immediately used [Blade Rush]!


My Brilliant Flame Emperor brought out sparks as we clashed. I had knocked Hand of Waterloo's attack away while he had only dealt 971 damage to me. Hand of Waterloo's eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets in surprise, ’’What... how?’’

That's laughable. Now that my base defense increased by four thousand points, even I was terrified of my overall defense. Furthermore, I had my [Thousand Layer Cliff]'s hundred stacks and my [Wall of Dou Qi]'s 200% defense effect. I'm afraid that in this world, besides Matcha, nobody else's defense was stronger than my own!


Wan Er raised her dagger and charged forth. Her snow white hands flashed as she dealt a [Combo], and knocked several of the [Dawn] knights backward. In the distance, the archers that targeted her actually only dealt 500 damage. Those [Dawn] archers nearly cried out with actual tears. Is this the defense that an assassin should have?’’

Li Mu and Wang Jian had both spread out and begun dealing their attacks. This was the moment that the [Zhan Long]'s twenty horsemen dealt their counter attack, but we couldn't be too optimistic.

The number of [Moon City] players around us was growing. The magic and arrows were starting to grow more and more dense. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all had their health plummet and then jump up again.


At five minutes in, Li Mu immediately said, ’’It's time to go!’’

I swung both swords and killed the enemy before me before lowering my voice and saying, ’’Old K, Yue Yao Yan, Meng Yao, protect Matcha and leave. Li Mu and the others will take the rear!’’

Matcha didn't hesitate for a second. She knew what she was to do as a superior strategist. She grabbed her reigns and dashed away under their protection.


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