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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 737


Chapter 737 - Losing A Treasure to Carelessness

’’Too bad, they have too many people. If there were just a few less.. Then we'd actually have the opportunity!’’ I clenched my teeth.

Wan Er nodded, ’’Don't be so stuck on this, and hurry up. Run for your life first!’’


The twenty [Zhan Long] horsemen galloped ahead of us. We left a trail of smoke and dust in our trail. [Dawn] players were right on our tail. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't catch up to the speed of the Steel Blade Horsemen. There was no way, after all, most of the players that Hand of Waterloo brought with him were mount type players, but they hadn't brought as many assassins with them. And so, they lacked the control players necessary. Naturally, they wouldn't be able to deal much impact on our team, nor could they catch up with our Steel Blade Horsemen.


Hand of Waterloo followed me very closely. Comparatively, his battle horse was pretty good, but he didn't seem to be aggressively chasing after me. He had experienced my attack power before. As long as I had the chance, I would deal a round of skills and some normal attacks. I'm afraid that he'll only be able to keel over and die.

The cloud of dust behind me became more and more dense. I felt my heart grow cold. Motherf*cker, there has to be at least three thousand [Dawn] players that were chasing after me. Do they really have to go to such lengths for twenty horsemen?

’’Is [Dawn] really so powerful in Moon City?’’ Li Mu asked as he rain. He furrowed his brow, ’’It's like they're gods . D*mm*t, just when are they going to give up!’’

I pointed to the front and said, ’’When we hit that forest, don't stop. Maintain this speed, all the way until we pull further away from them. After that, we'll find a chance to get that Lion King Shield!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

This forest really haa d nice sounding name. It was the ’’Rose Forest’’. It sounded very romantic. In the distance, I could see thick bushes of fiery red roses growing along the border. Normal roses are a deep crimson, and roses that were a fiery orange like this were rather rare. However, these were even more beautiful than the normal red roses. I lead the charge. ’’Hua la!’’ I rushed into the Rose Forest. At that moment, a monster charged out of the ground. It was a Level 134 Forest Wolf. It had charged right at my Ancient Heavenly Tiger while we continued rushing forward.

’’Look, there's people on the right!’’ Qing Qian shouted with a smile, ’’This should be our chance, after all it's a new factor!’’

Just as she had said, there was a large group of red dots in the northwest that was heading towards us. I saw a flock of birds fly out from the forest. There must be over a thousand people. Very soon, we could hear the sounds of hooves. A group of elite warriors on horses rode over. All of them had the same insignia on their shoulder, a hammer. It's the players from [Thunder God]!

Leading the group was a Level 123 Berserker The Executor, one of the team leaders. There were countless players behind him. At least two thousand of [Thunder God]'s horsemen had caught up to us. Every one of them clearly had the intent to kill, but none of them paid any attention to the twenty of us. The Executor only looked into the forest behind us and roared, ’’The target is moving this way. D*mm*t.... The Lion King Shield belongs to the British Server. Hand of Waterloo had actually stolen it for himself. He's taking it too far!’’

Another swordsman pointed at us and said, ’’Squad Leader, there's a couple dozen Chinese horsemen over there. What do we do. Should we finish them off first? Those people... they look like they're Chinese Server... that Xiao Yao Zi Zai, isn't he the one that defeated you and the guildmaster?’’

Executor pondered for a moment and smiled, ’’Nevermind, let's ignore them for now. What are those two dozen going to do. Those should be the ones that were forced out of the Rose Forest by Hand of Waterloo. If we leave them be, they might even come into use later on!’’

’’Good move Squad Leader!’’


Long] all retreated into the dense forest, and took advantage of the environment to hide ourselves. Even though there were small dots on the map, at least we could give ourselves a sense of safety.

’’They're here!’’ The Executor shouted.

’’Hua la! Hua La!’’

With a plethora of crashes, the thousands of [Dawn] players had charged out of the forest. Once Hand of Waterloo charged out of the forest, he shouted, ’’D*mm*t, why'd we run into them!’’

But it was too late for them to avoid them. The Executor raised his battle axe and shouted, ’’Guildmaster Dawn, it's been awhile since we last met, isn't that right?’’

Hand of Waterloo rubbed his nose and smiled, ’’That's right. It's been a while. Has my old bro been good?’’

The Executor coldly smiled, ’’Good? Of course I've been good. It's just that, the British Server's country weapon has been taken by the French. Smile is very mad and has commanded me to immediately come and take it. Otherwise, I'll be kicked out of the [Thunder God] guild, I think my old friend, Hand of Waterloo, won't make my life hard, will he?’’

Hand of Waterloo chuckled, ’’Oh? Smile actually threatened to kick you out? Don't worry old friend, as long as you give the word, then [Dawn]'s gates will always be open for you. There's no need for you to suffer that kind of treatment!’’


Eavesdropping on the conversation, I couldn't help but chuckle. All of the words had been translated over. Looks like the system writer has a northeastern accent.


One of the swordsmen from [Thunder God] pulled out his long sword and calmly said, ’’Squad leader, what else is there more to say. The French are clearly trying to steal our Lion King Shield.’’

The Executor raised his battle axe, ’’[Thunder God] prepare to advance. Our reinforcements are almost here. Today, right in this spot, we will fight [Dawn] to the death!’’

’’Ha ha...’’ Hand of Waterloo's clever eyes stared directly ahead. He maintained a terrifying calm as he slowly pulled out his sword and smiled, ’’Looks like our brothers from [Thunder God] aren't planning on giving us this respect. Then... having Moon City's two greatest brothers in arms face each other on opposite sides for a country weapon. [Dawn] players, heed this command. Prepare for battle and kill all of [Thunder God]'s players. Do not worry about their reinforcements. Our main forces of fifteen thousand will be here in twenty minutes. Kill them and leave no mercy!’’

Finally, the two biggest guilds in Moon City had formally declared war. I'm thinking that they have had quite a few conflicts before this, it's just that the Lion King Shield was the first time they had a reason for battle. There was no other way after all, the two war zones were stuffed together in the same city. Nobody would bow their heads to one another. Only having a country weapon would give one side the power to speak.


The sounds of iron hooves beating the ground arose. [Dawn] had initiated the charge. Hand of Waterloo had also noticed that the upper leadership, Smile and Apollo, were both not here. The current branch wasn't even [Thunder God]'s main forces. And so, they planned on cleaning them out in one wave of attacks so that they don't survive long enough for Smile to reinforce them. That was the best plan of action for [Dawn].

’’Peng peng peng...’’

This was the classic European style of fighting. Both sides clashed, which made it difficult to distinguish who was on which side. What I admired most, however, was the player with the Lion King Shield, Afternoon Knight. The man was just too fierce. He carried an extremely OP shield in his hand and yet he didn't hesitate in the slightest. He carried that shield and went straight into battle. Furthermore, with the healing from three other healers, he could keep fighting without any fear!

For the sake of Afternoon Knight, [Thunder God] ended up putting in most of their firepower, however they still couldn't kill this man. Rather they ended up taking even more losses. Hand of Waterloo charged forward in his formation while [Thunder God] would be able to defend for a moment, but then got broken apart. Executor had died in battle, instantly killed by Hand of Waterloo.

’’Pu Chi!’’

A long halberd plunged through the body of a swordsman. Afternoon Knight had sent the man flying as he laughed, ’’You trash. You want to use the Lion King Shield for yourself, even though you have such poor skills?’’

Once the [Thunder God] players heard that, they actually became even fierce. After all, they were the number one guild in the British servers. Even though their main forces weren't here, there was no way they could allow the dignity of a top guild such as there's to be tarnished. Humans were always a strange creature. Sometimes, one's dignity was above all else, for the sake of upholding that honor, they would be willing to pay anything.

No matter the commander of the three armies, the ambition of the soldiers will never change!


In the blink of an eye, Afternoon Knight's eyes turned red from all the killing. That b*st*rd really is crazy. He was a little like [Zhan Long: division Three]'s Death God Elegy. They were all the type that would bathe their enemies in blood on command. They were loyal generals that have pledged their lives!

Both side's losses were disastrous. When [Thunder God]'s three thousand players had been killed, [Dawn] only had around 700 left. Fifty had lunged at Afternoon Knight at once, and tried to kill him in one last charge. One side had gathered its energy for a last stand while the other side was doing everything it could to make sure that the Lion King Shield wasn't dropped.

Right at that moment, Afternoon Knight suddenly stared right towards us. He smiled, ’’That crowd of Chinese bugs haven't left yet? Brothers, follow me. Kill them all!’’

Hooves stepped onto the grass. Less than a hundred people were charging at us. Afternoon Knight's eyes were crimson. He was probably thinking that his Lion King Shield was undefeatable.


’’Keng keng...’’

I pulled out both swords and shouted, ’’Little Dance, use [Shield Break Shot] to lower Afternoon Knight's defense. Xing Lie, use all of your prided defense break skills. Wan Er, Qing Qian, use your [Armor Loss] skill as well. After that, use all of your finishing moves to attack. Afternoon Knight knows his own advantage. He'll definitely use his [Heavenly Shield Wall] to attract our firepower, and give his brothers the opportunity to kill us. So, we'll do exactly what he wants. When his [Heavenly Shield Wall] is down, we'll kill him off!’’



s only 20 yards between us, Dong Cheng waved her staff, and dealt a [Lullaby]. One of the berserkers in front of Afternoon Knight was halted in place. Afternoon Knight couldn't stop his horse in time and ’’Peng!’’ rammed right into the berserker. The clash created chaos and confusion.


I dashed forward, taking Afternoon Knight by surprise. He went into defense mode right in place, and slammed his Lion King Shield into the ground as he activated [Heavenly Shield Wall]!

’’Shua shua shua,....’’

Dancing Forest activated her [Shield Break Shot], and stacked it five times, which created an overall 22.5% decrease to his defense. I lunged forward and swung both swords. [Strength of a Thousand Men]+[Combo] both exploded forth, which dealt four strikes at once. In the end, I still wasn't able to kill him. His mysterious defense was just too high. However, Wan Er and Qing Qian had arrived at that moment. They waved their dagger, activating their [Armor Loss] skills. Following that, [Blade of the Death God]+[Grip of the Firefox] landed. I could feel my heart rise up to my throat. Afternoon Knight's health had hit the bottom!

’’Peng peng peng...’’

Li Mu and Wang Jian had both ended up receiving the attacks from the other [Dawn] players, but none of them could get across. After all, this was our territory now.



Afternoon Knight quickly gulped down a health potion and then cast a [Cleansing Wind] to add health. Dong Cheng's [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Magma Abyss] both flew over while Dancing Forest's [Meteor Sho]t and Xing Lie's [Armor Piercing Bullet] landed on Afternoon Knight's chest at the same time. The situation was incredibly difficult for him!

’’My god...’’

It was at this point that Afternoon Knight had awoken to his mistake. But it was all too late.

I raised my sword and cut him down. Before waiting for the equipment and potions to drop, I caught the Lion King Shield in the air and dropped it into my bag. I then shouted, ’’Retreat!’’


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