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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 736


Chapter 736 - Defeat the Many with the Few

’’Come out!’’

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and tightened my fist with a smile, ’’Lion King's Shield? Moon City's first country weapon was actually a shield. He he, interesting, interesting....’’

Li Mu wiped away some of the water grass from his face and said, ’’The location has already appeared, should we move now?’’

I looked into the distance and then squinted, ’’I think, we've been found....’’

Wang Jian yelped, ’’What?’’

Right at that moment, I heard another bell. The system notified that the Lion King's Shield had shifted over to the player ’’Afternoon Knight’’. I did a quick search and found that Afternoon Knight was the [Dawn] guild's vice guildmaster. He was a Level 125 Concealed Class Horseman. Looks like Hand of Waterloo is planning on letting that knight protect the Lion King's Shield for ten hours. Afterwards, he'll use it for himself.


On top of Moon Lake, a large group of [Dawn] guild horsemen swam over. Their horses' heads rose above the surface of the lake and they were heading straight towards us. They quickly let out a whinny. Surprise shook Wan Er's face and she shouted, ’’They didn't find us, they're planning on climbing ashore on the western bank. Are they planning on going towards Moon city from there?’’

’’That can't be right.’’ I furrowed my brow and said, ’’They aren't going to Moon City. They're planning on going to the map to the west. I believe there's a wild map over there with dense forests. Hand of Waterloo is planning on hiding in that forest for the next ten hours. That way, the Country weapon will forever remain in the hands of [Dawn]. There's no question about it, that Afternoon Knight must be the one with the highest HP and defense!’’

Dong Cheng pouted her lip and said, ’’It seems that they've already noticed us. What do we do? There's so many of them. There's at least five hundred in the water. I'm afraid that once we face them, we'll all die!’’

Wolf asked, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, what should we do now?’’

I tugged on my horse and retreated several steps, ’’Retreat back into the reeds. If they really have found us, then we'll just have to fight them on with force. Even if we fight for our lives, we have to get that Lion King's Shield...Before, when I was in the service, I heard that the British royal family was represented by the lion. This Lion King's Shield is similar to the emblem of the British Monarchy. If we can get that, how great would that be....’’

Matcha nodded and retreated her mount, ’’Everyone, carefully hide. Keep tabs on the location of that Afternoon Knight!’’

’’They're coming!’’ Dancing Forest had already notched her arrow and prepared her attack. A group of forty players were lying low in the dense reed. The people in the distance didn't necessarily find us.

The [Dawn] players' goal was too obvious. As they were moving through the water, they were ambushed several more times by some Shelled Dragons. Several dozen knights screamed in the water. One of them shouted, ’’Guildmaster, should we finish off these Shelled Dragons first? They're too vile. Just how many of our players were killed by them!’’

Hand of Waterloo furrowed his brow and said, ’’We'll compensate them very well for their losses. We cannot stop here. Do not let these distractions slow down our advance!’’

Beside the Hand of Waterloo was a player dressed completely in black armor who carried a golden Lion crest Shield. He looked energetic and strong. It was that Afternoon Knight. He was a young man around twenty five years old. He smiled and said, ’’Guildmaster, check out those reeds out front. I think there's some people. They must be the Chinese players, right?’’

’’Well well, were they planning on ambushing us?’’

Hand of Waterloo purposely used his public chat and shouted, ’’Get ashore and clean them out! Protect Afternoon Knight and clean out the chinese players on the bank. Just what kind of waves are a couple dozen players trying to bring up in Moon City. They're just looking for death. They're really not showing any respect to our Moon City players.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

A group of [Dawn] players charged onto the shore and turned their horses around. The battle horses created ripples. Very soon, at least a hundred people had already rode ashore. They swung their weapons and charged ahead. One after another, the [Flying Sword]s flew through the air, cutting through the brown reeds. ’’Keng keng keng!’’ the blades rammed against Yue Yao Yan, Matcha, and Meng Yao's shields, creating sparks. War had been declared.

When I thought of the upcoming battle, I never would have expected that Hand of Waterloo would pay so much attention to the twenty [Zhan Long] horsemen. He actually let Afternoon Knight and his Lion King Shield actively fight against us. Against this hundred [Dawn] players, I didn't have much of an option either. I pulled out both of my swords and shoiuted, ’’Lock on to your targets and focus your firepower. We'll kill them one by one. Once we make contact, retreat. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha, Yue Yao Yan and I will go together. The five of us will take the rear. Everyone follow my command and prepare to retreat into the forest on the west.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

As everyone replied, I had already charged ahead. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a slash right into the crowd. I dealt a crowd multi tens of thousands of damage. Right after that, I pulled out my Brilliant Flame Emperor, and let loose a whirlwind into the crowd. I had killed the first three [Dawn] players in one sweep. Right behind me, Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns, and Xing Lie dealt ranged damage from behind the protection of the knights In the blink of an eye, another ten people fell under our net of firepower.

’’Kill, kill them all. Charge through!’’ Hand of Waterloo raised his sword and charged ahead. That a**hole really isn't afraid of death at all. He raised his [Star Flame Shield] before him and threw a Star Flame Blade right into my shoulder!



Under the attack, my health plummeted but I still didn't give way in the slightest. My shoulder slightly fell under the attack and our horses collided. I then rammed my other shoulder into his chest. I turned around and threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] into his back!



Hand of Waterloo clearly hadn't thought that my attack power had reached his point. Right as he turned around, he was caught right in the middle of my [Great Realm of Desolation], which dealt another 14,000 in damage. That, along with the firepower from Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns, Hand of Waterloo's health dropped to 30% in that moment. I raised my blade and quickly retreated, and I heard a yell, ’’Afternoon Knight, you go in front of me and lure the damage! Everyone else, charge from the flanks!’’

Afternoon Knight raised the Lion King Shield and smiled, ’’Alright!’’

As he said that, he charged ahead. He shot forward like a blade. Moon Feather reacted quickly and rose up. However, she couldn't hold against the attack and was stunned by a [Brave Ram]. She retreated several steps. A couple of the enemy's horsemen charged into place. With a [Blade Rush]+[Battle Axe Throw], Moon Feather was forced even further. There was no more time left, she was being battered by different combos and skills. Her Black Flame Shield was broken. She cried out as she fell off the her horse as she died.

Li Mu and Wang Jian roared and charged forward. [Skyshaker Slash]+[Covering Slash]+[Halberd Whirlwind] all exploded against Afternoon Knight. Right as each attack hit, a black energy shield appeared. He had activated his skill [Thunder Armor] and [Heavenly Shield Wall]. To top it off, he hid behind the Lion King's Shield to avoid the attacks. The damage numbers flew up, and shocked everyone





Afternoon Knight's total health was just over 60,000. In the end, Wang Jian and Li Mu's attack barely tickled him. Matcha nearly fell off of her Thousand League Moonlight in astonishment. She gaped, ’’Isn't that a little too exaggerated? There's one that dealt below a thousand damage. D*mn... just what is his defense!?’’

Xing Lie and Dancing Forest both concentrated their attacks on this country weapon bearer but heaven knows just how much defense that Lion King's Shield had added for him. Even their attacks probably only dealt around a thousand damage or so.

I grit my teeth, ’’Release all of your attacks on Afternoon Knight. His [Heavenly Shield Wall] cool down only lasts for twelve seconds. It would be too late to kill him then either. Carefully pick your targets. Darling Duck, revive Moon Feather and prepare to retreat!:

As I sent out the commands, I set up an Azure Dragon Crossbow that shot into the crowd of [Dawn] players. At the same time, I swung my blades and dove into the crowd. Now that I had the [Cursed God's Effect], any player that was killed by me couldn't revive for sixty minutes. That skill was a great skill, especially for a time like this.

Wan ER, Qing Qian and Wolf and charged into the crowd, stunning and controlling the enemy's knights. Mirror Lake's peace was almost completely broken by us. Countless [Dawn] players charged at our group, both in the water and on land. A large part of the map was dyed red from the number of enemies in the area. There was no way we could drag this battle out.


’’Ha ha, go die!’’

Afternoon Knight raised his halberd in one hand with his Lion Shield in the other and was at the pinnacle of attack and defense power. Like that, he charged into Li Mu, landing a [Skyshaker Stab]+[Flame Axe] onto his shoulder!



Looks like that b*st*rd's attack power isn't anything special. Li Mu didn't seem to be afraid in the slightest. He immediately raised both swords. Finally, after the [Heavenly Shield Wall] disappeared, he was able to break his defense



Still, the damage was low from his other defense stats. To top it off, that Lion King Shield must have impressive stats. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to lower Li Mu's damage by so much. I then charged forward. From the flank, I was able to push Afternoon Knight backwards. I then raised both swords. ’’Ka ka ka!’’ I dealth four quick attacks, each striking upon the Lion King Shield and bringing out damage






On the blink of an eye, Afternoon Knight's health dropped to nearly 50%. The Azure Dragon Bow had shot him in the chest, leaving only around 30% of his health still intact. He quickly retreated and shouted, ’’That Xiao Yao Zi Zai Chinese person has such a high attack power... Hurry up the charge and kill them!’’

I raised my blade and killed another two people. I then shouted to everyone, ’’[Zhan Long] players, don't fall prey to the battle. Retreat. Follow my orders. All of the previously listed players, hold the rear!’’

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Yao Yan followed me and protected the rear. Every one of us had at least 50,000 health and a base defense of 10,000. At least we wouldn't get insta killed easily. The rest lead their horses and charged towards the distance while we covered for them.


Icy energy spread out from under my feet while my Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and pounced on a person before following us towards the west and retreating. Wan Er swung her daggers, stabbing two knights before activating [Absolute Step] and catching up with us. With a leap, she jumped back into her spot in my lap. She then turned around to smile to me, ’’Based of my estimate of our damage output, we aren't completely hopeless in trying to steal that Lion King's Shield.’’


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