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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 735


’’Country Weapon?!’’

I widened my eyes and glanced over at Wan Er. Wan Er was also gaping, ’’Why would a country weapon appear at a time like this? And... and it's actually within Ba Huang City territory? Wouldn't we need body doubles for this?’’

Qing Qian gripped her fist and said, ’’A country weapon, what's up with that?’’

Li Mu said, ’’Normally speaking, the number of country weapons that appear in the game are extremely limited. A country weapon that has spawned in the Chinese Server is already very special and Ba Huang City has one now... We should go back to the city and fight for that weapon!’’

I looked at everyone, ’’What does everyone else think?’’

Dong Cheng smiled, ’’We must go back to Ba Huang City and fight for that Country Battle. If [Vanguard], [Hero's Mound] or the Greedy Wolf Raiders take it then we'll end up at a disadvantage.

Wan Er added, ’’Then let's go back!’’

I nodded, actually just what kind of an effect will one country weapon have in the grand scheme of things? However.... Seeing as it's a country weapon, then it will become a pillar of support for the players. And so, we cannot allow that weapon to fall in the hands of others, or else it will affect the morale of our soldiers. We must go back!

And, right at that moment, I heard another bell, nearly taking my breath away


System Notification: Please note, an ancient general has appeared at the bottom of Mirror Lake in Moon City. Kill him and there will be a 100% chance of receiving a country weapon!

’’D*mmit....’’ Li Mu facepalmed, ’’Their not letting us f*cking live. What should we do, should we fight for it?’’

I looked at the distance and saw the players from [Dawn] guild charging at us. And so, I couldn't help but smile and said, ’’Fight. Besides, if we go now, we won't be there in time.We might as well just give the Ba Huang City country weapon to Fang Ge Que and the rest. As long as it remains within the Chinese Server!’’

’’Alright, to Moon Lake!’’

I tugged on my reins and ignored all of the monsters and ran straight towards the Mirror Lake Map. Actually, we weren't far from the Mirror Lake map. After a few minutes, we charged out of the Stone Forest. A soft breeze brushed against the surface of the lake, giving a sense of peace and tranquility. However, several French players were charging right behind us and so we had not reached a ’’state of peace in heart and mind’’.

’’Mirror Lake, where is it?’’ Li Mu asked.

I shook my head, ’’Who knows... maybe we have to hold our breath and find the map at the bottom of the lake?’’

’’The players from [Dawn] are here!’’

Qing Qian pointed behind us. Just as she had said that, a cloud of dust rose from the Stone Forest. Hand of Waterloo must have seen the system notification as well and was bringing a thousand of his [Dawn]'s most elite players here.

Wan Er wrinkled her brow and said, ’’That's not good. If we let Hand of Waterloo bite onto us, then how can our forty players fight against them? Besides, the BOSS will definitely be strong. We cannot take them both on by force.

Old K was stunned, ’’Then what do we do?’’

I made a fist, ’’In a fight, even a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. Follow me. Everyone turn off their name icons.’’

’’Wouldn't the enemy still be able to figure out our names?’’

’’At most that will only work for individual people. There's no need to think too much about it.’’


I tightened my hand around Wan Er's waist and urged my horse into a gallop. With a whoop, I charged right into Moon Lake. At that moment, I felt a wave of cold water envelop me, like a refreshing cool bath. ’’Wu’’ Wan Er cried as she was brought into the water. After all, the swimming function had yet to be activated by the system. I took the Flying Scythe Horse in with me into the bottom of the lake. ’’Peng peng peng!’’ I heard behind me. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and Meng Yao had all entered the bottom of the lake and like me, none of them floated to the top but rather walked on the bottom.

The sunlight was scattered by the water and created a wavy pattern on the floor. The originally still lake was now broken into waves by the rush of our players. [Dawn]'s players were around a thousand yards away. They would still need a few minutes before they could reach this map.The lake would calm down within that time. Furthermore, we were all of high level and could hold our breath underwater for 20 minutes. And, the flow of this Mirror Lake's water was very soft, unlike the harsh and bitter cold War God River. I'm afraid that we wouldn't even last a minute under the pressure of the War God's River.

There was no way to say anything under water, and so I typed into the guild chat, ’’Nobody emerge and follow us forward. There were some high level grass on the western border of the Mirror Lake. We'll hide out over there and wait for the [Dawn] players to enter the water. Then, we'll ambush them there and take the Country Weapon.’’

Old K could help but smile, ’’F*ck, you crafty b*st*rd... wuwu....’’

Dancing Forest replied, ’’Old K you idiot, you didn't swallow some water when you spoke, did you?’’

Wang Jian said, ’’Ha ha, Old K's intelligence really is his weak spot.....’’

Old K was speechless.

Qing Qian squinted her beautiful eyes and said, ’’How far?’’

I replied, ’’Don't worry, it'll be soon!’’

Meng Yao added, ’’Slow down Brother, I can't see you anymore.’’

’’Got it’’!

I gripped Wan Er's waist and grabbed the rope of Meng Yao's Verdant Pear and walked her forward. After all, she was my sister. She was going to act a little spoiled around me. And, now that I had a girlfriend like Wan Er, Meng Yao was already bringing it in a lot more. If she was anything like she was before, then no matter how generous Wan Er was, she'd still walk away in a fit of anger.....


Close to 15 minutes later, we reached the western bank of Mirror Lake. We had been moving stealthily under the water, so there wasn't much danger. But, as I looked at a distance, I saw an enormous black monster slowly moving at the bottom of the lake. It suddenly charged at us. It was a monster with a long neck and scissor like pincers growing out of the top of its head. It's black beady eyes stared right at us. Its body was like that of a cockroach and two snake like arms with sharp blades at the end grew from beside its neck. It looked like there was poison on the ends as well.

’’It's a Shelled Dragon!’’ Li Mu clenched his teeth, ’’It's coming right at us! Prepare your defenses!’’

I quickly turned my horse back into the water and typed, ’’No one activate any skills! The light is too noticeable and we'll attract too much attention. I'll grab the Shelled Dragon while everyone else use normal attacks against it. Dong Cheng, don't attack. You're skills are all magic attacks, creating a magic circle on the surface of the water.’’

Everyone nodded.

I was the first to charge over and take on the Shelled Dragon. It raised its terrifying head and charged right at me. ’’Hua!’’ I swam right at us. ’’Ka ka’’ the pinchers crossed and I quickly grabbed a hold of them. Once I did, I found out that its entire neck was covered in a rock hard shell. Furthermore, it seems that the information that Q-Sword had given me was wrong. This wasn't a Titan Tier monster, it was a Level 6 Hybrid Demon. Motherf*cker, just what is a fierce monster like this doing at the bottom of the lake?

I waved my arm. ’’Shua!’’ my Dragon Reservoir Sword flew out in a stab. The Shelled Dragon's two arms were already twisting towards me. It suddenly wrapped around my arm. My movements underwater were far slower, how could I match against an absolute powerhouse like this? As it trapped one of my arms, its other arm suddenly shot towards me again.. This time, it dealt a fierce slice towards my shoulder!

’’Pu pu pu....’’

Blood flowed into the water. Even my defense couldn't stand against this Shelled Dragon's attack! One after another, damage numbers flew up





Darling Duck quickly raised her staff and I shouted, ’’Don't heal me! I'll drink potions!’’

As I was typing, I quickly drank down a Level 12 Purple Spirit Pill and recovered all of my health. At the same time, I pulled out my Brilliant Flame Emperor with my left arm and cut into the Shelled Dragon. Wan Er swam out from my lap and pulled out both daggers. ’’Ka Ka KA!’’ she cut into the Shelled Dragon. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others also pulled out their weapons and charged over. Everyone began hacking at the Shelled Dragon. The lake water was turning red from the blood. None of us used any skills, or else our movements would be too conspicuous. If anyone was looking from a distance, they wouldn't even be able to see the red water here.

The shelled dragon really was a very terrifying monster, especially if I were fighting alone at the bottom of the river and in a circumstance where I couldn't use any skills. Luckily, there were several others with me. In a fit of fury, the Shelled Dragon finally died and its body began floating to the surface. I quickly typed, ’’Don't let it float to the surface or else we'll be exposed!’’

Lin Xiao Xie quickly grabbed the Shelled Dragon's tail and dragged the body back. She raised her halberd and ’’Pu chi!’’ Pierced it through its body. After that, she nailed it to the bottom of the lake and turned around to look at me, ’’Guildmaster now what do we do?’’

I pointed to the right and said, ’’There's a dense thicket of watergrass over there. If we go there, our red names won't appear and it won't show up on the map. We'll take a breath of air there and continue in the water!’’


We all surfaced on the right flank and looked towards the distance, only to see that the [Dawn] players were also charging into the water. However, not long after that, a scream rang out. A black snake like figure twisted around, grabbing onto the players. The water around them was dyed red. There was no need to think otherwise, there must be several of the Shelled Dragons there and the [Dawn] players must have bumped right into them!

One of the team leaders raised his bow and shouted, ’’SHIT, it's a Shelled Dragon! We bumped into a nest of Shelled Dragons. Guildmaster, what do we do?’’

Hand of Waterloo charged right into the water with his sword raised and shouted, ’’Don't hesitate and kill them all! Xiao Yao Zi Zai and the others must have already entered the underground palace. That country weapon belongs to France! We cannot let the Chinese players take it! Otherwise, that'll become my life's humiliation. Let the British know and have them bring people to help us!’’

’’Yes sir!’’


Blood and waves continuously unfurled in the water. Who knows how many Shelled Dragons were in that water. A thousand of [Dawn]'s horsemen were in that water and who knows how many of them had died. However, the Hand of Waterloo was a very determined man, he probably won't give up very easily. We only needed to continue waiting. When the Country Weapon appears, we'll attack then. Otherwise, it'd be suicide if the forty of us tried taking on them.

Logically speaking, the moment the country weapon drops, there shouldn't be an easy way to take it back to the city or log off, otherwise there's no chance to fight for it. The system won't let such a great opportunity pass. And so, we can only gamble on that moment. Gamble that the [Dawn] players will try to protect the Country Weapon and leave. The moment that they leave is the moment that we strike!

Thankfully, there was still a distance between Mirror Lake and Moon City. In the thirty minutes it takes for them to get back, there won't be too many people who come here. That will be our moment.

Around twenty minutes later, a bell rang out in the sky


System Notification: Player ’’Hand of Waterloo’’ has successfully obtained the [Lion King's Shield] (Country weapon), in the next ten hours, any player who carries the Lion King's Shield will not be able to enter any cities or log off. Dying, or logging off will force the player to immediately drop the Country Weapon. In the next ten hours, the country weapon will become a normal weapon that can be equipped and traded. The current location of the player, Hand of Waterloo is [Mirror Lake] (2767, 11202)!


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