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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 734


Chapter 734 - Holy Dragon Cauldron

This time everyone was pressing their luck. We had logged on at midnight and it was already noon of the second time, yet nobody had logged off. It was a though everyone had a fire in their hearts and didn't feel tired at all. It was probably because they were playing in another country. Besides, the resources in the Stone Forest map were extremely fertile. Besides the Purple Spirit Grass and Stone monsters, there were actually Level 1 and Level 12 mine deposits that spawned all across here. We picked some while we were there. Old K and the others all had skills in mining. Just during this map, they were able to level up their mining to Level 12. The country battles were near at hand, and in our eyes picking everything wasn't plundering their resources, rather just us gaining an advantage by striking first. These mines will eventually become powerful tools in the chinese server.

Moon City's ambition was clear. Smile had lead his team of players to ’’step’’ into Tian Ling City. While they may have said that Moon City wasn't there to attack Tian Ling City, I'm afraid that even Smile and Hand of Waterloo don't believe in those words. Seeing as we'll end up fighting each other anyway, then there's no need to pretend. Attack first or else be attacked!


In the middle of our journey, everyone logged off to eat some food, go to the bathroom and what not. It was three in the afternoon. We logged back into the game and the twenty horsemen of Zhan Long contained to clear the Stone Forest map. It was large enough for several thousand players to farm for over 24 hours. Unfortunately for us, we brought too few people with us and can't clear the map by ourselves. Even though each one of them can hold off ten at once, there were still only forty of us. And so, we picked out the more dense areas with monsters, mine deposits and herbs and didn't step foot on any of the more open spaces. Matches on the other hand flapped her wings and flew into the forest to look for more stone mounts. Whatever we can bring with us, we have to do what we can to make sure it doesn't fall into the hands of the Moon City players. I was especially cautious about the stats that the stone mounts presented. Matcha was like me and understood what I was thinking. And so, she spent her focus on finding those mounts.

Still, we had too few people and there was no way that we could hear the entire map. As soon as one of Moon City's main guilds find this Stone Forest Map, then the Stone Mounts were as good as gone.

We continued like this all the way until five in the afternoon. Finally, we had cleared out most of the Stone Forest map and we had basically completed our map of Moon City. If we launched an attack from Tian Ling City, then even though we don't know much about the map on the way here, we'll know everything about the enemy's territory. At least we'll be very familiar and won't be easily ambushed.

Of course, while a man can plan, the real job is up to fate. When the battle actually breaks out, who knows what will happen?


’’Bother Xiao Yao, careful!’’

Qing Qian flapped her wings and flew into the sky with her dagger raised. She climbed onto a tree that was dozens of meters tall and said, ’’The players from Breezy Plains have finally come. Its [Dawn]. Hand of Waterloo is personally leading the army. It looks.. It looks like there are at least a thousand horsemen. I saw it on the Moon City Forums. [Zhan Long], [Legend], and [Hero's Mound] have all caught their attention. [Dawn] isn't the only guild, even the [Thunder God] guild is starting to move. The [Thunder God] guildmaster Smile is leading around three thousand players into Moon Valley to chase after Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting. Hand of Waterloo is leading a thousand horsemen to scout out Stone Forest. Behind him are another five thousand. This time, Hand of Waterloo is going all out.’’

I pondered for a moment and looked at everyone before saying, ’’Brothers, are you tired now? If you are, how about we just go back to our city.’’

Li Mu raised his sword and shook his head, ’’Not at all! This is a rare opportunity. If we don't spend three days and three nights here, then how could we say to leave? Haha, what does everyone else think?’’

Dancing Forest raised her bow and smiled, ’’That does sound interesting. Seeing as we spent seven to eight hours to get here, then we shouldn't go back so easily.... Moon Valley and Stone Forest have such vast maps, we won't necessarily run into their main forces. Let's continue walking around and see what other goodies we can get?’’

I nodded, ’’Then how about this, we'll continue grinding levels until ten at night. After that, everyone log off to take a break and eat some dinner. Then, get some rest. Everyone log on tomorrow at ten in the morning and we'll continue to draft a map of Moon City.’’

Everyone nodded. Old K raised his battle axe and smiled, ’’Then where do we go now? How about we set up an ambush here and give our French friends a little surprise?’’

I gaped at him, ’’You want forty people to ambush a thousand man cavalry?’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’You're thinking too much. Let's go and head south of the Stone Forest. Let's go and see what map is over there! Li Xiao Yao's alchemy and medicine skills have almost reached Level 13. If we can gather some more of that Purple Spirit Grass and rush it to Level 13, then we'll get OP medicines! This is a great opportunity, we can't lose out on it.’’



We continued forward. On the way, our players attacked every LV 1 Stone Tiger so that we could seal it. We kept this up until we finished all 200+ of our pet seal stones. After that, we killed all of the LV 1 Stone Tigers that we saw. We weren't going to leave a single one for the [Dawn] players. Normally, the first time that a map is spawned is when the highest spawn rate for BOSSes and Lvl 1 pets was. After that first spawn, the chances of it spawning again are dramatically decreased. Killing the Lvl 1 Tiger is just to pull the carpet out from underneath them.

We continued killing monsters, picking herbs, and mining materials as we advanced forward. When we reached the border of the Stone Forest, we finally heard a ’’Ding!’’When I was about to use up all of my Alchemy Pots, the system notified me: Congratulations, you've leveled up your alchemy skill! Since you are the first player to achieve Level 13 in Alchemy, you have received a special reward [Holy Dragon Cauldron] (Vice God Item)!


I widened my eyes. At first I thought that I had gotten it wrong. What's a Vice God Item? Logically speaking, this game has also reached Level 150. There shouldn't be any godly items that are released yet, right?!

I quickly opened up my bag and found a bright glowing cauldron, resting in the corner of my bag. I pulled it out and placed it in my hand. I could feel a soft godly aura floating around my hand. Wan Er had seen the same thing on the same. She was extremely clever and had already guessed it, ’’This... This is the reward for Leveling up to 13?’’


’’What are its stats?’’

I reached out and waved my hand over it, sharing the stats for everyone to see in the sky. Everyone was stunned

[Holy Dragon Cauldron] (Vice god item)

Strength’’ +500

Stamina: +500

Additional: Increases the user's MaxHP by 10,000

Special: Increases the experience gained from creating pills by 50%

Special: Loyal Heart, Increases the effects of pills made by this cauldron by 50%

Special: Limitless, There is no end to using this cauldron for making pills.

Special: Protector, Holding the cauldron in the user's bag, never to be dropped. As long as the Holy Dragon Cauldron is in the bag, then it will never be dropped. In addition, the Holy Dragon Cauldron can be used to store herbs, at most a thousand

Required Level: 125

Bound Player: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Godly Weapon Number: 0271


I nearly jumped from looking at the stats of this Holy Dragon Cauldron. It can actually raise my stats when it's in my bag. Especially that ten thousand added to my MaxHP, that is too OP. Plus, any pills made from that Holy Dragon Cauldron has an added 50% increase in their effects. Just what kind of thing is this!?

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight)

Level: 128

Attack: 10516-13153

Defense: 10173

Max HP: 65857

Magic: 14050

Charm: 553

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 6

Having the Holy Dragon Cauldron increased my stats by a large amount. Especially my health. While I'm on a mount, it's already at 65,000. Not many full health knights had even reached that level. On top of that, my defense far surpassed their's and my attack power was only growing even more. No wonder these enemy guilds are always trying to kill me first. As a warrior with both attack and defense, I was everybody's worst enemy.

I opened up my Holy Dragon Cauldron and made another Purple Spirit Pill. Of course, the new Purple Spirit Pills were even better

[Purple Spirit Pill]

Health Recovery: 30,000

Mana Recovery: 15,000

Upgrade: 60% increase to MaxHP and MaxMP

Creator: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Required Level: 120

I threw this new pill that I had made to Li Mu. Li Mu speechlessly caught it, ’’D*mn... a pill with a thirty second cooldown actually has such an OP effect. If we continuously used the pill, who would be able to kill you?’’

I nodded, ’’And so, after we get back to Tian Ling City, we should focus all of our efforts on finding that Purple Spirit Grass. However many we find, we'll use. I will make sure to get it done before the Country Battles. It'll become a recipe that only [Zhan Long] has.’’

Wang Jian laughed, ’’Yup, Brother Xiao Yao is right. That's exactly what we should do! We'll give every Steel Blade Horsemen around 10-20 of these Purple Spirit Pills. Then, if we use it with the normal Level 12 Purple Spirit Pills, the Steel Blade Horsemen won't be killed unless there was an insane amount of firepower concentrated on them. Otherwise, it'd be hard for them to even be able to kill themselves!’’

I nodded, ’’Yup. Let's keep this up!’’


As we pushed forward, we continued killing the monsters along the way. Not long after, around a thousand yards away, a group of [Dawn] guild players had appeared. Hand of Waterloo stood at the very front. One of the swordsmen raised his halberd and said, ’’Guildmaster, the Chinese Server CBN Battlenet Ranked sixth, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is leading some people here. There's also the pretty girl Cang Tong, who's ranked seventh on the CBN Battlenet. How about we go and kill them all!’’

Hand of Waterloo furrowed his brow and shook his head, ’’No, don't go over there. It's too far. Their horses move faster than ours. We'll never be able to catch up to them. Besides, based on my information, this Stone Forest Map has Level 1 Stone Tigers that spawn here. They must have caught quite a few. Next is up to us!’’



I could hear their conversation from afar and felt my heart grow cold. How do they know that we caught several Stone Tigers? That's right, there should be several Moon City assassins in the area. They must have been watching our every move. Thankfully Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword were controlling their power. Otherwise, why else would I have the opportunity to pick so many herbs.

’’Not good, they're sending people over!’’ Li Mu looked at the distance and gripped his sword.

In the distance, around two hundred horsemen from the [Dawn] guild were coming. Just based off of those numbers, they could finish us off. Hand of Waterloo on the other hand didn't come along. Looks like he's very confident in the strength of his guild.

But right at that moment, another variable came into play. A bell sounded by my ear


System Notification: Please note, an ancient general has appeared in the Graveyard of Gods in Ba Huang City. Kill him and you will have a hundred percent chance of getting a Country Weapon!


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