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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 731


Chapter 731 - The Hand of Waterloo

’’What's the bad news?’’ I asked.

Dong Cheng replied, ’’I just got a message from Tang Qi that idiot. Apparently 120 of [Hero's Mound] cavalry players had been surrounded on Breezy Plains. Moon City's [Dawn] guild had used five hundred cavalry to completely destroy them. They moved incredibly fast and surrounded [Hero's Mound]'s players on three fronts. Q-Sword seems to be in some trouble. Nevermind it's ok, we'll just ignore them....’’

’’Huh? Ignore them?’’ I couldn't tell if I should cry or laugh, ’’[Hero's Mound] is one of the Chinese Server's top guilds. If we just leave them to die, then it'll affect our morale when the news gets back to our players. Seeing as we're already here, then we'll just give them a hand!’’

Li Mu raised his sword and cut in, ’’Bro, the Breezy Plains are enormous. All I see is grass. I don't see a single [Hero's Mound] player.’’

I nodded, ’’Ok, Dong Cheng, where's Tang Qi!’’

Dong Cheng replied, ’’He's just south of us, around ten minutes away.’’

’’Then let's hurry!’’

I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir sword and smiled. In order to explain everything, I added, ’’We only have forty players, so we need to be conscious that if we can save the [Hero's Mound] players, we will, but if we can't, then we'll rely on the movement speed of our mounts and run away. Later on, we'll act as we see fit. Pay attention to the team chat for any of my orders and don't get too deep into the battle.’’

Star Scar said, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, don't worry, we understand. We also know that it'd be impossible for the forty of us to completely destroy the five hundred cavalry. [Dawn] is the French Server's number one guild, and they will not be weak.’’

’’Exactly. Let's go!’’


We dashed forward. Wan Er was thrown back into my chest from the force of the inertia. She blushed and opened her mouth, as though she wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

As we sped up our advance, the wind on the Breezy Plains also steadily grew. The heavy hooves of the Steel Blade Horsemen pounded against the ground. Everyone had entered a full out gallop state. Within a few minutes, furls of dust curled up into the air. There was a group of people fighting right before us. Among them were several players that carried the Chinese Flag next to their names. It was the players from [Hero's Mound]! They only had 70 mounts left and were completely surrounded by 400 of the [Dawn] mounts. I could faintly see Q-Sword charge against the crowd. But as before, he could not pierce through.

[Dawn] was using a Mobile Encirclement type of strategy. There was a total of three layers to their formation. It was a simple yet effective strategy. It was like a large millstone. When the [Hero's Mound] players charged outward, they would be crushed to bits like a speck of grain. Even though Q-Sword had killed several people at once, he still couldn't kill them all and was at a loss on how to proceed.


Old K's eyes widened, ’’So even Q-Sword would have a day like this? He looks pretty pitiful. There's so many [Hero's Mound] players on the ground, this is great....’’

Li Mu said, ’’How should we proceed?’’

I grit my teeth, ’’There's no other way but to fight them head on. Once we've been trapped by [Dawn] then it'd be hard for us to even try leaving. We can only charge straight ahead and bring the [Hero's Mound] players out. As long as we can make it out of this forest, then the [Dawn] players won't be able to chase after us. Everyone follow my command and charge with me! I will use [Thundering Heavens] to open up our path and make a break in their formation. Afterwards, we'll charge right in and help the [Hero's Mound] players retreat. Once they reform their formation, I'll activate [Ice Domain]. Wan Er, use your special skill [Heaven's Lullaby] and stun them all for as long as you can!’’


I clicked my wrists and my Dragon Reservoir Sword began to glow. I charged forward on my horse while the nineteen horses behind me also dashed forward. The [Dawn] players were at the height of their excitement in this massacre. Only the outer circle had noticed our people. However, they probably thought that our numbers were too few, and didn't pay much attention to us. All they did was send out thirty players to go and deal with us.

’’He he!’’

I couldn't help but chuckle. These French players are actually looking down on our twenty horsemen! Then it's about time that pay for that mistake!


I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and swung out both swords. I surged forward in a spiral motion, cutting through the crowds. Blood and flesh flew into the air. Li Mu and Wang Jian each let out a flurry of skills. Added on with Old K's [Whirlwind Slash] and in the blink of an eye, we had cut down all thirty of the horsemen. But the players from [Dawn] really were pretty strong. Even after we threw a heap of AOE attacks on them, a dozen still charged at us after being showered in blood. They didn't seem affected by [Zhan Long]'s battle power in the slightest.

I swung my blades and cut one of the knight's shields right in half. I urged my horse forward and was already beginning to deal my attack on the edges of the formation. Now that I was faced with these moving players, I waved my hand and activated [Thundering Heavens]. The skies immediately darkened and bolts of lightning surged through the clouds and struck the ground. Countless lightning dragons burst through the ground and dealt an onslaught of damage.


One of the team leaders roared, ’’That person's skill is incredibly strong, hurry up and avoid it!’’

But all was too late. Twenty people had died under my [Thundering Heavens] attack. Plus, my Dragon Reservoir Sword's [Kill For Blood] had reached forty levels, which increased my attack power by 40%!

Among the crowds, a person suddenly roared out, ’’Expand the circle! Cut off their escape route!’’

A line of golden words appeared above the person's head. I knew with a single look that he was a reputable player in Moon City

Hand of Waterloo LV 126 Star Flame Swordsman

City: Moon City

Guild: [Dawn]

Position: Guildmaster

French Battlenet Ranking: 1



Motherf*cker, it's the number one player on the French Battlenet. Who knew the first enemy we meet in Moon City would be such a strong opponent!

Under the command of the guildmaster of [Dawn], a group of people charged at us, and filled up the opening that I had made with my [Thundering Heavens]. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K were not going to sit by and watch. Li Mu swung his sword and shouted, ’’Ram them! Protect the [Hero's Mound] players' retreat!’’

Matcha, Meng Yao and Wang Jian all charged forward, and used their Steel Blade Horses to ram into the enemy. In the end, bangs rang throughout the battlefield. Looks like the horsemen of the [Dawn] guild were still slightly lower than ours, as they were pushed back several steps and blocked by the [Zhan Long] horses.

In the distance I shouted, ’’Q-Sword, what are you waiting for? Take your players and retreat! There are more and more of them!’’

Q-Sword grit his teeth and pointed straight at the opening and roared, ’’Retreat! Don't fight with them any longer. Brothers that have died, wait to revive after they've left!’’


’’You want to leave?!’’

Among the crowd of people, Hand of Waterloo steered his black battle horse faster them. With a shout, he shocked one of the [Hero's Mound] knights and struck his sword right into the knight's shield. ’’Keng!’’ He knocked away the shield and roared, ’’GTFO!’’

The shield was knocked away. Hand of Waterloo immediately activated [Blade Rush] and then followed the attack with an SS tier combo [Dawn Slash]!

Four continuous attacks landed on the knight's chest, immediately emptying his health. He then leapt up and threw another combo followed with a final [Sky Shaker Slash]!



The enormous damage number had shocked even me. Just how high was that b*st*rd's attack power? He was actually able to cut down that much health from such a high leveled knight? Even if that was a combo, that last attack shouldn't have been that heavy, right?

’’Chase after them!’’

Hand of Waterloo chased after them. His bloody blade was like the hands of fate, which cut down the [Hero's Mound] players that lagged behind, one by one. It was as though he was displaying the strength of the French Servers to us.


’’Let's go!’’

Q-Sword raised his sword and shielded the retreat of his players. There were more and more [Dawn] players that were gathering in the area. [Hero's Mound] players were continuously falling of their horses and dying. Several of the twenty knights that [Zhan Long] had brought were also down to critical health. Thankfully nobody had died. However, Hand of Waterloo was already catching up. If he managed to reach us, then the consequences would be dire.

’’Shua!’’ Wan Er slid from my lap and softly said, ’’Pig, I'm going to hold off those swordsmen. You go and attack Hand of Waterloo. After holding them off for ten seconds, use your skills to stop them and then run!’’


I gripped my sword and charged at Hand of Waterloo. My beautiful girlfriend then picked up her dagger and charged at a group of French Swordsmen. The moment she clashed with them, she had immediately blocked a [Blade Rush]. Her beautiful figure spun in the air and the three attacks from [Blade of the Death God] had landed right on the swordsman's neck. It seems that he was ranked forty seventh on the French Battle Net, but he was still killed in that instant.

She then turned around and pulled out her Iron Umbrella. ’’Keng keng!’’ sparks flew and she had parried off the other attacks from the swordsmen. Wan Er waved her hand and activated [Arrival of the Death God]. She flew up while maintaining her balance. ’’Shua Shua!’’ her dagger flicked through the crowd, and cut into each of the players' necks and wrists, and aimed precisely at their weak points. However, Wan Er's body nimbly dashed from side to side, dodging all of the attacks. In reality, it was her Mind reading skill at play. After all, she could guess the next moves of any non expert players.

With the cover from Wan Er, I charged right at Hand of Waterloo. The two of us didn't try any tricks and just fought face to face. ’’Keng!’’ I felt my wrist go numb. Hand of Waterloo slid back half a step. A sliver of shock raced through his eyes, as though he was stunned that someone as strong as I was in the Chinese Servers.

’’Not bad!’’

Hand of Waterloo had actually gotten more excited. He whooped and suddenly threw another faster attack. I didn't even have the time to react with my Battle Reflux strategy. A flame appeared on his blade, it was the SS tier skill [Star Flame Slash]!

The skill dealt five attacks. I managed to block some of the strikes with my Brilliant Flame Emperor. I then immediately threw out my Dragon Reservoir Sword in a stab!



He frowned. I quickly followed the attack with a Level 12 [Combo]+Level 12 [Sword Tempest]. Hand of Waterloo's defense we pretty good. He managed to take that many hits and still not die. He gripped his sword with both hands and threw another heavy attack, [Star Flame Slash]!


Such a fierce attack! I felt a shudder run through my body. At the same time, I knew that my chance had come. I suddenly grabbed his wrist guard and pulled him towards myself. At the same time, light began to glow under my feet and I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men] + [Wind Blade] at the same time.

’’Not good!’’

Hand of Waterloo had a stunning reaction time. In that moment, he activated [Blade Rush], dodgin my [Strength of a Thousand Men]. At the same time, he activated [Star Flame Shield] and a golden light enveloped him. Not far from me, I heard Wan Er's voice, ’’Hurry up and leave! You can't kill him!’’

I nodded and retreated. I reached out and pulled a critically wounded Wan Er onto my horse. I used [Charge] right into the opening and dashed out with the [Hero's Mound] players. We had successfully shielded their retreat!


[Ice Domain]!

[Heaven's Lullaby]!

After the two skills activated, all of the [Dawn] players were frozen in place. I could see the look of determination and unwillingness in the eyes of Hand of Waterloo. He grit his teeth as he was frozen in place.


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