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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 729


Chapter 729 - Arriving at Moon City

Wan Er and Qing Qian decided on the people coming to Moon City. Wang Jian, Old K, Matcha, Dong Cheng, Yue Yan, Ling Xiao Xie, and Moon Feather were all coming. Meng Yao tagged along as well. Of them, only Meng Yao, Matcha and I did not have a Steel blade Mounts. The rest were all part of the cavalry. Of the twenty horsemen, fourteen of them were dressed in Black Flame Sets while the rest were all outfitted in higher level armor that had better stats. I could just imagine how strong our battle power was.

Besides the twenty horsemen were Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie, Thousand Suns, Darling Duck, Thousand League and the other support class players. All fourty of the players were part of [Zhan Long]'s strongest players. This scouting trip was similar to when Smile had entered into Tian Ling City's territory. The only difference was that we still didn't know what our end would be. Either way, it wasn't too good. Right now, there were conflicts that occured between all of the major cities. A scouting mission was like firing off shots!


We all gathered at the north gate of Tian Ling City. I rushed over on my Flying Scythe Horse. Around 50% of my bag was filled with potions. The empty spaces were for picking up equipment.

In the plaza, Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Li Mu had all arrived and every one of them were extremely excited. Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to go to another city.

’’Everyone match up with a mount then.’’ I smiled.

Li Mu excited said, ’’On the mounts, you can only have a boy and a girl, or a girl and a girl on the same horse. All of you pair up. Which girl wants to sit with me?’’

Dancing Forest giggled, ’’This.... There shouldn't be any, right?’’

I laughed, ’’Hurry up already, we don't have time for this.’’

Qing Qian blinked a few times and cleverly said, ’’Meng Yao, why don't you take me?’’

Meng Yao smiled, ’’Come on up!’’

Meng Yao reached out and pulled Qing Qian onto her horse. Qing Qian wrapped her arms around Meng Yao's thin waist and grinned, ’’Wa, Meng Yao has such a nice waist, it feels so nice...’’

Meng Yao blushed, ’’Qing Qian, stop messing around!’’

Darling Duck raised her staff and looked around, ’’Wu, all of the boys look devastating. I wanted to ride on Guildmaster's Flying Scythe War Horse. Unfortunately, it won't be my turn. What should I do... I don't want to sit on Li Mu's horse, it's too ugly....’’

Li Mu patted his Steel Blade Horse's mane and retorted, ’’All of the Steel Blade Horses look the same, how can one be uglier?’’

Darling Duck replied simply, ’’I was talking about you....’’

Li Mu glared at her, ’’Either way, at least I'm better looking than Old K!’’

Old K hung his battle axe on his horse and he roared, ’’D*mn it, can we not drag me into these all the time? I haven't said anything! Just you wait, let's just wait and see. Whichever girl doesn't have a horse to sit on can sit with me.

Wang Jian laughed and waved his hand to the group, ’’Scar, come over here!’’

Amongst the group of people, a level 119 female mage walked over. She had a perky chest and I immediately recognized her. It was the beautiful girl that we met at pool while we were in Shanghai, Star Scar. Wang Jian that kid was pretty effective, looks like they're together now. The moment Star Scar lept into Wang Jian's embrace, several of the male players revealed a jealous look in their eyes.

I reached out and grabbed Wan Er's hand and pulled her into my lap. The beautiful little miss blushed but didn't say anything, afraid to attract any more attention already. If she did, it would make her more likely to attract fire. After all, as the vice guildmaster, she'd feel even more embarrassed when people joked about her.

Yue Yao Yan, on the other hand, was much more easy going. She reached out and invited Xing Lie to join her. Xing Lie obediently sat behind the beautiful knight and stiffly sat there, afraid to put his arms around her waist. He was probably afraid that this guildmaster of [Zhan Long:Defense Army] would stab her spear right through his chest if he tried anything with her.

Darling Duck finally sat on Dong Cheng Lei's horse while Thousand League sat with Old K. Finally, all that was left was Li Mu blankly staring into the crowd, looking for someone. Dancing Forest finally picked up her bow with a green face, ’’D*mmit....’’

No other choice, Dancing Forest could only sit on Li Mu's horse. However, after she sat behind Li Mu, she reached out and grabbed his shoulder saying, ’’You are not allowed to suddenly stop. Don't think that stopping would give you the chance to feel my chest....’’

She had hit the nail on its head. With a straight face, Li Mu rubbed his nose, ’’Little Dance, just what kind of a person do you think I am. You know, I'm known for being an upright man....’’

Dancing Forest smiled, ’’Yea right!’’

Li Mu was speechless.


I sheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and reached across the beautiful little miss' thin waist to grab the reigns and smiled, ’’Alright now. Everyone, let's set off. Everyone follow me and try not to be too conspicuous. Our mission is simple, scout out the Moon Cty maps and draw out our own map of the place. That way, we'll have an easier time with future plans!’’

Xing Lie was a little shocked, ’’Boss, what are our future plans?’’

I calmly replied, ’’Attacking Moon City.’’

Xing Lie cursed under his breath, ’’D*mn...’’

Li Mu wryly smiled. He probably had the same idea as me. As a man with incredible strength, who doesn't want to make his mark in this chaotic world? You'd be lying if you said that you had never thought about it. Even someone like me, who spends his life carefreely and avoids conflict with others wants to one day become the king of the four seas. I've pretty much already set on that path.

Dancing Forest sat behind Li Mu and gripped his cloak. In a situation where the horse was galloping, Li Mu's throat was being strangled by the cloak. His face was bright red as he begged against the wind, ’’Little Dance, softer....’’

Dancing Forest smiled, ’’Guildmaster, actually, if we download their maps from the British server, that's enough....’’

I shook my head, ’’Not exactly. It's just like our Chinese Server, not all of the maps are public knowledge. Think about it, Shattered Blade Canyon, Flaming Desert, Blood Demon Forest, Giant Demon Bamboo Forest and the other maps are known only to a few of the Chinese Server players, but the big maps don't have any details or markings. All of the guilds have been hiding them away. Moon City is Britain and France's territory, it's definitely not a peaceful place. We can only go out and look for our own information on these maps.’’

’’Ok, that makes sense!’’


As I hugged Wan Er and charged ahead, my Flying Scythe War Horse dashed through the Gale Forest. We stopped for a moment to figure out when the killer wind would pass through the Broken Blade Canyon. There was still ten minutes before it would pass through. The speed of the Steel Blade Horsemen was enough for all of us to pass through without a problem. And so, we pass through the canyon and entered the Bridge of Fate. The twenty mounts were moving at a good pace. It had only been thirty minutes since we had set off from Tian Ling City and we had already reached the Blood Demon Forest.

The light from spells burst throughout the Blood Demon Forest. There were already new monsters that were spawning there. Several of [Zhan Long]'s players were grinding there. After that, we passed through the Spirits of No Return Valley. The maps ahead of that were getting more and more faint. Finally, it was all covered in a thick fog. This meant that the maps further west hadn't been scouted out before. We could still see the marking for Moon City on the bigger map. It was extremely far away. Even if we eventually have a country battle, just going to Moon City would be an expedition that would take a lot of energy.

’’Wu wu....

The hooves of our horse's broke through the silence of the forest. As we continued forward, the trees became more and more sparse and the climate became warmer. The fierce sun hung in the sky. Wan Er leaned into my chest and held her iron umbrella over her shoulder, and covered us from the sun light. Otherwise, as a moon elf, she would lose health under direct sunlight. Among our team, Yue Yao had also pulled out her iron umbrella. The sight of a young beautiful girl galloping across the desolate plains with an umbrella raised was also a wonderful sight in itself.

After a few more minutes, we entered into the Nameless Desert. It looked as though it had no end. This map was around twenty to forty times the size of Tian Ling City and it was named ’’the Desert’’. It would've been a pretty good place to grind levels, unfortunately, not a single blade of grass could survive here. There wasn't even an oasis here, much less monsters.

[Zhan Long]'s twenty horses galloped across the map, and left behind a cloud of dust. After fifty minutes of riding forward, we finally met the first monster in this desert. It was a Level 130 Thunder Tier Sand Scorpion. It was a low level monster, and was easily killed. It was close to an hour after we had entered this map and we had finally met the first monster. It was as though a male student had been locked away for three years in an all male school and he had seen the first girl on the street. How could he not be excited.

’’Ji ji....’’

The poor Sand Scorpion screech in pain as it was chopped to green pieces of meat. It didn't drop anything except for twenty silvers. That ended up being picked up by Wang Jian that shameless b*st*rd. However, Star Scar seemed to praise his actions. I was starting to think that those two should just get married.

As we continued forward, day turned to night and the difference in temperature in the desert was just too great. During the day, you could cook an egg on the ground, but at night, it felt like our water would freeze. All of us were sneezing under the moonlight. After three hours of moving forward, the game finally turned back into daylight and we still hadn't met a single player. Very rarely were there any Chinese players that would be this bored as to spend half a day trying to reach Moon City. After all, it could all go to waste when they die.

’’Ji ji....’’

We heard another screech. A monster had crawled out of the sand once again. This time it wasn't a Sand Scorpion but rather a monster that let off a golden shine Golden Scorpion. It was a Level 4 Hybrid Demon. Wow, this dessert actually has Hybrid Demons. Lord knows how many armies these Hybrid Demon Kings have!


I pulled out my sword and charged forward. My first round of skills had sliced open the shell on the Golden Scorpion. Wang Jian, Matcha, and Meng Yao all went in for the kill. Wan Er leapt off the horse and activated [Blade of the Death God]+[Twin Blade Harmony]+[Chain Attack]. After a flurry of skills, the Golden Scorpion screeched and fell to the ground, dropping a golden helmet. Wan Er picked it up and similed, ’’A Valkyrie Tier helmet, Golden Helmet.... It's a part of a set. It's stats are pretty similar to the Black Flame Set!’’

Li Mu was stunned, ’’Oh? Doesn't that mean that we can get Golden Sets from killing these Golden Scorpions?’’

’’Well, let's see what the drop rate is like!’’


We continued trekking forward. There weren't dense numbers of Golden Scorpions and it took a while to find a single one. Killing one didn't get us many drops either. I imagine that in order to get one set of Golden Armor, it would take a lot more than just patience.

As we continued forward, we didn't stop to admire the scene before us, after all, there wasn't much to look at anyway.

At around 7:00 CST, we finally reached the end of the desert. As we continued forward, the Moon City zone appeared before us!


A thick forest was just ahead. I dashed forward on my horse with a smile, ’’Moon City, we've arrived!’’


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