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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 728


Chapter 728 - Twenty Horsemen from [Zhan Long]

That evening at seven, I walked towards the dining room.

For dinner we had four different dishes and a soup. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Tang Qi, Qin Wen and I all sat down at the dining table. Normally our meals weren't extravagant. After all, we didn't care that much, as long as the food was good. Besides, our hearts weren't set on our food, but rather on the game. Dong Cheng and Wan Er were both excitedly talking about the battle in Gale Forest. They were so lively and energetic that Qin Wen widened her beautiful eyes and said, ’’Wa, sounds like it was very eventful....’’

Tang Qi held up his bowl and said, ’’Xiao Yao, are you guys not even the slightest bit worried about that Rumor? Even though that kid doesn't have any real skills of his own, and he's arrogant, he's still the nephew of Liu Gong. [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] just have too many guts. You guys are even willing to offend someone like that. Aren't you guys worried that the Director will make your lives difficult?’’

I smiled, ’’Then so be it. [Zhan Long] has no regrets. Besides, this game in itself is a battle to see who will rule the world, there's no need to bother with the details. A game is like a dream! If the Director really feels offended by [Zhan Long] then he can do whatever he wants against us. [Zhan Long]'s players only know how to fight with their fists, and not their words!’’

Qin Wen giggled, ’’I really admire Xiao Yao's words. A game is after all just a battle field, it isn't a battle over political power. If that Director wants to try and bring politics into the game, then he's just slapping his own face. That nephew, Rumor, of his really deserves it. However, it's best if you be careful around people like that. You'd much rather offend a gentleman than offend a piece of scum.’’

I nodded, ’’Ok I got it.’’

Dong Cheng added, ’’Actually, what I'm worried about the most is for someone like Rumor to stab us in the back. Otherwise, I'm not afraid of anything else.’’

Wan Er looked at me with a smile, ’’Yup, Dong Cheng's right. Even though Liu Chang could only gather together mobs of people, all of those people just happened to have history with [Zhan Long]. And so, they had two reasons, to fight under the flag of Rumor, the Deputy Commander, and to deal pay back to [Zhan Long]. I'm afraid, that as long as Rumor says the word, guilds like [Flying Dragon] will listen to everything he says. At least, during the country battles, they won't listen to Pig's commands, but rather choose to follow the orders of Rumor, the Deputy Commander.’’

Tang Qi added, ’’That is exactly where the most critical problem lies. If it was just one [Flying Dragon] or one [Thousand Burial], then it wouldn't matter, but when they come together, that's at least twenty thousand soldiers. If you think of it that way, then it's a terrifying thought.’’

I thought about it for a moment and said, ’’Ok. Let's keep a close eye on the movements of Rumor and the rest. I believe that they won't try anything against [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] anytime in the near future. We'll think about the country battle when it comes. Besides, in reality, once the country battles open up, I wasn't even planning on relying on Rumor and the rest. The vanguard will be [Judgement], [Zhan Long] and [Prague]!’’

Dong cheng nodded with a smile, ’’Yup, Xiao Yao's right. After all, those are the only guilds that are relatively steady.’’

Tang Qi added, ’’That's right, I just head the little miss mention is. You were saying something about how you guys were making a team to enter the borders of Moon City for a scouting, is that right?’’

I replied, ’’Yup, you've got some pretty good info there.’’

Tang Qi chuckled and awkwardly rubbed his nose saying, ’’Actually, you guys aren't the only ones. Q-Sword already made a decision just this afternoon to set out tonight. [Hero's Mound] has a total of ten ten man teams that are going to enter through the No Name desert. They're going to check out what the server is like over in Moon City. Besides, I heard that Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and the rest are also personally bringing people to go and check out Moon City and Flame Cloud City.’’

I smiled, ’’Looks like everybody can't hold back their curiosity any longer. The country battles function hasn't activated, so we have to go and check these places out early on and form our strategies.

Tang Qi said, ’’Yup, as Sun Tzu said, know yourself and know they enemy. Either way, that's what Q-Sword said. Besides, just this afternoon, I heard that some Flame Cloud City players have appeared on the Flame God Mountain Range just east of Fan Shu City. The Indian Servers main city is on our southern border. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Indian players. The Chinese servers at most have 12 million people, but the Indian's are even scarier, they've got over 300 million!’’


I furrowed my brows and said, ’’Even though the Flame Cloud City's map is large, I've heard that over 50% of it is complete wasteland. The amount of monsters that spawn are far lower than Tian Ling City's and they don't have as many small maps within the big maps. I heard that a lot of people, after leveling up to 110, have to rely on killing normal monsters to grind their levels. And so, even though the Flame Cloud City has a lot of players, once the country battles open up, they will undoubtedly try to expand and make Tian Ling City in the North and Port City in the South West their biggest targets. Port City is Japan and Korea's city. It was already fairly conflicted, after all, they're both rivals. After the Country battles open up, there'll definitely be a show to watch.’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’At least Tian Ling City won't end up having to face an enemy on both fronts, right?’’

’’Hard to say. If Moon City and Flame Cloud City have some kind of an agreement and decide to carve up Tian Ling City, then we'll really be in danger.’’

’’Then... what do we do?’’ Wan Er was a little stunned.

I couldn't help but smile confidently, ’’Don't worry. Port City, Nine Heavens City, and Swamp City won't sit aside and watch Tian Ling City get destroyed. They'll definitely try and find a way to maintain the balance of power. On the plus side, Tian Ling City's positioned on the northern corner, with its back to the sea. We won't have to worry about fighting a two front battle. Either way, we can think of Tian Ling City as our military base and slowly expand from their. We may even be able to conquer the continent.’’

Once Tang Qi heard this, he started to get a little excited and grinned, ’’D*mn, now that you've said that, even I'm starting to get a little bit excited. Can our Chinese Server really unify all seven of the big cities?’’

I replied, ’’I don't know, but all of these matters depends on the individuals. Either Way, that's not what I'm thinking about.’’

’’Then what are you thinking about?’’

’’The world!’’


Tang Qi took a deep breath, as though he was meeting me for the first time. He carefully studied me. AFter a few seconds, he finally said, ’’Li Xiao Yao, you really are an incredible b*st*rd. If you're even thinking about conquering the world? Then I'm afraid with your resolution and the strength of [Zhan Long], then the only person who can really achieve that is you, and not Fang Ge Que.’’

Dong Cheng was also catching on the excitement and asked, ’’Oh? Tang Qi, why do you think that Li Xiao Yao is more likely to do it than Fang Ge Que?’’

Tang Qi rubbed his nose a little more and awkwardly said, ’’I don't know, it's just what I think. There's one thing that Li Xiao Yao has that Fang Ge Que doesn't, but just what it is, I can't explicitly say.’’

Wan Er giggled, ’’Don't think too much about it. Anyways, it's still early, and Li Xiao Yao, that kid, is too lazy. IF you want him to lead troops to dominate the world, it'd be strange if he doesn't complain at least a little.’’

I was speechless.

Dong Cheng finally asked, ’’Then when are we going to the British Server's Moon City?’’

I thought about it for a moment and said, ’’After we finish eating, we'll go to sleep and wake up tonight at midnight. Then, we'll get online and set off!’’

’’Oh, that early? Why'd you choose that time?’’

’’That's simple. There's an eight hour time difference between Britain and us. Britain is eight hours behind us. So, if we leave at midnight, it'll take us no more than six hours to pass through the desert. That way, we'll arrive at the borders of Moon City at around seven. By the time we enter Moon City, it'll be around eight. At that point, it'll be exactly Britain's midnight. Most of the players will be asleep by then, making our mission much more smooth. I don't want to face some kind of British main forces. Last time, Smile and Apollo were already pretty thorny. There's no need for us to sacrifice a level for nothing.’’

’’So it was like that.... ’’Dong Cheng's eyes stared lovingly at me. This wench has really sunk low.


After we finished eating, I forced myself to sleep, even though I couldn't. I finally fell asleep in a daze. Not long after, I was woken up by my alarm. It felt as though four hours had passed the second that I had closed my eyes. It was midnight. Wan Er and Dong Cheng had both woken up. We all logged on. Tonight, our long trek was to begin.

Actually, just passing through the desert would take 6-7 hours of our time. Using that time to grind levels would be much better. But, seeing as the country battles were about to start, there wasn't much time left for us anyway. Tang Qi was right, knowing ourselves and our enemies would help us win a hundred battles. [Zhan Long], as one of the main guilds in the Chinese Server, had to take the responsibility of doing these tasks.


We appeared in the middle of Tian Ling City, only to see that the guild was extremely lively. There were a ton of people online in the middle of the night. On top of that, the moment I logged on, I heard Matcha's voice in the guild chat go, ’’No, I want to go too. Grinding levels every day is so boring!’’

Wan Er replied, ’’Matcha, listen! Be good and stay in Tian Ling City to lead our troops...’’

Matcha was silent.

I asked, ’’What's wrong?’’

Wan Er helplessly smiled back, ’’That... I told everyone about five man team to Moon City thing. In the end, I've met some opposition. The more they talk about it, the more logical it seems. They want to bring a few more people.’’

I was speechless.

Li Mu said, ’’Guildmaster, if you just bring five people, then the enemy can use any hundred man team to finish you all off. I suggest that you bring a few more people with you. Otherwise, I am definitely going.... Even if you don't let me, then I'll sneak off on my own. Don't you dare say that I'm going against the guildmaster's orders, you know I don't fall for that. Besides... you understand....’’

I replied, ’’Alright alright, you've got the guts....’’

Wang Jian then cut in, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, I want to go too! Matcha wants to go too! I feel like she isn't just being willful either, but is doing it to preserve our stamina and movement. Brother Xiao Yao, you know what's it's like. The Knight players can bring one person along with them on the mounts. You're gonna have to bring some healers and mages. If you meet any knights from Moon City and we can't beat them, at least we'll be able to run away right? How about it. This suggestion isn't just some willful comment. We'll just leave the grinding and the quests to One Second Hero and Death God's Elegy.’’

I thought about it for a moment, ’’Alright then, but we cannot bring too many people. Otherwise, it'll raise some suspicions if we do provoke a battle. How about this, we'll bring a total of forty people. Twenty mount type players. That way, it'll add up to twenty mounts.’’

Li Mu clapped his hands, ’’Alright then, twenty knight players is twenty knight players. Twenty of [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Knight Riders is enough for the Moon City players to feel intimidated right?’’

I face palmed, ’’If you don't shoot off your mouth, we might actually have a chance to win this country battle...’’

Wang Jian laughed, ’’Then let's get ready! We're about to set out! I'm getting really excited for this!’’

Matcha giggled, ’’Me too.’’



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