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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 727


Chapter 727 - Compromise

’’WHAT TO DO?! What should we do now......’’ Rumor lifted his long sword as he stood in a corner, his spirit clearly shaken.

The Guild Leader of the [Knights Templar] urged his horse over and shouted loudly, ’’ Deputy Commander, if you continue with this killing, we will no longer have any negotiating grounds. What Tyrant of Western Chu said does have some logic to it. Furthermore, this is a civil war, there is no need to kill every single one of them!’’

Rumor pulled on the reins but he was unable to stop halfway. There was no choice. It was he who decided to attack [Zhan Long] and [Judgement], these two big guilds. Originally, he thought bringing along 20000 Greedy Wolf Raiders along with three other large guilds with three times the number of players as compared to the two guilds would ensure victory over them but who would have thought that [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] would be so powerful and unyielding which caused Rumor's initial plan of displaying his strength to all go down the drains.

At this point of time, Rumor couldn't advance nor retreat. To stop halfway was also out of the question.

[Valley of the Gods]'s War Tent lifted his battle-ax as he charged forward, and roared at the top his lungs, ’’Deputy Commander, give us an order!’’

The colour of Rumor's face turned darker. He probably wanted nothing more than to dig himself a hole to die in.

At that moment, Not Ordinary had just commanded his Greedy Wolf Brigade to retreat. He was clearly annoyed, after all, he knew that defeating [Zhan Long] would be impossible today.

Call Me Master raised her spear and lead the Greedy Wolf Raiders. She wiped some blood off of her snow white thighs and said, ’’Deputy Commander Rumor, we've suffered too heavy of losses in these past few waves. In the end, this is just an internal conflict. We've already shown [Zhan Long] our stance, there's no need to sacrifice every last one of our soldiers. Let's stop this battle already. As long as Deputy Commander agrees, then I'll go and talk it out with Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Ye Lai!’’

Finally, a reasonable person had appeared among the five guilds. Rumor glanced at Call Me Master and felt that she understood his intentions. Finally, he nodded, ’’Ok, go. If Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Ye Lai agree to stop this battle, then we will too. We've suffered quite a loss in this battle, so we'll count it as a warning!’’

Call Me Master's lip twitched, the smile disappeared as quickly as it had come. She bowed and said, ’’Yes sir, I'll go tell him that. Deputy Commander, wait for my return!’’

As she said that, Call Me Master turned around with her spear and brought a team of Greedy Wolf Raiders and dashed towards the chaotic mess between [Zhan Long] and the [Knights Templar]. Light flashed everywhere and the grass had been dyed red with blood. If [Zhan Long] lost any Steel Blade Horsemen, it was one death for every five from the [Knights Templar]. Otherwise, they would never be able to kill a single Steel Blade Horseman.

Corpses were littered around. Even Call me Master couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. She charged through the group and raised her spear while she shouted, ’’Guildmaster Xiao Yao, Guildmaster Ye Lai, I have something to say!’’


Li Mu pulled his sword out of the chest of one of the [Knights Templar] which brought about a splatter of blood as he laughed, ’’Isn't that Call Me Master? Wang Jian, charge with me! Let's go and capture that girl. I heard that her legs were extremely long!’’

Wang Jian was speechless.

I quickly interrupted, ’’Wait, don't attack. Maintain your positions!’’

Once everyone heard that, they immediately stopped their advance. Call Me Master took the chance to walk over and say, ’’Now that we've reached this point, all of our guilds have taken heavy losses. Deputy Commander believes that if we keep this up, we'll only end up losing on both sides. And so, Guildmaster Xiao Yao, must this battle continue?’’

Old K coldly laughed, ’’Look at the body count on the field. I'm starting to think that if we continue this, it won't be a lose lose situation, but rather you guys losing and us winning!’’

One Second Hero picked up his spear and chuckled, ’’That's right. And, it's even with the five guilds all ganging up together. You guys tried to beat [Zhan Long]'s prestige in Tian Ling City, well dream on. You're just a pack of newbies!’’

Call Me Master's expression fell, and she seemed a little awkward and embarrassed, as though she didn't know what to say.

I quickly walked forward and cut One Second Hero off, ’’Alright already. Either ways, this is an internal battle, there's no need to fight until we all guard the bodies. [Zhan Long] still took quite a few losses. If Rumor wants to stop the battle, then let's allow the five guilds to retreat!’’

Call Me Master's heart leaped, ’’Really? What about Guildmaster Ye Lai?’’

In the distance, Ye Lai raised his bloody battle axe and said, ’’[Judgement] and [Zhan Long] will both take a step back. If Xiao Yao says that, then [Judgement] agrees.’’

’’That's great! Then let's stop this battle!’’ Call Me Master excitedly said.

I shook my head, ’’There's more. If we're going to stop this battle, there must be some conditions met!’’

’’Conditions?’’ She was stunned.

I smiled back, ’’But of course. Otherwise, the brothers of [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] that have died will have died for no reason. Why did we have to fight this? It's not because we were trying to show off. It's not because we had to suppress that Deputy Commander. It's because our friends have been humiliated and our dignity has been provoked. This wilderness battle was started because some players from [Run Like Flames] had cursed at one of the female players from [Judgement]. And so, why don't you bring out those people so that they can publicly apologize to her. Otherwise, I will summon all five thousand of the high level NPC soldiers from Dragon's Den to come here to Mount Zi Wu so that they can engage with the five guilds at any time. Even though we don't have your numbers, I will make sure that not a single person from the five guilds leaves this map alive.’’

Ye Lai couldn't help but smile, ’’That's right. If you don't apologize, then the brothers of [Judgement] won't rest!’’

Call Me Master grit her teeth and nodded, ’’Let me bring this up to Rumor!’’

Not long after, the female player from [Judgement] had come over as well. It was a Level 115 Healer. She appeared extremely shy and really did look like a newbie. She was pretty cute. No wonder Jing Ke liked her.

The members of [Run Like Flames] were already starting to argue. Those people, under the command of the Deputy Commander were probably fairly arrogant. To make them apologize was not going to be an easy task. Today we must get an apology though. Otherwise, Rumor with his attitude, would continue to try and create more waves in this world.

After a whole fifteen minutes, just as Ye Lai and I were starting to get impatient, a group of people from [Run Like Flames] had walked out. Rumor brought over three players;two swordsmen and one knight, their expressions extremely dark.

Rumor didn't have a great expression either. He rode over and said, ’’Alright then, it was wrong of my people to curse at your players. I've already brought them over. You guys... you do what you want!’’

One of the knights looked to be around thirty. He pierced his halberd in to this ground and gripped it hard. He stared right at Jing Ke's girlfriend and indignantly said, ’’I'm sorry. I shouldn't have cursed at you. My apologies!’’

In the end, the girl was scared stiff. How could she say anything in response?’’


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. ’’ Pa!’’ I stabbed it right into the grass a meter away from him and shouted, ’’Is that the attitude you should have when apologizing to someone? Say it one more time, and more heartfelt!’’


The knight glared at me, ’’Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do not cross the line!’’

I raised my hand and pulled out my Brilliant Flame Emperor and roared, ’’[Zhan Long], prepare to advance!’’

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha, Meng Yao and the rest all pulled out their weapons. In that moment, Rumor's expression grew uglier and he grunted, ’’Old Beard Liu, you really need to fix your attitude. Hurry up!’’

This time, the knight didn't have the same indignation coloring his tone. He lowered his head and said, ’’I'm sorry. I shouldn't have cursed at you. I'm really sorry, please accept my apology.’’

These people probably had never apologized to anyone before. His voice was even shaking. I smiled satisfactorily. Seeing that they were improving, I said, ’’Alright then. How about we bring this situation to a close?’’

Jing Ke appeared beside us with his dagger and graciously looked at Ye Lai and I, ’’Thank you....’’

Rumor, on the other hand, angrily turned around and took his people. The five guilds slowly retreated and dispersed and this battle had come to a close.


Ye Lai raised his battle axe and walked over, his expression extremely grateful, ’’Xiao Yao, I really gotta thank you this time. If [Zhan Long] hadn't arrived so quickly, d*mn, today's situation probably wouldn't have ended so easily. Rumor, that b*st*rd, has no skills, but his ability to incite war really is top notch. He managed to bring in [Thousand Burial], [Wrath of Heroes] and all those other chickens over here. Their battle power was truly strong.’’

I smiled, ’’It's no problem, we're brothers. If [Zhan Long] was being bullied, I know that [Judgement] won't sit back and watch.’’

Ye Lai nodded, ’’That's right, that's exactly what it means to be brothers. That's right, did you really bring over five thousand NPCs from the Dragon's Den to reinforce us?’’

’’Nope, I was bluffing. If I didn't, do you really think that Rumor was the type to lower his head and admit to his wrongdoing?’’

Ye Lai laughed, ’’D*mn, you're too sly!’’

I smiled back, ’’It only works on certain people. Alright then, you guys get some more of the Frost Battle Rams. I can tell that those mounts are extremely strong in battle. The Chinese servers going to need a branch of Battle Rams. That way, we'll be able to create a strong offense and defense.’’

Ye Lai nodded. Then, he seemed to hesitate a little before asking, ’’Once the country battles start, I'm not worried about the Chinese Servers' battle power. After all, with [Zhan Long], [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard], we'll have no problem with our strength. I'm just worried about Rumor. That person is a wild card. Later on, if he tries to mess up the command, what will we do if he exposes our backs to the enemy? That'll truly be a disaster.’’

I took a deep breath, ’’Yea, I was worried about that too. But.... there's no need to worry too much. When the time comes, we'll act as we see fit. After all, there'll always be a command that we don't agree with. Besides, Rumor is at most an inspector. He's not some king. If he really messes with the commands, then we'll just kill the inspector. It's not as though that hasn't happened before...’’

Ye Lai chuckled, ’’I was thinking the exact same thing!’’


We took a final count after the battle. Most of [Zhan Long]'s losses were from the Steel Blade Horsemen. We had lost over three thousand players. However, there were over ten thousand Greedy wolf Raiders corpses and twenty thousand normal cavalry smattered across the battlefield. Especially the Greedy Wolf Raiders. These Steel Blade Horsemen had managed to charge through the battle, and even with the smaller numbers broke through the legendary Greedy Wolf Raiders. This is the true meaning behind our battle today.

In the blink of an eye, it was soon night time again. ’’Di!’’ I received a message from the little miss Wan Er, ’’Get ready to eat. Later on, we'll discuss when we go over to check out Moon City!’’



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