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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 725


Chapter 725 Who's the Scumbag!?

’’Get closer!’’

As Li Mu charged, he stabbed his spear into the body of one of the Fiery Greedy Wolf Raiders, and drew out a spring of blood. He laughed, ’’Well, these Greedy Wolf Raiders aren't that much! And here I was wondering what everyone was freaking out about!’’

Wang Jian, Old K, Matcha, and Death God's Elegy all activated their [Flying Sword]s. One after another, their skills activated in the crowd. The Greedy Wolf Raiders were already unable to endure the momentum from our original charge, not to mention that a large part of the [Zhan Long] players were now outfitted with the Black Flame Sets. The Steel Blade Horsemen caused even more incredible pain with their [Blazing Flame] effect!

You Yi stood at the center of the crowd and saw that the situation was falling out of their favor and immediately shouted, ’’Do not panic! Concentrate your fire power. Create five man teams and spam your [Flying Sword], [Skyshaker Slash] and [Battle Axe Throw] skills on one Steel Blade Horsemen. We'll kill them one by one!’’

The Greedy Wolf Raiders acted quickly and each picked up their weapons. They were starting to more consciously focus in on us with the concentrated firepower tactic. One after another, battle axes and swords flew into the crowd of Steel Blade Horsemen. In seconds, screams flew into the air and the sound of more clashes rose up into the air. Death God's Elegy and Yue Yao Yan were among the crowd that was targeted. Each of them shuddered as they sat on their mounts, and took the hits. The Black Flame Shield of the Black Flame Sets were now truly coming into effect. Like that, they took the fierce attacks head on. With a wave of their hand, they all cast [Cleansing Wind] and other recovery type spells and took a gulp of health potion and continued to duke it out.

Along the entire frontline, only Call Me Master, Minimalist, and Yue Shao Chen, were somewhat successful with their concentrated firepower. They killed a dozen or so Steel Blade Horsemen. However, that barely had any effect on us. On the other hand, the Steel Blade Horsemen that were fitted with the Black Flame Sets had reached an almost unbeatable state. Like that, they ripped apart the Greedy Wolf Raiders' formation. After a wave of iron hooves stomped across the ground, they left mountains of corpses in their wake.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated [Sword Tempest]. My Brilliant Flame Emperor quickly completed nine revolutions of [Blade Spin] and was whirling back towards me. ’’Pa!’’ I grabbed the hilt from the air and charged forward. I swung both swords, and cut down people left and right. Blood splashed forth from all directions. A dozen of the Greedy Wolf Raiders had already been pushed into critical health from my attacks. Then, with another charge from the Matcha, they could only look straight at death.

Within the crowd of players, a white horse charged to the front. It was my sister, Li Meng Yao. At the moment, she was also wearing the Black Flame Set and she rode on the Verdant Pear and carried a Frost Sword in hand as she cut through the crowd of Greedy Wolf Raiders. Both her advances and her retreats were extremely calculated and concise. Looks like this little kid has worked hard and studied the recordings of the top notch players. With her advances and retreats, she could keep herself safe while dealing effective and explosive attacks to her enemy.

’’Lock onto the team leader of [Zhan Long], Xi Yao Ge Jin!’’

Minimalist raised his sword, his eyes filled with killing intent, ’’That Xi Yao Ge Jin is Li Xiao Yao's sister. Killing her will deal a blow to [Zhan Long]'s morale!’’

In the area, a dozen or so Greedy Wolf Raiders all charged at Meng Yao. Before they got close, a couple were already launching their [Battle Axe Throw]s at her. Meng Yao did not panic at all. Instead, she raised her sword and halted her advance. Right on her spot, she cast [Heavenly Shield Wall]!

’’Clang Clang Clang!’’





Unfortunately for them, Meng Yao's defense was just too strong. Furthermore, the Black Flame Set ignored 30% of damage. If the Greedy Wolf Raiders wanted to kill her, then it would be a nearly impossible task.

’’That group of trash actually dares to bully guildmaster's sister!’’

Yue Yao Yan passed by Meng Yao and lead a group of Steel Blade Horsemen as they charged at Minimalist and the others. Looks like Meng Yao's relationship with other players in the guild was pretty good. Everyone was taking care of her.

I urged my horse forward and cut right into the crowd. [Zhan Long] had only used five thousand of their Steel Blade Horsemen. We hadn't moved any of our other troops. Just like that, the Steel Blade Horsemen had shaken the Greedy Wolf Raiders, and turned the tides of war against them. Especially with the thousand that were fitted with the Black Flame sets who lead the charge. They had reinforced the endurance of the formation's defense. No matter how fast or how powerful the Greedy Wolf Raiders' attack was, it was pointless if they couldn't break through our defense!

I looked to my side and saw that Ye Lai was also charging at the Greedy Wolf Brigade with his thousand [Judgement] Frost Battle Rams. The Frost Battle Rams had a 10% [Drain] effect and they were particularly good for drawn out battles. Furthermore, there was a chance that the target of their attacks had a chance to decrease the target's movement speed by 30%. And so all of the Greedy Wolf Raiders that fought in close quarters with the Frost Rams were covered in a thin layer of frost, which decreased their movement speed, therefore decreasing the momentum of their charge.


Ye Lai stood at the very head of the team and swung his fiery battle axe and killed a Greedy wolf Raider with one [Holy Flame Cut] and let out a roar. Ye Lai galloped forward through a rain of blood. He raised his arm and raging flames rose up around him. He had entered a whole new state. He raised his battle axe again, and in that moment, he had cut down another dozen players. The Frost Rams pushed forward with their guildmaster. The Greedy Wolf Raiders couldn't hold them back.



In the distance, i could see Rumor's expression growing uglier. The sword that he held in his hand trembled with anger, ’’The Greedy Wolf Raiders... Aren't the Greedy Wolf Raiders undefeatable? Then... then why is it that they can't charge through the [Judgement] and [Zhan Long] cavalry?’’

The Tyrant of Western Chu coldly laughed, ’’That's just Not Ordinary blowing extra steam. How are the Greedy Wolf Raiders strong?’’

Little Piggy grit his teeth, ’’It's not that the Greedy Wolf Raiders aren't strong, it's because the [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] cavalry were too strong. Especially the [Zhan Long] Steel Blade Horsemen. All of the players on the front line are wearing the same set of armor. I can't tell what set it is, but its defense is abnormally high. Normally the Greedy Wolf Raiders would be able to break through their enemy's defense and easily obtain victory. But now, the Steel Blade Horsemen are at a whole new level. They can already hold off the charge from the Greedy Wolf Raiders, now all they're wasting is time....’’

The guildmaster of the [Knights Templar] raised his sword and grinned, ’’Looks like [Thousand Burial]'s undefeated Greedy Wolves cannot handle [Zhan Long] and [Judgement]. Vice guildmaster, based on what I know, Enchanted Painting and Xuan Yuan Feng from [Legend] are grinding levels nearby. Why aren't we bringing them over to suppress the rebels of [Zhan Long] and [Judgement]?’’

Little Piggy couldn't help but smile, ’’Shang Li, do you really think that [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] are rebels? This is just a game. Aren't you thinking of yourself as too righteous? These wilderness battles are completely determined by strength. It has nothing to do with destroying rebels at all.’’

The [Valley of the Gods] guildmaster Lu Dong Bing raised his brow and said, ’’Little Piggy, which side are you on? Are you secretly one of [Zhan Long] or [Judgement]'s people? Why do I think that you're trying to help them?’’

Little Piggy retorted. ’’Smile from the British Server has already brought people and trespassed into the Tian Ling City territory. The armies of Moon City will invade us any day. I don't think that now is a good time to have internal battles. Besides, based on what I understand, it was [Run Like Flames]'s players who first shamed a female [Judgement] player and that's what lead to this PK. Both in terms of public and personal, we're not in the right. We could have avoided this entire battle, so why must we fight!’’

As he said that, Little Piggy immediately grit his teeth and said, ’’Let's back this up. [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] are both the strongest battle powers in the Chinese Server. In the future, our main forces in the country battles will be them. And now that war is upon us, we're setting ourselves up to fail. I have no idea why we're doing this, nor do I know why we're going after the [Zhan Long] and [Judgement]!’’

’’Little Piggy!’’

Rumor couldn't help but raise his voice and order Little Piggy to stop talking. He coldly glared at everyone and said, ’’Seeing as we're all standing here, then I ask everyone here to understand just what your position is. Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Ye Lai have amassed their power in Tian Ling City for a long time. They're like warlords, they have no respect for the alliance. If we don't punish them today, then I'm afraid that in the future country battles, they won't follow commands. They may even seek asylum with the enemy and become an enemy combatant!’’


Little Piggy laughed and gripped his musket. A sliver of despair flashed in his eyes and said, ’’Is this the f*cking idiom, the crafty blocking the road?’’

’’Who are you calling crafty?’’ Rumor's killing intent rose. Behind him, a group of [Run Like Flames] players all nervously gripped their weapons. It was as though they would jump to action with a single command from Rumor and cut Little Piggy to pieces.

Liu Ying finally spoke up and roared, ’’Little Piggy, that's enough. Do not contradict the Deputy Commander any more. This won't benefit you or our guild in any way!’’

Little Piggy said, ’’Brother Ying, are you sure we have to fight amongst ourselves?’’

Liu Yin nodded, ’’The arrow is already notched, we must send it out!’’

Little Piggy smiled and leaned his gun on him and straightened out the bullet strap on his shoulder before saying, ’’Alright then, let's do this slowly though, I'm getting a little tired.’’

As he said that, Little Piggy turned around to leave. The sight of his lonely back looked incredibly desolate. He was the vice guildmaster of [Wrath of Heroes], and now the [Wrath of Heroes] could be considered a strong and well trained army. Their guild system had been reinvigorated and systemized. These were all due to Little Piggy's hard work, but in the end, he and Liu Ying were not on the same track.

’’Vice guildmaster!’’

A dozen [Wrath of Heroes] players chased after him and said, ’’Vice guildmaster, I'm leaving with you!’’

Liu Yin got angry, ’’All of you, stand still. Have you forgotten who the guildmaster of [Wrath of Heroes]?’’

Little Piggy bitterly laughed and turned around, ’’I'll go and scout out the map by myself. You guys go back and follow your commands. You are all part of [Wrath of Heroes] main force. Remember your responsibilities. Don't be selfish like me.’’

’’Vice guildmaster....’’

The group of [Wrath of Heroes] cavalry stood there and quietly watched Little Piggy disappear into the forest.

What a bleak feeling.


Little Piggy couldn't change anything and the battle continued. Furthermore, Rumor could now see the limits to the strength of the Greedy Wolf Raiders. He looked back at the guildmasters and said ’’Let's not give [Zhan Long] and [Judgement]'s Cavalry groups a chance to rest. The Greedy Wolf Raiders will soon retreat, who will go after?’’


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