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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 724


Chapter 724 - Who will charge for the King


Call Me Master caressed her Fiery GreedWolf and said, ’’Looks like [Legend] doesn't plan on letting us through... Guildmaster, should we charge through with force or go around them?’’

Not Ordinary was infuriated. He had already pulled out the battle axe in his hand. With a single command, the twenty thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders would charge through [Legend]'s formation. However, that would also mean that his original, battle with a purpose, would become a meaningless battle. If he openly attacked the commanding guild of the Chinese Server, that would be the same as declaring war on the entire Chinese Server.

He grit his teeth and finally took a deep breath before saying, ’’Let's go, we'll go around through the Broken Bones Shrubbery and head south!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

The Greedy Wolf Raiders roared and twenty thousand Raiders turned around and charged through the shrubbery at lightning speed.


Xuan Yuan Feng let out a soft sigh of relief and rested his halberd on the ground, ’’Ah Jin, why did you have to go through such trouble? There really wasn't any need to offend [Thousand Burial], that guild of crazy dogs....’’

Enchanted Painting looked to the south west with a smile, ’’This is the only way I can help Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Ye Lai.’’

Xuan Yuan Feng fell silent.


Within Gale Forest, the leaves danced on the ground. The fragrant scents of autumn surrounded us, however I was not in the mood to relax and take in the smells. [Thousand Burial]'s Greedy Wolf Brigade was coming at us in full force. I could just imagine their attack power. Besides, the Gale Forest was too far from Ba Huang City, it was out of the range for the Dragon's Den troops and the command I gave Chi Yu Han would never reach. In this battle, we could only rely on ourselves.

In less than ten minutes, the Greedy Wolf Raiders will attack us from the east.’’ Matcha calmly reported. She said it with a smile, as though she wasn't afraid at all.

Of course, I wasn't worried at all either. Even though the Greedy Wolf Raiders were strong and were numerous in size, with [Zhan Long]'s thousand Steel Blade Horse Riders equipped with their Black Flame Sets and the Frost Swords, their stats definitely overpower that of the Raiders. Every one of the Steel Blade Horsemen were now like fierce tigers, who sharpened their claws and prepared for the great battle against the legion of Greedy Wolf Raiders.

I turned around to look at Ye Lai and smiled, ’’You know what to do....’’

Ye Lai leaned his battle axe over his shoulder and said, ’’Babel Buddha has already gathered all of [Judgement]'s members from Tian Ling City. They'll reach this map in around thirty minutes. As long as we can hold them for thirty minutes, then all of [Thousand Burial]'s players will die, no matter how many come!’’



Soon after, it was [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Horsemen that arrived first. Death God's Elegy was leading the team and four thousand Horsemen appeared at the west side of the forest. Now we had close to six thousand total Steel Blade Horsemen. Plus, with the thousand sets of Black Flame outfits, I am confident that we won't be at a disadvantage against the Greedy Wolf Raiders!

’’Guildmaster, we've arrived!’’ Death God's Elegy smiled with his halberd in hand.

I nodded in acknowledgment, ’’Prepare a charging formation!’’

’’Yes sir!’’


I passed on the right of command to Li Mu, Wang Jian and Death God's Elegy. They lead their teams into formation, and awaited the command to attack.

At that moment, the eastern forests finally began to shift. Not Ordinary, You Yi, Call me Master, Minimalist, Su Yan, and Yan Suo appeared out of the forests. The Greedy Wolf Raiders truly covered the earth with their numbers. It was as though masses of locusts had descended upon the Gale Forest. However, they did not brazenly attack us first. Instead, they met with Rumor's army. Not Ordinary walked up with his axe in hand and a smile, ’’Deputy Commander, we're here. I never would have expected to see that you haven't begun fighting yet!’’

Rumor smiled, ’’Guildmaster Not Ordinary, thank you for your hard work. [Run like Flames] is being threatened by [Zhan Long], and [Judgement]. They're overstepping their bounds too much. However, thankfully the [Thousand Burial] players have prevented them from attacking. Otherwise, I really don't know what I would do. After all, there's less than eight thousand of our [Run Like Flames] members.....’’

Not Ordinary replied, ’’With soldiers, value quality over quantity!’’

Call me Master walked forward and said, ’’Either we fight, or we walk. Hurry up, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, I think my period is coming. It's pressing....’’

Su Yan grinned, ’’That's right, let's make this a quick battle. Mom wants me to buy some soy sauce from the supermarket!’’

Not Ordinary coughed politely. He couldn't tell if he should be angry or laugh at these girls. He probably liked these girls quite a bit. Their existence helped add a little warmth to the [Thousand Burial] that had too much death. He glanced at Rumor and said, ’’Deputy Commander, when should we attack? [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] have probably already started gathering their soldiers. If we let them attack at full power, then we won't have any chances of victory. Speed is a crucial asset in war!’’

Rumor squinted and said, ’’Do not rush. [Thousand Burial] won't be fighting alone in this battle. I've already gathered another seven thousand players from [Run Like Flames] here. Besides, we're not the only ones!’’

’’Oh? There's more?!’’

Not Ordinary was stunned. Another group of people appeared from the north of the Gale Winds. This time, even I was surprised. When I saw the people, I exclaimed, ’’[The Knights Templar]?’’

Li Mu gripped his hands, ’’F*ck, that Rumor really is resourceful. He's actually got the Knights Templar under his thumb? D*mm*t, just what are those two idiots thinking?’’

Matcha replied, ’’That's easy to explain. The Knights Templar are ranked fourth in Fan Shu City, and ranked twentieth now that Tian Ling City has opened up. And so, they have to find a way to reverse the wave, or else they'll be drowned out by all of the large guilds of Tian Ling City. Maybe, they've come here to take this as a chance to lead a victorious battle once and for all and use [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] as stepping stones to bring out the reputation of the [Knights Templar]. Besides... the [Knights Templar] were originally one of [Zhan Long]'s enemies. It'd be strange if the Knights hadn't come to Rumor's call.’’

Wang Jian couldn't help but laugh, ’’What happened to the honor for all? What happened to the alliance? D*mn, this is clearly just provoking another wave of conflict in the server!’’

I squinted my eyes, ’’Somebody report, how many [Knights Templar] players came?’’

’’There's at least 30,000. The whole nest has come out!’’ Matcha confidently reported back.

I took a deep breath and looked to my side. Ye Lai raised his battle axe and smiled, ’’Why are you looking at me? There's just 30,000 people. If we cut them all down, then it just means that there will be thirty thousand more bodies.’’

The corner of my mouth twitched, ’’D*mn, you're really calm about this....’’


This wasn't the only report that surprised me. Within ten minutes, another force appeared within the Gale Forest. The moment that Tyrant of Western Chu, Liu Ying appeared in the clearing with his players and sword in hand, I knew in my heart that the situation was falling out of my favor. Rumor really knew how to use extreme measures. He had even pulled [Wrath of Heroes] into this.

Liu Ying raised his sword, his face completely straight, ’’[Zhan Long] and [Judgement] have trampled on this alliance. We cannot allow actions like these. Following the Deputy Commander's orders, we, [Wrath of Heroes] have brought 20,000 players and are here to determine this battle with you!’’

Li Mu sneered at him, ’’Idiot....’’

Wang Jian shouted to him, ’’Tyrant of Western Chu, I'm starting to think that you're bored of living. Are you going to be satisfied after you drag all of the innocents in the [Wrath of Heroes] players into this death trap?’’

Liu Ying roared, ’’Shut the f*ck up, you two are the stray dogs in this!’’

Li Mu and Wang Jian's guild had been defeated to the point where their guild was disbanded. Even though this was long history, but it was still a deep scar in their hearts. Now that Liu Ying was here with a wave of troops, it was clear that they would be pissed off by this.

Little Piggy clearly did not agree with this decision however. He held his musket in hand and quietly stood behind Liu Ying. There was no question about it, that vice guildmaster doesn't agree with sending troops to attack [Zhan Long] and [Judgement].


After a few more minutes, the fourth wave of reinforcements had arrived as well. It was Ba Huang City's [Valley of Gods]. They were also [Zhan Long]'s old rivals. The guildmaster of [Valley of the Gods] Lu Dong Bing raised his staff and roared, ’’Prepare for battle, our targets [Zhan Long] and [Judgement]!’’

Rumor raised his sword and shouted, ’’Punish the tyrannical, break the violent, [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] flaunt their strength and power, bullying those weaker than them. They have not honored the alliance and today, we will punish these arrogant and rebellious guilds!’’

When I heard his speech, I could barely contain my laughter, ’’Rumor, you really are a cowardly b*st*rd!’’

After I said that, I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and shouted, ’’Let's cut the talk. Justice, either it's the law, or its the strength. This virtual world has no laws, then we'll decide with strength! [Zhan Long], prepare for battle!’’

Behind me, five thousand Steel Blade Horsemen all pulled out their blades and yelled out together.

On the other side, Ye Lai had also gathered together his troops from [Judgement]. There were around two thousand Frost Battle Ram riders, as well as some other cavalry. A ten thousand man formation was already in place. This was our strength!


Rumor raised his sword and proudly sat on his horse. He was already assuming his role as the Deputy Commander. He roared, ’’This area is too small, we cannot fully utilize the area. The guilds can only charge one at a time. Who will charge for I... who will be the first to charge for us?’’

He nearly said ’’I, the king’’ out loud.

In the end, all of the [Knights Templar] players quietly turned to look away, wordlessly pinching their noses.

Liu Ying looked up at the sky, ’’It's already Winter Break, and it's almost the new year....’’

Lu Dong Bing licked his lips and looked at the staff in his hands, ’’This staff was clearly made very crudely....’’

You Yi was speechless.

Not Ordinary raged and pulled out his battle axe and coldly smiled, ’’You cowards!’’

After he shouted that, he raised his battle axe over his head and roared, ’’Warriors orf[Thousand Burial], follow my order and prepare to charge. We'll break through [Zhan Long] and [

Judgment]'s cavalry in one wave. Let them see just how terrifying the vanguard of the Greedy Wolf Raiders truly are!’’


The cavalries on both sides prepared their charge skills. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and stood at the lead. All of the Steel Blade Horsemen beside me were wearing their Black Flame Sets. A thousand Black Flame Set Horsemen were lined up at the front. They were the first to take the first charge of elites!

When both sides were around twenty yards away, I immediately cast a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Blade Spin]. However, the cavalries were both moving at incredible speeds. The moment that my Brilliant Flame Emperor left my hand, I had rammed into two Fiery Greed Wolves. I had the clear advantage in strength, and sent both Greed Wolves flying.

On the side, Li Mu and Wang Jian had knocked the Greed Wolves before them into the air. The momentum of the crash had sent both sides into a shudder, but the Steel Blade Horsemen held their ground!


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