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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 723


Chapter 723 - So Scared!

’’What do we do, Chief?’’

Under the chilly atmosphere, a team leader from [Run like Flames] with furrowed brows creasing up his forehead and wielding a lance from atop his mount spoke to Rumor.

’’Ye Lai is adamant about not letting us off? F*k. This is just too much! Who says only [Judgement] people are allowed to PK us and not the other way around? This is tyranny!’’

Rumor's visage went through several changes in the blink of an eye, ’’Be patient. We'll retreat back 100 meters. Don't start anything with [Judgement] for now. There's no need to to engage in direct combat with them.’’

’’Ah. You mean?’’

’’You'll get what I mean very soon.’’


Still hoisting his battle-axe, Ye Lai unflinchingly remained where he stood. His eyes retained their iciness as he glared at this 1000-man group from [Devour like Flames]. It's unmistakable just how infuriated he was feeling. His fiery temper always had a short fuse but one aspect of him will never change. To him, the people of [Judgement] weren't just comrades;they were just as dear to him as real siblings would be. Now that these very people had suffered at another's hands, it was only reasonable that his rage would correlate appropriately.


The battle-axe heavily struck onto a protruding rock, and split it cleanly in two. Amidst the shower of sparks that ensued, Ye Lai growled, ’’This will be the boundary line. If anyone from [Run like Flames] dare cross it... murder him. Bastards want to dance all over our heads? Keep dreaming!’’

From afar, Rumor returned a chilly sneer, ’’Better hope you don't eat those words, Ye Lai!’’

With a frown on my forehead, I used the reins to urge my horse forward out of the woods.

’’Am I too late?'

Seeing it was me, Ye Lai immediately broke into a laugh, ’’Xiao Yao! Why're you here?’’

’’Got whiff of a big battle about to happen so I'm here for the show... and to see just who would dare to start another mess here in Tian Ling City after we've all signed the coalition treaty.’’

Ye Lai ground his teeth, ’’[Run like Flames] came here to compete with us over the [Icy Battle Rams]... Humph! They lost in mob clearing speed so they turned the blades onto us. What are we? Toilet paper!?’’

[TL Note: toilet paper = can cut as many squares as you like]

I didn't give any reply but turned towards the bunch from [Run like Flames] instead.

’’It was [Judgement] that started everything! Why's the blame being pushed onto us? Fine, since I had everything that's happened recorded, I'm not afraid to debate this face-to-face. Don't forget, Ye Lai. It was your guild's Assassin Jing Ke that made the first move!’’ Rumor matched Ye Lai accusation for accusation while coldly gloating.

Ye Lai became livid once more, ’’If it weren't for YOUR people verbally degrading Jing Ke's girlfriend, he wouldn't have done that!’’

’’Wait, just what happened exactly?’’ I was surprised by the revelation.

Ye Lai forced himself to calm down and continued, ’’Couple hours ago, a pretty tough Sacred rank Boss spawned in this area. Unfortunately, it was discovered by people from both our guilds. In order to avoid another conflict, we agreed to cooperate and kill it together. Jing Ke and his healer girlfriend were coordinating with a group from [Run like Flames]. During the fight, she made two mistakes while healing and they led to the deaths of a Knight and a Swordsman. Afterwards, that bunch from [Run like Flames] began to pile it on her with outright insults like 'garbage', 'hussy' and 'slut'. Motherf*kers drove her to logout in tears. If I was Jing Ke, I would've done the same!’’

’’So that's the case......’’ I muttered through gritted teeth.

Rumor had his horse canter over and spoke up, ’’As we've started talking, Guildmaster Xiao Yao, please be our witness. Those were simply words induced by blind anger, that's all. Why should something like that lead to conflict breaking out between our guilds. As the Guildmaster of [Judgement], Ye Lai failed to properly rein in his subordinates. Shouldn't he share part of the responsibility?’’

The corner of my lips rose into a faint sneer as I directly glared at Rumor and clearly enunciate every line and word.

’’This is a game. It's meant to be separate world for people to relax and enjoy themselves. I've always despised 'keyboard warriors' that can only insult people in a game. As long as she didn't do it on purpose, then on what basis do you get the right to demean her like that? You might group people as good or bad by their gaming aptitudes but a person's moral character should never be discriminated like this. Do you think that being better at the game than her gives you that right? Take a look in a mirror! Just who the hell do you think you are?’’

’’Rumor! Your subordinates harshly humiliated that healer for just a couple of honest mistakes yet you laid all the blame on them for retaliating. You say Ye Lai failed to rein in his men? Then what about yourself? Am I allowed to accuse you of promoting unruly behaviour from your subordinates and picking a fight with [Judgement]!?’’


Rumor looked as if petrified on the spot, unable to comprehend that I would give such a speech. He'd become completely speechless. After a while, he finally spoke through grating teeth, ’’I've heard before that [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] are on the same boat. I should've known... But still, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I never would've figured you to be so unreasonable between right and wrong. Do you realize that your words are trampling all over our coalition treaty!?’’ [TL Note: and yours aren't?]

I burst out into laughter from the hilarity, and looked towards the sky, ’’If there's such a thing as true justice in Heaven, I'm sure a bolt of lightning would've struck the petty and hypocritical you to death long ago.’’

Li Mu trotted forward as well and laughed, ’’Rumor. Just take your men and leave. This place had, long ago, been claimed by [Judgement] as their leveling spot. If you want to share an already claimed map, then you must compromise with them. That's the rule. If you can't, then scram. Keep being stubborn over these [Icy Battle Rams] and you'll just smear more crap over your title of the Chinese server coalition's deputy commander.’’

Rumor's pupils suddenly contracts and a faint sneer appeared, ’’Is that so? Well I'm not budging an inch today. I'm staying here and I'll wait for the chance to make everything right!’’


My eyes narrowed threateningly as I boldly drew my sword and bluntly growled, ’’Steel Blade Cavalry, arms out! Defend our comrades from [Judgement]. If anyone from [Run like Flames] dare to make a move, then retaliate. Put the bullcrap like his 'deputy commander' status out of your minds. If there's trouble to be had, I, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, will deal with it!’’

’’......’’ Ye Lai didn't say anything but gratitude could be seen in his eyes.


Strangely, Rumor no longer made any more moves or replies and only waited quietly where he stood. However, Meng Yao rode up to me, shrewdness glimmering in her bright eyes, ’’Big Bro, he seems to be stalling for time!’’

I gave her a quick nod and whispered, ’’I've already seen through him. Still, we must interfere in this matter today. Rumor is relying on being the nephew of China's Virtual World Affairs Department Head and his appointment as the deputy commander of the coalition to make an example of [Judgement]. If Ye Lai retreats today, then [Run like Flames] is certain to start swaggering in Tian Ling City. This so called 'Run like flames' really will burn through Tian Ling City like flames!’’

Then Yue Yao Yan rode up, ’’Chief, should we delegate more of the Steel Blade Cavalry over here?’’

’’That would be for the best. Have them do their grinding in the Shattered Blade Gorge and be ready to coordinate with us at all times. And be on the lookout for the tornado downburst.’’ I gave my assent.


Shattered Blade Gorge is less than 10 minutes away from here by horseback. While the 800 men behind me were the elites, it's still far from enough if pitted against tens of thousands.


With a word from Ye Lai, the players of [Judgement] continued their grinding and taming. As for me, I moved our people over to the edges of the forest. Rumor's staying? So am I.

About 20 minutes later, Matcha sent me a PM, ’’Boss. Based on reports from various players leveling in the forest, we've discovered the presence of the Greedywolf Brigade. More or less, 5000 of them are making their way through the Bone Breaker's Woods. They seem to be aiming straight for us.’’


I began frowning, ’’Dammit. What's Rumor planning... could he be the one who called [Thousand Burial] over?’’

In [Zhan Long], Wang Jian's the one most capable of a calm judgement. After a moment a silent thinking, he spoke up, ’’Boss, after the so called 'coalition treaty' was made, the Greedy wolf Brigade hadn't gone around pillaging anyone;you can't even consider them as raiders anymore. But Unordinary and You Yi, with their bloodlust, probably can't hold themselves back any longer. I think that Rumor is precisely making use of this one point. With his position as deputy commander, he can deploy the Greedy wolf Brigade to suppress [Judgement] and even attack [Zhan Long]. He can provide a valid excuse and that suits Not Ordinary just fine. The number of Greedy Wolf Raiders under him is increasing by the day. There's no doubt that he'll want to use this conflict to empower themselves once more. And to have their names resound throughout Tian Ling City again.’’

A faint jolt went through my body, causing me to brandish my sword and cut down a nearby tree, ’’Li Mu. Assemble the entire main guild at the Bridge of Fate area. Prepare for war!’’

’’You're certain?’’

I gave him a curt nod.

He grins, ’’Okay! All we need is your word. Our boys definitely won't say otherwise. I'll go delegate our troops.’’


Matcha suddenly sneered, ’’Boss. the Greedy Wolf Brigade ran into a roadblock in the Bone Breaker's Woods!’’

’’Wait what?’’ I received another surprise, ’’Those Greedwolves are being so audacious... just exactly who has the guts to block their way?’’

’’Take a look!’’

With the wave of a hand, she shared a video with me. Well it's definitely within the Bone Breaker's Woods;can't mistake those lush greens and shrubbery. Aside from that, like locusts, the Greedy Wolves were clustered up as far as the eye can see. In the heart of the woods though, was a sea of blue. Ah it's [Legend]'s Earth Bane Oxen, one of Tian Ling City's elite cavalry forces. Enchanted Painting had her sword in hand as she rode at the head of 2000+ Earth Bane Oxen. Her pretty little face was clearly broadcasting an air of mockery as she chuckled, ’’Yooooo, just where might Guildmaster Not Ordinary be going in such a hurry?’’

Axe in hand, Not Ordinary spoke up, ’’The Chinese server's Coalition Deputy Commander, Rumor, had suffered an attack in the Gale Forest. [Judgement] has purposely broken the treaty so we've received orders to come as reinforcements to ensure his safety. Miss, please allow us through. If we end up being late to the battle, I, Not Ordinary, can't handle the responsibility.’’


Her lips curled up into a sneer, ’’So [Run like Flames] is picking on [Judgement] in the Gale Forest?’’

Not Ordinary froze. ’’Wait, let me make it clear. It is [Run like Flames] that is being bullied by [Judgement] in the Gale Forest! Ye Lai has always been unruly and bossy, never acknowledging other people's existence. Now, he's even purposely making things difficult for the Deputy Commander in the Gale Forest. We've been summoned to have our presence even things out. Please Miss, we've chatted enough, open the path;let my 20,000 men through, thanks. We'll treat you to dinner some other day!’’

Enchanted Painting propped herself up on the Earth Bane Oxen's horn lazily as she played with a strand of hair, and looked completely the part of a seductive courtesan, ’’That just won't do~ I've also received orders from the Chinese server's Coalition Commander, Fang Ge Que himself, to guard these woods and not let anyone who might threaten the peace of the alliance through. Personally, I want to you guys pass by but I also can't handle the responsibility. I'll have to ask Chief Not Ordinary to please take a detour~’’


You Yi drew his sword, ’’Enchanted Painting, you're doing this on purpose aren't you!?’’

’’Oh my! The Greedywolf Brigade are finally setting their sights on [Legend] aren't they?’’

Enchanted Painting's voice wasn't particularly loud, but a firm will backed each word, ’’Xuanyuan Feng, send word out! Have the 3000 Earth Bane Oxen riders to the west come back us up. Oh and the 10,000 [Legend] members that are leveling in the north-east too. Let them know that [Thousand Burial]'s Greedywolf Brigade is really frightening and they want to bully us. I'm feeling really nervous right now... and really scared!’’


Xuanyuan Feng: ’’......’’

Not Ordinary: ’’......’’


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