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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 718


ZL Chapter 718 - Blood Demon Forest

That evening at ten we dispersed from the party and drove home. Since practically everyone sitting at our table was a Destiny player, we had a lot to talk about. Wan Er and Dong Cheng happily sat in the back of the car, their faces flush from the alcohol. They were discussing the differences between the Battle Reflux Style and the Pulse Break Method. Dong Cheng hated the Pulse Break Method the most. Once a Pulse Break expert got near her, that meant instant KO for a mage. Wan Er was showing how the Pulse Break Method's interruption effect was too powerful. It practically meant an instant win in solo battles.

Seeing how excited the two girls were, I guessed that they weren't going to sleep any time soon. And so, I suggested that we log on and start grinding levels. The two girls happily agreed.


When we logged on, we saw that Darling Duck and Qing Qian were both online. We immediately formed the team. All five of us were near the Bridge of Fate. We immediately set out, and headed straight towards the Blood Demon Forest!

Our five man team continued west along the border of the Spirit of No Return Valley. Soon after we continued forward, we met a barbarian that carried a kitchen knife and cut everyone down. It was a Level 130 Titan Tier monster!

The barbarian grew hair all over his body, as though he hadn't evolved. When he noticed us, he charged straight over and leapt up. He raised his knife and cut straight at me, and roared

’’D*mn*d humans, your greed disgusts me! I will cut you down alive!’’

While I was on my horse, I used my Brilliant Flame Emperor and parried the blow!


Sparks flew and my arm went numb. Motherf*cker, this barbarian's attack power was abnormally high. That one cut had successfully cut down 2000 of my health. No wonder Li Mu didn't let the Steel Blade Horsemen advance forward. With one hit it dealt that much damage to me. If it hit the Steel Blade Horsemen, it would cut a whole 5000 from their health. With one barrage of attacks, they wouldn't be able to take it any longer. In a mass barbarian attack, the Steel Blade Horsemen would easily get killed.

I waved my sword and dealt one heavy slice that made the barbarian roar in pain. I thought of the Greedy Wolf Raiders from [Thousand Burial]. They had an advantage in movement and attack speed, but their defense power was at a great disadvantage. It was much weaker than the Steel Blade Horsemen. This also meant that the Greedy Wolf Raiders had to rely on stealing in order to grow. If the Greedy Wolf Raiders were to clear maps, I'm afraid there would be too many problems with leveling up. Just their survival would be a problem. If they met a BOSS, then the Greedy Wolf Raiders would definitely be unable to hold up against it.


After cutting down a group of barbarians, I saw that the map in front of us was completely red. It was our target, the Blood Demon Forest. Wan Er said, ’’The Blood Demon Forest's level is very high, we need to be careful...’’

I nodded and urged my horse forward. Not long after we walked forward, I suddenly saw a crimson monster covered in thorns standing at the edge of the forest. Its stood up on two legs like a human, but it had an extremely large head, as though it were a toad. It's eyes were a deep green that stared straight forward. The spiny thorns on the back of its head started to rise up like a terrifying umbrella.

I stared at it and furrowed my brow, ’’A level 135 Hybrid Demon Monster...’’

’’A Hybrid Demon?’’

Dong Cheng picked up her staff and said, ’’How come the Hybrid demons have begun to spawn on Tian Ling City's territory.’’

I replied, ’’Thankfully it's only sporadic, otherwise if they were to charge all at once, there's no way we could hold the Bridge of Fate. We don't even have to wait for the English Server players to come here and kill us, the Hybrid Demon army will do their job for them.’’

I stepped forward and cautiously closed our distance. Even so, I couldn't see the monsters stats. Either way, this thing must be extremely strong. Based on the reports, [Hero's Mound], [Legend], and [Vanguard] all sent players here to scout the map but they had all been completely annihilated. If I'm not wrong, they must have been killed by these Blood Demons.

’’Should we lure it over and try?’’ I asked.

Wan Er nodded, ’’Yup!’’

From a distance, I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated my [Great Realm of Desolation]!



My damage wasn't bad, it was over ten thousand. Once the Blood Demon took the hit, its health practically didn't change at all. It screeched and bounded towards us. It was a Level 5 Hybrid Demon, much stronger than the Gravedigger Demons. When it was around 30 yards away from me, it stopped and screeched again. The spiny thorns on its opened up and blood splashed onto me. It was a ranged attack! After the hit, my health rapidly dropped. The loss was beyond what I had imagined!


Wan Er gaped, ’’I'm going blind right? A monster that's not a BOSS actually dealt over ten thousand damage to pig!?’’

Qing Qian raised her dagger and calmly said, ’’That was a ranged attack, it should be a magic type. Otherwise, physical damage wouldn't have dealt so much damage to Brother Xiao Yao's health.’’

At that moment, the Blood Demon started to shake its tail like a snake and then charged forward. It waved its thorny arm, cutting right into my armor. Two damage numbers popped up. As I had expected, this monster had two fighting styles. Its physical attacks were far less terrifying than its magic attacks



However, it still hurt quite a bit. Darling Duck quickly recovered my health. I swung my swords and after a round of attacks, managed to [Drain] back some health. This Blood Demon has at least 2 million health, just as much a vice BOSS. After I killed it, my blade was covered in crimson blood. Darling Duck waved her staff and said, ’’Such a hard shell... however, it looks like it gives quite a bit of experience....’’

I nodded, ’’Yup, looks like choosing this place to grind levels was correct.’’

Qing Qian raised her dagger and stood beside the roots of a large tree. She looked towards on the distance and pointed, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, it looks like something is happening over there. I see a flag that's from the Xia Yu Army, just south of the Blood Demon Forest. On top of that, it looks very tattered, as though a battle had occurred.

I felt an idea pop into my head, ’’Let's look to see if there's a quest waiting for us. Let's go and check it out!’’


All of us dashed forward. Looks like a fierce battle did occur in the southern area of the Blood Demon Forest. Around a hundred Xia Yu Army soldiers were fighting against seven Blood Demons. That's right, there were only seven Blood Demons there, but they still managed to completely dominate the army. Several battle axe soldiers had already died under the hands of the Blood Demons.

’’For the honor of the Second Prince Owen, Kill!’’

One of the NPCs looked like he was a Squad Leader roared. However, the situation was not in their favor. The soldiers were continuously dying one after another. They were already starting to lose their battle power.

I gripped my sword and charged forward. I could already see a small map within the larger map. Just south of the Blood Demon ahead was a large tree map called ’’Xia Yu Army's Fort’’ Yup, so this was where the Second Prince Owen's army was camped. No wonder the Tian Ling City nobles were so worry free, they had stationed such a strong army to guard beside the Bridge of Fate. They really don't have to worry about any military movements from Moon City.

’’Help them!’’

I raised my sword and rushed over. I carefully aimed at the Blood Demon with the lowest health and charged at it. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger let out a roar and pounced on the demon alongside me. In a short ten seconds, we dealt over 40,000 damage, killing the Blood Demon!

Behind me, Wan Er and Dong Cheng had followed behind as ranged and close combat support. We quickly killed the second Blood Demon.

The military officer NPC standing on the hill laughed, ’’Where did those adventurers come from? This is great! They'll help us kill those evil Blood Demons. I will definitely let the Second Prince Owen know of your contributions. At that point, I promise that you'll immediately be promoted three times and become the most honored adventurers in Tian Ling City!’’

I grinned. We were here to get a quest, who wanted a reward? Well, with a reward... that would sweeten the deal....

’’Battle Axe Camp, assist!’’ the NPC officer commanded.

Ten buff warriors carrying battle axes charged out. They roared and swung their axes at the Blood Demons, assisting our attack. Now that I, the human meat shield, was the tank, they had much less pressure. And so, the seven Blood Demons were quickly killed while the Xia Yu Army had lost thirty soldiers.

The squad leader NPC commanded that the corpses be cleared away as he walked over and said, ’’I am the Patrol General of the Outer Borders, Bai Li Ren. Thank you for your help. If you hadn't given us a hand, I'm afraid that the worst would've happened.’’

I smiled, ’’It was nothing. That's right, this Blood Demon Forest, did it originally have these Blood Demons?’’

Bai Li Ren shook his head, his eyes filled with terror, ’’Originally, there were a few Blood Demons in the area, but they were extremely weak. Our thousand man battle axe camp was enough to clear them all out. However, this past few months, these Blood Demons seemed to have been summoned by a mysterious power and became several times stronger. Furthermore, they can now use Blood Curse magic. My most elite battle axe camp wasn't even enough to deal with them. The Second Prince Owen commanded us to check out what was happening in the Blood Demon Forest, and that we had to clear them all out. However, the monsters here are much more terrifying. If we were to kill them all, then the Xia Yu Army would lose at least ten thousand men. That's a loss that we cannot take.’’

I replied, ’’Maybe adventurers can help you with this.’’

Bai Li Ren stiffened, ’’Really?’’

I nodded, ’’I'm a man of my word!’’

Bai Li Ren excited replied, ’’Alright... then let me go and as permission from my commander. If you guys really clear out all of the monsters in the Blood Demon Forest, then the empire will definitely reward you well!’’

I smiled, ’’Yes sir!’’

’’Follow me to the base and await further instruction!’’

’’Yes sir.’’

After walking forward for a short distance, the majestic military base appeared before us. Bai Li Ren's army was camped on the outer edge. He then lead his horse towards the center. After twenty minutes, we finally saw the officer come back. He held a golden scroll in his hand and smiled, ’’I've obtained the command. Receive your quest, adventurer!’’

I nodded, ’’Yes!’’

In the next moment, the system bell sounded


System Notification: Congratulations, you have received the SSS tier Main Quest [Clearing Blood Demon Forest]. The Empire has already sent a command. All adventurers can enter the Blood Demon Forest and most clear out all Blood Demons within 48 hours. Anybody can participate. The final rewards will be determined by the number of blood demons killed, damage, and heals!

’’Got it!’’

Once I received the command, I turned to Wan Er and Qing Qian, ’’Let's have Li Mu choose the most elite players in the guild and meet us in the Blood Demon Forest. This is a rare chance for [Zhan Long] to level up as a guild!’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’Yes!’’


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