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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 717


Chapter 717 - I Won't Miss You


Liu Hua University Freshman Tests. Even when I was against Artificial Humans like You Yi, I managed to stay calm. But sitting here already gave me cold sweat and tremors. I looked at the questions on the test, but all I could do was get more and more light headed. I couldn't understand a single bit of it. For example, the first question was to indicate the sentence structures of the example, whether it was an object sentence, an anastrophe or a judgement

I, speech cutter.

That and what, pursue.

What promise is not weaving oneself.


The meaning of these sentences.... I could recognize every word, but when they were put together, I couldn't make any of the meanings out. And so, I gripped my pen and made a check beside the question while I slowly deduced whether or not they were apostrophes or judgment sentences. In the end, while I was writing out the answers, Wan Er softly shook her head and smiled, ’’Sigh, such a big idiot...’’

Looks like she can also see the answers to my questions. And so, I reached out and touched the button on my glasses. Wan Er's answers immediately appeared before my eyes. I quickly revised my answers. I then looked to my left. One of the boys in our class was also filling out the sheet. He had a bottle of green tea on his desk. Printed on the transparent label were the answers. Yup, compared to us, that kid's cheating game is too weak!


After a long period of time, finally, Wan Er had finished writing. She patted her hands and smiled to me. I had also finished copying...

Not long after, we turned in our tests. I took a deep breath. Thankfully I don't have to retake the class. I hated troublesome things like that. Dong Cheng gracefully skipped over after we turned in the test and smiled, ’’How was it?’’

Wan Er replied, ’’Looks like this pig head can pass....'

Dong Cheng grinned, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, don't you think it's a little shameful that you can't learn this stuff?’’

I calmly said, ’’There are people who major in these techniques. You guys are majoring in the way that ancients talked, I on the other hand specialize in the techniques they used to battle. If we're talking about the six types of art in the ancient types, Ceremony, Music, Archery, Government, and Math, then look at me, I'm very respectful to others, have a polite and modest personality, so I have the ceremony down. As for music, I believe that my skills are even higher than yous, Dong Cheng. Archery, I'm a well known shooter in the military. And then government, whether it's riding a horse or driving a car, I'm skilled at both. Plus, I'm very fast at typing. And math, I'm very quick at counting my money...’’

Dong Cheng stiffened and gaped, ’’Then it looks like you really are a man of many skills....’’

Wan Er stifled a laugh, ’’Alright alright, if we're talking about your ability to bullsh*t, then nobody can beat Li Xiao Yao. If you do badly on the test then you do badly, there's no need to find so many excuses. Either way, you made it through today's test. You're treating us to a meal today.’’

I patted my chest, ’’Yup. After this, we'll beat the next test and tonight I'll take you both out to dinner. Anything you want. Lately, I have some money!’’



The fact that I have money wasn't false. As the levels of the players increased, Dragon's Den and National Beauty have had quite a bit of revenue growth. Even though the game operators would not give any chance to make money to the players, the Dragon's Den and National Beauty gained revenues that were completely within the rules. There were three main ways the Destiny Operations earned money. The first was through selling gaming helmets, the second was through selling game cards, and the third was through service charges. The money from that many players, every hour everybody uses their card is 1RMB. With all of the Chinese Server Players, that's over 1 million RMB. Just in a single day they would get over 24 million RMB. And so, the Destiny Operations was not lacking in funds. There was no need for them to fight over every single penny with the players.

Very soon, we made it through the second round of tests. This time, Wan Er lent her glasses to Dong Cheng and I copied off of her test. The strategy changed somewhat but it shouldn't affect the score much. The difference between Language and Math tests were that Language had multiple different answers. As long as the content was correct, the teacher wouldn't mark anything against you. If he really thinks there was something wrong with the test that only means that his own academia is very low.

All of the teachers in Liu Hua University were rather old. Their objective was whatever we couldn't understand was extremely good. And so we didn't have to worry about whether or not we pass. As long as what we wrote was completely out there, then we'll get credit for it. Of course, answers that were completely unorthodox might get extremely high points. After all, who would understand it!


After the test, the two beautiful girls and I walked out of the classroom. I suddenly heard hasty footsteps coming towards us. Tang Qi had caught up to us, and he brought someone with him. Tang Gu was right behind him and he shouted, ’’Little Li!’’

I turned around with a smile, ’’Glasses Bro, wat's up?’’

Tang Gu pushed up his glasses and said, ’’There's two more tests before the finals are over. After that, there's nearly forty days of winter break. I might head over to Szechuan, so there will be forty days before we can meet again.’’

I replied calmly, ’’So we can't meet, that's fine. Not like I'll miss you.’’

Tang Gu nearly spat out blood from that stab, ’’You ruthless kid, it's almost winter break. How about we all eat together? Think of it as classmates getting together for dinner. We can do it tonight! The class president talked it over with me and it seems that everyone is in agreement. All that's missing are you, Wan Er and Dong Cheng.’’

When I heard that, I said, ’’Oh, I see. What time?’’

’’Tonight at seven. We'll be meeting at the Misty Cloud Restaurant, 2nd Suite. It's just outside the school. You'll bring the two beauties too right?’’

I looked over at Wan Er to get her permission, ’’Wan Er, do you want to go?’’

Wan Er sweetly smiled, ’’I don't care. I'll just accompany you. If you don't go, then I won't.’’

I looked over at Tang Gu and nodded, ’’Alright then. I don't have to spend any money right?’’

’’No need. The class president is paying for 50% of the cost, the rest will be covered by the school.’’


Dong Cheng stomped her foot, ’’*ssh*le, why didn't you ask for my opinion. Just what is the meaning of my existence to you?!’’

Wan Er laughed, ’’Alright alright now. You're getting free food, why are you complaining....’’


And so, we set aside our leveling and prepared to set out together. We were getting together for a class reunion. Even though Wan Er and Dong Cheng weren't very familiar with the other classmates, there was no need really to get dressed up. But, when the two girls walked out of the house, I nearly jumped in surprise. The two were already very beautiful girls, but once they put on high class clothing, they looked even more like goddesses. Tang Qi walked out of the door and saw Wan Er and Dong Cheng. He was stupefied for a few seconds. Finally he rubbed his nose with a smile.

Dong Cheng glared at Tang Qi, ’’What are you smiling about?’’

Tang Qi rubbed his nose, ’’Little miss is really pretty....’’

Dong Cheng crooned, ’’Unfortunately, I already have someone I like and it's not you...’’

A sliver of disappointment appeared in his eyes but he quickly recovered and smiled, ’’No matter, I'll still be able to admire the sight. Maybe one day you'll realize that this admiring gaze is much better than one which hopes to dominate you.’’

Dong Cheng looked over at me, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, he's taunting you. Go beat him up!’’

I helped Wan Er button up her jacket and then smiled to Dong Cheng, ’’Don't try to instigate a fight between Tang Qi and I, I only look at you with admiration, and no lust....’’

Dong Cheng bit her lip, ’’But the gaze which I cast to you is full of lust, then what?’’

I tilted my head to Wan Er, ’’Wan Er, beat her up....’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’Alright now, stop playing around. Let's go to the dinner.’’



When we reached the Misty Cloud restaurant, the sky was already dark. Several luxury brand cars were parked below the restaurant. In our class, there were quite a few students who came from rich families. People like Tang Gu were considered poor in their eyes. As for me, I was completely penniless. I was a plebeian before these people.

The A4 slowly came to a stop below the restaurant. We were greeted by the vice president of the class, Pan Jia Jia. She was a very pretty female classmate. She was ranked eleventh in the most beautiful girls in class. This ranking was determined on the school's forums. Wan Er and Dong Cheng were ranked in the top three. While Pan Jia Jia had fairly good looks and a nice background, with the money to dress herself up, there were still limits to her natural endowments. And so, she couldn't enter the top ten, putting her in eleventh place. And so, she was considered the pitiful eleventh most beautiful girl.

When the A4 stopped, Pan Jia Jia's eyes could barely hold her disdain. She was probably thinking that my car wasn't high quality enough. That was to be expected over. The two cars beside me were much better, one was a Porsche 911 while the other was a Audi R8. Just the price of those cars was enough to overshadow my, one month uncleaned, snow white turning gray, A4.

However, once I opened up the door, and the two girls stepped off, the disdain in Pan Jia Jia's eyes disappeared immediately. She knew Wan Er's background, the strength of the Tian Jin Corporation that was behind her. This Tian Jin Corporation's little princess had no need to arrive in a fancy car, otherwise she would've completely beaten every rich kid in this school. Not just Wan Er, even Dong Cheng had the ability to instantly beat them down with her wealth.

’’Li Xiao Yao, Wan Er, and Dong Cheng, you've all arrived! Come in! We're all in Suite No. 2!’’ Pan Jia Jia smiled.

I smiled back and nodded, ’’Thank you vice president. Then we'll head in first?’’

’’Go ahead!’’

We weren't too familiar so we didn't exchange many words. After we walked in, we saw many familiar faces, but we only saw them in class. We weren't very close with the rest of the class.

There were seven tables total in the Suite No. 2 with ten people seated at each. We took up the fourth one. I brought the two girls along with Tang Qi to sit at a table on the very edge. We then talked while waiting for the food to arrive.

Not long after, everyone had arrived. The class president gave a short speech. Actually, the president, Zhang Jie would count as a tall, rich and handsome. His dad was the CEO of some kind of construction materials company. On top of that, he was relatively tall and handsome. He tried to stir up everyone's emotions now that we were all leaving each other for the long winter break, but unfortunately it was of little effect. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I were going to live together over the winter break, so there wasn't any worries about not seeing each other.

After a while later, the delicious dishes arrived.

I didn't drink anything and could only think of those maps that were near the Bridge of Fate in Destiny. The Spirit of no Return Valley had already been opened up, but Blood Demon Forest and the Great Desert were both complete mysteries to us. The monsters were very high level. Li Mu and Wang Jian didn't order anyone to try the maps. They were all waiting for us to scout it out.

After the dinner, quite a few of our classmates were extremely drunk. Some were crying, some were laughing while another few were ruefully sighing. The youngsters were getting in the mood while the young girls were longing for love. Pan Jia Jia was so drunk she could barely stay awake. She just kept smiling while she leaned against Zhang Jie's lap. In the end, they rented out a room in the hotel above the restaurant. Looks like there's a budding romance between them. Or... or it's a one night stand. Who knows!


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