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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 716


Chapter 716 - Top Bow Maker

’’Are we actually going to Moon City?’’ Qing Qian worriedly asked.


I replied, ’’If Smile, Apollo and the others have already stepped onto Tian Ling City grounds, then there's no reason we can't go over and check it out. At least we'll get a better understanding of the situation there. Once battle breaks out, then we'll be able to deal a counterattack to them at any time. [Zhan Long] will become a shield and a sword.’’

Qing Qian grinned, ’’Yup, whatever Brother Xiao Yao says. As long as you give the command, we will go out into bloody battle!’’



Not long after, we reached the Bridge of Fate. It was already close to eleven o' clock. There were a dozen [Zhan Long] players guarding the Bridge of Fate. They didn't let any players go past the bridge. Once they saw our party, they all greeted us with a smile, ’’Hi Guildmaster, Vice Guildmasters!’’

I nodded in acknowledgement and crossed the bridge.

Li Mu sent a message. Three thousand of our players were grinding levels in the Spirits of No Return Valley. New Level 2 Hybrid Demon Grave Diggers had spawned in the map, giving plenty of experience and drops. It was a great place for high level players to train.

Seeing as so many people had come, there was no longer any need for us to head over there.

At that moment, I heard a ’’Di!’’ A message had arrived from Wolf, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, where are you?’’

’’Bridge of Fate, what's up?’’

’’Oh, then wait for a small moment. I'm bringing some people over. I have some important matters to discuss!’’



Around ten minutes later, a horse galloped towards the eastern banks of the Bridge. It was Matcha's white war horse, Moonlight of a Thousand Leagues. Wolf jogged beside her, alongside a few others.

When the group of people stopped before us, I asked, ’’Wolf, Matcha, what's up?’’

Wolf walked over and pulled out a longbow from his bag. It was a dark red orange shade, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, check it out!’’

I took it in my hand and was pleasantly surprised. This bow's stats are pretty good

[Dragon Shadow's Bow] (Saint Tier)

Attack: 2770 - 3300

Agility: +75

Stamina: +72

Strength: +70

Additional: Increases the user's long range physical damage by 40%

Additional: Increases the user's accuracy by 50%

Special: [Dragon's Shadow], There's a 5% chance of this effect appearing, dealing three times the damage on the target

Required Level: 115

Creator: Dream of a Thousand Cities


Looking at the stats of the longbow, my voice slightly cracked, ’’This... this was created by a player? The stats are incredible... d*mn, it actually has such a strong attack power. Furthermore, it has that [Dragon's Shadow] effect. If controlled well, an archer could use [Rising Dragon Shot] right after the [Dragon's Shadow] effect activates. That attack output will be terrifying!

Wolf excitedly nodded with a smile, ’’Even Brother Xiao Yao you think it's great too. That must mean there's no problem. This bow was made by the beautiful Dream of a Thousand Cities. She's currently the number one bow maker in [Zhan Long]. Using the same materials, her chances of making OP weapons is at least two times higher than the average person. The bow I just showed you is what she normally produces. The strongest [Dragon's Shadow Bow] has an attack of 3824 and 9% chance of [Dragon's Shadow]. I think it's the one that she's using right now....’’

Dream of a Thousand Cities walked over from behind Wolf and smiled, ’’Guildmaster, do you want to inspect this rare OP Dragon Shadow bow?’’

I accepted her bow and glanced at it. I was stunned, ’’It's truly amazing!’’

Wolf added, ’’The Dragon's Shadow Bow is considered a Level 11 Bow creation product. Now that we've occupied the Level 11 mines behind the Broken Blade Canyon, making it isn't a problem and we can create batches of these bows. Every bow sells for around 100G. If Brother Xiao Yao gives us permission, I'll have Fox start mass producing them.’’

I nodded, ’’Yea, that sounds fine. Just use the funds from Dragon's Den. I've already handed control of the Treasury to Fox.’’

Wolf laughed, ’’Fox was originally an accountant, and he's very reliable. He carefully records every expense and revenue. Of course, you've seen all this. That's right, Brother Xiao Yao, the mines of Broken Blade Canyon have given us a great helping hand. We now have the top Axe Makers, Gun Makers, Staff Makers, and Armor Smiths. As long as we're willing to invest, then we'll have around 20% more godly weapons than the other guilds of Tian Ling City. However, we don't have any high level Sword Makers in the guild. The blueprints for making swords are just too rare. At the moment, the highest level Sword Smith that [Zhan Long] has is Level 10. He can just make some Valkyrie Tier equipments, nothing in demand.’’

I furrowed my brow and said, ’’That's something we can't push. We'll just have to work hard. As for mass producing equipments, you and Fox can handle the matter. There's no need to ask for my permission for everything. I need to focus my thoughts on the upcoming battles.’’

’’Ok. Then Brother Xiao Yao, we'll head out!’’



I stepped off of the Bridge of Fate with furrowed brows. I was still thinking about the players making equipments.

Wan Er looked into my face. She seemed to have guessed my thoughts and smiled, ’’Pig, you're thinking about how blacksmiths are the classes that [Zhan Long] needs the most, isn't that right?’’

I didn't deny it and said, ’’The Greedy Wolf Raiders are running amuck in the world, Wan Er, you've seen it. Over half of the Raiders are swordsmen. [Skyshaker Slash], [Sword Break], and [Flying Sword] aren't knight or monk skills. Most of [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Horsemen are also swordsmen. Swords are the king of all weapons. [Zhan Long] really does need a few high level swordsmiths....’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’If I'm not wrong, you already have someone in mind, isn't that right?’’

I couldn't help but chuckle, ’’Yup. [Epic]'s Palace Decree and Palace Spirit. Those two are the best blacksmiths I've ever met. They are both heirs to Long Quan County's Swordsmithing legacy. In the real world, they are both masters in creating swords and in the game they are unrivaled. It's just they're both very willful and Palace Decree is extremely loyal. After he entered [Epic], he wasn't willing to join any other guild. I've mentioned it to him, but I was turned down. The only other method would be.....’’

Wan ER softly smiled, ’’Unless you direct some divisions and alliances to go and annihilate [Epic] and kill the [Epic] guildmaster Hermit, and disband the guild, then Palace Decree and Palace Spirit will be able to come join [Zhan Long]?’’

I laughed bitterly, ’’Yup. But if I do that, then there's no difference between me and people like Not Ordinary and Soaring Dragon. Let's just see what fate has planned. If this is really fate, then Palace Decree and Palace Spirit will join [Zhan Long]. Having them is my fortune, not my fate.’’

Wan Er nodded, ’’How about I add Palace Deree as a friend so that we can maintain a relationship. Maybe one day he'll want to switch guilds and I'll be the first he contacts. How does that sound?’’

’’Ok, go do that!’’



It was about to hit noon and left little time left to grind levels. And so, the three of us wandered around the Bridge of Fate and scouted out the other maps, as we waited for the clock to strike noon. Once it did, I opened up the Destiny Forums. As expected, the battlenet rankings had drastically changed. They've probably recalculated and accumulated all of the points from the PKing and the wilderness battles. This was the first time I entered the top ten in the Chinese Server!

  1. Fang Ge Que

  2. Q-Sword

  3. Little Demon

  4. Jian Feng Han

  5. Bai Li Ruo Feng

  6. Xiao Yao Zi Zai

  7. Cang Tong

  8. Ye Lai

  9. Mu Xuan

  10. Simple

  11. The Seventh Tang

  12. Cang Yue

  13. Lu Chun Yang

  14. Yan Zhao Warrior

  15. Yue Qing Qian

  16. Death's Contract

  17. General Li Mu

  18. Drunken Spear

  19. Misty Cloud

  20. General Wang Jian


The rankings had even made me jump a little. Just based off of this one Hero's Wings Tournament, my ranking had actually risen this much. I went from twelfth place to sixth place. I was even higher than Wan Er!

On top of that, Drunken Spear and General Wang Jian were both new players on the rankings. They had replaced Wild Beauty and Swift Thunder. The conflicts in Destiny were just too intense. If you don't keep moving forward, then you end up being pushed back. Those who improve the slowest end up getting pushed to last place!

Beside me, Qing Qian smiled, ’’Congratulations Brother Xiao Yao, you've finally entered the top ten!’’

I smiled back, ’’Thank you. But the rankings doesn't mean more food to eat. Plus the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out, I hope I'm not rising up too quickly....’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’Wow, you're acting modest even when you've gained so much. Here, how about I give you a beating!’’

I laughed, ’’Alright alright, let's log off everyone and prepare to eat. At the same time, let me see just what battle preparations you've made for me....’’


After we logged off, we decided to eat our lunch in the villa.

When I walked out of my room and arrived in the dining hall, Wan Er was holding two small boxes in her hands. She handed one to me and smiled, ’’Well, come here. This is the weapon you will be bringing into battle this afternoon...’’

I was a little surprised. I opened up the box, only to see black framed glasses. Unsure of what to do, I put them on. These glasses didn't have any effects, and there didn't see to be anything special about them. Dong Cheng tilted her head and looked at me. Her eyes seemed to light up as she said, ’’Wu, this b*st*rd is so handsome even when he's wearing glasses, I'm finished....’’

I reached out and sat her down on the sofa. I then looked over at Wan Er and said, ’’There doesn't seem to be anything special about these right?’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’There's a little button at the center of the frame. Try pressing it.’’


I pressed the button and a bright blue screen suddenly appeared before me. Wan Er then activated her own glasses and then turned towards the window. A strange thing happened just then, a clear image of the window appeared before me from Wan Er's perspective. No wonder. So these glasses actually had a special use like this. This means that, I can see Wan Er's test?

’’So, are you still worried about the test this afternoon?’’ Wan er turned around and smiled to me.

I gripped my fist and said, ’’I'll get A's in every class, I'm invincible now! Only, Wan Er, you didn't pay attention to many of the classes either, are you sure you'll pass?’’

Wan Er stiffened and said, ’’That.... We'll see how it goes.....’’


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