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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 715


Chapter 715 - Drunken Spear's Provocation

The meeting adjourned. Liu Gong and Rumor took their Run like Fire players and galloped into the distance. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and the others hadn't left yet. I leapt onto my horse and was beginning to leave. Fang Ge Que called out to me and said, ’’Xiao Yao, don't leave just yet!’’

’’Yes?’’ I looked back. Fang Ge Que was generally a very reserved man, and rarely initiated a conversation with people.

With his fan in hand, Fang Ge Que strode over and said, ’’Let's add each other as friends. In the future when the country battles open up, it'll make communication much easier. I know that this alliance is just for appearances. Later on, when the battles begin, each guild will fight for their own. But, it's good having allies to defend and fight alongside. At least we'll have some sort of treaty that guarantees there won't be anything like internal fighting within the Chinese Server.’’

I had the same idea, ’’That's right. However, critical factors are constantly changing in this time. If you want to use the same hierarchy in the military to manage the players it won't be very likely to happen. And so, Head Liu Gong's initial idea started off good. The final decision, on the other hand wasn't necessarily very good.’’

Fang Ge Que nodded with a smile, ’’Yes, I noted that as well. And so, while everyone is here, how about we strategize the future battle zones?’’

Ye Lai interrupted, ’’Why are we considering our defenses before we even attack?’’

A light seemed to flash in Fang Ge Que's eyes. In a steady voice, he calmly replied, ’’Military men, before they fight, must always consider defeat. Furthermore, Moon City is already appearing on the Chinese Server maps. This is something that Xiao Yao understands the most. West of Tian Ling City is Moon City, while Flame Cloud City is to our East. It won't be possible for us to hold our middle ground. Once the country battles activate, strong enemies will invade our country. My point is, let's not initiate the attack. If we attack Moon City, or Flame Cloud City we will have to take the chance to invade and vice versa. And so, we must defend against the first wave of attacks and then take the chance to act. Whether or not we're fighting the offensive or defensive, that is something we'll discuss when the time comes.’’

Mu Xuan walked over with her staff, ’’I agree with Fang Ge Que's logic. That seems like the better strategy. However, how do you plan on setting up troops?’’

Fang Ge Que took a deep breath and said, ’’These days, I've been poring over the Tian Ling City Maps. War God River is a natural barrier for us. War God City will slow down the path between Tian Ling City and Moon City. The water flow is very strong and so the only way to cross is in large numbers over the Bridge of Fate. Otherwise, they must build their own war boats. But that doesn't seem very possible. Furthermore, it would waste too much of their time. And so, we need a strong force to guard the Bridge of Fate.’’

As he said that, Fang Ge Que looked over at me.

I leapt onto my horse and smiled, ’’I know, leave the bridge to [Zhan Long].’’

Fang Ge Que nodded, ’’Yup. Besides [Zhan Long], the other Ba Huang City central forces should also shift their defenses towards the maps near the Bridge of Fate. The Fierce Wind Forest and God Cauldron Battlefield maps are all over there. However, everyone should keep to the river. Do not pass through the Broken Blade Canyon. That map is too fierce. A few days ago, a hundred man team from [Legend] had passed through there and was instantly annihilated. There is no need to take that risk. In my eyes, that is a forbidden zone.’’

Looks like Fang Ge Que does not know the thirty seven rule in Broken Blade Canyon. That's fine too, this way [Zhan Long] can hold the Broken Blade Canyon for a little while longer and continue mining materials for creating the strongest weapons and equipment.


Fang Ge Que reached out and waved his hand, and revealed a large map of Tian Ling City. He pointed at it and said, ’’The War God River snakes around Tian Ling City. There aren't any bridges east of the War God River, however players can reach Heaven's Question Peak and arrive at the source of the War God River from there. They can then pass over the river that way and continue moving east. The guilds that train in Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City should start moving their training grounds east. That way we can defend against any invasions from the Flame Cloud City.’’

After he said that, Fang Ge Que looked into the crowd and said, ’’One last thing. Do not try and send players into the War God River. The waves are very strong and the current undercurrent isn't something a person can swim against. Furthermore, the wind elves will get struck by the flying wind blades above the water. If you go and try out the difficulty of the War God River, all you will be doing is paying the price of a level. I have already personally tried it out.’’

Simple grinned, ’’It can't be. The legendary Fang Ge Que was actually drowned to death in the War God River?’’

Jian Feng Han smiled as well, ’’You aren't joking with us are you?’’

Fang Ge Que wryly smiled, ’’Not at all everyone. It's all true. Just two days ago, I opened up my [Black Tortoise Shield] and attempted to wade through the depths of the War God River. However, I had only made it a third of the way through before my shield had broken. The current of the water deals a mortal blow to players. I had brought two other high level wind elves along with me, and both had been draw into the water. Thankfully, when you're killed by natural elements, there's no equipment drops. Otherwise, we wouldn't have even been able to fish back our equipments.’’

Ye Lai added, ’’Then, I'll have my players in [Judgement] head towards the Heaven's Question Peak.’’

Fang Ge Que nodded, ’’On the banks of the War God River, there's maps like Fire Crystal Basin and Demon Giant Bamboo Forest. Those are great places to grind levels. In addition, the Tian Ling City resources are far more than enough for us to use. Everyone work hard and grind your levels. From now on, let's try and minimize the internal battles and focus our vengenace on Moon City and Flame Cloud City's attacks!’’

’’Ok. No internal fighting is the best scenario!’’ Soaring Dragon nodded.

Beside him, Not Ordinary coldly laughed, ’’I'm afraid some people, once they have an internal battle, are destined to lose, isn't that right?’’

Soaring Dragon glared back at him, ’’Guildmaster Not Ordinary, what a cocky tone. The Greedy Wolf Raiders are no longer unrivaled, isn't that right? Didn't they get completely annihilated by [Zhan Long] in the Sword Saint Forest!’’

Not Ordinary's expression was clearly becoming increasingly ugly, ’’That was only because the Greedy Wolf Raiders had underestimated their enemy. If we had another round, do you think we would have the same result? Besides, the Raiders had lost to the hands of [Zhan Long], not to [Flying Dragon]. Look at you trying to act all high and might. If you say another word, careful of your training grounds!’’

’’You!’’ Against a threat like that, Soaring Dragon calmed down and said, ’’Not Ordinary, aren't you going too far?’’

You Yi coldly retorted, ’’So what if we bully [Flying Dragon]. What are you going to do about it?’’

Behind Flying Dragon, Drunken Spear raised his halberd and leapt onto his horse. He pointed towards the eastern border of the forest and smiled, ’’Not Ordinary, You Yi, if you have the balls, why don't we try and train over there? I'm not going to bully you guys. Both of you, come at me at the same time. Let's see if I can kill you both at once.’’

Not that this was a duel between guildmaster level players, Not Ordinary and You Yi both grew cautious. Drunken Spear had already shifted into twentieth place on CBN Battlenet Rankings. On top of that, the fact that a third rate guild like [Flying Dragon] could reach this level goes to show his own battle power. Even if Not Ordinary and You Yi fought together, they wouldn't necessarily be his rival.

You Yi grunted, ’’A man would not flaunt his skills!’’

Drunken Spear smiled and turned his horse around. He rested his halberd on the grass and said, ’’Alright then. Give me half a month. If you guys dare come at us again, I, Drunken Spear will welcome the attack of your Greedy Wolf Raiders and see if it will end up like last time!’’

Not Ordinary nodded, ’’Seeing as vice guildmaster Drunken Spear is inviting us, then don't blame me for [Thousand Burial] defying orders and entering this internal battle.

Fang Ge Que looked a little annoyed. All of the guildmasters of Tian Ling City had very strong personalities. Who would actually avoid an internal battle? PKing in a game was where the true fun was. These people had spent quite a bit of money on this game after all....’’


Gripping his fan, Fang Ge Que quietly warned, ’’Everyone, please consider your situations. Do not bring the level of your guilds too low. During the guild battle, I don't want to see twenty thousand Level 99 Greedy Wolf Raiders with incomplete equipments try and charge against the Moon City formation. You'll make us into a joke!’’

The Greedy Wolf Raiders had been continuously fighting the Tian Ling City players to raise their own strength, a truth that everyone understood. Fang Ge Que was biding his time, but that didn't mean he didn't have prejudices against the Greedy Wolf Raiders. But, there was no point in bringing those up right now. [Legend] didn't care much for the wolf troop strategy that the Brigade used. Building one's own strength on the sacrifice of someone else's growth, that was completely against the virtues of a game.

When I thought of this, I realized that my ideas were a bit soft hearted. I chuckled to myself and didn't say anything.

Rather, Not Ordinary seemed to hold a lot of respect for Fang ge Que as he said, ’’I know, the Greedy Wolf Raiders will act appropriately. We will only attack people who provoke us. Do not worry commander!’’

Fang Ge Que didn't say anything and left with Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang.

Wan Er smiled, ’’Pig, today at noon, the CBN Battlenet Rankings will refresh. Be patient and wait. After it refreshes, let's go out to eat and then prepare for this afternoon's test!’’

’’Got it!’’


[Zhan Long]'s grinding center had already begun moving towards the Bridge of Fate in Tian Ling City and so we decided to head straight there. On the way, we passed through the Broken Blade Canyon, and found out the last time that the Killer Gale had blown through from Li Mu. We then did some calculations and finally made our way through the canyon.

’’Why does Drunken Spear think that he will be able to hold off the Greedy Wolf Raiders by himself?’’

Wan Er blinked a few times and said thoughtfully, ’’There's already over twenty thousand of the Greedy Wolf Raiders now....’’

I shook my head, ’’Who knows...’’

Qing Qian added, ’’Based on my intel, lately Drunken Spear has been grinding levels on Mount Zhi Wu. He discovered a type of mount called ’’Black Cliff’’, a Level 110 Valkyrie Tier Mount. If everything goes as expected, that should be what he was talking about. Plus, I also heard that Drunken Spear has already petitioned to Flying Dragon, asking for 7 million RMB in funds. He's probably creating some sort of cavalry?’’

I was stunned, ’’If Drunken Spear really worked on this, I'm afraid that yet another cavalry will rise up in Tian Ling City.’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’That seems to be the trend as of late...’’

Qing Qian asked, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, where are we going to grind levels?’’

I looked towards Moon City and took a deep breath, ’’We're [Zhan Long]'s core strength. How about we check out the maps west of the Bridge of Fate. Then... let's replenish our potions and bring a dozen man team. Let's go visit Moon City!’’

’’What? Moon City!?’’

Qing Qian gaped. She didn't seem to expect that I would make a decision like that.


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