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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 712


Chapter 712 - Honor for the Country

I clenched my teeth. I wasn't about to lose my objective, I hadn't even killed the healer yet. I figured that my chances of success weren't very high however and the situation was already too dangerous. The enemy's archer and berserker had already locked their targets onto Dong Cheng. If Dong Cheng died, then our attack power would drastically decrease.

As I was running forward, a wave of ice surged forth before the Flying Scythe War Horse.

The moment that [Ice Domain] activated, The enemy clergy ’’Moonlit Bank’’ cleverly cast a [Anti-Magic Shell] to protect herself. She had completely dodged the ice seal effect of [Ice Domain]. At the same time, she used a group [Purification]. What a smart English girl. She was actually able to find the loophole in my skill at such a critical moment. The ice seal effect of Smile and Apollo had been purified.

I felt a shock run through my heart. Did they guess it, or.... Or did they already know the weakness of my skill?


The most damaging part of this all was that the enemy's mage was also very smart. The moment he was defrosted, he shot a [Fierce Ice Arrow] into my chest. He was actually going to kite me at a time like this. At the same time, he lazily threw a [Eagle Lightning Formation] into Dong Cheng's [Mana Shield]. With a dazzling light, he gave Dong Cheng a [Lullaby], and interrupted her [Lightning Eagle Formation].

’’Good chance!’’ Smile shouted, ’’Slaughterer, kill her!’’

Crimson light began to glow on the berserker's axe, it was the [Blood Axe] skill. The skill increased the attack speed and attack power of the user by 30%. He dashed forward and threw [Burn the Boats]+[Skyshaker Slash] against Dong Cheng's [Mana Shield]. Then, with the archers [Rising Dragon Shot]+[God of Archer], instantly dropping Dong Cheng's health to critical.

’’Oh no!’’

Wan Er darted behind the berserker and threw a stab. At the same time she shouted, ’’Dong Cheng, be careful!’’

Dong Cheng waved her staff. She was awoken from the [Lullaby] right as she was about to face death. That Slaughterer had aimed his battle axe right at her face. With this attack, Dong Cheng would most likely be instantly killed. Her total health was around 20,000 and that berserker's attack power was not to be underestimated.

This was the most critical moment. Dong Cheng's reaction had surprised everyone. She activated [Dimensional Leap], jumping towards us. Besides dodging the berserker's attack, she waved her hand and threw a [Thunderbolt Finger]. Lightning flashed, surrounding Apollo and Smile's bodies. She turned around and fired a [Ice Arrow] at the mage, instantly decreasing the mage's speed.



Slaughterer turned his horse at Dong Cheng and then charged forward while Smile cornered her with a [Heroic Ram]!

Wan Er waved her hand, halting her initial moves for [Ice Pick Whirlwind] and softly said to Qing Qan in the team chat, ’’Li Xiao Yao, kill that berserker!’’

I raised my right hand and threw a Seven Star Fragment Slash at Summer. At the same time, I threw my Brilliant Flame Emperor into the air. ’’Pu Chi Pu Chi!’’ my [Blade Spin] pieced through the berserker's body twice, killing him at once!


Before Dong Cheng had the chance to use her second [Dimensional Leap], she was stunned by Smile. He threw a stab with his spear and starlight flashed. Our number one mage also fell to the ground.

But my opportunity had finally arrived. I turned my Flying Scythe War Horse at Summer and dealt two cuts with my swords crossed. That mage's [Mana Shield]'s durability dropped to 10%.

Summer quickly used his second [Dimensional Leap]. I raised my hand and used [Defeat the Dragon], and instantly grabbed Summer to my side. I could even see the shock and terror in his blue eyes as he used his third [Dimensional Leap]!


My [Dragon's Hook] plunged through Summer's back. Once I activated it, he was pulled back to my side. This time, he can't run. ’’Ding!’’ a golden hexagram appeared on the tip of my blade and I let a chain of attacks explode. Summer fell to his knees.


Behind me, Smile was like a loose wild horse now that he didn't have the pressure of a mage's firepower concentrated on him. He activated a [Blazing Shield] skill. The shield was only broken after Wan Er and Qing Qian had used up a whole chain of attacks. After all of their energy had been used, assassin's had a clear drop in the damage of their attacks.


Smile rammed his heavy shield while he was on his battle horse. Wan Er picked up her iron umbrella to parry the blow and was knocked backwards. She immediately raised her dagger and charged at Smile. However, not far from them, Qing Qian was stunned by Apollo's [Scatter Shot]. Smile urged his horse forward as his spear glowed with the light from [Starlight Slash]. Our loli vice guildmaster fell and died.

I quickly charged at Apollo and said, ’’Darling Duck, don't heal us anymore. Revive Dong Cheng!’’

’’Apollo, move towards me!’’ Smile shouted. He raised his hand and starlight began to rise from the ground. At that moment, he activated a Holy Ghost Second Tier Skill [Eternal Star City]!

Starlight covered everything within a 30 yard radius. It was as though Wan Er, Darling Duck and I had been trapped in quicksand, completely slowing down our movements.

I hardened my heart and raised my blade. Golden light soared into the sky. Thankfully, I hadn't used my [Halberd Flame] skill yet and so I still had enough Rage points. I activated my special skill [King Domain]!

All of the stats for Wan Er and I had exponentially increased. I raised my palm and activated [Thundering Heavens] to cover the area! Right now, all I hoped for was Smile and Apollo to come after me. After all, my Holy Ghost Second Tier, [Invincibility] gives me 25 seconds of impenetrability. Once they try to kill me, then they're loss is guaranteed!


Unfortunately, Smile wasn't an idea. He turned his horse around and charged at Wan Er as he swung his spear, ’’Moonlit, don't hesitate any longer. Revive Summer. We'll only gain victory if we have his magic firepower!’’

Moonlit Bank quietly stood there, stunned and abashed, ’’Smile, I can't....’’

’’Why can't you?!’’ Smile was starting to panic.

Moonlit Bank answered, ’’System Notification, Summer has been sealed by the [Grip of the Sealed God]. For 59 minutes, he cannot be revived....’’


In that moment, Smile had completely panicked. He threw three attacks straight Wan Er, only to be parried while Apollo took attacks from my little tiger and I!


Dong Cheng was revived. She jumped to her feet and threw a [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Magma Lance] onto Smile. She then smiled, ’’Our corpse plan worked!’’

It's true, if I killed Slaughterer, then Summer would die without a question. He wouldn't even get the chance to revive!

I opened my hand and locked my [Great Realm of Desolation] onto Smile!

Smile instinctively knew that a skill had been locked onto him. But, under the attacks from Wan Er, he had no way to dodge. With a wail, he lost ten thousand health to the [Great Realm of Desolation]. At the same time, Dong Cheng's [Lightning Eagle Formation] also fell. After that round of attacks, he was reduced to critical health. I then threw another [Blade Spin]. The man known as number one on the EBN Battlenet Rankings had fallen.

Apollo's situation was no better. Just as he was about to leave, he was trapped when Dong Cheng used a [Dimensional Leap] and bound him with a [Ice Arrow]. Now, he couldn't leave even if he wanted to. Now that Dong Cheng recreated her [Mana Shield], there was no way Apollo could fight against her. Finally, he was killed by Wan Er's [Flying Dagger]. In the end, the healer girl,Moonlit Bank, trembled as she stood in the corner. Her stark blue eyes were filled with fear as she looked at us, ’’Alright, alright, we've lost... come and kill me then!’’

I put my blade back in its sheathe and said, ’’We never kill people who don't have the power to fight back. Go back to your city!’’

Moonlit Bank was stunned, ’’You.... you won't kill me?’’

I replied, ’’If you go back, I won't kill you. Otherwise, don't blame me for not showing you mercy!’’

’’Alright then!’’

Moonlit Bank pulled out a City Return Scroll and returned back to the Moon City. I didn't relax until I saw her leave. Smile, Slaughterer and Summer had all been killed by me, so they wouldn't revive for a bit. Even if Apollo revived, it wasn't enough to make me worried.



Qing Qian was also revived. She cried, ’’Annoying. It took me soo much time to get to Level 121, and now I'm back to Level 120.....’’

Dong Cheng patted her shoulder and comforted, ’’That's nothing, I was originally Number seven in Tian Ling City in terms of level. Now that I lost one, I dropped all the way to 37th place....’’

Wan Er was speechless.

I couldn't help but smile, ’’don't be too sad. Thankfully, it was our team that ran into Smile's team. If it was some other team from the Chinese Servers, then I don't know how many people would end up giving up their lives just to deal with Smile.’’

’’That's true....’’

Wan Er looked at the corpses on the ground. A lightbulb seemed to brighten as she said, ’’The borders aren't so distinct now. Moon City's first group of people have arrived on Tian Ling City's territory. I'm afraid that we won't have many peaceful days ahead of us. In the future, we'll have to deal with not only the Greedy Wolf Brigade from [Thousand Burial], but also the enormous danger posed by the players of Moon City.’’

Dong Cheng smiled, ’’The soldiers will come and defend the territory. Dong Cheng, don't look too much into it!’’

Qing Qian lightly smiled, ’’Sister Dong Cheng isn't a vice guildmaster, and so of course you aren't busy. The work of deploying those troops is normally left to Sister Cang Tong's responsibility. I know just how tired she must be....’’

I sympathetically looked at Wan Er, ’’You've worked hard love.’’

Wan Er smiled, ’’There's no other way, after all, I have such a bossy boyfriend. What can I say, the tasks you have in real life already take a lot of focus. If I don't help you with some of the work, then how can I say I'm your girlfriend....’’

I replied, ’’Alright then. Let's hurry up and kill the rest of the Hybrid Demons and then turn in the quest. We shouldn't get more involved with Smile and the rest of the people, there's just no point.’’



I continued in the quest and killed the rest of the mobs in the Spirits of No Return Valley. Afterwards, we burned the rest of the hero remains. Right at that moment, the system sent out a notification: Please note, this map will close in thirty minutes and then respawn. Players, please make your way out of this map, or else you will be sent directly back to your home city!

OK we did it!

I took the four girls out of the Spirits of No Return Valley and arrived at the Bridge of Fate. That Lieutenant Luo Si was still guarding the camp. When he saw me bringing the news, he broke into a wide grin. However, he still had not received the news that his son had been killed by Smile and the rest. He grinned towards me, ’’I never would have thought that you guys would really have the bravery and strength to take on those fearful evil spirits. I am very thankful of you! That's right, my son, the halberd wielder Luo Heng went to help you. Did you guys see him?’’

I nodded, ’’We saw him, however.... However General Luo Heng had sacrificed himself in a battle against the Hybrid Demons. He was very brave....’’


Luo Si suddenly backed away until he crashed into the railing. It was like he aged another ten years. A tinge of pride colored his mournful face, ’’Heng Er had died for the empire, that is his honor.... I will always take pride in him!’’

I looked at him, feeling frustration rise up in my heart. He died already, what use does he have with honor?

We got our quest rewards and our experience went up. Besides that, we also got ten points in chrm. However, there was still a bitter taste in our hearts. The number of events that had occurred were too much.


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