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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 711


Chapter 711 - A Champion from Another Country

’’Sha sha...’’

The leaves that were scattered along the ground of the shrubbery shifted. I had already picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and came out from the brush on my Flying Scythe War Horse along with my little tiger. This was probably the first time a Chinese Player has met with a player from Great Britain. The moment that I walked out, the guildmaster of [Lightning Gods] smiled to me and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, ’’So there's actually someone here lying in ambush for us?’’

The system tools automatically translated his words. I smiled coldly back, ’’Nobody would sit here just to ambush you guys. However, if I'm remembering this correctly, this Spirits of No Return Valley should be Tian Ling City's territory, isn't that correct?’’

Smile broke into a carefree grin and spread his arms, ’’Oh, I was just here to grind levels with my friends and accidentally walked onto a Chinese Server map....’’

I chuckled, ’’There's a vast desert between Tian Ling City and Moon City. Are you saying that you accidentally spent five hours traveling through a desert before arriving on the Chinese Server maps? And on top of that, you accidentally killed a Chinese Server NPC?’’

Smile replied, ’’It was just a mistaken kill. Otherwise, he would've attacked us first.’’

’’Is that so?’’ My expression was frozen in a cold smile, ’’Then should I accidentally kill you guys?’’

Smile's expression immediately grew cautious as he said, ’’You're called Xiao Yao Zi Zai? You seem to be someone who's near the top in the Chinese Server webs. I believe you were twelfth place. And here I thought you were one of the top three from the way you speak!’’

Beside smile was a Level 120 Berserker named ’’Slaughterer’’. He had long golden hair and a strong burly figure. He shouted, ’’Smile, why are you wasting your breath on him. He's just number twelfth on the web. Just what makes him think he can rival us. Don't forget, you are number one on the UK Servers. Let's kill him and continue scouting maps!’’

Smile slowly shook his head and gripped the hilt of his spear, ’’Wait one moment. This man has some partners. Why don't you all come out. If we're going to fight, then let's fight honorably!’’

I waved my hand and said, ’’Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, come out for battle!’’

Very soon, Wan Er, Dong Cheng and the other girls walked out of the forest. Smile stiffened, as though he had been shocked by the beautiful faces of these girls. However, he recovered just as quickly. The three male players, the berserker, ’’Slaughter’’, the archer, ’’Apollo’’ and the mage, ’’Summer’’, all gaped at Wan Er and Dong Cheng for ten straight seconds.

On the other hand, the female healer ’’Moonlit Bank’’ raised her elegant brow and said to their group, ’’Smile, be careful. This Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, and Cang Yue group had placed second in the Chinese Server's Wings of Heroes tournament. They aren't as weak as you may think. They nearly flipped the board on Fang Ge Que's team!’’

Smile shuddered and he frowned, ’’What? This kid was able to beat Fang Ge Que? That doesn't seem right....’’

I pulled out my Brilliant Flame Emperor and coldly replied, ’’You'll know once you try battling me!’’


In the team chat, Wan Er said, ’’Pig, how do you think we should fight?’’

I lowered my voice, ’’Their firepower is dependent on the berserker and the mage. I'll ambush the mage and then kill the berserker. After that, we kill the healer. We'll save Smile and Apollo for last!’’

Qing Qian blinked a few times, ’’Be careful. Smile is the EBN Battlenet's number one player. Even Fang Ge Que is wary of him. Brother Xiao Yao, don't underestimate your opponent!’’


I stared ahead, ’’Dong Cheng, I will charge at the mage ’’Summer’’ first. ’’Summer’’ only has two choices, that is to either take damage from Wan Er and I, where his shield will break and he'll die, or be forced to leave the battlefield. You take the chance to put Apollo to sleep. Qing Qian will go into [Stealth], but don't initiate an attack. After a while, Summer will definitely put one of us to [Sleep]. At that moment, use your [Awaken Spell] and then begin to attack.’’

Dong Cheng and Qing Qian both nodded, ’’Yup, understood!’’


After we discussed our strategy, Smile also looked up at us. It seems that they have also finished their preparations.

Both of our teams used our [Pardon Cards], which indicated the beginning of this battle!


I raised my blade and charged forward. At the same time, I commanded my tiger to pounce from my right flank with [Burstfire Raid]. Above me, Wan Er's Purple Kirin Dragon roared and charged right at the enemy, and dealt two heavy attacks!

Smile, on the other hand, was terrifyingly calm.


With a simple phrase, a flaming butterfly appeared above Smile's shoulder. It cried out and fluttered its fiery wings. In a split second, an enormous fiery ditch appeared in my path. This was Smile's pet, ’’Inferno Butterfly's skill [Flame Broil]!

I raised my blade and threw a heavy [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!

Smile turned his horse around and raised his shield, and rammed it right into my [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Sparks sprayed from the momentum of the force and my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] was actually broken by hs [Brave Ram]. The durability of that shield had even made me shocked. I'm afraid there isn't anybody in the Chinese Servers that can rival his defense. Even Xuan Yuan Feng that well rounded knight is much weaker than Smile!

Holding my Dragon Reservoir Sword in my right hand, I suddenly felt a numb feeling race up from my wrist. This was the rebound pain inflicted from hitting a strong defense. Behind the shield, Smile chuckled. His spear suddenly pierced forward, using the typical European battle style.

I smiled back. ’’Keng!’’ My Brilliant Flame Emperor parried the spear while my Dragon Reservoir Sword dealt another heavy blow with a ’’Keng!’’ Smile's shield carrying hand slightly trembled from the blow. I then dealt another three attacks with my Brilliant Flame Emperor+Dragon Reservoir Sword, and constantly changed the angle of attack. That explosive chain of attacks had knocked Smile's shield away, and revealed his astonished expression. Clearly he had never imagined that my attack power would be that fast and that heavy!


My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed in the light and fell right upon Smile's shoulder. I then threw a [Wind Blade] with my Brilliant Flame Emperor that landed on his breastplate. I followed the attacks with a [Blade Rush]. Three damage numbers flew up above Smile's head





This defense was truly terrifying. He must have a defense power over 12,000 or else my attacks wouldn't have been so light!

After the [Blade Rush], I arrived right before Smile. My Flying Scythe War Horse neighed and charged forward. My target was the mage, not Smile!

I raised my left arm and didn't even look back. I could already estimate Smile's position. I opened my palm, [Binding Chains]!


I heard a loud sound behind me as a MISS flew up from behind. Smile had relied solely on his maneuvers to dodge that [Binding Chains] as he roared, ’’Xiao Yao Zi Zai, don't you dare ignore me!’’

The Inferno Butterfly flapped its wings with all its might. However, the little tiger and the Purple Kirin Dragon were locking their attacks onto Smile. I sent another command, and switched their targets to the Flame Butterfly!

I suddenly pulled on reigns, and turned my Flying Scythe Horse. The light from a flaming vine flashed beside me. As I had thought, it was the Flame Butterfly's binding skill [Flame Seal]. While I had successfully dodged the [Flame Seal], the price for it was to take a [Scatter Shot] from the opponent's archer ’’Apollo’’. ’’Peng!’’ The arrow buried into my chest, successfully stunning me!

Behind me, a light flashed and Smile raised his spear. He dealt three stabs into my back [Starlit Slash]!





This round of damage... this b*st*rds attack power and defense power isn't completely under my own!

Apollo roared and pulled his long bow. I could see starlight shining on the string. The attack suddenly fell right on my chest, dealing a large damage number 11282

This trash's attack really hurts. Right after that [Star Arrow] attack, the introduction stated that it increased attack damage by 50%. This [Lightning Gods] guild's main power truly is above average.


Smile suddenly turned around. While he was mounted on his horse, he raised his shield. Behind him, Wan Er had activated [Absolute Step] and was charging straight at him. Any icy light flashed on her dagger and she instantly dealt three attacks from the [Blade of the Death God] into Smile's Shield. It looks like Smile had a little less than 70000 total health and he was already starting to weaken from all of these chain attacks. After three attacks from Wan Er, he was forced to retreat several steps. He quickly shouted, ’’Summer, kill this assasin! Her attack power is too strong!’’

Summer waved his staff and the prelude effects of [Magma Lance] appeared on the ground. At the same time, he quickly stepped forward, and looked for a good angle. He stopped around a meter away from the area. Flames suddenly rose around him and a gale rose up. ’’YA!’’ He roared as he crossed his arms in front of him. The image of an enormous dragon appeared on his body and the words ’’Holy Ghost Tier 1’’ appeared [Dragon Flame Break]!

’’Oh no!’’

My heart sunk. I had already noticed the situation was bad from Summer's positioning. The [Dragon Flame Break] was a type of dragon flame attack in a straight line. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I were all within its angle!

There was already no time to dodge it. Once I had awakened, I immediately lunged right at Summer. At the same time, I took hits from the [Dragon Flame], losing 13000 health. I quickly used a Level 11 Potion + [Cleansing Rain] to recover my health. At the same time, Wan Er suddenly appeared right behind me with her Iron Umbrella in front. She had forced her way into the [Dragon Flame]'s attack as she slid backward. Smile had already picked up his spear and was charging at her!


After Dong Cheng used a [Lightning Eagle Wave] she immediately opened both of her hands, dealing a [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Magma Lance] at Smile. His health had dropped drastically. He quickly retreated, only to get hit by Qing Qian's [Grip of the Firefox] . Right at that moment, the opponent's berserker had also broken into Wan Er's defense. He roared and a crimson light appeared on the blade of his axe. He had activated [Berserker God] and was charging at Dong Cheng!

[Berserker God] was a common skill. It gave seven seconds of immunity to all effects. The user wouldn't be put to sleep, stunned, or slowed down. This was one of the most outstanding skills for a berserker!


Wan Er had picked up her burning hot iron umbrella and stood up with a dagger raised at the berserker. She then shouted, ’’Dear, [Ice Domain]!’’


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