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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 708


Chapter 708 - Broken Blade Canyon

The so called ’’See our guests out’’ was watching as we left the Broken Bone Shrubbery Forest. They didn't let us get any Level 1 Earth Bane Ox mounts. Of course, as the vice guildmaster of a big guild, Lu Chun Yang was not wrong in doing this. Rather, it's what he should be doing. Besides, Lu chun Yang had kept his word. It really makes one envy Fang Ge Que for having a vice guildmaster like that. When I thought of that, I looked over at Wan Er and Qing Qian. Yup, [Zhan Long]'s vice guildmasters are also just as clever and magnanimous. On top of that all, they are much easier on the eyes than Lu Chun Yang.


Before we walked too far out of the in the distance, I saw Enchanted Painting lead her hundred man team into the shrubbery to kill a group of Earth Bane Oxen. They seemed shocked when they saw us. Enchanted Painting picked up her sword and smiled, ’’Hey, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong~’’

Dong Cheng was a little speechless, ’’Why did she only say hi to Xiao Yao and Wan Er....’’

Qing Qian grinned, ’’Because, during the Hero's Wing's Tournament, you and I were both ignored...’’

’’Wu wu....’’


Finally, after we passed through the Broken Bones Shrubbery Forest, the entrance to a large canyon appeared before us. In a burst of excitement, I galloped forward. The entrance to Broken Blade Canyon was right before me.


My Flying Scythe War Horse charged into the Broken Blade Canyon, only to notice that the canyon was at least a hundred meters wide. There was even a hollowed out area in the walls. This map truly gave a disorienting sensation. It was just as Qing Qian had said. Both sides were thousands of leagues of precipices. If we hadn't come in through the shrubbery, I'm afraid there wasn't any other way of entering this strategic canyon.


System Notification: You have entered the dangerous map [Broken Blade Canyon]!


Besides the danger notification, there was no other details or introductions of the map. So inconsiderate! I sighed internally. As I slowly walked forward, Wan Er, Qing Qian and Dong Cheng all caught up to me. The five of us quickly entered into the Broken Blade Map. As we entered the depths, I could already see some humans with blood red eyes standing there. You might not even consider them humans. They wore thick animal pelt clothes and looked to be extremely burly. On top of that, their hands and feet were extremely large. They looked like a beast. They were also wearing a light armor over the pelts. They didn't even have weapons. But their eyes were completely blood red.

This person evilly grinned, ’’Oh, how many years has it been. Finally, some fresh meat has offered itself up to be eaten...’’

Ice Demon Man, Level 135, Level 3 Hybrid Demon!

I couldn't help but feel a little astonished when I saw the monster's level ’’This.... Aren't all of the Hybrid Demons in the Hybrid Demon Territory up north? Why are there hybrid demons in the Broken Blade Canyon too?’’

Wan Er quickly pulled out her dagger, ’’No idea... maybe the Hybrid Demons have already gone over the Ice Ridge Mountains. They might have even made it into the Southern Regions of the Continent. Prepare to kill. No wonder Wei Liang can't kill monsters here. Level 3 Hybrid Demons, they aren't going to be easy to kill!’’


I charged forward and threw a [Wind Blade] at the Ice Demon!



He didn't dodge at all and took my hit head on. It suddenly grabbed the blade of my Dragon Reservoir Sword and raised its right arm. Ice energy began to gather around its fist. ’’Hong!’’ It threw a punch straight into my Flying Scythe Horse. I shuddered and lost 6000 health. Motherf*cker, it's worthy of being a Level 3 Hybrid Demon. So savage!

I flicked my wrist, using my blade to shatter the ice energy from the Ice Demon Man I was gathering power in my fist. I suddenly stabbed forward with a [Fierce Ice Blade] and slashed with my Brilliant Flame Sword. I swung both swords with a barrage of attacks, but the Ice Demon Man didn't retreat a single step. It just stood there, holding my war horse back while fighting against me. Each of its punches had an ice effect. I was still ok, but Wan Er and Qing Qian were both receiving over ten thousand damage. It was especially critical against them.

Wan Er and Qing Qian were both top assassins in Tian Ling City. Plus the two girls had very good team work. They switched between [Gouge] and attacks to interrupt the Ice Demon Man's attack rhythm. They also made sure that we could deal with this Ice Demon without too much pressure!


I plunged my blade into the Ice Demon Man, killing it!


With a scream, it slowly fell to the ground. On top of that, it even dropped a long sword with ice revolving around it. I picked it up to look. The attack power wasn't too bad

[Frost Bite Sword] (Valkyrie Tier - Superior)

Attack: 2950-3400

Strength: +80


Agility: +75

Additional: Increases the user's attack power by 21%

Additional: Increases the user's attack output by 10%

Special: [Ice Concentrate] When attacking a target, there's a 30% chance of sealing the target in ice, decreasing the target's speed. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Special: [Ice Shield], Creates an ice shield, and takes 10,000 points of health. Consumes 75 points of rage

Required Level: 115


I gripped this Ice Concentrate Sword and sighed, ’’The Hybrid Demon monsters are starting to drop Valkyrie Tier weapons now. Looks like the Saint Tier weapons will soon become a common item....’’

Wan Er said, ’’The stats on this [Frost Bite Sword] are pretty good. It has a speed decrease effect as well as its own defense skill. On top of that, it has an attack power over 3400. It's already a top tier weapon. Keep it. It can strengthen the battle potential of our Steel Blade Horsemen.’’

I nodded and put the Frost Bite Sword into my bag.

We continued advancing forward into the Broken Blade Canyon, only to see that the Ice Demon Men had basically set up fort here in the canyon. There were more and more Ice Demon Men, forcing us to lure them over one by one. With the battle power of our little team, killing three Ice Demon Men at once was already our limit. Any more and we wouldn't be able to hold them off with our health limits.

However, there was one thing that made me particularly excited. When I killed the fifth Ice Demon Man, it dropped the second [Frost Bite Sword]. These Ice Demons seem to uniquely drop this weapon. This made the dream of equipping the Steel Blade Horsemen with this weapon more likely.


After a dozen minutes, three of the Ice Demons charged at us. They swung their ice covered fists. Each one had a lot of health, making it impossible to kill them quickly. We could only slowly kill them off one by one.

As we were fighting, one of the Ice Demon Men suddenly roared, ’’There's a crisis, we must return!’’

As it said that, the Ice Demon Men stopped fighting completely and took the other two sprinting into the canyon walls. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

’’Oh, what's going on?’’ I was stunned.

Wan Er's beautiful eyes glanced around. She suddenly seemed to have thought of something and immediately grabbed my horse's reigns, ’’Idiot, hurry up. Follow them!’’

I could tell something was up and grabbed Darling Duck onto my horse and shouted, ’’Follow me! You guys activate all of your speed skills!’’

I charged at the southern wall with my Flying Scythe War Horse. Wan Er and Qing Qian both used [Absolute Step] to follow behind me while Dong Cheng flapped her wings.


I rmamed into one of the sunk in areas of the stone. When I looked up, just west of the Broken Blade Canyon, I felt a strong breeze. At the same time, a stone skin boar happily walked into the canyon. It stepped in as though it were lost.

’’Well well, that stone skin boar is pretty cute...’’ Dong Cheng giggled.

I furrowed my brows, ’’Wait...’’


’’Hu hu.....’’

A biting gust blew past, as though bringing the cold air from the underworld. Suddenly, something dashed through the Broken Blade Canyon, and froze the little boar in its place. ’’Ji ji!’’ it cried out. Ice began to form around its body. It was even growing icicles off of its fierce fangs. Another gale blew past and ’’Pa Cha!’’ the little boar's body was crushed to pieces by blades of wind and then carried out on that same gust out of the Broken Blade Canyon. The little boar was actually smashed and then scattered into the wind!

It was only then that I realized the meaning behind Broken Blade Canyon.

’’That....’’ Wan Er gaped, ’’That little boar's fangs were even sturdier than Li Xiao Yao's sword right? It... it was actually crushed in a split second....’’

Qing Qian clenched her teeth, ’’Under the conditions of extreme cold, even gold will lose its durability and collapse with a blow.’’

The wind continued to rage on outside. I gripped the reins of my horse and protected the four girls in the hollow from the outside. At the same time, I could see several pieces of sharp rock fling in the wind. It was as though a cosmic storm had descended. The Broken Blade Canyon's flat surface was the masterpiece of this storm. Thankfully the Ice Demon Men had warned us. Otherwise, I'm afraid we'll turn out exactly like that little boar.

’’This map, isn't cute at all....’’ Darling Duck stuttered.

I nodded, ’’We'll have to be more careful as we continue. We're gonna have to estimate the time before the next gale comes after us....’’

When the gale finally subsided, Wan Er looked at the time and said, ’’It lasted for ten minutes!’’

’’Ok!’’ Pay attention to the movements of the Ice Demons. Who knows when the next wind will come at us. Whenever the time hits the hour, we all must be more careful and pay attention to every move of the Ice Demon Men in the distance. Those Ice Demon Men have been living in the Broken Blade Canyon for a long time now. They must know when this mortal wind arrives.




We continued grinding levels. Even though this map was very dangerous, the Ice Concentrate Sword that it dropped was well worth the risk. Besides, I could already see sheets of steel deposits along the Broken Blade Canyon's stone walls. There were several Level 11 and 12 steel deposits. These were all materials for creating weapons and fixing armor, another future trend in the game.

Soon after, the Ice Demon Men in the distance began to flock towards the caves on the two sides of the canyon, and hide. We did the same in turn, dodging another catastrophe. This time, we bound an Ice Demon Man in its spot. It had frozen on the spot and was then cut into a million pieces.

Wan Er glanced into the distance and then muttered, ’’Thirty seven minutes and twelve seconds. That's the interval between the gusts. Let's wait another hour just to make sure the pattern holds.

I smiled and nodded, ’’OK!’’


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