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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 707


Chapter 707 - Earth Bane Ox

’’Broken Blade Canyon?’’

’’Yup. It's a canyon that's just north of Tian Ling City, next to the War God River....’’ Qing Qian wryly smiled, ’’But, we have to pass through the Fierce Wind Forest. The level of the monsters in the Fierce Wind Forest are just too high and there's too many of them, so to these days, there haven't been many players from Tian Ling City that have been there. However, a few days ago, Wei Liang went to check it out by herself. This Broken Blade Canyon's mines are extremely fertile. Even [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] players haven't found this place. Why don't we try and sweep the map first?’’

I thought about it for a moment, ’’Yup, how many people do you think is suitable for this?’’

’’Five is enough. If we bring too many people then it'd be easy to catch unwanted attention.’’



After discussing it for a moment, Wan Er and Dong Cheng decided to go with us. Afterwards, we called on Darling Duck. The team was made pretty logically. After we finished eating, we set out.

It was seven at night, at the Northern Gate of Tian Ling City.

I lead the Flying Scythe War Horse along with my Ancient Heavenly Tiger to the gate. Soon after, Dong Cheng held her staff with Wan Er smiling beside her. Qing Qian and Darling Duck followed right behind them. All of them entered behind me. It's time to set out!

I urged my battle horse and slowly walked out. At the same time, I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I wanted to take advantage of the 150% increase in attack power that my [Kill for Blood] gave. Going to Broken Blade Canyon wouldn't be a bad idea. However, based on Wan Er's words, once there's a team battle, my Dragon Reservoir Sword's [Kill For Blood] at 150 makes it pretty much like squishing bugs. Actually, when you kill people in a game, you still feel a little bit of guilt. After all, it deals a blow to their pride and their self respect. However, the Greedy Wolf Players have been killing people everywhere in Tian Ling City. [Thousand Burial]'s reputation has already dropped down the toilet after they killed so many players in Tian Ling City. Killing these type of players was like robbing the rich and giving to the poor. There's no reason to feel the same guilt as killing normal people.

’’Sha sha....’’

Hooves stepped across the grass. We all entered the Fierce Wind Forest. This forest was just north of Tian Ling City and had quite a bit of resources in the map and it had a vast area of land. The forest produced large amounts of herbs, mines, food, and monsters. The monsters themselves were between the levels of 100-120. This was the primary map that players over level a hundred mostly frequented and so there were quite a few of players that were there. Actually some of them were even whistling at the girls in our team. However, once they saw the death glares from Wan Er and Qing Qian, these people immediately turned obedient. After all, everyone knew these two famous girls. They were the two vice guildmasters of [Zhan Long]. Nobody dared to provoke them.

From the forest, there were several wild bears roaming the thorny forests. I sent out my Ancient Heavenly Tiger while Wan Er sent out her Purple Kirin Dragon. The two of them went ahead of us and attacked the monsters, and protected our advance.

Before we got far, we heard the sounds of battle reach our ears. Qing Qian squinted, ’’Someone's PKing in the wild?’’

I quickly lead my horse forward and charged into the brush. I suddenly saw a group of people that were fighting each other. One group was from the [Wrath of Heroes], while the other was from Fan Shu City's [Knights Templar]. The two guilds didn't have a very good relationship with [Zhan Long], and it was just a conflict between two ten man teams. I didn't think much of it and smiled back to Wan Er, ’’Its nothing. Just a small thing. Let's continue forward.’’

As the scorching sun burned in the sky. Wan Er opened up her iron umbrella and smiled, ’’Yup!’’

Dong Cheng opened up her wings and flew high into the sky. As she carried her staff, she looked at the people PKing in the distance and smiled, ’’When they come out they don't focus on grinding but instead on PKing? They're destined to be low level their entire lives.’’

In the distance, a few of the players that were hacking away embarrassingly hid their faces and turned around to kill bears.


We continued forward. After half an hour, we opened up the map and looked in that direction, ’’We should be heading in the Northwest direction. This way, we can enter the Broken Blade Canyon!’’

Qing Qian shook her head, ’’No. Brother Xiao Yao, we should go in the North East direction and pass through the Broken Bones Shrubbery Forest. That way, we can enter the Broken Blade Canyon.’’

’’Why?’’ I was stunned.

Qing Qian smiled, ’’Because Wei Liang has shown me the Broken Blade Canyon map. This is a long canyon that goes towards the North East. On both sides are a ten thousand league tall walls while there are spiny thorns throughout the top. There's practically no way to pass through from the sides. On one head of the Broken Blade Canyon is the Broken Bone Shrubbery Forest, while on the other head is the War God's River. We don't have a boat and so we can only go through the other entrance.’’

I smiled, ’’Alright then, Qing Qian you lead the way.’’

’’Yup yup!’’

Qing Qian picked up her dagger and walked in front. I followed close behind. Dong Cheng and Darling Duck walked in the middle while Wan Er took the rear. All of us spent twenty minutes passing through the Broken Bone Shrubbery Forest. At first it looked like we needed an hour in order to get to the Broken Blade Canyon. On top of that, the number of monsters that we met on the way there was numerous. No wonder there weren't any players that were willing to enter this map.

The Broken Bone Shrubbery Forest was a cursed map. Maybe this was at first a battle field. The entire area was filled with the ghostly cries of spirits while bones were scattered across the ground. It was because of this that this map was known as the Broken Bone Shrubbery Forest. As we went forward, a small wild boar that looked like a tank appeared before us. It was a level 130 Titan Tier monster, the Stone Skin Boar. It had bone needles poking from its back. Its four stubby legs looked incredibly strong and it had two long fierce tusks protruding from its mouth. This boar looked at us with a very fierce expression.

’’Hu hu....’’

It slowly swung its tail and suddenly charged out. Qing Qian went forward in a clash. She cleverly maneuvered in a confusing pattern and struck her dagger into the Stone Skin Boar, and stunned it however, the attack only dealt 4000+ damage. This Stone Skin Boar's defense was incredibly high. In addition, when it charged, and dug its fierce fangs into Qing Qian's thigh. The beautiful little miss immediately retreated and dropped 3000 health.

I urged my horse to charge forward. The golden light of a [Combo] began to gather. In moments, I hacked the boar a dozen different times. It quickly turned around dealt a [Fang Assault]. I immediately lost a thousand health. My defense was clearly much stronger than Qing Qian's. I swung my sword a few times and helped kill the boar with Qing Qian's attacks.


The Stone Skin Boar died in seconds and a round helmet rolled to the ground. Qing Qian picked it up to look and smiled, ’’This helmet increases defense by 22% and it's an Emperor Tier equipment....’’

I nodded with a smile, ’’The stats aren't bad, why don't you take it!’’


Wan Er leaned her umbrella against her soft shoulder and walked over, ’’If we have time, it wouldn't be bad killing these monsters. Just now, the experience from the Stone Skin Boar was pretty good...’’

Qing Qian grinned, ’’Sister Cang Tong, don't panic. The Broken Blade Canyon's monsters have even higher experience. Wei Liang can't grind levels on her own in the Broken Blade Canyon. You can just imagine.’’

’’Yup, then let's hurry. To Broken Blade Canyon!’’



We continued forward and after killing another dozen Stone Skin Boar we had already entered the center of the Broken Bones Shrubbery Forest. We began to see more of the oxen as we passed through the shrubbery. Each of them had a thick green pelt covering their bodies. Furthermore, you can tell that it was extremely thick. There was a condensed barrier above it that looked very similar to a [Dragon Armor].

Earth Bane Ox, a Level 132 Titan Tier monster. It was extremely strong and had very thick skin and used a lot of flame type attacks.


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged over. This Earth Bane Ox wasn't something easy to deal with. It mooed and dipped and charged at me with its horns pointed at me. The only problem is that it couldn't beat much of my defense. Instead after a few cuts from my Brilliant Flame Emperor and the Dragon Reservoir Sword, I cut down half of its health. Finally, with a growl it fell over.

Wan Er picked up her dagger covered with the Ox's blood and looked up at me, ’’Pig, have you noticed it yet?’’

’’Have you noticed something yet?’’

’’The Ox's skin is really thick. Every time we hit it, it even reflects some damage back. Just now, when I threw three attacks with my [Blade of the Death God], I had lost a whole 1500 health from it....’’

’’Yup, I noticed. But it shouldn't be a problem, after all I brought Darling Duck.’’

’’Ok, alright then....’’


As we continued forward, I hadn't walked more than ten meters before a large group of players had charged out of the forest. Everybody had the same symbol on their shoulders. It was players from [Legend]!

’’Moo moo....’’

The cries of the cows echoed throughout the field. One of the knights rode on a Earth Bane Ox and charged over. It's movement speed wasn't much lower than the Steel Blade Horses. On top of that, it looked like it had very thick skin. It's Defense and Health might even bit a little stronger than the Steel Blade Horses. The person on top of the Earth Bane Ox was none other than the vice guildmaster of [Legend] Lu Chun Yang!

Lu Chun Yang picked up his long sword and smiled as he walked over, ’’What a coincidence. And here I thought that our [Legend] was the only guild to find out about the Broken Bone Shrubbery Forrest. I never thought that the [Zhan Long] players would come as well. Aren't you guys guarding the Greedy Wolf Raiders in the Green Qilin Valley?’’

I replied, ’’You don't need to have everyone there while you're guarding bodies. And so, the core players of [Zhan Long] came out to look for a new map. Rather, I was the one who couldn't imagine that [Legend] had already found this map. Besides....’’

I looked at Lu chun Yang's mount and smiled, ’’Besides, I never would have thought that these Earth Bane Oxes could actually become mounts. What's their tier?’’

Lu Chun Yang didn't try to hide and smiled, ’’Level 115 Saint Tier Mount. It increases health by 70,000, and it increases attack power and defense 25% less than the [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Cavalry, but it has a [Reflect] ability. It deals around 5% damage to the enemy. Its pretty good. It should be about the same tier as the Steel Blade Horsemen.’’

I licked my lips, ’’It can actually reflect damage. This mount should go towards Thorny Battle Style or Battle Reflux Style players. [Legend] has really good luck....’’

Lu Chun Yang laughed and patted the neck of the Earth Bane Ox, ’’How about we not become [House of Prestige] and fight forever for a Earth Bane Oxe? Guildmaster Xiao Yao, I applaud the fact that you and [Zhan Long] dare to provoke the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Even [Legend] needs to spend half a month here in order to try a stunt like that. We need to get as many Oxen as we can.’’

I nodded, ’’Yup, I was just passing by. The Broken Bones Shrubbery Forest isn't our target.’’


Lu Chun Yang smiled, ’’Brothers, watch our friends of [Zhan Long] out!’’


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