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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 706


Chapter 706 - The Evolution of [Turmoil Sword]

Chi Yu Han gripped his Heaven's Spite Sword and galloped forward. A group of Greedy Wolf Raiders swung their swords to parry the attacks but never did they imagine that this BOSS level NPC who had recovered most of his Holy Domain strength would roar, ’’Get the f*ck out of my way!’’


A wave of sword energy flew past twenty Greedy Wolf Raiders who spontaneously had their health dropped to critical. Behind Chi Yu Han, Chi Yu Qing cracked her whip. With a sharp crack, she killed them off one by one. Behind her, an army of Deep Freeze Cavalry also charged in from behind. ’’Peng peng peng’’ they rammed the Greedy Wolf Raiders back. With a thrust of their spears, blood spurted forward.

The Deep Freeze Cavalries' attacks massacred the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Every one of the Deep Freeze Cavalry had the exact same stats as I so it wasn't strange that they didn't get much pressure the Greedy Wolf Raiders.

’’Don't panic. These are just NPCs. Focus your firepower and kill them all!’’

Call Me Master picked up her long sword and charged over. With a [Courageous Ram], she knocked over one of the Deep Freeze Cavalry. You Yi and Not Ordinary both jumped to action. Added on with a rain of arrows, at that moment, the Deep Freeze Horseman grunted and fell off his horse. The NPC people also have health and can be killed.



I suddenly raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and growled, ’’Charge. Support the charge from the Deep Freeze Cavalry and don't let them die for nothing!’’

Four thousand Steel Blade Cavalry started their assault from behind. At that moment, the Greedy Wolf Raiders took another huge loss. The rate at which they were losing players was shocking. You Yi and Not Ordinary took his players left and right, but could not lose our pursuit. Shen Bing also brought a group of assassins and mages for their retreat. However, once they got close to the forest, they were shot back by a barrage of Heavy Flame Archers. Chi Yu Qing picked up her whip and arrived in the forest and lead a thousand two hundred Heavy Flame Archers!

’’F*ck, we're f*cked....’’

Five hundred [Thousand Burial] players had practically been instantly killed by the Heavy Flame Archers. Maybe the appearance of the Deep Freeze Cavalry dealt a blow to Not Ordinary, but the Heavy Flame Archers had put Not Ordinary into complete despair. This will very soon become their grave!

’’Charge at those Heavy Flame Archers!’’ Not Ordinary was making his last struggles, ’’These NPC troops are recruited using resources and money, they aren't endless. Charge at them and kill them all. Let Li Xiao Yao take the cost!’’

Wolf immediately turned around and softly said, ’’Take two thousand men and protect the Heavy Flame Archers!’’

Yue Yao Yan immediately led a group of Steel Blade Horsemen over to protect the Heavy Flame Archers, and demolished Not Ordinary's plan. Li Mu, Wan Er and I, on the other hand, lead the Steel Blade Horsemen forward in a charge, and surrounded the Greedy Wolf Raiders on all three sides, which helped the Deep Freeze Cavalry's charge, as they dyed this Sword Saint Forest red. After killing for three whole hours finally, not a single person from the thirty thousand players from [Thousand Burial] had survived. Everyone's corpses were strewn across the grounds of the forest while [Zhan Long] had lost around ten thousand players. Three for one, this was a worthwhile transaction.


A chilling breeze brushed past my face. I sat on my horse in the midst of a sea of bodies and commanded people to sweep the battlefield. Right now, [Zhan Long] was the owner of this battlefield and so it was our right to clean up the field. Everything the Greedy Wolf Raiders had dropped was here. They had probably dropped quite a few of the things they got when they ambushed [Judgement] and [Flying Dragon]. Just in time to help strengthen [Zhan Long] a bit.

’’Guildmaster, what do we do now? Death God's Elegy raised his sword and charged over. As he asked that, I could tell he really had a lot of guts. From the beginning he's been fighting all the way until now. He's probably killed well over fifty people. On top of that, he didn't seem to be afraid of death at all. Even when his team had been defeated, he continued to fight. He really was quite the character.

I looked at the entire battle field and said, ’’Let everyone grind levels here and don't go too far. We'll guard their bodies for now, guard them for ten hours. We'll let the people of [Zhan Long] have at least ten hours of peace and quiet!’’

Death God's Elegy laughed ’’Ok, I understand. [Zhan Long: division Three]'s three thousand players will guard their corpses!’’

I was speechless.


At that moment, ’’Di!’’ I received a message. It had come from the guildmaster of [Judgement], ’’Ha ha, congratulations brothers. Xiao Yao, you really are incredibly OP. You actually managed to completely annihilate the Greedy Wolf Raiders from [Thousand Burial]!’’

I smiled back, ’’It's just luck. I owe my victory to the NPC soldiers of the Dragon's Den.’’

’’Don't be too humble. And thank you. I'll consider this battle as revenge for [Judgement]!’’

’’Yup, no problem. We're all friends.’’

’’Alright then, you continue working. We'll take everyone searching through the new maps later.’’


It was very clear. Once Ye Lai had seen the power of the Steel Blade Horsemen and the Greedy Wolf Raiders, there was no way this battle berserker could stay put. He must be putting all of his efforts into searching for mount maps. Throughout this half a month, the Greedy Wolf Raiders haven't been doing anything else but teach the guilds of Tian Ling City a lesson, just how important a large scale cavalry really is.

Soon after, I received another message. It was from the beautiful vice guildmaster of [Vanguard] Simple , ’’Xiao Yao, thank you. You have finally taken revenge for that time that [Vanguard] was bullied by the Greedy Wolf Raiders!’’

I smiled, ’’No problem, just doing my duty. Besides, this time the Raiders wanted to annihilate [Zhan Long]. They were courting death on their own. If I didn't satisfy them, then it would really be a disappointment.’’

Simpe said, ’’Yup, good luck. I won't bother you any longer.’’



I opened up the Tian Ling City forums, only to see that the battle between the Steel Blade Horsemen and the Greedy wolf Raiders had already been uploaded onto the site. The title was , ’’Everyone's Satisfaction! [Zhan Long] went all out and annihilated sixteen thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders!’’ It was incredible how hot the post was. All of the players of Tian Ling City had been suffering under the oppression of the Greedy wolf raiders for too long. This battle helped them all let out a sigh of relief. You can tell just from the forums how happy [Zhan Long]s battle made everyone

[First Reply] Player War Hawk: Motherf*cking h*ll, the Greedy Wolf Raiders have finally suffered for their crimes!

[Second Reply] Player A Glass of Regret: First reply, then watch!

[Third Reply] Player Blade Temper: D*mn, [Zhan Long] really has the guts. Beautifully done!

[Fourth Reply] Player Three Thousand Layer Armor: Beautiful. Looks like these Greedy wolf Players won't dare to say anything like battle for the sake of battle. Nor would they say anything like number one army of Tian Ling City ever again!

[Fifth Reply] Player Rain Smile: I truly applaud [Zhan Long]. Even when [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] protected themselves and didn't dare to provoke [Thousand Burial], [Zhan Long] stood out!

[Sixth Reply] Player Little Scholar: That's a little exaggerated, [Legend] wasn't trying to protect itself, we just didn't want to enter into a pointless battle.

[Seventh Reply] Player Gooodbye Tears: I think that Rain Smile was right on point. You guys just didn't have the guts to battle it out with the Greedy wolf Raiders!

[Eighth Repl] Player Little Scholar: Who said so? Goodbye Tears, just you wait, I will lead a team of [Legend]'s divisions to attack those Greedy Wolf Raiders just for you!

[Ninth Reply] Player Yan Zhao Warrior: I'll be waiting!


I closed the forums and continued to patrol the battlefields. Even though [Zhan Long] had lost quite a bit in this battle, our reputation and critique had risen quite a bit. You can't tell at this point, but these would eventually become the building blocks of [Zhan Long]'s development. Those upholding justice will find help all around, the ancients weren't lying....

Upon examination, after this battle, there weren't any losses to the Heavy Flame Archers. However, the Deep Freeze Cavalry had lost 71 people. I immediately recruited another thousand people and then continued to level up the buildings. Once I had leveled all of them to Level 9, I will be able to level up the city. Once the Dragon's Den levels up to a Lvl 9 city, then we'd be able to recruit Flame Eagle Archers to the Eagle's Nest. This type of flexible air force had imaginable advantages. Maybe the Heavy Flame Archers were suitable for city defense, but the Flame Eagle Archers were truly a worthy attack type soldier!

Pleased, I leveled up the Eagle's Nest to a Level 9. Afterwards, I began to level up the entire city.


In less than three hours, the [Thousand Burial] players couldn't stand to be held down in the end. The first wave of players had already begun to revive. However, with half health and half magic, they couldn't parry the charges of the Steel Blade Cavalry. Li Mu lead 3000+ of the Steel Blade Cavalry and cut them down in three to five hits. That just told the rest of the [Thousand Burial] players to obediently stay put and don't think too much.

I urged my horse to stand beside Not Ordinary and You Yi's corpses. As I was on a battle horse, I continuously hacked at the air. They couldn't understand what I was doing at all while they were in their spirit forms, but I knew what was going on. I don't know how long it would take to completely understand the flying swordplay. After I experienced so much if I could actually understand it, the it would be groundbreaking!




One after another, I threw out the swords. I swung my sword as sweat rolled down my face. Finally, ’’Ding!’’ I heard a familiar sound. I felt happiness rush through my heart. Did I get it? I looked at the news. It wasn't [Flying Swordplay], but it wasn't anything normal either. It was actually the evolution of [Turmoil Sword]


System Notification: Congratulations, your custom skill [Turmoil Sword], due to familiarity with the skill, has evolved to a Holy Ghost second tier skill!


I opened up my skill page once again. [Turmoil Sword] now had a golden glow behind it. The skill flashed with a glimmering light. Afterwards, I looked at the details of the skill and was beside myself with excitement. This Holy Ghost Tier Two skill wasn't just an S tier skill

[Turmoil Sword] (Holy Ghost Tier Two): Once you pull out your sword, your attack power increases by 70% and your attack speed increases by 35%. This does not consume any energy. This skill has no level.


I was ecstatic. So my pulling out my sword time and time again had not gone to waste, I had actually evolved my skill. This Holy Ghost Second Tier [Turmoil Sword] actually increases my attack power by 70% and my attack speed by 35% after I pull out my sword. Isn't this exactly where my advantage lies?

I happily continued to practice the maneuvers. Not long after Not Ordinary, You Yi and the rest tried to counterattack once more, but Wan Er, Qing Qian and Wolf who were hidden in [Stealth] mode not far behind me had killed them all. Not Ordinary was underestimating my intelligence too much. There were high level officers all over this place. How could we not guard it. We had only hidden the guards better.


After killing Not Ordinary again, Qing Qian picked up her dagger and said, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, shall we go grind levels?’’

’’Do you have a place in mind?’’ I asked.

’’Yup, Broken Blade Canyon!’’


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