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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 705


Chapter 705 - Strike of the Deep Freeze Cavalry

The cries of battle horses echoed throughout the field. After the second charge, everyone lined up neatly in the forest. A group of Steel Blade Horsemen dashed out and fixed their positions, reorganizing the formation. This was a very quick process. The Greedy Wolf Raiders were also already preparing for a third charge.

’’Pa pa....’’

I let my Dragon Reservoir Sword drop. This Demon Harvest Tier blade did not absorb blood. All of the blood of my prey had slid off the tip, and dripped onto the grass beside my horse's hoof. Beside me were the bodies of the Greedy Wolf Raiders and the equipments that they dropped. When Greedy Wolf Raiders killed people, they got a higher drop rate, but you could also tell that they dropped quite a bit as well when they died.


’’Shua shua shua....’’

Rays of light fell from the sky. The healers that Qing Qian had arranged to grind in the area were beginning to appear. They healed up the Steel Blade Horsemen while casting [Hundred Battles] Buffs. This way, the Steel Blade Horsemen's defense and attack advantage was even greater.

’’Ha, ha....’’ Li Mu huffed. He laid his blade across his horse's back and said, ’’D*mn, we lost another 700 Steel Blade Horsemen. We only have 2500 left of our 4000 Cavalry!’’

I nodded and said, ’’Defend in our original position. Don't break out of formation. Wan Er's group is almost here. Later on, we'll just continue to push forward and resurrect the brothers that died. Once we establish 4000 Steel Blade Horsemen, the Greedy Wolf Raiders won't even have the chance to cry!’’

Li Mu chuckled, ’’Yup. The Greedy Wolf Raiders have already lost close to 5000 players. Not Ordinary's expression is turning uglier and uglier!’’

Wang Jian asked, ’’Then what do we do now?’’

Matcha said, ’’Follow Boss's orders and wait for them to attack!’’


Qing Qian raised her dagger and slowly walked out from the trees. Her clever eyes seemed to brighten up, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, we've received new intel. Bai Mo Yan is leading 12,000 [Thousand Burial] players that have appeared around Bowl Valley. They'll be here soon, tops 15 minutes.’’

’’Gu Dong....’’

Old K swallowed and said, ’’Is [Thousand Burial] trying to battle to the death with us?’’

Yao Yan picked up her dagger and smiled, ’’Isn't that perfect? All day, Tian Ling City has been flipped on its head from these Greedy Wolf Raiders eliminating all these guilds. [Zhan Long] might as well take this chance to give them a good beating, let them know just how little they are worth. This time, as long as [Zhan Long] wins, the Greedy Wolf Raiders won't ever dare to touch us again.’’

I nodded, ’’Yup, let's keep working hard!’’

As I finished talking, I opened up the interface for managing the city and began moving some of the troops. I ordered Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing to move a thousand Deep Freeze Cavalry and one thousand two hundred Heavy Flame Archers out of the city towards the Sword Saint Forest. This was the perfect time to display the strength of the NPC army of the Dragon's Den!


A few minutes later, Wan Er and Dong Cheng lead ten thousand of [Zhan Long]'s main players and appeared behind us in the Sword Saint Forest. Li Mu furrowed his brows and said, ’’We should have more people than that right?’’

I replied, ’’The rest went to cut off the Greedy Wolf Raiders retreat. We're going to surround them in a pincer attack. This time, we're not letting a single one out!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

Qing Qian said, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, the Greedy Wolf Raiders are preparing to battle again!’’

I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and rose it above my head, and shouted, ’’Steel Blade Cavalry, defend!’’

Two thousand five hundred of the Steel Blade Horsemen all raised their blades and shields and began to form a defensive formation. We were all riding on battle horses, and covered the group of people that Wan Er and Dong Cheng had lead. The Greedy Wolf Raiders were at least 400 yards away from us. On the map in front, I could see masses of red dots. In addition, Not Ordinary and You Yi should know that they have to put all of their stakes in this battle. Otherwise, the Greedy Wolf Raiders would be completely defeated in today's battle!



You Yi pulled out a flaming sword and shouted, ’’Greedy Wolf Raiders, prepare to attack. Li Xiao Yao. He arrogantly thinks that he can act however he wants with a guild and a city behind his back. Today, us fifteen thousand Raiders will teach Li Xiao Yao and Zhan Long a lesson. One city isn't enough to save you from your fate. Brothers, listen up, Sister Mo Mo is leading our main force here to reinforce us. Let's charge at them before they get here! Hear my command, attack!’’

Minimalist and Call Me Master all raised their swords and began the third charge.

[Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Cavalry picked up their shields, welcoming the charge this time. The Steel Blade Horsemen each had incredibly high defenses. We were not at a disadvantage in this kind of defensive position.

In the distance, the Greedy Wolf Raiders were charging right at us. Ten thousand horsemen were all coming at us in a single wave. The sight of them was extremely terrifying. Before we clashed, they had already pulled out their swords and activated [Flying Sword] and [Sword Break] which rammed against the Steel Blade Frontlines. However, we had countless healers behind us. The entire formation lit up with healing spells. While the Greedy Wolf Raiders had their high attack power, to kill someone while they were being spam healed was a pipe dream. Besides, overall, the [Zhan Long] equipment and skill level was much higher than the [Thousand Burial] players!

In the end, under the barrage of the Greedy Wolf Raiders, the Steel Blade Horsemen didn't fall. I heard Dong Cheng's voice in a shout, ’’Let's give them a taste of our [Lightning Eagle Formation]!’’

In the next moment, a lightning net fell upon the Greedy Wolf Raiders in waves. Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns all activated their attack. The Raiders were specialized in attack power and attack speed, but not magic resistance. In the end, a huge crowd had been killed in the barrage.

Among the crowd of people, I heard Dancing Forest's voice rise up as well, ’’Little Lie, focus your firepower on Minimalist and kill him!’’


Dancing Forest's cold arrow sliced through the air beside Li Mu's shoulder and ’’PA!’’ thudded into Minimalist's chest. [Scatter Shot] had activated. Right at that moment Xing Lie shot multiple [Break Armor Bullet]s into Minimalist's armor followed with a [Magma Shot]+[Flame Bullet]. Large damage numbers flew up. An attack that ignored 70% of the target's defense was not a joke. Three attacks in a row while he was stunned was enough to instantly kill him.


You Yi's face turned green, ’’G*dd*mm*t m*therf*ck*r, he killed Minimalist.... Which musketeer was that? Charge over and kill him!’’

Call Me Master pierced her spear through a Steel Blade Cavalry and shouted back, ’’It's the musketeer called Like a Fierce Flame, however he's at least 50 yards away from Minimalist. His shot was very far.... I'm afraid that by the time we reach him, we'll be killed ourselves!’’

You Yi was pissed off but he had no way to solve his predicament.

Rather, now that Xing Lie, Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng all worked together, one after another the CBN Battlenet experts that were invited into the guild had all been killed. These were originally the core strength of the Greedy Wolf Raiders, and they were also the pillar of support for many of the players in the Brigade. Along with their deaths, the morale of the Brigade also dropped bit by bit. In the end, before they could even break the Steel Blade Horsemen's formation, their own formation was starting to break. Quite a few were giving up on the battle.


Not Ordinary's expression got darker, ’’Retreat. We'll go and meet Mo Yan's team and then battle them!’’

You Yi raised his long sword, ’’Retreat!’’

Then, in the forest behind the Brigade, countless [Zhan Long] players appeared. Wolf had his dagger in hand and lead more than ten thousand of [Zhan Long]s team members to block their retreat. He smiled, ’’Seeing as you dared to come, then don't even think about leaving.... Otherwise, wouldn't that make [Zhan Long] seem too uncourteous? Brothers, Kill. Don't leave a single one!’’

Behind Wolf, there was a group of cavalry riding players. Even though they weren't riding on Steel Blade Mounts, their battle power was also impressive. Besides, there were less than seven thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders left and they were losing their fighting spirit, making it easier to fight.

When You Yi glanced over, his temper grew even worse, ’’Is [Zhan Long] planning on killing us all here? Dream on!’’

Not Ordinary raised his battle axe and shouted, ’’Everyone turn to the Southwest and charge! Use your [Charge] state. These people won't be able to block our speed and attack advantage!’’


The sounds of fighting rose up. As they were being pursued by the Steel Blade Horsemen, the Greedy Wolves charged at the Wolf's team. Another large troop of [Thousand Burial] players appeared in that direction. Shen Bing had brought reinforcements.

Light reflected from the blades throughout the field. After that slaughter, the people that Wolf had brought really couldn't hold off the charge from the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Very soon, Not Ordinary's seven thousand Raiders had joined up with Shen Bing's twelve thousand players. They reorganized themselves, forming a twenty thousand man army. Not Ordinary's face had brightened up as he swung his battle axe and laughed, ’’Counter attack!’’

Li Mu frowned, ’’I think that the tides about to change again!’’

I lowered my voice, ’’Don't panic. Revive all of the Steel Blade Cavalry and prepare our defense!’’

’’We're defending again?’’

’’Yup, we're waiting for the chance to attack!’’


Even though Li Mu wasn't sure what tricks I had up my sleeve, he had confidence in my ability to command. He immediately organized everyone in the plains in a defensive formation. I could see in the distance that some of the Greedy Wolf Raiders had been revived. Close to eight thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders charged at [Zhan Long]'s formation again. On top of that, they now had the [Hundred Battles] BUFF and [Heals] as well as support firepower.

The Flame Greedy Wolves raised their paws in the air and roared, excitedly bounding towards the battle.

Right at that moment, I shifted my thoughts, ’’Chi You Han, attack!’’



The forest in the distance suddenly began to sway. An army of Deep Freeze Cavalry suddenly charged out into the field. Each and every one of them swung their halberds while the battle horses galloped forward. Chi Yu Han rode in the very front on a black battle horse. This was a general with a hundred points in military power. His attack power shouldn't be too bad. In addition, these Deep Freeze Cavalry all have 100% of my stats. One can just imagine how destructive their charging power is!

’’Ah, is that the NPC army?!’’ Qing Qian widened her eyes and smiled, ’’Ohhh, this time we're definitely going to win. Brother Xiao Yao actually has this card still!’’

Li Mu grinned, ’’No wonder you wanted us to defend. So you had these Deep Freeze Cavalry charge at them first....’’


The Greedy Wolves were not quite as conversational and carefree as us. Not Ordinary's frown deepened, ’’What's up with those NPC Horsemen? This...’’

You Yi clenched his teeth, ’’It's the army from the Dragon's Den. Li Xiao Yao already has his own NPC army. Motherf*cker! Don't be afraid. They have a thousand at most. We'll just kill them. Once an NPC soldier dies, it won't revive!’’


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