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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 704


Chapter 704 - The Wolf Brigade's Violent Battle


My Dragon Reservoir Sword slid out of its sheathe as I raised my blade up high. I stood before the Steel Blade Cavalry and shouted, ’’Prepare to charge! A test to see the true battle potential of the Steel Blade Cavalry has finally arrived!’’

Li Mu roared, ’’Charge! Its time we rescue the brothers from division Three!’’

Four thousand horsemen. All of the battle horses in the front row stamped their hooves against the ground in impatience. They kicked off and charged straight into the plains. Li Mu, Wang Jian and I were amongst them. In the distance, we could already see the fiery red plains. There were countless Greedy Wolf Cavalry in the distance. There was no other choice for the Steel Blade Cavalry. It was time to face our enemy, no matter if they were four times our size!


The key to cavalry battles was movement. Continuous charges to create as much damage as possible. This was a principle that Li Mu and Wang Jian had ingrained into the four thousand Steel Blade Horsemen. Naturally, it was something everyone understood. I also had a lot of trust in everyone's battle power. There was nothing much left to say but to charge!

As we pulled closer, I could finally clearly see all of the bloody marks on Death God's Elegy's face. When he saw us, he whooped, ’’The main guild's Steel Blade Cavalry is here to help us. Brothers, prepare to turn around for another fight!’’

’’D*mnn that b*st*rd....’’ I was speechless.

Death God's Elegy truly was a madman. He cracked his whip and turned his horse' head. Then, he took the fourty horsemen he brought charging out and flipped around to become a sharp knife aimed at the Greedy Wolf Troops. Lunatic, he really was a lunatic. This was a group of lunatics that won't rest until they die!


I couldn't bear to see Death God Elegy and the rest die for nothing and so I immediately charged faster, entering into the Charge state. I dashed full speed ahead. My Flying Scythe War Horse was extremely fast, and I quickly managed to catch up with Death God's Elegy. Since I had the role as the vanguard of the charge, I took the most damage!


My [Wall of Dou Qi] activated and I summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger. Man and Tiger charged into the fray. I swung my sword, and threw [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Sword Tempest] into the crowd. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger then used [Fierce Roar]+[Burstfire Raid]. In a split second, these Greedy Wolf Raiders were all plunged into critical health. Furthermore, my little tiger's [Burstfire Raid] created flaming trails. These Raiders charged right through the flames at me, and took burn damage. To add on to that effect I had activated [Halberd Flame], I had created a blazing hell. In that instant I had killed over forty Raiders!

Death God's Elegy raised his spear, and used a [Cleansing Wind] to recover some health. He then threw a [Skyshaker Stab], and pierced through the chest of one of the Raiders as he roared, ’’Die!’’

[Flame Axe] activated, which instantly killed him. This all attack points knight had a terrifying attack power!

Behind me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K had all charged into the crowd of Greedy Wolf Raiders. Old K immediately used a [Whirlwind Slash] to brush past everyone into the center. Wang Jian and Li Mu on the other hand used theiir [Blade rush] to cut in.With their teamwork, they killed a dozen people all at once. Behind them, Steel Blade Horsemen were continuously charging forward and threw [Flying Sword] and [Sword Break] skills. The only thing that did not change was that nobody halted for a single moment. They only continued to charge forward.

On the battlefield, the Steel Blade Horsemen and the Greedy Wolf Raiders had already pierced into each other's formation. The sounds of battle rang through the earth and the dust flew up in the sky. The dust was so thick that you could barely see in front of you. All that was left was a cloudy air as we were cast into the midst of battle. I continued to swing my sharp blade. I hacked down and parried the attacks of the other players. At this point nobody cared about who was fighting who. All that was left was a single thought. Kill!


Blood dyed the grass of the plains a deep crimson. I lost count of the number of people my Flying Scythe War Horse had rammed into the air. Both of my swords were drenched in blood. All of the Steel Blade Horsemen had activated their [Flame] skills and charged as they burned the enemies around them. This only increased their efectiveness by 50%. As for our numbers, we were at least not at a disadvantage to our opponents.

After fifteen minutes, both sides had cut through each other's formations and both were starting to congregate together once again.

’’Huff huff...’’ Li Mu drew a hoarse breath and shouted, ’’Soldiers, send someone to confirm our losses!’’

I said, ’’No need to confirm. We've lost 800 players while the Greedy Wolf Raiders have lost 2100. Its in the system tools.’’


Li Mu clenched his teeth, ’’We lost so many people in a single charge. If we charge another two times, then we'll have to give up all four thousand of our Steel Blade Horsemen. How can we continue this battle...’’

Wang Jian added, ’’That's right. There's just too many of their Greedy Wolf Raiders. Their formation is at least 3-4 times bigger than ours. We're going to have to take more damage. Quite a few brothers have already died because we don't have support.’’

I wiped away some of the blood on my face and smiled, ’’Prepare to charge. Qing Qian is already bringing 3000 people to come heal us. Wan Er is also bringing players from the main guilds to cut off their rear from Sword Saint Forest!’’

’’Alright then, Kill them all!’’


In the second charge, we saw Not Ordinary, You Yi and Minimalist in the opponent's front row. They had all clenched their teeth and looked as though they wanted nothing more than to swallow the Steel Blade Cavalry whole. In this single charge, they had lost over 2000 of their Greedy Wolf Raiders. They must have never suffered a loss as great as that throughout the entire week. Most male players have the personality of a wolf. On the other hand, Call me Master, and Su Yan were very calm. They picked up their swords and spears and quietly watched the movement of the battlefield.


Call me Master said, ’’we've been stuck here for too long. It s been 30 minutes, enough time for [Zhan Long] s reinforcements to come. Their fort is only 2000 yards away from here. Getting here won't take long. We cannot drag this battle out or else the advantage of the Greedy Wolves won't be fully utilized.’’

Not Ordinary wiped some blood off of his battle axe and didn't appear worried, ’’Master, don't worry. While Zhan Long has their reinforcements so do we. The Greedy Wolf Brigade cannot lose this battle. As long as we can win against [Zhan Long], we'll become the number one guild in Ba Huang City. Who would dare to challenge that? Even if we lose, at least we'll have fought a bloody battle with Zhan Long. There are no regrets! We'll be much stronger than the guilds like [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of Heroes] and [Valley of the Gods].’’

Call me Master bit her lip, ’’Ok, alright then....’’

Su Yan raised his long sword and said, ’’Prepare for the second round of charges. We have to avoid Xiao Yao Zi Zai, General Wang Jian, and General Li Mu's direct charge. These three are [Zhan Long]'s Death Gods!’’

On the side, a Level 116 berserker ’’Sick for You’’ raised his battle axe and smiled, ’’What is there to be afraid of? Later, F*ck can charge with me. Everyone else, provide some support. Let's do all we can to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai and strike at [Zhan Long]'s morale!’’

There was another Level 116 Berserker whose name was ’’F*ck your Mother’’ that leaned his axe against his shoulder. He smiled, ’’Just what I wanted.

Call me Master was speechless, ’’Yue Yao Chen, go help them. Don't lose too many people!’’

Yue Yao Chen nodded, ’’Understood!’’


Everyone spurred on their battle horses. The hooves pounded against the plains as the second charge began!

I relied on the natural advantages of my Flying Scythe War Horse and charged on forward. Right in front of me was ’’Sick for You’’ and ’’F*ck’’. They turned their horses and charged straight towards me. Even an idiot could tell that I was that group's target. They wanted to kill me!

I glanced around and shouted in the team chat, ’’Matcha, help me out!’’

Matcha followed up behind me and smiled, ’’Alright boss!’’


I locked onto an empty area and used [Charge]. I suddenly sped forward like a flash of light. ’’Sick for You’’ stiffened and quickly used a [Battle Axe Throw]!



It broke my defense! No wonder he was a team leader level player. His attack power is pretty good!

My [Charge] cut across to ’’Sick for You’’. Without giving him time to react, I sliced my Dragon Reservoir Sword forward. ’’Keng!’’ I pushed him back. I then opened a hand and locked [Binding Chains] onto him. On the other hand, ’’F*ck’’ picked up his battle axe and rushed over at me. He was using a [Burning the Enemy's Boats]. In the midst of the dust, the sight of his glowing axe truly raised goosebumps.

Right at that moment, a beautiful figure flashed by. The Moonlight of a Thousand Leagues Horse's white coat suddenly rammed against ’’F*ck’’ as he was executing the [Burning the Boats] skill. Matcha then swung her sword and threw a [Phantom Ray Slash]+[Skyshaker Pierce]. Although ’’F*ck’’ hadn't died, Matcha smiled and raised her shield. ’’Peng’’ she smashed his face in. A few of his teeth had even flown into the air. ’’F*ck’’ flipped off his horse and was battered to death by Matcha's shield.

The moment ’’F*ck’’ fell off his horse, I charged at ’’Sick for You’’. I plunged my blade right into his chest. I felt a shiver run through my body. Yue Yao Chen had arrived. She was activating [Glacial Blizzard] on her blade. ’’Peng!’’ It smashed into my shoulder!


That attack power was a little too OP!

I raised my sword and killed ’’Sick for You’’ in one stroke. I then immediately turned around and opened my left palm. My [Dragon's Hook] shot out. ’’Pu Chi1’’ It pierced through Yue Yao Chen as we passed by each other. I then dragged her towards me. ’’Shua!’’ Yue Yao Chen flew off of his Greedy Wolf and was dragged over by me. I reached out and grabbed his chestplate, and pulled him onto the Flying Scythe Horse.

Yue Yao Chen swung his blade to deal an ambush but I parried the blow. Rage colored his face, ’’If you want to kill me then kill me. Nobody in [Thousand Burial] will become a captive....’’

I flung him into the air thinking that was too much effort. I shouted, ’’Kill him with shots!’’

Old K, Dong Cheng and a group of berserkers all activated [Battle Axe Throw] at him. ’’Peng peng peng!’’ the attacks struck. Blood spurted forward. Before Yue Yao Chen had even hit the ground, he had died. MotherF*cker, these [Zhan Long] berserkers have a pretty good reaction. Their skills were all spot on and on time!


I gulped down a Level 11 potion and continued to fend off the various charges from other players. I used my King Ring for its 20% [Drain] while I hacked away at other players to gain more health. I proudly stood tall and did not fall in the face of this army. This was the greatest advantage to Battle Reflux style. In a large scale battle like this, the Battle Reflux Style truly dominated all other styles!

Screams rose up all around me. Some were from the Greedy Wolf Raiders, some were from the Steel Blade Horsemen. After this fierce second charge, I looked behind me. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all looked as though they had been dragged through a river of blood.

On this plain, there were equipments and potions everywhere but nobody was sweeping the area. Before this battle had been decided, nobody was going to sweep the battlefield. Otherwise, that would mean death. The losses suffered from trying to gain spoils of war from the enemy while they could still kill you was just too great.


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