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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 702


Chapter 702 - Fishing

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. It was already the tenth day since the Hero's Wings Chinese Server Competition had finished. In these ten days, quite a few things had happened. After [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard] had allied with each other against [Thousand Burial], Not Ordinary did not let his Greedy Wolf Brigade laze around. He actually managed to grow his army to 15,000 Raiders. This was an alarming number in Tian Ling City. And so, now that not Ordinary had such a large mobile heavy army, he began more decisively battling with others. First, he attacked a five thousand man team from [Wrath of Heroes]. That was a battle of complete annihilation. [Wrath of Heroes] practically had no way of counter attacking before they were wiped out.

After another two days, the fifteen thousand man Greedy Wolf Brigade took the stage again and ambushed [Flying Dragon]'s main army in PanGu's abyss. Soaring Dragon couldn't stand such petty actions and he immediately assembled his army. In the end, he used 27,000 of [Flying Dragon]'s players, but was still defeated in one fell swoop by the Greedy Wolf Brigade. Everyone in [Flying Dragon] had died, while the Greedy Wolf Raiders only lost 7000 of their players. They had defeated Flying Dragon in a 1:3 ratio. Drunken Spear had killed a whole three hundred Greedy Wolf Raiders, but he was still overrun by their sheer numbers.

Three days later, Not Ordinary's great ambitions had not been satisfied yet. He brazenly made a move on [Judgement], one of the ten great guilds of Tian Ling City. He ambushed an expedition force created by Ye Lai. There was a total of 18,000 players in it. Even Ye Lai's handpicked [Judgement] Cavalry of 4000 players were in it. In the end, they still couldn't hold against the 15,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders. Finally, even Ye Lai had died in battle. However, Not Ordinary did not gain much either. After killing all 18,000 of his opponent, he had lost 12,000 of his Greedy Wolf Raiders. However, the final sweep of the field was left in the hands of [Thousand Burial], bringing the Greedy Wolf Raiders' equipment to a new level.

A day ago, the fifteen thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders went out once more, this time and attacked one of [House of PRestige]'s teams. In a short two hours, he had wiped out the nine thousand man team lead by Swift Thunder and Bai Li Ruo Hai, while he had lost less than 3000 Raiders. This only boosted his reputation even higher. He was probably already starting to notice that these fifteen thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders was the ace in his deck. He was already starting to raise his own flag in Tian Ling City. If he could in the game, I believe that Not Ordinary would already start claiming himself to be a king....

However, Not Ordinary hasn't truly allowed his victories to rush to his head. After all this time, he has not dealt a hand on [Legend], [Hero's Mound], or [Zhan Long]. He's been waiting for an opportunity. Waiting for himself to become strong enough. Then he will launch a victorious strike. Based on Not Ordinary's arrogance, there's no chance he wouldn't try to challenge the three great guilds. The only problem is that he didn't feel the opportunity has matured yet. Once it arrives, he will step over the corpses of the three great guilds and climb to the golden seat as number one guild in Tian Ling City.


Afternoon, Inside a cafe in Liu Hua University.

I leaned into my chair and relished the feeling of the sun's rays hitting my skin. I held a coffee cup in one hand as I felt the heat from it spread into my hands. I was enjoying this rare relaxing moment in the afternoon.

Wan Er sat beside me wearing a cute coffee colored sweater with large rabbit ears. This was an outfit that <Destiny>specially designed for the famous players on the CBN Battlenet Rankings. I had a green praying mantis sweater, but I had never worn it. I couldn't take the damage it would cause. Wan Er smiled as she looked at me, ’’Pig, when do you think Fang Ge Que will make a move against [Thousand Burial]?’’


Wan Er seemed a little angry, ’’Idiot, I'm asking you. What does an Oh mean....’’

I said, ’’Alright then, I don't know when Fang Ge Que is going to act. He might not even act at all. Fang Ge Que is known as the number one man in the Chinese Server. He probably won't bicker with a group of crazy dogs like the Greedy Wolf Brigade....’’

Dong Cheng sat across from us and contently looked at the people outside the glass as she smiled, ’’I actually think... that whoever can deal a death blow to those Greedy Wolf Raiders will end up being known as Tian Ling City's hero. Think about it, the Greedy Wolf Raiders have already reached a membership of 16,000 and they're still flourishing without an end. Of all the guilds in Tian Ling City, who hasn't been hit by the Greedy Wolf Raiders? None, right? There's long been quite a few who have voicing their discontent, they just don't dare to act on it. After all, who can rival these 16,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders?’’

I nodded, ’’That's true. Just the other day, [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of Heroes] allied with each other and set up an ambush at Qing Canyon. In the end, the waited for half a day and the Greedy Wolf Brigade never arrived. On the other hand, once they had sent everyone home, they took an ambush. The scene was too terrible. They had lost a whole 20,000 players... It's to the point where none of the middle tier players dare to ally with each other anymore.’’

Wan Er bit her lip, ’’That Not Ordinary right now is truly like a tyrant...’’

’’ Yup....’’

Wan Er looked over to me and smiled, ’’Pig, then how about we do it?’’

I knew what she was thinking and I quickly shook my head, ’’Don't. I don't want to take the initiative against the Greedy Wolf Raiders. I'm not tired of life just yet....’’

Wan Er's beautiful eyes seemed a little frustrated, ’’You're too cowardly. Wu, why should I want a boyfriend like you? Dong Cheng tell me!’’

Dong Cheng giggled, ’’Then don't have him!’’

I smiled as I explained, ’’The flexibility of the Greedy Wolf Raiders is too high. Plus, it looks like Not Ordinary and You Yi's intel is very good. We won't have much of an advantage if we took the initiative. Even if we managed to smash the Greedy Wolf Raiders, we'll have lost most of our players as well. Besides, I'm not afraid of him.... You haven't seen how I've had Li Mu, Matcha and Qing Qian lead their troops to grind levels in the Green Qilin Valley and near the Sword Saint Forest? We haven't gone to any of Tian Ling City's maps anymore....’’

’’Why's that?’’ Dong Cheng asked.

Wan Er's eyes lit up, ’’That... Pig, are you trying to lure [Thousand Burial] out to attack?’’

I smiled, ’’Smart, that's exactly it. I'll have them come to Green Qilin Valley instead. That's [Zhan Long] territory. Besides, it's also neighboring the Dragon's Den. Don't you know? The Dragon's Den has already leveled up to a Level 8 City. Just yesterday, I've allocated all of the resources to the new Deep Freeze Heavy Cavalry. Right now, you guys use your phones to look up the stats. Use your position as a vice guildmaster to look at the stats of the military might of Dragon's Den and you'll understand....’’


Wan Er quickly flipped open her phone. Not long after, Dong Cheng also joined in to look. The two girls were both filled with shock, ’’D*mn... you already have a thousand of the Deep Freeze Heavy Cavalry?’’

Full of confidence, I smiled, ’’Yup. A thousand Level 8 Deep Freeze heavy Cavalry. These have 100% of my stats. On top of that, they move incredibly fast. Their flexibility isn't just a level above the Greedy Wolf Raiders. These Deep Freeze Cavalry are guarding the Dragon's Den. They can move anywhere within the limits of the area around the Dragon's Den. If Not Ordinary truly dared to bring his Greedy Wolf Raiders to attack Greey Qilin Valley, then I'll kill every single one that comes our way!’’

Wan Er excitedly smiled, ’’Yup, now I feel much better....’’

Dong Cheng wryly smiled, ’’Aren't you fishing now!’’


That afternoon, I logged on!

I appeared in the Dragon's Den. I summoned my Flying Scythe War Horse and charged out of the Great Hall. I could see laborers all around me moving the stones. They seemed to be strengthening the city. Chi Yu Qing was the one commanding them. On the other hand, within the Equestrian Range in the city, countless Deep Freeze Cavalry were training. The sounds of a man's shouts and the horse's whinnied response was muddled into one loud arena.

In the distance I could also see a group of Heavy Flame Archers training on the archery grounds. There was a total of 1200 Heavy Flame Archers, a thousand Deep Freeze Heavy Cavalry. That's just the NPC army that'll be the main battling power at the moment. They are also the guarantee for the safety of the Dragon's Den. Besides that, these 2200 NPC are my own aces. If I didn't have these, then I might actually be worried about the sixteen thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders that he has. After all, the team battle power of this group of the Greedy Wolf Raiders has been proven. Even Ye Lai had suffered a defeat to his hands. [Zhan Long] wouldn't necessarily be able to rival that.

Once I thought of the eighteen thousand that had been annihilated on that road, I felt guilt plague my heart. They were too far from Tian Ling City. By the time I lead my four thousand Steel Blade Cavalry, the Greedy Wolf Raiders had already escaped. All I could see was the shadow of Ye Lai reviving.

Not Ordinary and You Yi weren't idiots. Especially You Yi. That man was uncannily cunning. Somehow he managed to make all ten thousand of the Greedy Wolf Raiders disappear without a trace, and put [Judgement] in a helpless state!


In the guild chat, Li Mu's voice transferred out, ’’Guildmaster, are you still there?’’

’’Yea, what's up?’’

’’Go look on the forums. The thing with [Thousand Burial] has already gotten too chaotic....’’


When I opened up the forums for Tian Ling City I could already see that everyone had been talking about the news. The reality of the Greedy Wolf Raiders killing people day and night in Tian Ling City, must people could only rant and argue about it on the forums because there was nothing they could do about it

[Tian Ling City] Dragon Blade: The Greedy Wolf Raiders are killing people every day. Is nobody going to do something about it? [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Judgement], and [Zhan Long], what are they doing?

[Tian Ling City] Little Twin Stars: [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of Heroes], and [House of Prestige] those guilds are all trash. They had actually been completely annihilated by the Greedy Wolf Raiders without a single bit of resistance. Such an embarrassment!

[Tian Ling City] Wang Xiao Ji Cold Tea: In the entire Tian Ling City, there's at least several million players, and yet we can't control a single Greedy Wolf Brigade? Is there no one left alive in Tian Ling City? Wait until we fight the country wars, we might as well just surrender ourselves to the Americans!

[Tian Ling City] The Furious Little Lin: All the trash top ten guids of Tian Ling City are all useless. I can't believe none of them can rival [Thousand Burial]. Is there nobody that is willing to fight against [Thousand Burial]!


I closed the forum. It was already clear. The Greedy Wolf Raiders have already walked over all of Tian Ling City. They've already provoked everyone there was to be provoked, and yet no one was willing to stand out to battle these 16,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders. Everyone was trying to protect themselves.

I went into the guild chat and said, ’’I saw it....’’

Li Mu asked, ’’What do you think?’’

I clenched my teeth, ’’Nothing at all. I'm waiting!’’

Li Mu was speechless.

Right at that moment, Qing Qian had sent a message: Brother Xiao Yao, in the Earth Dragon's Canyon, at least ten thousand Raiders have appeared. The assassins that were training there saw it. The intel is definitely correct!’’

’’The Earth Dragon's Canyon?’’

I opened up my map and glanced at it, ’’That's not too far. The Earth Dragon Canyon is 30 minutes away from Green Qilin Valley. It's only ten minutes away for the Greedy Wolf Raiders.’’

’’Yup!’’ Qing Qian said, ’’Looks like, Not Ordinary is already planning on making a move against [Zhan Long]. He knows that all of our forces are in Green Qilin Valley and so his target should be [Zhan Long]!’’

I smiled and raised a fist, ’’Melon, send out these commands. All of [Zhan Long]'s players online, gather at Qilin Valley. Let's prepare for a 1v1 battle against [Thousand Burial]!’’

’’Yes sir!’’


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