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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 701


Chapter 701 - Like A Fierce Flame

Not long after, a table of fragrant dishes was set out in front of us. It was just as Dong Cheng Lei had said, all of the different dishes and styles of Chinese cuisine had been represented. The lives of rich people really couldn't be understood by us plebians.

’’Brother Xiao Yao, sit here!’’

Dong Cheng Lei was very warm and helped pull out my chair. I smiled with a nod, ’’Thank you Ah Lei!’’

Dong Cheng Feng sat down as well and opened up a few bottles of red wine, ’’Ever since Yue Er began to attend Liu Hua University, she hasn't even had the time to come back. Tell me, how long has it been since you last came home?’’

’’It's just been a few months....’’ Dong Cheng grinned to her dad. Her spoiled expression made even Dong Cheng Feng unable to add anything else.

Dong Cheng Le said, ’’Dad, Ah Yue has been doing quite well in school. I've been over there to take a look, the environment is very nice. Besides, she has Brother Xiao Yao and Wan Er to keep her company. She definitely won't get bored. That's nothing like when she's at home. She spends all day in her room and only plays games. She even said herself that she can't live a life like a canned fish. Isn't she much more happier now?’’

Dong Cheng grinned, ’’Bro is still the one that understands me best!’’

Tang Qi stood up and went to help pour the red wine in Dong Cheng Feng's hands. Dong Cheng Fen then said, ’’My assistant is also a pretty young man. He's been paying attention to the situation in your game recently. He even said that our Dong Cheng Yue earned a very high rank in a competition, isn't that right?’’

Dong Cheng blushed and smiled, ’’Not exactly. I just held onto Brother Xiao Yao and Wan Er... Otherwise, based on my power, I might not even make it into the top sixteen.’’

Tang Qi interrupted, ’’Little Miss, you're being too modest!’’

Dong Cheng Feng wryly smiled, ’’It really is great to be young. You better enjoy this time! That's right Yue Er, I almost forgot to tell you. Recently, the company has signed a big contract and sold the land close to Wan Da just south of the city to another company. We've even created a partnership in operations.’’

’’Oh? The land south of the city...’’Dong Cheng blinked a few times and said, ’’That spot is practically like gold. It wouldn't be possible without at least two hundred million right?’’

Dong cheng Feng smiled and nodded, ’’Exactly, we sold it for four hudnred million.’’

’’Which company?’’

’’Booster Pharmaceuticals Corporation. They want to begin operations in the city and have even set up plans to build a large scale shopping center on the land. They're planning on developing the Xi Hu Region into a central business district.’’

’’Booster?’’ I furrowed my brows, ’’Uncles, did Wang Ze Cheng sign that contract with you?’’

Dong Cheng Feng was stunned, ’’What? Li Xiao Yao, you also know Mr. Wang from Booster?’’

I smiled, ’’Yea, we've known eachother for a while. He's been attending Liu Hua University as well.’’

Dong Cheng Yue then asked, ’’Dad, do you know much about this Wang Ze Cheng?’’

’’A little. He is a very formidable young man. What's wrong?’’

’’Be more careful around him. Wang Ze Cheng isn't a good person!’’


Dong Cheng Feng was starting to feel some doubts. I put down my cup and said, ’’There shouldn't be any problems. After all, it's just for business.’’

Dong Cheng Yue nodded, ’’That's true.’’

Dong Cheng Feng was completely muddled. He had no idea what we were talking about. He turned around to make a call. Who knows what he was telling his assistant. After that, he continued to eat dinner with us.


After we finished dinner, it was already eight in the evening. We even stayed at Dong Cheng's house for a while longer to continue chatting. It was ten o'clock by the time we returned to the school.

When we arrived at our apartment, I took a quick shower first. Right as I finished, my phone rang. It was a call from Shen Bing. When I picked up, Shen Bing's charming voice sounded through the phone, ’’Little Li, what are you doing?’’

’’Just showered. Shen Bing, do you need something?’’

’’Yup. If you take a picture of you in the shower I'll tell you.’’

’’Then I'm hanging up.’’

’’Alright alright, I'll say...’’

’’Tell me....’’

’’There's good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?’’

’’Good news then!’’

’’Ok!’’ Shen Bing got serious and said, ’’Last time, we managed to obtain the chemical compounds of the drug that Wei Fan uses. We've already been able to determine some of the chemicals that were used. After a series of analyses, we found that this drug can greatly change any mutations or breakages in a human's DNA. That is why the Artificial Humans had such strong bodies.’’

I furrowed my brows and said, ’’What's the bad news?’’

Shen Bing replied, ’’The bad news is about that the blood sample that you risked your life to get when you were at the Blue Water Street, however.... When Forensics looked into the sample you provided, they did not discover any traces of the drug. However, it looked like You Yi's DNA was practically perfect. In all of history up to now, there's less than a handful of people that have DNA as perfect as his. However, that doesn't mean that he is an Artificial Human. We couldn't find any mutations on the DNA itself, so.... Based on this, there's no way we can pin any charges against You Yi. And so naturally, we cannot lock him up without a reason’’

I mumbled, ’’So it was like that....’’

Shen Bing said, ’’However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let's just leave You Yi to his own antics for now. His good days are about to end. Lately, a new military base is being built in the Ning Bo Province. That way, they can help reinforce us at any time and provide support. Upper management has already decided that we must eliminate the Artificial Humans on Blue Water Street.’’

After carefully thinking about it I said, ’’Ok, how about we keep watch on him... During this time, Not Ordinary and You Yi have been getting into a lot of business in the game.’’

Shen Bing smiled, ’’But of course. After the police had intercepted a large shipment, at least for this month, they won't be able to do anything else. Besides, Not Ordinary has a critical weak point. He is crazy about games. That's why he's invested so much into <Destiny>. Maybe, we can use this point to bring Not Ordinary down in one stroke. Isn't that right?’’

’’Yup, I hope so!’’

’’That's right, there's something else.’’

’’What is that?’’

’’Idiot, didn't you promise your most prided subordinate into the [Zhan Long] main guild? How'd you forget so soon. That youngster has been annoying me this entire time, pestering me to remind you to invite him as your friend. His ID is ’’Like a Fierce Flame’’. He's a Level 116 Musketeer with very strong skills. I heard that while he was in Jiu Li City, the [House of Prestige] people even tried to recruit him. That kid has been grinding levels like crazy right after work. Besides you and I, he has the highest level among the others at HQ. He's been called an otaku because of it....’’

I couldn't help but smile, ’’Alright. I had actually forgotten about it. Later when I log on, I'll send an invite.’’



I rubbed the towel over my head to dry my hair and put on a clean set of clothes. Time to log on!


I appeared in Tian Ling City. I immediately glanced through my friend requests. I had set it so that I wouldn't get notifications for any new invites and so I had to go through 4000+ of them. As I looked through, I finally saw the name ’’Like a Fire’’. He was already a Level 117 Musketeer. The picture really did look like Xing Lie. He had a crew cut and his eyes had a deep but limpid expression in them. He was the Guardian team's number one shooter. His accuracy with long range sniping was even higher than my own. Choosing to be a musketeer in the game was very suitable.

Once I accepted the invite, Lie Xing was added to my friend list in the next moment. He was actually online. He quickly sent a message to me: ’’Head, is that you?’’

I replied, ’’Yup, it's me,I'll invite you into [Zhan Long]'s main guild!’’



In the next moment, the main guild already sent a notification: The Player ’’Like a Fierce Flame LV 117’’ has joined your guild. He has been promoted to ’’Flag Bearer’’ by the player Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’

Li Mu was stunned, ’’D*m, who just joined our guild? He was immediately promoted to become one of the twenty seven Flag Bearers. He must have a background. Tell me, who is Like a Fierce Flame? What's his relationship with the guildmaster?’’

Now hat Like a Fierce Flame was one of the officers of the guild, he had the permission to send messages to everyone through the guild chat. He smiled, ’’He's my company boss....’’

I coughed and said, ’’Like a Fierce Flame's real name is ’’Xing Lie’’. He's one of my co workers. He's a great shot, so his ranged support should be good. Little Lie, tell them, what are your stats and skills like?’’

Xing Lie replied, ’’My long distance attack power is 7203-9145, Defense, 6800, Health is a little over 24000 and my critical rate is 27.4%. As for my skills, besides [Magma Bullet] and [Flame Bullet], my luck was pretty good and I managed to learn an SS tier [Armor Piercing Bullet] skill. Once it hits the target, it ignores 70% of its defense. Furthermore, for seven seconds, all of my attacks ignore 70% of their defense.’’

’’Gu Dong....’’

General Bai Qi gulped and exclaimed, ’’D*mn.. so OP... I never imagined that Tian Ling City would have a musketeer like that. He has a 9000+ base attack. Doesn't that mean that with all of his equipment he has over 30,000 attack?’’

Xing Lie smiled, ’’Yup, I just hit 34,000....’’

Wang Jian suddenly appeared and shouted, ’’34,000 attack? Plus seven seconds where you ignore 70% of the target's defense? This Like a Fierce Flame really is a great shooter!’’

Xing Lie smiled, ’’That's right Wang Jian. I've long heard stories about you as well.... Actually, my strongest ranged kill attack isn't that one. It's my own custom S ranked skill, [Bullet Rise]. It increases the range of my attacks by 30%. In other words, while normal musketeers have a range of 40 yards, I can hit my target from 52 yards away!’’

Wang Jian was stunned, ’’I finally understand why Brother Xiao Yao would promote you to be a flag bearer. You truly are very strong. You're stronger than our current number one musketeer by quite a few factors...’’

Wolf grinned, ’’What a bitter former Number one Musketeer, ha ha ha ha....’’

I asked, ’’While I was offline, was there any movement from the [Thousand Burial] Greedy Wolf Brigade?’’

Matcha said, ’’Reporting to Boss, there hasn't been. After the defeat that the Greedy Wolf Raiders suffered at Bowl Valley, they've been silent and haven't made any big moves. At least there hasn't been any large scale movements with the entire army. Not Ordinary split the troops into five hundred and thousand man teams that have each entered Jiu Li City, Ba Huang City and Fan Shu City to grind levels. There have been a lot of PKs on small guilds, but those can't be helped. [Zhan Long] doesn't have the strength to bother with every little thing.’’

I took a deep breath, ’’Looks like Not Ordinary still hasn't given up. He still wants to raise his Greedy Wolf Raiders and strengthen them into a branch of Wolf Troops.

Wang Jian softly chuckled, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, don't worry too much. The players that we left to guard Steel Blade Mountain have continued to train the Steel Blade Riders. I don't dare to speak too highly, but within the week, we'll have at least 4000 in our cavalry. Even if we go up against a ten thousand man team of Greedy Wolf Raiders, we won't be at a disadvantage.’’

I nodded, ’’Good, everyone work hard on grinding levels!’’

’’Yes sir!’’


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