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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 700


Chapter 700 - Invincible Body

My Flying Scythe War Horse flew forward. This time, we didn't meet any big problems. All of the Demon Hunters we met on the way had been killed by my Ancient Heavenly Tiger. When Frost and I arrived at the city, there were several soldiers sweeping the snow off the walls. Of the twelve months in a year, it snowed in Dragon City ten months. At the same time, the accumulated snow did not melt at a very fast pace, so it had to be swept away every day. Otherwise, the snow would be as high as three whole people. There would be no way for people to walk or defend the city.


I landed on the city walls. Frost also followed beside me. Lieutenant Qing Luo smiled and walked over to us saying, ’’My Lord, did you and Frost successfully complete your mission?’’

Even though Qing Luo's position was above mine in Dragon City, but due to her nostalgia of our time spent rebuilding the city, she still addressed me as her superior and hasn't changed since.

I nodded to her with a smile, ’’Yup, we didn't disappoint our mission!’’

Zi Shu walked over with a smile, ’’Congratulations master, congratulations Lady Frost.... What dragon eggs did you bring back? Please don't be a bunch of wind dragon eggs... although they're good at flying but their defense is too crappy. They're pretty much like the Sword Spirit Mounts. If we're invaded, they're pretty much finished. ’’

Frost smiled, ’’Li Xiao Yao, how about you bring out the dragon eggs you got for Queen Zi Shu to see?’’

’’Ok. How about we go to the hall first?’’


Frost, Zi Shu, Qing Luo and I brought ten of Dragon city's more higher ranked soldiers to the Great hall. There was a fur blanket draped across Frost's work table. I carefully placed the dragon eggs on the blanket one by one. There was a total of 15 eggs, one Crystal Dragon, Two Silver Dragon, Four Fire Dragon, Two Ice Dragon, Three Black Dragons and Three Red Dragons.

Qing Luo was stupefied at the sight, ’’Amazing....’’

Zi Shu was also stunned, ’’These should be the most high tier dragon eggs of the dragon tribe.... Who.... who picked them out?’’

Frost smiled at me, ’’My job was to provide cover, Li Xiao Yao was the one who went into the abyss to steal them.’’

Zi Shu smiled, ’’You truly are worthy of being my master.... The Five Color Dragons, and the Gem Dragons are considered saints among the dragons. Master, it was an incredible feat for all of the eggs you've stolen to be the Saints of the Dragon Tribe. Good fortune is upon Dragon City. This time, we will truly rise up. If we can get fifteen strong soldiers to become the riders of these Saint Dragons, then these fifteen Dragon Riders will become Dragon City's Ace and secret weapon!’’

I said, ’’Zi Shu, do you really have a way to hatch these dragons?’’

Zi Shu reached a finger out and waved it.

’’You can't?’’ I was stunned.

Zi Shu smiled, ’’No, I just need one day to hatch these eggs!’’

’’One day?’’ I was stupefied.

Zi Shu smiled, ’’That's right master. The Dragon God Essence was left behind by Odelia. In addition, 7000 years ago, I had already become a Holy Dragon, not to mention a female one. This is an advantage that not even Igoras has. That's why, Ignaus had never been able to control the strength of the Dragon God Essence. However, I can. Not only can I speed up the incubation process with the Dragon God Essence, I can even speed up their growth. As long as they are given enough nutrients, these young dragons will develop within a month into grown ups!’’

I was stunned.

Frost patted my shoulder and smiled, ’’Alright now. You've helped me steal so many dragon eggs, I still haven't given you your reward... Here, this is your reward!’’


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the SSS tier Main Quest [Enormous Dragon Blood Inheritance], Your Reward: Level+1, Charm+35, Gold+20000, and your reputation in Tian Ling City has risen. Your military ranking in Dragon City has also increased and you've received the reward: [Invincible Body] (Holy Ghost Second tier)!


A golden light flashed and I had leveled up to 126. On top of that, it looks like I've obtained a book?!

I opened up my bag and saw a light orange colored book lying there. I took it out to look. I was practically beside myself with joy. This was a skill that I could only dream about

[Invincible Body] (Holy Ghost Second Tier) : The Undefeatable Spirit awakens, giving the user the body of a demon or a god. For 25 seconds, the user enters an Invincible state. In order to learn this, the user must be Level 120. Learning consumes 30 points. Cooldown: 120 minutes!

Unrivaled! This truly was an unrivaled skill!

Before, unrivaled skills were normally special skills that came with equipment. Very rarely were there unrivaled skills that came by itself. On top of that, this one actually lasted for 25 seconds. Compared to the ones that only lasted seven to twelve seconds, this was practically against all logic. No wonder it was a Holy Ghost Second Tier skill. It really was incredibly strong!

I raised my hand and the skill disappeared. It took 30 charm to successfully learn this skill. The skill immediately appeared on the interface as a golden body. Unfortunately it had a 120 minute CD, if it was 60 minutes, then I'd be able to use this unrivaled skill during the Hero's Wings Cup. Then I'd truly be unrivaled....

I happily stood there, and glanced through my stats. At the moment, I had great defense, attack, and unrivaled type skills. PKing in the wilderness was not going to be a problem, even if I met an expert like Fang Ge Que. I had 25 seconds of unrivaled power. In that time I could force him to use all three of his [Dimensional Leap]s. After that, I can kill him however I wanted to. Only, from now on, all of the future battles were unlikely to be solo, but rather team battles. One unrivaled skill was not enough to twist a battle situation into our favor. Yup, I just need to fight on!

Queen Zi Shu suddenly added, ’’Lady Frost, I will begin incubating these eggs this afternoon. However... please prepare some necessary materials for me. Otherwise, the spirit power of the Dragon God Essence will go to waste.’’

Frost nodded, ’’Queen Zi Shu, please tell, what do you need?’’

Zi Shu said, ’’After the young dragons hatch, they must eat some meat to replenish their energy. None of these dragons eat vegetables. I need large quantities of food like Pork, Beef or Lamb.’’

’’Around how much do you need?’’ Frost asked

Zi Shu thought about it for a bit and said, ’’A hundred thousand animals....’’

Frost was stunned, ’’What?! A hundred thousand? That many....’’


Zi Shu Said, ’’Grown up dragons have enormous bodies. They need at least eat at least 20- 40 times their weight in order to grow up in thirty days. We have to prepare everything. I don't want them to die of hunger once they hatch....’’

Frost seemed a little troubled, ’’A hundred thousand beasts, that's a little too much. I don't dare boast that I can accomplish that feat. Besides, Dragon City doesn't have a lot of gold. If we were to buy....’’

On the side, Lieutenant Qing Luo replied, ’’Lady Frost, you don't have to worry about that. Her Highness Princess Angela had said before that if Dragon City had any needs, Ba Huang City will use all of its resources to help us. Ba Huang City has ranches all along the Qian Qing Plains and the Xing Yun Peak. As long as Princess Angela gives a command, then we'll be able to get at least 50,000 beasts within ten days. If we use some more of our gold, then we can buy some from Tian Ling City, Fan Shu City and Jiu Li City. We should be able to get enough within thirty days.’’

Frost nodded, ’’Alright then. Take a message from me to Ba Huang City and help me thank Princess Angela!’’

’’Yes my Lady!’’

I wandered around Dragon City for a bit. There didn't appear to be any big tasks left for me to do. I glanced at the time. It was starting to get late in the evening in the real world. It was almost time to eat dinner. I hadn't eaten anything for lunch, so my stomach was starting to growl.

Right at that moment, I received a message from Dong Cheng, ’’Handsome, time for dinner!’’


’’We're going out....’’

’’Huh? Going out? Who's paying?’’

’’My old man is. He said something about how he hadn't seen me in a while and how he wants to invite you and Wan Er to dinner. We're going to my house. You wouldn't mind my ... humble abode, right?’’

I thought for a moment, ’’Nevermind, stop joking with me.... Let's all go together. There must be a lot of good food right?’’

’’Of course’’!

Once I thought of good food, I didn't have the heart to continue grinding levels. I went back to the city to replenish my bag and fix up my equipment. After that, I agreed to meet Wan Er and Dong Chen so I logged off.

After I took off my gaming helmet, I quickly went to wash my face. Afterwards, I walked out the door. Wan Er and Dong Cheng were both wearing fresh outfits and were talking outside the door. When I walked over, I saw that Tang Qi had also put on a suit and was walking out from the end of the hall. He was Dong Cheng's body guard, so naturally he was going as well.

This time, Dong Cheng was driving. We sped out of Liu Hua University. After thirty minutes, we reached the suburbs. We drove into this neighborhood of mountain villas. I sighed in my mind. Miss Dong Cheng was a rich girl. The Dong Cheng Family was in quite a few industries. From real estate to loaning money, they practically did it all. And so, Dong Cheng Feng was considered a pretty important person in Hang Zhou. On top of that, Dong Cheng was the apple of his eye. You can't normally tell, but he was a very easy going man, and very amicable.

Dong Chong slowly parked the car in front of one of the villas. A figure walked out from the house. It was Dong Cheng Feng. Under the light, I could see that his hair was already starting to grow white, but despite this he remained fairly youthful. He smiled, ’’Yue Er, you're finally willing to come home. You've brought Li Xiao Yao and Lin Wan Er with you as well. Ha Ha, home's going to be very rowdy today....’’

We exchanged some greetings and all walked into Dong Cheng's house. It truly was very luxurious. All of the decor looked westernized. It was both elegant and lavish. As I glanced around, I saw that Dong Cheng Lei was walking towards us. He grinned, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, you're finally here! Ah Yue said that you were coming today but I didn't believe her at first!’’

I smiled, ’’Yup, I'm here to try out the life of a tycoon...’’

Dong Cheng Yue grinned, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, now you're just asking for it!’’

Dong Cheng Feng laughed, ’’Li Xiao Yao is truly humorous. Come sit. I'll go and see when dinner will be prepared. We must treat you well today!’’


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