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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 699


Chapter 699 - Proof of Marriage

In a rush, I could only block with my Flame Emperor!


The blade had practically shattered from the enormous force behind the attack. I was thrown into the air and was sent speeding towards the other side. After that attack my health had dropped to 33%. If I took another Dragon Breath, I was doomed!

I looked up and locked my [Assault] at a cliff above me. The force from the skill threw me upward. Behind me, a large MISS popped up. I couldn't help but feel a little proud, I actually managed to escape!

Then, the golden dragon behind me screeched. It dug its sharp claws into the cliff. Like an enormous gold bug, it charged after me and raised its claws!


I quickly gave myself some health and then activated [Dragon's Hook]. I rushed forward 50 yards. I crossed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Brilliant Flame Emperor, ’’Ka ka ka’’ I climbed as fast as I could, running for my life.

Clearly, this golden dragon was not going to show me any mercy. It's enormous wings unfolded as it flew up. It then spat a [Dragon's Breath] right at me!

Just as it looked like I had no path left, I quickly used a [Blade Rush]!


I surged another five yards forward. It wasn't a lot of distance, but it was enough to dodge the second Dragon's Breath. This time, I also managed to turn around and glance at the words above its head. As I expected, it was a Demon Harvest BOSS. It was one of the four elders of the Dragon Tribe. No wonder its attacks were so powerful. Every single attack it dealt was enough to smash my [Wall of Dou Qi]!


Afterwards, I heard a muffled sound behind me. I felt as though my back had been split open. This cruel gold dragon had pierced claw into my body, and nailed me into the stone. At that moment, my health plummeted. Even if I drank a health potion, it wouldn't be enough to stop the decline. As a last resort, I activated [King Domain], and strengthened my stamina and durability. Despite that, I was still dying!

My face burned against the hot stone. Dragon's Hook still had three seconds before its cool down was over. I locked the skill above me and finally dragged myself out of the golden dragon's painful grasp. When I tried to summon my Ancient Heavenly Tiger, it failed. The map didn't allow, summons. It's really trying to screw me over!

I was only twenty meters away from the exit. I did all I could to climb up. Behind me, I could feel the heat from a Dragon's Breath coming straight at me!

I quickly used a [Cleansing Rain]. But I could not hold up against a Dragon's Breath with only 20,000 health.

In this moment of life and death, I quickly summoned a God Army Card and activated [Seven Star Teleportation] on the rock. Once I got to a position, I was immediately teleported upward. I grabbed the border of the cliff and ’’Shua!’’ leapt out of the abyss. I quickly summoned my Flying Scythe War Horse and galloped away. Behind me, the Golden Dragon roared and chased after us.


A beautiful figure fell from the sky. ’’Peng!’’ She had fallen right in front of me and rolled along the ground. It was Frost! Her shoulder armor had been scorched black and she had an enormous scratch on her face. Even she had suffered injuries. A group of dragons just had too much explosive power!

She looked up at me with a cheerful look, ’’You got it?’’


Frost smiled and then stood up. She charged right towards me. She then pointed at the sky. Her Severing Beauty Sword flew into the sky right at the Golden Dragon while she went and leapt onto my Flying Scythe War Horse. She wrapped her left arm around my waist and said, ’’The three great elders of the Wild Dragon Tribe are all here. I took some poison from the Wind Dragon, so I can't use all of my strength. Let's hurry up and escape. The faster the better!’’

’’Got it!’’

I practically pushed my horse to full speed and charged straight towards Dragon City. Frost tightly grabbed me from behind as she used her Severing Beauty Sword to attack the dragons in the sky. Her Severing Beauty was incredibly sharp. Even the Golden Dragon Elder would take some hits and golden blood continuously flowed from its injuries. At the same time, I could tell all of those Dragon Tribe members had all been stunned or had taken a heavy injury, but none had died. Looks like Frost wasn't trying to kill them. Otherwise Frost wouldn't have been injured so easily.

After running for thirty minutes, the number of dragons behind us was finally decreasing. Most of them had been scared off by the sheer might of Frost's [Razor Rotation] and didn't dare come any closer. Besides, they had only lost a few dragon eggs. Even the dragon's valued their lives more.

If a Ba Huang City adventurer came to steal dragon eggs, these Dragons would definitely fly into a rage. They wouldn't give up even if they had to chase us to hell and back. But this time they knew that it was Frost who took the Dragon Eggs, so they wouldn't pursue us until the ends of the world. Losing to a Superior God, wasn't completely embarrassing.

Very soon, I had used up all 200 stamina of my Flying Scythe War Horse. I could already see the revered One's empire in the distance. As I continued forward without stopping, Frost smiled, ’’So how was it? What kind of Dragon Eggs did you steal...’’

I pulled out one of the eggs from my bag. It was a crimson dragon egg. Frost held my waist with one hand and held the dragon egg with the other. Her pretty face became even more radiant, ’’Wow, it's a Fire Dragon Egg.... Fire Dragons are considered one of the highest tier dragons. This Fire Dragon Egg will bring new opportunities for Dragon City!’’

I nodded with a smile, ’’we have a total of four of them!’’

Frost grew even happier, ’’Good... great.... My face did not get scratched by a Purple Gem Dragon for nothing...’’

I looked at her, ’’You...’’

Frost bit her lip and turned away, ’’Don't look!’’


’’Because....’’ She bit her lip, ’’Because I look too ugly right now. I don't want you to see....’’

I didn't say anything else. I picked up another dragon egg, it was the Crystal Dragon Egg. At that moment, Frost's focus had been sucked back to the eggs. She gaped at it, ’’Heavens, it's a Crystal Dragon Egg. This is the strongest type of dragon among the gem dragons. Of the entire dragon species, there aren't many dragons that have as pure a blood as the Crystal Dragons....’’

I smiled, ’’Do you like it? Can you have Zi Shu hatch this egg and make it your mount?’’

Frost shook her head ’’No need, I can fly on my own. I don't need a dragon as a mount. If you give it to me, it'll be a waste. Crystal Dragons have a warm personality. I'll give it to Qing Luo. She know one of the squad leaders in Dragon City. A Crystal Dragon as her mount matches both her personality and her position.’’

I said, ’’Yup, whatever you say! That's right, did you lose your Thousand League Snow?’’

’’Yup. So all that's left is your horse...’’

’’That's fine. We're covered in blood right now. We have to find a way to get into the Revered One's Empire without being suspected. The Revered One's City has several Sword Spirit Riders. I don't want to alert them.’’

’’Ok, let's go!’’

Around ten minutes later, we entered the borders of the Revered One's Plains. I took out the permit we obtained from the guard that allowed us into the city. The problem was, Frost and I were both covered from head to toe in dragon blood as well as our own blood. Even our cloaks had been ripped apart. Especially me. The injuries on my face from the gold dragon had not been recovered yet. Nearly half of my face was covered with blood and scratches. I looked like the miserable result of a terrible beating.

Once we arrived at the Southern Gate of the Revered One's Plains, we would be safe after we got through those large iron gates.

But right then, a new group of NPCs were now guarding the doors. One of them had a big beard and carried a large battle axe. Above his head floated the name ’’Gate Patrol Road Wolf’’. This Wolf carried his battle axe on his shoulder and he had a wild expression on his face. He had spotted us from a distance and with a smile he shouted, ’’Hmph, those two. Halt!’’

I reigned in my horse and passed him the permit, ’’This is the permit we received when we came in. Please my lord, please let us through!’’

The road Wolf glanced at Frost and I, noting the state we were in and said, ’’You're covered in blood Tell me, did you commit any crimes in the Revered One's borders? If you did, then I'll have to take you to the Revered One King Luo Lin and throw you in jail!’’

I shook my head, ’’Not at all. My Lord, please look closer. We only went to the Wild Dragon Territory and killed some low level dragons. But we never would have imagined that those evil dragons would be so strong, which resulted in our miserable state. So....’’

The NPCs broke into laughter. The Road Wolf looked down at us and said, ’’You want to go and kill a dragon? What a joke! Even we wouldn't dare touch those dragons, much less trash like you humans. Go on, get lost back to your Tian Ling City and wash up your necks. You're going to want to wait and see King Luo Lin invade Tian Ling City with his armies!’’

I resentfully nodded and urged my horse forward. But right then, a breeze blew by, and brushed Frost's hood off her head. Her beautiful face was revealed for all to see.


The Road Wolf squinted his eyes and stared at Frost's face, ’’Where'd you get this wench? Is she with you? A man and a woman sitting on the same horse. Why do I have a feeling that you have a complicated relationship? Youngster, you want to make a deal with me? Is this wench a servant that you stole from outside?’’

I trembled with anger, ’’My lord, what are you saying? She's.... She's my.....’’

Frost reached for the Severing Beauty hidden within her cloak as she smiled to the Road Wolf, ’’My lord, please understand, I'm his wife. There is just the two of us in this group.’’

’’Is that so?’’

The Road Wolf seemed to doubt her words, ’’You're covered in blood, were you forced? If you were, tell me! I will bring you justice. Beauty, you really don't have to worry!’’

’’We really are...’’

’’What proof do you have?’’ The Road Wolf smiled. He licked his lips with his long tongue.

Frost stiffened, but she continued to hide her killing intent. She suddenly reached for my neck and kissed my face, ’’Mmm...’’

I was stunned.

The Road Wolf was speechless at this point.

Beside him, one of the soldiers lowered his voice and said, ’’Gate Control Lieutenant, Lord Luo Lin has a command, we cannot give trouble to the adventurers that are passing through. We... let's not stick our nose in their business. Otherwise, the b*st*rds from Fierce Tiger Camp will tell on us to King Luo Lin. we'll be fired at that point...’’

The Road Wolf furrowed his brows and waved us in, ’’Hurry up!’’

I galloped through the gate.

Frost sat quietly, and held my waist and didn't say a word. I don't know if she was thinking of Luo Lin.


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