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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 698


Chapter 698 - King Level Robber

As she said that, Frost grinned, ’’Or, I kill you in one slash, take your dragon crystal and sell it for a good price. Those noblemen and generals of Tian Ling City will definitely be very happy to have a gift to give to their beloved mistresses, right?’’

The Red Dragon Lian Feng shuddered. A sliver of fear flashed through his eyes, ’’You.. you monster. You aren't any Superior God, you're the reincarnation of a demon....’’

Frost smiled, ’’Cut the small talk. Tell me now. Otherwise I'll really kill you. My time is short and I ain't wasting it on you.’’

Lian Feng snorted out a flame. He finally looked up at the sky in desperation and said, ’’Nevermind, I'll just think of it as a trial for the Wild Dragon Tribe. If Igoras looks for someone to blame, I will take all responsibility. If you really want to take some Dragon Eggs, you must treat them well. No matter what, they are all the grandchildren of the dragons.’’

Frost nodded, ’’Don't worry about that. I am the master of Dragon City. I will not cruelly massacre the dragons. I just want to use them as a way to strengthen Dragon City.’’

Lian Feng continued, ’’In the heart of the Wild Dragon Territory, there's a Buried Dragon Abyss. The Buried Dragon Abyss was originally used for burying some Dragon Essence, however as the years passed, the earth's heat grew stronger and stronger, so the Buried Dragon Abyss turned into a place for the Dragon Tribe to keep their eggs. However... there's a total of eleven dragons that guard the Buried Dragon Abyss. Even you may not be able to enter it Frost. Allow me to persuade you, give up. If you even try to attack the Wild Dragon Territory, the Sword Spirit Dragon Riders will be the first to get here. Within twenty minutes, Lord Igoras will lead an army of elite soldiers against you. At that moment, even if you are a Superior God, you will die!’’

Frost smiled, ’’Ok, that much is enough. As for how I will defend against Igoras' attack, that's my business, you don't need to worry about it. Alright then Lian Feng, right now you can sleep for a bit. Thank you for your assistance.’’


Lian Feng widened his eyes, as though he was about to say something more. However, Frost had already waved her hand first. Her palm glowed purple. ’’PA!’’ she smiled, as she slapped his head after she wrote a symbol on his forehead. As one of the four elders of the Wild Dragon Tribe, the Red Dragon Elder actually cried out and fainted. He didn't make another sound.

Frost looked up at me and said, ’’Hurry, we don't have much time. Lian Feng will wake up in two hours. This is very precious time. We must immediately set out and find the Buried Dragon Abyss at the heart of the Wild Dragon Territory!’’


Once I recovered all of my health, I leapt onto my horse. Frost mounted her Thousand League Snow horse as well. The two of us galloped through the forest. Now, all we wanted was to pray that not many dragons saw us. Otherwise, the more complicated this got, the less we would be able to control the situation.

Soon after, the map around us became to turn more and more red. I picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cautiously looked around the area. Suddenly, we heard a dragon's screech from the sky. Frost quickly grabbed my shoulder. The two of us ducked and hid in the grass, afraid to even let out a single breath. A fire dragon flew right above our heads. Only after it passed did we let out a sigh of relief.

’’Looks like, the Wild Dragon Tribe has increased its defenses.....’’

Frost looked at the sky and murmured, ’’Let's go. We have to work faster!’’


As we continued forward, we dodged another dragon scout. Finally in the distance, I could see the heart of the valley. This was very near the place that I had saved the Queen Zi Shu. Just a kilometer to the East of the Great Hall was a deep abyss. I could see some smoke rising up from the center. The name was notated clearly on the map as well, it was Buried Dragon Abyss!

’’We're here! That's Buried Dragon Abyss!’’ I pointed towards the distance. I furrowed my brow as I took a closer look and said, ’’But there's a lot of dragons guarding it. What do we do?’’

There were five fire dragons napping around the Buried Dragon Abyss. On top of that, there were three ice dragons spiraling above it in the sky. In the distance, I could see two silver dragons perched on the slope in a deep sleep. In a dragon's life, over 70% of it was spent sleeping. Looks like that rumor appeared to be true.

Frost looked at the Buried Dragon Abyss and said, ’’Two silver dragons are pretty strong... let's deal with those two first. After that are the five fire dragons.... The ice dragons in the sky will definitely use Frost Breath to attack. I can use Frost Domain to defend, so it shouldn't be a problem. However, there's supposed to be eleven dragons guarding the Buried Dragon Abyss, where's the last one?’’

As she said that, she turned to look at me with a smile, ’’Later when you enter the Buried Dragon Abyss you've got to be careful. Once you've stolen enough eggs, you can come out....’’

I pointed to myself in shock, ’’Me? You want me to steal the dragon eggs?’’

Frost nodded, ’’Yup, you're too weak so you won't get noticed by the dragons, nor will you be able to take all of their attacks. You might even be able to walk right out of here after you've taken the eggs. But, if you don't want to, then you can deal with the ten dragons and I'll go steal them....’’

I thought about it for a moment and finally made a fist, ’’Alright then, I'll go steal the eggs. You need to be careful...’’

Frost looked at me for a long moment and finally said, ’’You be careful too. Whether or not Dragon City will be able to rise up will all be dependent on you. The future is in your hands... I'll go seal those two silver dragons. Don't move yet. Wait until I've awoken those five dragons before you go into the abyss. Remember to be careful and be fast. Once you get ten of those eggs, immediately leave!’’

’’Got it!’’

’’Let's begin our mission!’’

As she said that, she mounted her Thousand League Snow. The beautiful knight suddenly disappeared into the wind. Frost's full speed was incredible. Even I could barely keep track of her movements with my eyes. In the next moment, the two silver dragons that were sleeping suddenly yelped. One of them had been knocked out by Frost's fists, while the other lunged forward and slashed at Frost's [Godly Feather Shield]. Dragons were known to be the species of animal closest to the gods. In addition, the silver dragons were known to be of the highest blood type amongst dragons. Even Frost wouldn't have necessarily escaped that strike unscathed. She yelped as she was forced to retreat a couple of steps. But power gathered around her fist once again and she threw another punch into the dragon's head!


She hit just the right spot, and knocked out the second silver dragon. However, the sound of their clash was too loud and it looked like the five napping fire dragons had also woken up. One of them looked up and roared, ’’D*mm*t, someone has trespassed into the Wild Dragon territory. Two of our Silver Dragons have been knocked out. Just who is that woman? Is that Odealia?’’

Another dragon exclaimed, ’’No, that's someone who's a hundred times stronger than Odelia.... What a strong godly power, that's Dragon City's Frost. It must be her. Only the twelve Superior Gods would be able to handle suchs strong Frost Energy. D*mm*t, kill her. Let's do it before the Superior God in her wakes up!

As he said that, the five fire dragons all roared at the sky. They opened their enormous wings and flew straight at Frost. Frost then raised a single hand, and unsheathed Severing Beauty. Light reflected off the blade as she charged at the dragons. At the same time, I heard her voice beside my ear, ’’Now, go!’’


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and slapped it against my Flying Scythe War Horse's behind. The horse leapt up in pain and charged forward. I cut through the forest at an incredibly fast pace. Within half a second, we raced to the border of the Buried Dragon Abyss. I was starting to feel a little regret, but I continued charging and ’’Shua!’’ dove headfirst into the abyss. The Buried Dragon Abyss had a radius of at least 200 meters. At most we could charge 100 meters across at the rate we were going. I looked down and saw that the abyss was filled with magma. Was this where they incubated the dragons?

I clenched my teeth and continued forward. This was where the advantages of a high tier mount really showed through. Even in midair, the horse's legs kicked against the air, boosting it another dozen meters. I looked forward. It didn't look too far. I raised my arm and activated my Dragon's Hook!


The Dragon's Hook buried itself into the cliff and I quickly dragged us forward. I put my horse back into the pet space as the momentum of our charge was too great. I had rammed face first into the steaming cliff. As I looked around, the pain from my journey was starting to fade as I saw holes one after another dug into the side of the cliff and filled with large pearly Dragon Eggs that had a godly aura. Even though the Wild Dragons are now following Igoras and the Hybrid Demons, there was no faking the fact that they carried the blood of ancient dragons.

I pulled out my Brilliant Fire Emperor and stabbed it into the cliff as I scaled the wall. I reached out and gathered one red dragon egg into my arms. I glanced at the stats, it was a fire dragon

[Fire Dragon Egg] : Contains the dragon egg of a high level fire dragon. Special Item, players cannot use.

D*mmn, so players can't use it... but then again it makes sense. If players could use these dragon eggs however they wanted to, then wouldn't the world just go into chaos? Thinking about it, [Thousand Burial] could use their ten thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders to draw the dragons' attention while they had people come in and steal the eggs. They could use any underhanded tactics they could think of to create a branch of dragon riding players.

I put the egg into my bag. It had taken up five of my spaces. I was a little startled. I had a total of 100 spaces, so what was I to do...

I pulled out my potions and hardened my heart as I tossed them out. I continued scaling across the cliff. Not long after, I received an Ice Dragon Egg. I could feel the excitement rushing to my head. When I looked up, a flash of light suddenly caught my eye. There was a shining dragon egg that was around 30 meters away from me. I could even see the infant dragon through the shell.

I immediately activated my Dragon's Hook, bringing me to this dragon egg. I put it into my bag. It was a crystal dragon egg. Crystal Dragon's were extremely high level dragons!

I happily continued my search. Very soon, I had pretty much thrown away all of my potions. I had obtained a total of 15 dragon eggs: 1 Crystal Egg, Two Silver eggs, Four Fire Eggs, Two Ice Eggs, Three Dark Eggs, and Three Red Eggs. I didn't even bother with any of those wind or earth dragon eggs because they were too low level. I only went for the holy tier dragons so that it wouldn't be hard for Dragon City to tame them.

Yup, might as well throw out the rest and go for 20 eggs so that this trip won't be a waste!

I continued my search. When I looked up, I was nearly scared to death. Right above me, an incredibly terrifying face was staring right at me. It was a gold dragon. It opened its jaws and swooped straight at me, as though to eat me!


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