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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 697


Chapter 697 - The Red Elder Dragon

’’How is it? Are you certain that you can handle this?’’

Frost looked over at the surrounding terrain and said, ’’In a moment, I will lay ambush in that small ravine over there, you will then draw the red dragon over. Remember, do not over-aggravate the dragon or else he might just release a deafening roar that will call over the other humongous dragons from the other tribes.’’

I started to feel weak as I asked, ’’What if he eats me in one bite? What happens then?’’

Frost laughed out loud as she patted her full and buxom chest and answered, ’’Relax, I will be here to protect you!’’

I couldn't help but laugh at the situation for Frost was just too cute. Ever since she resurrected, Frost has been very reticent and quiet but when she goes out together with me on a mission, I can once again see her honest smile. Whatever, for Mother Earth's harvest and for the smiles of my beautiful teacher, even if I were to turn into dragon dung, it will all be worth it. It's not like I will not revive after my death.


Frost turned her body as she rode her mount towards the valley and hid in a cluster of trees, so concealed that she couldn't even be seen by me.

I lightly tapped the neck of my Flying Scythe War Horse, and urged it to slowly approach that fully-grown red dragon. I didn't have to go too close before I could read the stats of the humongous dragon. Red Dragon Lian Feng, a level 135 Demon Harvest tier BOSS!


I was frightened stiff. After the new Hero's Wings update was released, the grade of the monsters in the Hybrid Demons territories seemed to have upgraded too. To think that a group of gatekeeping monsters are now Demon Harvest Tier BOSSES. Does that mean that silver spear and the other sovereign tier BOSSES are all at the tier of Epic God?

It was only now that I finally realised why the quest to steal this dragon's egg was of the SSS tier. Solely this level 135 Red Dragon Lian Feng would already be enough for me to deal with. I can't aggravate it, I can't let it eat me alive......


Unsheathing both my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Brilliant Fire Emperor, I slowly inched towards Red Dragon Lian Feng. Despite being 30 metres away, it was still sleeping. I walked another 10 metres and yet, it was still sleeping. However, I was getting more frantic as I was able to see the breath of the sleeping Red Dragon Lian Feng. With one puff of his breath, the surrounding grass was all roasted to the point that it all dried up and turned yellow. I definitely do not want to be turned into roast chicken.

With this thought, I pointed my sword at the BOSS and shouted in a deep voice, ’’EVIL CREATURE, COME TO QUICKLY RECEIVE YOUR DEATH!’’

The Red Dragon Lian Feng seemed to have finally felt something as it opened its left eye, its pupil was as red as a blazing fire. It glanced at me and then closed it, and continued to go back to sleep.

Is this motherf***** belittling me?! F*** it!

I felt as though I had already been defeated. Lian Feng wasn't paying any attention to me because he felt that I didn't pose any threat to him. That was the only reason he was still sleeping.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and ran straight towards his head. I raised the sword and threw a [Wind Blade] right at his head and roared, ’’Die!’’



I actually heard a metallic clang when my strike hit. Even with my 150% BUFF from the [Kill For Blood] I still couldn't break through his defense! I shuddered to think about how high this Red Dragon's defense was.

After he took a hit, the Red Dragon finally opened its eyes. It lazily glanced at me and suddenly swept an enormous claw at me. He opened up his four individual razor sharp talons with one curved downward as it stared right at me. It had such a mirthful and aloof look in its eyes. I suddenly understood what it was thinking. It was like a tiger playing with a mouse.


That curved finger suddenly shot out. ’’Peng!’’ the blow landed across my Flying Scythe War Horse's abdomen. Both I and the horse flew into the air. I felt an intense pain shoot through my body as I landed in the grass a hundred meters away. Besides the damage dealt to my body, the worst was the damage I took to my ego. This was not something I could forgive!

I flipped up. That flick took 27000+. After two [Cleansing Rain]s I was back to full health. I picked up my Dragon Reservoir Sword and lunged forward. I was going to wake him up this time!

My Flying Scythe War Horse whinnied as I raised my long sword. I locked [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the dragon and then threw my Brilliant Fire Emperor, and activated [Blade Spin]. ’’Pa Pa PA!’’ It spun around the dragon's head as I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Dust scattered into the air as damage numbers popped up one after another. This time I had gone all out. Lian Feng had already given up on his nap and began to place more importance in this ant. He lifted himself up and roared. His two enormous wings unfurled and he launched right into the air and swooped right at me. He dealt a [Dragon's Breath] right smack on top of me!


The attack was so painful I nearly went crazy. My full health was 50,000 how was I supposed to endure this kind of torture? My Flying Scythe War Horse screeched. I sent out my Ancient Heavenly Tiger to help cover for me as I ran. With a growl, I activated [Haste] and [Dragon Transformation] and put my Flying Scythe War Horse back into the pet space. I kicked off the ground and soared into the sky.

As I gulped down a Level 11 Potion, I turned around to look at Lian Feng. I could see his savage face as he raced towards me. His second [Dragon's Breath] was coming!


I sped forward. That [Dragon's Breath] was coming right at me! I could dodge it!

But before I could celebrate, I suddenly took a hit on my back!



[Dragon Transformation] increased my defense naturally, but I still couldn't defend against Lian Feng's attack. I nearly spat out blood from the hit. I lost control of my flight and barreled forward, and crashing through numerous rocks that were piled up. I suddenly passed through a bramble forest. That Demon Harvest Tier BOSS's one attack was just too savage!


I was just about to hit critical health when I rolled into the bramble forest. Scratches covered my face and hands and my body hurt everywhere.

In the bushes, I heard Frost's warm voice, ’’Yup, your job is finished. Leave the rest to me. Also, you did beautifully...’’


’’Ant, die!’’

In the sky, the Red Dragon Lian Feng dove downward and raised his claws to go in for the kill. I could already see the flames burning on the tips. This was definitely going to be a powerful hit.

But right as Lian Feng was about to strike, ’’Hong!’’ an astonishing power struck out from the forest. Countless snowflakes gathered together into a whirlwind, and froze everything around us. Frost had activated her godly power, and froze Lian Feng in the sky. The frost was like chains, which bound this beast so tightly together that he couldn't even move.

The forest had been cut to pieces by the frost, and revealed the bare red cliff on the forest floor. Frost quietly stood there in her white cloak, and smiled at the Red Dragon in the sky.

Lian Feng stood in the air, his eyes filled with rage, ’’You... Aren't you the Frost from Dragon City? It must be you. Only you can accumulate such terrifying Ice Power. D*mm*t.... When Lord Igoras had cut you to a million shreds, they should have never let a demon like you live again!’’

Frost didn't seem angry at all. She only smiled and opened her palm. The icy energy began to dance. A force suddenly fell down. ’’Peng!’’ Lian Feng's body plummeted to the ground. Frost walked forward and bit her finger. Blood dripped into the wind as she roared, ’’[Blood of the God - Seal]!’’

At that moment, an enormous crimson net fell from the sky, which bound the Red Dragon Lian Feng to the ground. Even when he tried struggling, he couldn't move an inch.

Frost walked over and smiled, ’’No need to struggle. You've been sealed by me. Even if you were a god, you wouldn't be able to get out. Besides, you aren't anyone important. Tell me, just who are you?’’

Lian Feng's eyes were filled with shock, ’’You.... what a strong power, you're really a god?’’

Frost smiled wryly. She opened her left hand and golden runes flew from her palm. She said, ’’A god's blood is filled with power. Only people with god status or a god's body can control it. Do you have any other questions?’’

Lian Feng closed his eyes. It seems he's already given up, ’’Nevemrind, I can't beat you....’’

’’So let me ask again. Who are you? What's your responsibility in the Wild Dragon Territory?’’ Frost quietly asked with a calm and stern voice.


Lian Feng seemed to laugh at himself as he said, ’’My name is Lian Feng, in the Wild Dragon Territory, I am one of the four elders, the Red Dragon Lian Feng. This answer, is that satisfiable?’’

Frost smiled, ’’Good!’’

As she said that, she shot an apologetic look to me and pouted her lip, ’’Li Xiao Yao, I'm sorry. I didn't realize this dragon was actually one of the elders of the dragon tribe. His power had far surpassed my estimate. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let you take that risk....’’

I rubbed one of the scratches on my face and wiped away the wetness in my eyes and said, ’’It's fine, it doesn't hurt!’’

Frost grinned and then looked back at Lian Feng, ’’Now, let me ask you. How is the Wild Dragon Tribe reproducing?’’

Lian Feng said, ’’Consensually. However, all of our dragon eggs are being kept in one place to be incubated. Every hundred years, we incubate once. This way, we have enough spiritual power to raise the young dragons. After Odelia stole the Dragon God Essence, the Wild Dragon Tribe's dragon power has been steadily been getting weaker and weaker. I'm afraid we'll only be able to incubate once every 500 years now.’’

Frost narrowed her eyes, ’’Those dragon eggs, where are you hiding them?’’

Lian Feng's enormous head trembled for a moment. He suddenly stared right at Frost and asked, ’’You... what do you want?’’

Frost softly smiled and patted Lian Feng's head, ’’Nothing much. I just want to borrow a few. When I go back to Dragon City, I'm just going to help out the humans a little....’’

Lian Feng revealed an extremely pained expression, ’’You.... D*mm*t, as a god, just for the sake of trying something new, you are actually willing to use our Dragon Eggs to make omelettes... You humans are the most greedy most terrifying species....’’

Frost's face hardened, ’’Idiot, who told you we were making omelettes....’’

Lian Feng was stunned, ’’Then what do you want with Dragon eggs? Unless you have a warm place and dragon power, you cannot incubate them.’’

Frost seemed proud of herself as she said, ’’Dragon City has an enormous heat source below the city. As for dragon power, we have the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu. We can even speed up the growth of these young dragons.’’

’’What?!’’ Lian Feng was stunned, ’’That can't be? Nobody can speed up the growth of a young dragon. Otherwise, the dragon tribe would've already dominated the north..’’

Without any change in her expression, Frost said, ’’The Dragon God Essence that Odelia sold has already been bought by me for 50,000 Gold. Besides, our Red Dragon Queen Zi Shu has the ability to raise dragons. Raising a pack of grown dragons in a short time will not be a problem. Do you have any other questions? Now it's my turn. Where are those Dragon Eggs hidden? If you try to drag this out any longer, I'll kill you with a single slash and then find some other dragon!’’


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