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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 696


Chapter 696 - Entering the Dragon Territory Again

’’The Wild Dragon Territory....’’ I grunted, ’’Alright then....’’

Frost leaned against the sand box and slowly said, ’’Actually, I was originally going to take Queen Zi Shu with me however this time, we must act in complete secrecy. But, as long as Queen Zi Shu enters the Wild Dragon Territory, an effect will spread out throughout the map, and create a large fuss. On top of that, we must leave someone back here to guard the city. Anyways, the Wild Dragon Territory is Igoras' territory. Before Dragon City can train any new Dragon Riders, I don't want to anger Igoras. Otherwise, the consequences will be unthinkable.’’

As she said that, Frost looked at me and smiled, ’’And so, this time we're disguising ourselves when we enter the Wild Dragon Territory. Once we steal the Dragon Eggs we'll immediately fly back to Dragon City. We'll complete this task without anyone knowing. You want to come with me?’’


System Notification: Do you accept this SSS tier Main Quest [Enormous Dragon Blood Inheritance]?


I accepted the quest on the spot and immediately obtained the quest. The quest details were very simple. I was to follow Frost into the Wild Dragon Territory. No matter what tactics I had to use, I needed to steal a certain number of Dragon Eggs in order to complete the task.

Once I accepted the quest, Frost immediately pulled out her Severing Beauty Sword and smiled, ’’Then let us prepare to set out. Zi Shu, prepare our battle horses!’’

Queen Zi Shu nodded, ’’Yes my lady... that's right, are you sure you don't want to bring Odelia?’’

Frost bit her lip, ’’Nevermind. Odelia has already left Dragon City over a month ago. She has her own business. Besides, Odelia cannot be restrained, nor do I want Dragon City to become one of her restraints.’’

’’Alright my lady.’’


After we left the Commander's Hall, snow had begun to fall outside. One of the soldiers pulled over a white battle horse and grunted, ’’Lady Frost, this Thousand League Snow is a legendary horse. Angela had sent it to us not long ago. You will definitely meet many obstacles on this journey to the Wild Dragon Territory. This horse can travel a thousand leagues in a day. It will be a great help to you!’’

Frost nodded and lead the battle horse over. She reached out and gently patted the horse's mane. At that moment, the originally violent horse had calmed down. Looks like Frost really lives up to her position as a Superior God. Even a horse can feel the might of her power.

As she flipped onto the horse Frost smiled at me, ’’Can we set out now?’’

I opened my hand and activated a summoning circle, and called out my Flying Scythe War Horse. I leapt onto the horse and said, ’’Let's go!’’

Queen Zi Shu smiled, ’’Bon Voyage. I will lead the Dragon Warriors ten miles out to welcome you back. I hope that you don't bring Igoras, Lei Ding and Lanais those evil demons back!’’

Frost smiled and turned her horse around. The Thousand League Snow whinnied as it charged off the wall. I followed right behind her. The battle horses were very intelligent, especially the high tier ones. As it fell through the air, it quickly found a place to land. It bounded down the mountain as snow covered the sky. This had given us the best natural cover. In the thick snow, nobody would notice that people had set out from Dragon City into the Hybrid Demon Territory.


I gripped my reins with one hand while I carried my Dragon Reservoir Sword in the other. I carefully followed behind Frost. I had also summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger out to follow alongside us. She held the reins with both her hands, and let the snow fall directly onto her shoulders. She shivered slightly and pulled the cape closer. She pulled up the hood and covered her pretty face with the hood. She then turned around to look at me and smiled, ’’Once, when I was still an adventurer, I had to once travel through a blizzard for seven days and seven nights....’’

I replied, ’’At that time, Luo Lin had yet to betray the human race and his own values....’’

Frost looked up at the sky and let out a sigh, ’’That's right. When we were both young, we were both looking for something like justice. But our strength and ambition lead us on different paths.’’

I asked, ’’Do you hate Luo Lin?’’

Frost hesitated for a moment. She seemed at a loss. She then muttered, ’’Hate? Maybe... but I don't hate that he killed me. I just hate the fact that he had gone against his original promise and betrayed the humans. For that reason, I want to kill him. When the time is right, I won't hesitate!’’

I pulled my Rulers Mantle closer together and covered my head. I smiled, ’’ The Revered One's Plains are all under Luo Lin's control right now. We cannot become their enemy right now. As long as we keep our actions low key, we will be fine.

As I said that, I looked up at the sky and said ’’This blizzard is really strong. We should hurry up and leave this place. Otherwise even if we don't get frozen to death then at least we'll die of hunger.’’

Frost nodded, ’’Ok.’’

After staying in the game for a long time, the most I would feel was tired but Frost that NPC could feel cold and hunger. But... she was a Superior God, she should be able to take hunger, right?


After a while, the two of us passed through the Graveyard of Heroes. The heavy blizzard soon lightened to a thin snow fall. By the time we reached the Revered One's Plains, the snow had stopped. The Revered One's Plains were covered in autumn colors. It was a lively area with animals eating the grass around it. Every now and then we would see a tiger nearby that was hunting the livestock.

 ’’Ji ji....’’

In the sky, we suddenly heard a shriek. Frost was stunned and she softly said, ’’Put on your hood, hurry, it's the Sword Spirit Dragon riders!’’

Those were Level 7 Hybrid Demons!

I didn't look up, but I could see their shadows fly across the ground. There was a total of five of them. They spiraled above Frost and I for about five minutes before flying away. They must think that the two of us were only passing through. It was said that the Revered One's Plains were open to humans, elves and barbarians alike. And so, it has attracted many thieves and poachers from the mainland. It was very common to see people who were dressed like Frost and I. These Sword Spirit Riders must've been looking for troops on a greater scale that were going to invade the Hybrid Demons Territory.

In the distance, a lone city stood in the center of the field. It was the empire that Luo Lin had set up here. It was a city that congregated anything that had fallen to the darkness, humans, barbarians, and elves alike. Luo Lin was the king of it all here. In the distance, we could see him training his troops on the open field. This sight made Frost furrow her elegant browser, ’’that's Dragon city's arrow formation... D*mm*t, is Luo Lin training them that so that they can use it against the humans?’’

I clenched my teeth and lead my horse to Frost's side. I put a hand in her shoulder and said ’’Don't think too much about it. Later when we walk into the city, don't say anything. I will bribe those officials.’’



When we arrived at the gate, there were at least a thousand people defending the city walls. These soldiers were all originally from Ba Huang City's Imperial Guard, and Purple Star Armies. Afterwards, they were brought to the Hybrid Demon Territory by Luo Lin where they had been cooked in the Dead Soul Medicine. They were no longer humans any more. Their eyes had turned black and their skin had dried up. Even their faces had changed their shapes. They were more closer to ghouls than humans. The only thing that hadn't changed was their greed and desire. Of them, there was one that looked like an official who lead his horse over here. He looked down on us and shouted, ’’Those two, what are you here for?’’

I slowly lead my horse forward. Without taking my hood off, I softly said, ’’We're poachers that are planning on killing some young dragons for gold. I hope that my lord will allow us to pass through. This is just a small gift to show you my sincerity!’’

As I said that, I took out 2000G from my pocket and tossed it to him.


The official grabbed the pouch and weighed it for a moment. He smiled widely, ’’The hunters nowadays are getting more and more obedient. He he, brothers, tonight let's go to the bar for some fun. Whenever I think of the lady of the bar, Branda's plump buttocks, I get ecstatic!’’

Everyone smiled, ’’My lord is great! We'll follow my lord to hell and back!’’



Frost was so angry she was trembling and she softly cursed at them.

I reached out and tugged on Thousand League Snow's reigns and took Frost into the city. I was afraid that she'd be so angry she'd just massacred everyone there. If that happened, then there was no telling how we'd get out of the mess.

We carefully made our way through the Revered One's city. Frost continued to endure her anger. Seeing this let me release a sigh of relief. After this, we'd enter the most dangerous area. There were no rules in the Wild Dragon Territory. Those evil dragons will kill or eat humans on sight. We were not going to be able to buy our way out of that.

I looked up at the sky, it was completely blue with a few white clouds and not a single Sword Spirit Rider in sight. I lowered my voice, ’’Looks like we'll reach the Wild Dragon Territory in twenty minutes. Frost, how were you planning on stealing the eggs and how many?’’

Frost smiled and said, ’’I was planning... well I first needed to figure out where the Dragon Eggs were hidden. After that, I was going to tip toe into there. As for how many, I want to create a branch of Dragon Riders that are extremely powerful. I would need at least ten or more dragons for that. Of course, the more the better. On top of that... the fire, green and ice dragons are the strongest mounts. The wind dragons are too thin and their scales aren't durable enough. It'll be easy for spells and arrows to pierce through their bodies. Plus, their battle power just isn't strong enough...’’

’’Gu dong....’’

I gulped, ’’Then how are we supposed to figure out where they hid their eggs? Has Zi Shu told you before?’’

’’She doesn't know either. But I have a way to ask.’’

’’Ask... you want to ask them?’’

A little doubt crept into my heart, ’’How were you planning on asking?’’

Frost smiled, ’’I was going to grab one of the dragons and ask them politely of course....’’

’’How are you going to grab one?’’

’’That's simple, you'll go out to lure them and I'll capture it...’’

I nearly doubled over. I was starting to think that I took the short end of the stick. But, this was an SSS tier quest. Of course it wouldn't be impossible to say that it wouldn't be dangerous. Nevermind then. If I got deceived then I got deceived!

Right at that moment, Frost suddenly reached out and held my shoulder, ’’Careful, don't say a word. We've already entered the Wild Dragon Territory. Their territory has expanded quite a bit... look here, the wild dragon scouts... later, you'll go and lure one over here. I want to ask them and get some answers.’’


I looked up. There was an enormous beast perched on a cliff. All of the scales covering its body were a deep crimson. This was a mature red dragon. Frost really overestimates me. Isn't she afraid that it'll bite me into two halves!


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