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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 695


Chapter 695 - New Quest

Without noticing, I had already reached the peak of the Ice Ridge Mountain as I tried the Flying Swordplay against the different mobs. Snow covered the landscape, and created a chilling environment. I was starting to feel so cold that I barely even shivered. The monsters couldn't go across the Ice Ridge Mountains, but the players could still go wherever they pleased on the range. The only problem was that it was too cold. A lot of people couldn't take this kind of extreme temperature.


I stood at the peak of the mountain. To the left of me was the vast dead land of the Northern Hybrid Demon Territory. To the South on the other hand was filled with opportunity for battle in the Seven Northern Empires. I thought about it for a moment as I softly patted my Flying Scythe War Horse' mane. I tugged on the reins, and turned my horse to the north. I'll just kill some monsters along the mountain then!

I opened up my map and carefully looked at all of the information on it. Very soon, a group of small red dots appeared. The dots turned black soon. They probably weren't as simple as the average monsters.

There was a bramble brush in that direction. I lead my horse forward. Suddenly, a red light flew out from the brush!

Thankfully I was already prepared. I cracked my reins and switched directions. ’’Shua!’’ an iron spear brushed past my arm. It was the [Iron Spear Throw] skill from the Level 1 Demon Hunters! I locked onto the target and charged forward. My Flying Scythe War Horse dashed forward into the bramble like the wind. ’’Peng!’’ I stunned the Demon Hunter.

’’He he.....’’

The Demon Hunter revealed its sharp fangs in a wicked grin. Some letters floated above its head. Level 135. Its stats were terrifyingly high as well. Motehrf*cker, all of the Hybrid Demon's Stats have been respawned. They were extremely terrifying compared to the players at the current stage!

I swung both of my swords and immediately threw out five cuts. The Demon Hunter swung its sharp claws, but it only dealt 2000 damage to me, nothing serious. It wasn't until seven seconds later, did it materialize another spear in its hand. The cool down for its skill was up. It growled as the spear grew red. I then urged my horse forward to avoid the attack. The battle horse completed the complicated maneuver while I swung both my swords. Right as the Demon Hunter threw his [Spear Throw], I suddenly spun around and ran towards the opposite direction, and successfully dodging the second attack. I then had my little tiger attack together. In a short twenty seconds, this Demon Hunter fell with a scream. The dps was pretty good. I had just finished killing people so my Dragon Reservoir Sword's [Kill for Blood] effect was still there.

I looked at the ground and there was a total of four gold piece. The drops from these Hybrid Demons were even better than the Steel Blade Beasts on Steel Blade Mountain. On top of that, the experience was very generous. After all, it was a Level 130 monster.

I happily picked up the gold and continued forward. I looked for Demon Hunters in the forest at the foot of the mountain and killed them off one by one. Furthermore, I got used to dodging the Demon Hunters' [Spear Throw]. This was a skill that all top level players had to learn. At any time, they must make preparations for being ambushed. Only then would they be able to minimize the damage they take from an attack. It's just as it was in the team battle, when the enemy charged, there was always the chance that a [Scatter Shot] or a [Lullaby] was aimed at you. You must have the ability to seek out a chance for survival in all the chaos. What was the best way for you to take the least damage while dealing the most damage to the opponent.

However, even though my maneuvers were improving by leaps and bounds, I wasn't considered a master yet. I still took a hit from the [Spear Throw]s from time to time, and lost 6000 health in one attack. It still hurt quite a bit.


As I was killing them, I was thinking about things. With the appearance of mounts, all of the knight tier players finally began to take on a main role in the game's battles. The appearance of the Greedy Wolf Raiders really made players understand one point: Even [Thousand Burial] managed to rise to new heights with the might of thousands of mounts behind it, if they were paired with a guild like [Hero's Mound] or [Legend], then their might would be unimaginable.

There were three main battle sects for knights, the Battle Reflux Style, the Pulse Break Style and the Drunken Sword Style. I understood the basic essence of all three. Furthermore, I could recognize them whenever I was in a solo or team battle. The Pulse Break and the Thorn Style usually showed up in solo battles or battles on a small scale. However, in the greater scale wars, then the truly great styles were the Battle Reflux and the Drunken Sword styles. For example, when I used my [Halberd Flame] and charged forward as I used [Drain] to recover my health. My endurance was extremely high, which allowed me to tank all the damage for so long without falling.

On the other hand, the Pulse Break Style created very little difference in a battle. The situation on a battlefield was constantly changing. Everywhere there was [Stun]s, [Blind]s, and [Sleep] effects flying around. Nobody would give you the chance to interrupt a skill anyway. Maybe you could successfully interrupt one person's skill, but you might be pressed to the ground by a group of entirely different people. The only way to survive was to kill everyone on the battle field and find a place for oneself. You must be able to control the tempo of the team. That was the true potential of control type players.

Jian Feng Han, Li Mu and Wang Jian were all determined to continue down the path for the Battle Reflux Style, probably for the same reason. Jian Feng Han wasn't an idiot. Based on his natural talent and ability, he definitely could learn the Pulse Break Style. But, he still didn't. Instead, he's been thinking of how to maximize the advantages of the Battle Reflux Style. On this point, he deserved more respect than Q-Sword. Of course, Q-Sword sought multiple different styles and he trained in a variety of different battle styles. This was his strongest advantage.


As I was thinking about it, something suddenly wavered in the brambles, and caught my eye. I stared right at it. A group of red dots appeared on the map. In the next moment, ’’Shua shua shua!’’ five Iron Spear's flew at me from different directions. My mind went completely blank. What the f*ck, they actually spawned five Demon Hunters for me?!

I pulled at my reins, and forced my Flying Scythe Horse to stop. After that I made a quick change in direction. ’’Sou!’’ a spear flew past me. I dodged one of the Iron Spears. But I was still hit by another one. I couldn't just stand around and take these hits. And so, I swung my sword and began my counter attack. My little tiger also pounced forward beside me, activating [Fierce Roar] to attract aggro.

I locked my attacks onto one of the Demon Hunters, but I ended up getting hit by [Spear Throw]s from the other Demon Hunters. Fighting like this was extremely tiring, but dodging was too difficult. Was I going to continuously be hit like this? My only choice was to rely on [Cleansing Rain] and [Heal] to slowly keep my health up.

As the battle became more intense, I suddenly heard a dragon's roar in the sky!


I looked up, what was that?!

All I could see was a crimson dragon's flame descend upon us. ’’Peng!’’ the four Demon Hunters that I didn't kill all fell to the ground, burnt to crisps. I was stunned. Who had the guts and skill to kill that many Hybrid Demons in one hit?!

I looked up, only to see the dragon disappear. A beautiful woman appeared in the air. She looked very majestic with some hints of wilderness in her eyes. It was the Red Dragon Queen Zi Shu.

’’Oh, it's Zi Shu?’’ I smiled. I immediately picked up my sword and walked forward to greet her.

Queen Zi Shu smiled, ’’Master, it;s been a long time!’’

My contract with her was only for a few days, but it seems that Zi Shu still hadn't changed her greeting. She was actually calling me Master even without our contract. Seeing her, I said ’’One doesn't visit a temple for no reason, you must be here for something right?’’

Zi Shu grinned, ’’Master truly is clever... I've been sensing a strong power while I was in Dragon City and so I came here. I never would have thought that you were here too. But I do have something for you. Lady Frost is looking for you.’’

’’Oh? Why?’’

’’She didn't say. She just told me to bring you back to Dragon City.’’

’’Ok, let's go then!’’

Zi Shu dove down and grabbed my arm in one swoop. She smiled, ’’You walk too slowly, I'll fly you over!’’


Helpless, I put the little tiger and the Flying Scythe War Horse back into the pet space. The wind whistled past my ear as we flew straight towards Dragon City.

After a few minutes, we reached the sky above Dragon City. As we descended, we entered right to the center of the city.

On the way, there were several Dragon City soldiers training in the small military grounds of Dragon City. These days, Frost has recruited quite a few elite warriors across the continent to boost Dragon City's battle power. On top of that, she seemed to be teaching the warriors the ancient techniques that were buried in the tomes of Dragon City. In order to hold off the Hybrid Demons, Frost has been exerting every bit of effort.

Zi Shu seemed to guess what I was worried about. She smiled, ’’Master, right now, Dragon City already has over ten thousand citizens. Of them, 5000 are Dragon City warriors. Laborers, chefs and shippers constitute the other 5000. Even if the Hybrid Demons were to attack again, at least we have some kind of force to defend.

I nodded, ’’Where is Frost?’’

’’She's in the Commander's Hall.’’


After Dragon City was rebuilt, the old King's Hall that Luo Lin had once ruled from was also rebuilt. Now it was named the Commander's Hall. The great doors were heavily guarded. When the enormous doors were pushed open, there appeared two large sand tables placed in the great hall. Small flags representing the Hybrid Demon forces were scattered around the tables. There was another enormous desk next to it that was covered with flags that represented the three kingdoms, Tian Ling City, Ba Huang City and Dragon City. Frost was sitting at that desk, pouring over a lambskin map.

’’Lady Frost, master is here!’’ Zi Shu announced.

Frost looked up. The moment she saw me, a light flashed in her eyes. Her beautiful face seemed to have thinned quite a bit. She smiled, ’’Li Xiao Yao, you're finally here....’’

I smiled, ’’What's wrong... you miss me?’’

Frost blushed but she couldn't resist saying, ’’There are some things that we can only talk about in private. Let's talk business then....’’


Frost left the desk and leaned against the edge of the sand table, ’’Three days ago, a wave weak of Hybrid Demons launched a series of attacks against Dragon City. They were pushed back by me. However, they ambushed us in the middle of the night again. That time, Sword Spirit Dragon Riders appeared. One type was a flight type. They could reach an altitude of 500 meters. They threw large boulders, and smashed quite a few of the machines we had on the border of the wall. They were five hundred meters in the air, so none of our archers could reach them. This was something that made Zi Shu and I feel very helpless. Zi Shu is after all by herself.. I can't allow her to go against so many Sword Spirit Dragon Riders on her own.’’

Zi Shu grunted, ’’Lady, it really isn't anything big. Those insects can't kill me!’’

’’Even so....’’

Frost looked at me and said, ’’Li Xiao Yao, do you know what I want to say?’’

I nodded with a smile, ’’Dragon City right now needs true Dragon Riders to hold off those flying type Hybrid Demons like the Sword Spirit Dragon Riders!’’

Frost smiled, ’’Yup, I was thinking the same. And so.. I want you to go with me. We'll go complete a not so honorable task. We must keep it a secret....’’

I glared at her and unhappily said, ’’Do you want me to follow you to the Wild Dragon Territory to steal some Dragon Eggs?’’

Frost pouted her lip, ’’Wu, I really can't keep anything from you....’’


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