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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 693


Chapter 693 - Wang Ze Cheng's Rage

’’Keng keng keng....’’

Sparks flashed as a blade hacked against the shield. One Second Hero's shield was already covered with scratches and markings. He hid behind his shield and looked at me, ’’Guildmaster, are we just going to take hits and not fight back? The Greedy Wolf Raiders have been charging at our formation over and over again. If we keep this up, we'll all be killed. We've already taken quite a few losses....’’

I nodded, ’’Just a little longer!’’

Matcha glanced at me and said, ’’Boss, we've already lost 300 of our 1900 Steel Blade Troops. The rate is much faster than I thought....’’

I said, ’’I understand. Just half a minute. Prepare the counterattack!’’


Behind me a beautiful figure appeared in the forest holding a dagger. It was Wan Er. Behind her, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian and Wolf all appeared. Finally, [Zhan Long]'s unmounted players entered the stage!

’’Healers, give us frontline players the [Hundred Battles] BUFF!’’

Wan Er let out a command. A thousand people swiftly came to aid [Zhan Long]'s attack. The supporting players all entered into line while the Healers cast the [Hundred Battles] BUFF. All of the Steel Blade Horseman received it. Then the [Heal] lights flashed all around. The Mages, Musketeers and Archers all stood in line. I watched as the opportunity grew ripe. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and roared, ’’Steel Blade Cavalry, charge!’’

Everyone had been waiting for this moment. They dashed forward. We rammed against the Greedy Wolf Brigade. Now that we had the [Hundred Battles] BUFF, we were much stronger. In addition, our morale was much higher. The Greedy Wolf Brigade clearly looked like it was running out of steam.

’’F*cking h*ll.....’’

Minimalist clenched his teeth. After the Steel Blade Cavalry received its baptism, a group of Greedy Wolf Raiders who had only half of their health bars appeared in the battle field. The leader raised his blade and pointed it at Wan Er and Dong Cheng and shouted, ’’Kill! While they don't have the cavalry to protect them, kill them all!’’

Around a thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders charged towards the back of [Zhan Long]s formation. When they were only halfway there however, ’’Pa pa pa’’ they all knelt to the ground. The traps set by the archers all appeared on the ground, and stunned them for three seconds. Without anyone noticing, Dancing Forest had commanded two hundred archers to set up traps. This was the true essence of strategy in guild battles!

Qing Qian gripped her dagger and glanced to the ground, ’’Little Dance, help me out. Let's go kill Minimalist!’’

Dancing Forest nodded in agreement

In the next moment, Minimalist had brought his Greed Wolf over. His blade shuddered. He activated a [Skyshaker Slash]+[Blade Rush], killing a healer. But before he could kill the second, an ambush suddenly hit him. It was Dancing Forest's [Scatter Shot]. Minimalist proved his worth as a CBN Battlenet Expert and dodged the [Scatter Shot] with a crack of his whip. But he did not expect the [Grip of the Firefox] that came flying his way!


The [Grip of the Firefox] hit its target. Right after, Dancing Forest used a [Rising Dragon Arrow] and [Meteor Shot] to pierce through Minimalist's body. The attack had emptied his health. The two girls managed to predict every move that he made!


Minimalist's heart dropped. When he turned around, he saw a pretty figure dash out from the crowd. ’’Ka cha!’’ a dagger left a thin trail of blood across his neck. Twenty thousand damage popped up. The assassin's attack power was just too explosive. Not too mention it was an attack from Wan Er. Minimalist fell to the ground and died.


Dong Cheng waved her staff and let loose a countless barrage of magic spells. Add on with Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns' firepower, and we faced the thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders without any fear. This kind of firepower coverage was something that You Yi and Not Ordinary would never have imagined. They had the same amount of Greedy Wolf Raiders, but because they didn't have full health, before they could even reach [Zhan Long]'s long distance team, they had lost over half of their team.

In the main formation, the Steel Blade Cavalry continued their charge. They had stabbed into the heart several times in a row, and cut deep into the Greedy Wolf Brigade's formation. It was right at that moment that Not Ordinary and You Yi had finally realized they had truly lost. No matter how many experts they managed to collect, and no matter how strong of a mount these Greed Wolves were, they still couldn't go against an alliance of [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard].


’’Just what do we do now....’’ Call Me Master stared blankly as she stood, and watched the scene unfold.

Yue Yao Chen raised his sword and said, ’’Master, what are you doing? Hurry up and go with the guildmaster. Prepare to break the siege. We'll break out through the west. At least that way we'll be able to save 4000+ of our people!’’

Call Me Master hesitated, ’’We had close to 9000 Greedy Wolf Raiders, and now we're only left with 4000?’’

Yue Yao Cheng was also startled. But he smiled and tried to comfort her, ’’That's ok. All of the people that died can be revived and still be a main battler. First though, we have to get out of this as soon as possible. We cannot lose too much equipment. Otherwise, we won't have the right to rise up again. Don't forget, when the Greedy Wolf Raiders die, they also have an increased drop rate of 20%. We can't take those losses!’’

’’Ok, let's go!’’

At that moment, Not Ordinary raised his battle axe and shouted, ’’Everyone, follow me and break from this siege. We cannot fight any longer. [Vanguard] was shameless and actually went to the b*st*rds from [Zhan Long] for help. F*ck, this time we will accept defeat. But wait until we strike the drums of battle again. We will step on these two guilds like they are ants! Brothers. Charge with me!’’

Masses of Greedy Wolf Raiders fled Not Ordinary and began to try and break through our siege. Although they called it breaking through our siege, it was more like they were trying to escape with their lives and ’’dignity’’. Most of the players in the Greedy Wolf Brigade had just been recruited into [Thousand Burial]. In their latest battles in Tian Ling City, their victories meant great pride but their losses meant great shame. I can just imagine how low the morale must be right now. This was the greatest difference between them and [Zhan Long].

[Zhan long] is a guild that has experienced many victories and defeats together as a team. Everyone has been in the same boat since the beginning. Even if we were to suffer a few losses, that would not affect the determination of our players.


Not Ordinary continued to try and break out. Suddenly, an enormous cavalry suddenly appeared. It was [Vanguard]'s elite cavalry lead by Jian Feng Han himself. Don't be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, and Fallen Wolf were among the players in tow. There were around a thousand people in the cavalry. I believe this was their main force. Even though everyone had different mounts, their battle potential must still be incredibly high.


Jian Feng Han cut down a Greedy Wolf Raider in critical health. He raised his bloody blade and shouted, ’’You want to leave? Today, not a single one of you Greedy Wolf Raiders will even think about leaving. After massacring so many of my players in Tian Ling City for so many days, you probably didn't think that there would be a day someone would come to kill you. Isn't that so? Brothers, Kill! Have no mercy, leave no soul alive!’’

You Yi raised his sword, ’’Jian Feng Han, you're too savage!’’

Jian Feng Han coldly smiled, ’’When you killed [Vanguard]'s ten thousand men, did you not think you were being too savage? Cut the small talk and die!’’

The sounds of battle rose all around us. [Vanguard] was putting all of its forces into this counterattack. This time they used at least twenty thousand troops!

After suffering from that ten thousand man loss overnight, Jian Feng Han had long been broiling with fury. After all, it is understandable. He would never have any mercy or sympathy for [Thousand Burial]. No matter if it's guild matters or personal ones, he was not going to let Not Ordinary escape with his life.


We did not miss this next stage in the battle either. There was 1300 cavalrymen left in the Steel Blade Troops. We continued our pursuit and picked up a lot of the equipment that the Greedy Wolf Brigade dripped. Who could let go of such a great opportunity.

In the end, the legendary nine thousand man cavalry of Greedy Wolf Raiders was utterly defeated and ended up pitifully running away from [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard's] hunt. They ran straight towards the west side of Bowl Valley and then toward Zi Wu mountain.


I charged ahead of the formation. My Flying Scythe WAr Horse was slightly faster than everyone else. I fought them until they had no way of fighting back. Not only did I collect equipment, but I also got experience from the people I killed. After this all, someone was going to sweep the battlefield and this way like a gold mine ready to be picked. Either way it was all for the sake of strengthening [Zhan Long]'s players. There was no need to bother who picked it up.

In the midst of the chaos, Call Me master and Yue Yao Chen's Greedy Wolf Raiders continued to die in battle. Jian Feng Han's rage was too great. He was several times more savage than even me.

After I chased them for another ten minutes, Xi Wu Mountain appeared in the distant horizon.

Right at that moment, I spotted movement in the forest. Right after that, a large group of players suddenly charged out if the forest. There was crowds of knights all carrying shields in front of them. In the rear were archers, mages and musketeers. There was over ten thousand of them!

This entire group of people all had one insignia floating above their shoulder.

Right in front of the entire army was one man sitting on a battle horse. he was carrying a long spear in one hand and a shield in the other. He pointed his spear at the ground, his eyes gleamed with killing intent as he watched the fleeing Greedy Wolf Raiders. A name floated above his head

Cang Cheng LV- 116 Knight

City: Tian Ling City

Guild: [Hero's Mound: division One]

Position: Guildmaster

Who wouldve thought that Wang Ze Cheng would set up an ambush here. Are they going to save [Thousand Burial]? After all, Not Ordinary and Wang Ze Cheng have an unclear but distinct relationship.

’’Oh?’’ You Yi raised his eyebrows, ’’[Hero's Mound: division One] is here?’’


Not Ordinary laughed, ’’D*mn, Wang Ze Cheng that cheat actually does have some integrity left in him. He's actually brought people here to save us. Looks like there's a lot of them too. With them, we'll be able to launch a counterattack. Brothers, hurry up and get behind [Hero's Mound] so that we can reorganize. Prepare for another battle!

But right at that moment, Wang Ze Cheng suddenly raised his arm and shouted, ’’Release!’’

Arrows fell like rain and a hundred of the Greedy Wolf Raiders that had charged ahead towards Hero's Mound had died. Not Ordinary was stupefied. He held his battle axe stupidly for a moment. Rage suddenly clouded his eyes, ’’Wang Ze Cheng, what the in the mother*cking world are you doing?’’

Wang Ze Cheng kept an indifferent expression as he coldly said, ’’You know what you did. This time, I'm just giving you a warning. [Hero's Mound:division One] brothers, Charge. Kill the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Don't leave a single one alive!’’

Horse hooves beat the ground as Hero's Mounds division One troops all charged.following that, and the archers and mages all offered support. Such a complete synchronization and full on attack. This was something that the 2000ish broken Greedy Wolf Raiders would not be able to hold off.


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