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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 692


Chapter 692 - Courageous Victory


My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed as I sprinted forward. My little tiger pounced onto the rear of the Greedy Wolf Brigade. In the distance, I could see people turn around again. Around 200+ people turned around to attack. This was the cavalry's main charge. There was no time to hesitate. I clenched my teeth and charged right into the crowd. Flashes of light exploded as my [Wall of Dou Qi] deflected their attacks. I then swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Sword Tempest] into the crowd!






One after another, the damage numbers exploded. Of course there was no one who could match the Dragon Reservoir Swords' 150% [Kill for Blood] effect. My attack power had reached a terrifying point as always. Plus, I didn't need to worry about my Rage either. I activated [Halberd Flame] and rammed into the crowd. I had entered a near invincible state. There was only one reason I was so aggressive in my approach, behind me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, One Second Hero and Old K had all rode their Steel Blade Mounts and came charging over!

’’Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’

I don't know who shouted the order from the crowd, but a dozen knights all activated [Charge] against me. The first couple of moves that started [Charge] were too noticeable. I smiled and then kicked my Flying Scythe War Horse and gave it a command. The horse and owner's thoughts were synced as one. It kicked its iron hooves against the soft green grass in a particular pattern. It was the most basic method of dodging, but also the most effective one. Behind me, a group of MISSes popped up in my path. [Thousand Burial]'s Greedy Wolf Raiders all missed their target.

Yet right at that moment, one of the Greedy Wolf Raiders in the distance charged right towards me. It was a young man around 25 years old that carried a long sword covered in brambles. The ID above his head named him ’’Yue Yao Chen’’, a level 116 Knight. He swung his sword, creating frigid stormy slashes. The chaotic flurry of attacks seemed to gather around his sword and he threw the attack right at me!



I was slightly startled. This b*st*rd has a pretty good attack power. The skill was called [Mass Blade Break] and was an S Tier skill. As expected, [Thousand Burial] now had many crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Any one of them was more complicated than they seemed.

Once Yue Yao Cheng's attack hit, he immediately spun his sword and threw another [Skyshaker Slash]. This time, I didn't give him the second chance to attack. I charged my Flying Scythe Horse over, ramming into him. ’’Peng!’’ I sent him and his Greedy Wolf Mount sliding backwards. I then raised both swords. ’’Keng Keng’’ two attacks at once. I had successfully broken his skill. Yue Yao Cheng entered a moment of sluggishness. Even his expression turned ugly as he shouted, ’’Oh no!’’

My Dragon Reservoir Sword and Brilliant Fire Sword seemed to attack at the same time. ’’Ka Ka’’ I immediately pierced through Yu Yao Cheng's chest plate, emptying his health. Right at that moment, a girl shouted, ’’Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’

Before I could even look up, a beautiful figure flashed by me. ’’Peng!’’ She interrupted my [Wind Blade]. It was due to the [Courageous Ram] from a knight that interrupted my skill. The knight's stats were probably pretty good. I didn't say much else and instead raised my hand to deal five more attacks forward. She then raised her shield in front of her, and parried my attacks. Her health had dropped 70% or so, but she hadn't died. Her defense and health were remarkable.

Su Yan, Level 116 Knight. [Thousand Burial] team leader ranked 1522 in the CBN Battlenet!

I felt my heart shiver. No wonder [Vanguard]'s ten thousand players had s uch a miserable defeat. The [Thousand Burial] of today was not the same one as half a month ago. Not Ordinary had certainly gotten his money's worth with that 50 million. In a short amount of time, he had managed to collect so many of the high players on the CBN Battlenet rankings.

Behind me, I heard Wang Jian's voice say, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, let me take care of this girl!’’

I nodded and then raised my sword to kill Yue Yao Chen. I pulled out something that was hidden within my billowing cloak. Under the moonlight with my cloak fluttering in the wind, I opened my palm. I then looked over at Shu Yan and as she realized it she cried, ’’Not good...’’


As I kept some tricks hidden up my sleeve, [Binding Chains] was very helpful. It had completely locked Shu Yan in place. Wang Jian leapt forward on his horse, sweeping out his blade. He dealt a [Slaying Xiang Yan] combo, killing Shu Yan in one stroke. Yue Yao Chen trembled as he watched the scene unfold. He no longer wanted to face me head on and turned his horse around as he shouted, ’’Second [Assault], kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’

[Wall of Dou Qi] had the effect of flashing gold every time I was slashed at. At the same time, [Frost Armor] was also layered around me. With a double heavy defense, the Greedy Wolf Raiders only dealt around 1000-3000 damage. Even though there were a lot of attacks, there weren't many that were critical. I swung my two blades and continued attacking. I had a 20% [Drain] effect, plus my [Cleansing Rain] which I could use every seven seconds allowed and so in that moment, I recovered 12638 health. My [Cleansing Rain] increases with my base attack. This [Cleansing Rain] Heal also pretty much makes me less reliant on Healers.

’’Kill! Break apart their formation!’’ Li Mu loudly commanded

I cut into the heart of the Greedy Wolf Brigade like a sharp sword. I was constantly taking a barrage of hits but I did not back down. I relied solely on my [Cleansing Rain] and 20% [Drain] to pull my health up. As long as the opponent's archers, mages, and musketeers don't attack me all at once, then I was pretty much a fish in water in this close combat type battle. To kill me was too difficult a task.

On the other hand, that also represented an enormous advantage for the Greedy Wolf Brigade's battle tactics. Not Ordinary wanted to take the 20% increase in drop and the 1% increase in experience to continuously strengthen his army. But never did he expect to meet someone like me who couldn't be killed. No matter how strong these Greedy Wolf Raiders were, they did not have SSS tier players like Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han or Enchanted Painting. In the end, they still wouldn't be able to kill me. Even killing players like Li Mu and Wang Jian would be hard. Besides that, our Steel Blade Horses were on another level compared to their Fiery Greedwolves. Its own defense was one of the top in the game right now and there were two thousand of them. Face to face, the Greed Wolves didn't necessarily have any advantage.

Matcha raised her blade and dashed forward. Her mount, Moonlight of a Thousand Leagues was incredibly fast. Our beautiful elder urged her horse forward as her sword danced and cut through the crowd of people. She had attracted the attacks of a whole group of Greedy Wolf Raiders. Matcha immediately raised her shield and activated [Heavenly Shield Wall]+[Holy Phantom Shield]. Her unbreakable shield made it so the Greedy Wolf Raiders were unable to advance. After attracting so much aggro, she had also helped her fellow Steel Blade block a lot of attacks. She moved her shield and angrily raised her sword shouting, ’’Pierce through their formation! Use the [Flame] effect to burn them to death! The Greedy Wolf Raiders don't have [Drain], and they are purely cavalrymen. They have a terrible recovery rate. The battle will be in our favor if we drag it out!’’

As if to prove Matcha's words, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Dong Cheng all brought a group of people and pierced into the Greedy Wolf Raider's formation. As she had said, the Steel Blade Cavalrymen's [Flame] effect quickly appeared and the Greedy Wolf Raiders dropped like flies. The couldn't stand up to the Steel Blade Cavalry in the long battle.


’’Are we losing?’’

In the distance, You Yi raised his blade and clenched his teeth as he said, ’’Boss, let's give up on this attack against [Vanguard]. We'll gather up our strength and first cut down the 2000 [Zhan Long] cavalry. We cannot let them continue on like this, or else our brothers will all be killed!’’

Not Ordinary nodded and raised his battle axe. He turned around and roared, ’’Kill them all! Clear the path back! Everyone, our target is not [Vanguard] any more!’’

At that moment, all 7000 Greedy Wolf Raiders turned around on the battlefield and faced [Zhan Long] the true battle was now beginning!

A mass of Greedy Wolf Raiders that was three times greater than the size of our own army turned against us. In that short moment, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K were all pushed back a dozen meters. This was something we had not expected. When the Greedy Wolf Brigade had battled in Tian Ling City over and over again, the victories generated high morale among the soldiers. Maybe this time, [Zhan Long] was at a slight disadvantage against the Greedy Wolf Raiders. But, there wasn't any other choice. We had to hit [Thousand Burial] where it hurts this time. [Zhan Long] could no longer sit by and watch!


I swung my two swords and took my Ancient Heavenly Tiger along as I charged into the crowd of Greedy Wolf Raiders. I fought with all my strength to help [Zhan Long] regain its footing. At the same time, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all created a defensive formation in their place. For us to be on the defensive side meant that this was going to be a battle of attrition, which was to our advantage. The Steel Blade Cavalry had a much higher defense and they had the [Flame] effect. As long as the Greed Wolves didn't break through our formation, then victory was ours.

In the distance, Minimalist, Call Me Master and the other [Thousand Burial] experts hacked their way through the Steel Blade Troops. These people all had incredibly good equipment and their attack power was above average. They switched through their skills incredibly fast, which made it possible for them to practically instant kill the Steel Blade Cavalrymen. In the blink of an eye, screams rose throughout the battlefield and lights flashed as the souls of Greedy Wolf Raiders and Steel Blade Cavalrymen alike vanished.

I stopped in front of the formation and set up the Azure Dragon Crossbow. Afterwards I activated [Soul Army] and descended it upon the Brigade. Then with a sweep of my swords, I pushed back the Greedy Wolf Raiders in front of me. On top of that, Minimalist, You Yi, and Not Ordinary were very smart and didn't come to provoke me. Instead they roamed the battlefront and picked off the weakest Steel Blade Cavalrymen. [Zhan Long]'s players did the same, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Matcha were basically bathing their opponents in blood.


My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] cut apart the crowd, and killed a dozen at once.

What the f*ck, how can Li Xiao Yao, that b*st*rd be so arrogant!’’ Not Ordinary was starting to look a little pissed. He roared, ’’Last time, he meddled in our actual business, and is he planning on ruining all of my efforts in game as well? Minimalist, Call Me Master, take a group of elite players over. You must kill Li Xiao Yao!’’

Call Me Master blinked a few times and said, ’’Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai... that's going to be a bit difficult...’’

Not Ordinary said, ’’If you don't try, how do you know if he can be killed!’’

’’Yes sir!’’

The two groups of people dashed at me from a distance.

Without another word, I raised my hand. Clouds gathered in the sky. Lightning flashed on my blade. Suddenly, it was as though the entire earth had been cut apart as [Thundering Heavens] exploded in the crowd!

’’F*Ck,...’’ Call Me Master suddenly stopped cracking her whip. She raised her blood spear and said, ’’We've been f*cked...retreat!

But it was all too late. The hundred people that charged in with her had entered the [Thundering Heavens] range. In that moment, all of the Greedy Wolf Raiders had been burnt to crisp while not a single drop of blood stained my Dragon Reservoir Sword.With just that I could have achieved 150 layers of [Kill for Blood]!


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