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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 691


Chapter 691 - ’’Call Me Master’’

The Steel Blade Cavalry didn't meet together in the city, but rather in the surrounding forest. When I made it there, the entire forest was filled with the figures of Steel Blade Horses. These warhorses were completely black, as if they were made of steel. An aura of flames surrounded the horses' bodies. That was the effect from [Flame]. As long as you target an enemy, then anyone near the user would suffe burn damage. The burn damage itself was related to the user's attack power. Plus, I was completely confident in the attack power of these Steel Blade Cavalrymen. They were all elites picked from the [Zhan Long] and [Valiant Bravery] camps. Furthermore, they all had to be over level 115. With Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Old K to lead, there was no need to worry about their battle power.


My Flying Scythe War Horse raced through the wind and quickly reached a clearing in the forest. Wan Er turned around to look at me and smiled, ’’I've called pretty much everyone online. There's a total of 1902 people. These players are always on at least 16 hours in a day, so they can maintain absolute battle power!’’

I nodded, ’’Good. I don't know when we'll get our mission, so how about we grind levels for now? That's right, did we leave people on Steel Blade Mountain to guard?’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’Yup, Fox lead some people and is standing guard there. As long as new Steel Blade Horses spawn, he will be the first to send people there to tame so don't worry about the situation on the mountain. We've done a pretty good job with keeping it a secret. A lot of people have been carrying the Steel Blade Mount crystals, but have no idea where the crystals came from. This is a guild secret!’’

’’That's good. How about we find a place to grind levels?’’

’’Alright. There's a forest nearby that spawns Poison Hornets. Why don't we take everyone there to kill hornets? Maybe we'll even get to seal some Level 1 Pets!’’



And so, I took everyone to grind levels. A large group of people entered the forest en masse, causing quite a scare to the players that were already there. They didn't know what to say in response and so most of them left. Anyone that didn't leave just grinded levels beside us. But it was clear that they weren't on our level in terms of catching monsters.

I looked at my level. I had reached Level 125. These couple of days, I leveled up twice from killing monsters on Steel Blade Mountain. A high level mob's experience really was great.

’’Line up!’’

Li Mu raised his sword. Around fifty Steel Blade Cavalrymen all went into formation. Before us were a hundred hornets, Level 126 Thunder Tier monsters. Li Mu dipped his sword and shouted, ’’Charge!’’

Hooves pounded against the ground, as they thundered forward. Fifty Steel Blade Cavalrymen swung their swords and charged forward. There was no hesitation in their actions. They cut straight forward. All of the Hornet's were immediately plummeted into critical health. They turned around and dealt another [Charge]. As the sharp blades fell, a hundred of these large Hornets turned into experience. Li Mu was training the knights in their battle tactics. The scene made me feel extremely proud. The rise of a super guild was not just the work of myself.

As we trained our troops, we also grinded levels and we didn't meet any problems throughout the time. At noon, we logged off to eat and then continued to grind levels after that.

We worked until five in the evening. Finally, I received a long awaited message. Simpled said, ’’Xiao Yao, the Greedy Wolf Raiders have finally taken the bait!’’

’’Yup? Tell me the details...’’

Simple said, ’’Ah Han and I brought a hundred man team to the Fairy's Path in Ba Huang City. However, [Thousand Burial] seemed to have gotten some kind of intel and so they would not take the bait. It wasn't until I had Don't Be Foolish bring a team of eight thousand players and go to Bowl Valley to grind levels did You Yi and Not Ordinary finally make a move. Around 8500 Greedy Wolf Troops left from Tian Ling City and are headed straight for Bowl Valley!’’

I smiled, ’’Looks like, they think that Don't Be Foolish isn't very smart and will be easy to bully. That's why they finally made a move.’’

Simple smiled, ’’Oh stop joking around with us. Don't Be Foolish isn't our number one knight alright? The final battle will be in the forest just outside of Bowl Valley. How are [Zhan Long]'s 3000 players arriving? You must keep it a secret!’’

’’Don't worry!’’

I thought about it for a moment and finally said, ’’I'll bring my people and cut through Zi Wu Mountain. We'll be moving under the cover of the forests. If we go around and go through Butterfly Forest, we'll hit Bowl Valley after that. You can start the battle first, and hold off those Greedy Wolf Raiders. Remember to keep me updated.’’

’’Yup, I understand!’’


I exited the interface and then looked at everyone, ’’Alright now, prepare to set out. Follow me!’’

Wang Jian's spirits rose, ’’Brother Xiao Yao. [Thousand Burial]'s Greedy Wolf Brigade finally moved?’’


’’Yes! Its finally time for our Steel Blade Cavalry to take the stage!’’

’’Yup yup, let's go!’’



I charged on ahead while Wang Jian and Li Mu followed en suite. Of the two thousand cavalry, only Matcha was riding on a white battle horse. It was the Moonlight of a Thousand Leagues that I sent her, a Saint Tier BOSS level mount. It was much stronger than the Steel Blade Horses. It was very fitting with her beautiful face. After training with [Zhan Long] for half a year, she was no longer the noob from when we first met her. Rather, after these great battles one after another, she was starting to look more magnificent as she held her blade, and rode on the back of her horse.

Wan Er lead the mages, archers and healers to take our rear. All three thousand of us passed through Zi Wu Mountain. After an hour, we reached Butterfly Forest and then made our way to the Fairy's Path where we dashed straight for Bowl Valley.


I received a message from Simple: Xiao Yao, the eight thousand men that Don't Be Foolish lead is setting up formation five hundred yards into the forest. Not Ordinary's Greedy Wolf Raiders have all arrived. I've counted, there's a total of 8700+ people. Of them, the new blood, Minimalist and Call Me Master are both extremely strong. Don't Be Foolish can hold them off for half an hour at most. Ah Han and I have secretly gathered five thousand men and are charging from the east. But as before, we don't have complete confidence in this move. Have your men arrived?’’

Without hesitation I replied, ’’We'll arrive in ten minutes. Once we get there, we'll break the Greedy Wolf Brigade's formation. You must let Don't Be Foolish get the Greedy Wolf Brigade to charge at them. Otherwise, [Zhan Long]'s attack will be pointless!’’

’’Understood. We'll act together!’’



Looking at the map, I urged my battle horse forward. I was continuously limiting my speed. Otherwise, I would've gone too far ahead of the formation. I mainly had to wait for Darling Duck, Dong Cheng and the other players that didn't have a mount. Otherwise, we would've only taken thirty minutes to reach Bowl Valley. There was no diminishing the potential of the Steel Blade Cavalry.

The two thousand Steel Blade Cavalry surged forward. It was as though we were creating an earthquake. All of the birds in the forests around us flew off in surprise. I looked at the map. We still needed another five minutes to reach our destination. And so, I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and roared, ’’Full speed ahead. Steel Blade Horseman, follow me first. I'm afraid [Vanguard]'s formation won't last!’’

Matcha furrowed her brows, ’’Boss, is it possible that this is a trap? Is [Vanguard] and [Thousand Burial] setting up a trap for us?’’

I smiled, ’’Don't worry. Even if they did set a trap for [Zhan Long], [Vanguard] wouldn't sacrifice the levels of ten thousand people. That is too high of a price. Besides, with the flexibility of the Steel Blade Cavalry, even if they were to ambush us, we can just run away the minute we see it!’’

Matcha smiled, ’’That's true!’’


Not long after, I was the first to reach the Fairy's Path Forest. A little ahead of me was an enormous forest that opened up into a clearing. In the distance, I saw Not Ordinary and You Yi leading close to 9000 Greedy Wolf Raiders about to activate a charge right at [Vanguard]'s formation. Don't Be Foolish' long spear was splattered with blood and there were blade marks across his shield. He sat upon a horse with a blonde mane that whinnied at the sight of the oncoming enemy. In the blink of an eye, he took another seven to eight slashes from the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Don't Be Foolish immediately used a [Cleansing Rain] to heal himself. At the same time, he clenched his teeth, ’’Reinforcements are almost here. Stand up to them. Motehrf*cker, right flank, can't you grow some balls? Don't retreat!’’

Goodbye Tears raised his blade and shouted, ’’[Holy Blessing]!’’


A holy light broke through the clouds and scattered upon the troops, increasing all of the [Vanguard] players heal recovery by 100%. As he did that, he hacked at the shoulder of another Greedy Wolf Raider. His opponent's blade also took the chance to slash forward. ’’Keng!’’ the blade trembled. ’’Pa!’’ it pierced through Goodbye Tears' forehead. At that moment, a bright light flashed. The Raider had not broken his defense! Goodbye Tears coldly laughed, ’’I have over f*cking ten thousand defense. If you want to kill me, dream on!’’

Right as he said that, a girl rushed out from amidst the [Thousand Burial] troops on a Fiery Greedwolf. She swung the shield in her left hand. ’’Peng!’’ She rammed into Goodbye Tears, and forced him to retreat backwards. She then threw her spear forward, and activated [Skyshaker Stab].’’Pu Chi’’ It went through Goodbye Tears' chest armor, and dealt 6000+ damage. She then swung her spear again, dealing a second attack right afterwards. She smiled wryly, ’’[Vanguard]'s number one monk, is this all?’’

’’Call Me Master, break their defenses and kill your way in!’’ Minimalist shouted.

So this girl was the CBN Battlenet Rank 421 called ’’Call Me Master’’. She glanced around and without a moment of hesitation she lead her Greed Wolf into a full speed charge. She swung her spear left and right, knocking two swordsman into the sky. You Yi then lifted his sword and urged his battle wolf over to her and laughed, ’’That's right, that's the spirit. Everyone charge! Kill this defeated general!’’

Don't Be Foolish was starting to get nervous, ’’Hold them off, hold them off!’’

But how could they? The first line of shields had already been broken. Minimalist and You Yi threw two [Flying Sword]s into the crowd, and completely knocked out Goodbye Tears' health. He could only retreat quickly and raise his blade shouting, ’’Mages, [Lightning Eagle Formation]!’’

A group of [Vanguard] Mages all cast [Lightning Eagle Formation]. The Magic attack dealt additional damage to heavy armored players. No matter how courageous or savage the Greedy Wolf Raiders were, they wouldn't be able to block the attack. In an instant, several dozen were killed. However, Minimalist, You Yi and Call Me Master had already made it ten meters into the formation. As long a they cut through the shield formation, then the 7000 players in the rear of [Vanguard]'s formation would be hacked to death.


Behind him, hooves thundered over the earth and thousands of Steel Blade Horseman charged over with me out in front of them. I pointed my Dragon Reservoir Sword forward and smiled, ’’Charge, let's show Not Ordinary and You Yi what a true cavalry is!’’


You Yi suddenly turned around and saw a whole army of Steel Blade Cavalry. Surprise and terror flashed in his eyes. When did they get those mounts?’’

Call me Master* slowly drew her spear from the chest of a [Vanguard] archer. She glanced back with a smile on her lips, ’’Has [Zhan Long] finally appeared? Ok, I've wanted to meet Xiao Yao Zi Zai and General Li Mu in battle! He he, today I will beat them until they call me Master


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