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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 690


Chapter 690 - Three Thousand Elite Troops

I got out of bed. Wan Er and Dong Cheng had just woken up not long ago either and we all ate breakfast together.

Wonton Noodles, that's what Dong Cheng wanted. This Little Miss Dong Cheng wasn't picky at all strangely enough. She could eat anything from street food to high class restaurants.

I sat down and pulled up my sleeves and ate a big bowl of Wonton. There was even two pieces of fried golden poached eggs. It was very fragrant I looked down and nearly cried for a few seconds from the deliciousness. Then I looked up and said, ’’Just now, Simple sent a message to me, saying that she wanted to discuss business when I got online. I don't know what it's about though, but it should be about [Vanguard]?’’

Wan Er smiled knowingly, ’’Just as I predicted.’’

’’What is it?’’ My curiosity was peaked.

Dong Cheng said, ’’Looks like this simple headed person hasn't looked at the game news since you woke up. In the 24 hours that we haven't been in the game, big news has happened in Tian Ling City.’’

’’Oh? I smiled, ’’It should have something to do with [Zhan Long] right?’’

’’Yup, looks like you're still clear headed....’’ Wan Er smiled, ’’In less than 72 hours, [Thousand Burial] has grown incredibly strong. No one would have thought that Not Ordinary had such a great ambition. In these 72 hours, he's recruited 7000 players into his Greedy Wolf Brigade and they are all Greedy Wolf Raiders. In these three days, they continuously fought with [Vanguard], [Valley of the Gods], and [Moonlit Lake] and many other guilds. They've all been carefully stealing from others to grind levels and upgrade equipment. Today at 2 a.m. in the morning, Fallen Wolf lead a ten thousand man team to Tian Ling City's Winter Sun Plains to have a final match with [Thousand Burial] and lost. All ten thousand were killed, whereas [Thousand Burial] only lost around 50% of their Greedy Wolf Brigade.’’

I was so shocked by the news that I nearly dropped my chopsticks. With a trembling voice, I said, ’’That... that can't be possible right? If we were talking about Don't Be Foolish' 2000 man team getting destroyed, that was very normal. But the ten thousand men that Fallen Wolf lead were [Vanguard]'s elites right? How... How could they not hold off 7000 Greedy Wolf Raiders? How is that possible? Just what are Jian Feng Han and Simple doing?’’

Wan Er grinned, ’’What do you think? The Greedy Wolf Brigade's charging power is just too strong. On top of that, they've increased their attack power and movement speed quite a bit. Once they charge into a formation, its completely shattered. [Vanguard]'s shield formation could only last for 20 minutes before falling apart. Besides, Jian Feng Han and Simple weren't online at the time. Only Fallen Wolf was there to command the troops. Losing was also very natural. After all, they did manage to cut down 3500 of the Greed Wolf Raiders, so it wasn't a complete loss...’’

’’That isn't a complete loss?’’

I clenched my teeth, ’’Just where did Not Ordinary and You Yi find so many high level mount type players? Just in terms of Greedy Wolf Raiders, they have 7000. They must have over ten thousand total mount players right? That's truly terrifying... Besides that, the Fiery Greed Wolves are a type of mount, shouldn't they have already finished catching all of them? How come there are so many still left...’’

Wan Er calmly said, ’’Not Ordinary invested 500 Million RMB to get into <Destiny>, so its no wonder how he was able to find the people. A lot of players were lured into the Brigade by the thousands in annual salary. Even more were lured in by the wave that [Thousand Burial] created. [Thousand Burial] even dared to fight [Vanguard] and [Zhan Long]. That was something that attracted many of the fugitives in the game. As for the Fiery Greed Wolves, they respawn every 72 hours. On top of that, there was some problems with our intelligence. In the depths of Fire Wolf Valley, there are three other neighboring valleys. They've been divided into Greed Wolf Valley, Blood Wolf Valley and Famished Wolf. The three small maps all spawn Fiery Greed Wolf Mounts. So, while we were clearing the Steel Blade Mountain, Not Ordinary did not sit around. On one side he was flipping Tian Ling City on its head while he secretly cleared the three maps. Finally after 72 hours, he got Greed Wolf Mounts for seven thousand players. On top of all that, Not Ordinary put out word that within half a month, [Thousand Burial] will have over 20,000 Greed Wolf Raiders in their cavalry....’’

My mouth gaped. A sliver of killing intent entered my eyes, ’’That Not Ordinary really is material for big things. After holing himself up for so long in Ba huang City, he finally began to make his move when the new city opens. On top of that... his momentum is astonishing. Even his way of thinking is astonishing. If we really let [Thousand Burial] get 20,000 Greedy Wolf Troops, then even if [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard] were to ally with each other, we wouldn't be able to beat him....’’

Dong Cheng added on the side, ’’Exactly... [Zhan Long] only has 2000 Steel Blade Mounts at the moment. If we were to really face the charge of 20,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders, then I'm afraid nothing will be able to help us....’’

Wan Er nodded, ’’And so, we cannot allow [Thousand Burial] to continue down this path. We must beat them down somehow. If Simple wants to talk with you about that, then do not hesitate. Just agree. [Zhan Long] acts as a check to the different forces in Tian Ling City. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword are biding their time right now and that's because [Thousand Burial] hasn't listed them as one of their targets. However, once Not Ordinary gets that twenty thousand man Greed Wolf Brigade and destroys [Vanguard], then his next target will definitely be [Zhan Long]. Pig, don't you forget, [Thousand Burial] used to be [Mass Burial], and that's because you lead [Zhan Long]'s elites and destroyed it....’’

I wryly smiled, ’’I know... later when I log on I'll contact Simple. You two focus on the two thousand Steel Blade Cavalry. As of now, only [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Cavalry can match their Greed Wolf Brigade.’’

Wan Er smiled and nodded, ’’Yup, I understand!’’


During breakfast, I couldn't stop thinking about the situation. Not Ordinary's move this time was just too great. I'm afraid that none of the guildmasters of the big guilds in the city could have thought about this. And now Jian Feng Han has taken a direct hit, the old, unbeatable [Vanguard] managed to take continuous defeat for three days in a row. Based on Simple's intelligence, she knows that they cannot take any more risks. That's probably why she came to me, most likely asking for a victorious battle?


After I logged on I immediately returned to Tian Ling City. All of that killing had completely diminished my equipment's durability. I went to fix everything up. Afterwards, I bought a few ingredients to make some Level 11 pills. Once I finished everything up, Simple called just in time. I quickly answered. Her familiar voice sounded through the interface, ’’Hi, Xiao Yao....’’

I smiled, ’’Yup, Simple, what is it? When you sent me that message, I hadn't gotten out of bed yet...’’

Mu Rong Jun couldn't help but smile, ’’Well well, you really can sleep... Not Ordinary already has a ten thousand man cavalry. Does [Zhan Long] not worry about it at all? Before in Ba Huang City, the conflict between [Zhan Long] and [Thousand Burial] never really ceased....’’

I confidently smiled, ’’What should I be afraid of? Shouldn't the one who's most afraid be [Vanguard]? If I'm not mistaken, on the Chinese Server Guild Rankings, [Vanguard] is ranked third. If you take another couple of ten thousand losses, then your precious third place might be given to someone else....’’

Mu Rong Jun pondered for a few seconds on her response. She seemed to be thinking about something else. She then smiled, ’’Looks like Xiao Yao has already guessed what I want. Alright then, [Thousand Burial] has been chasing after [Vanguard] like a crazed dog and they just won't let go. If [Zhan Long] really wants to sit around and watch, then I have nothing to say... After all, we are guilds that have declared war.’’

’’Well not necessarily...’’ I smiled as I said that. This was only meant to place a buffer that allowed the conversation to return. This was most likely the opportunity that Simple was looking for too. This time, she took the initiative to contact me, which means that [Zhan Long] has something she wants. If it wasn't the end of the line, and even if Simple were a generous person who thought of the long plan, she probably would not have contacted [Zhan Long].

’’Alright then....’’ She sweetly smiled, ’’I think you've already guessed what I want... Last night, [Vanguard] suffered a huge loss. This is a situation that we've never encountered in a wilderness battle. Not Ordinary's strategy is to create battles from battles. He must be looking for some opportunity to whittle down the strength of the players [Vanguard] has online. The next battle will probably occur within the next 24 hours. And so, I want to ask that [Zhan Long] reinforce us and deal a painful blow to [Thousand Burial]!’’

I nodded, ’’Then Guildmaster Simple tell me, what do you want [Zhan Long] to do?’’

Simple said, ’’You Yi and Not Ordinary have been constantly online provoking our [Vanguard]. I haven't seen them go to sleep once since yesterday morning at nine. They've been taking their Greed Wolf Brigade throughout Tian Ling City's great map killing people and they've been going absolutely crazy. I plan, with [Vanguard] as the bait, to draw out the 7000 cavalry. Afterwards, if [Zhan Long] is willing coordinate, support [Vanguard]!’’

As she said that, Simple seemed to be at a loss of words. I could see her speechless expression on the interface. She looked up at me and said, ’’I know, Ah Han was very hot blooded before and he has done a lot of harmful things to [Zhan Long]. But... this time, we really hope that you can support us and give us a chance to repair the relationship between [Vanguard] and [Zhan Long]. This is something that I've always wanted to do but never had the chance. Xiao Yao, you must understand my sincerity in this. From the day that you got the Tian Chen Sword, I've never wanted to make you my enemy.’’

I nodded, ’’Ok, then tell me. How many of [Zhan Long]'s people do you need?’’

Simple smiled, ’’This Greedy Wolf Brigade is just too strong. [Zhan Long]... its best if you can give us over ten thousand players. Otherwise, I'm afraid that it will be extremely hard to suppress the attack power of the Greedy Wolf Brigade. Their movement speed is incredibly fast and their attack speed is similarly shocking. If they all charge at once, with three attacking one, they can instantly kill all of our heavy armor knights. It's just too terrifying...’’

I was stunned, ’’If I use too many people, I'm afraid that we won't be able to keep it a secret. At that point, [Thousand Burial] will be able to guard against it and we'll end up not being able to lure them out...’’

Simple bit her lip and said, ’’I thought of that too, but... but if you use less than ten thousand players, I'm afraid that we won't be able to control their Greed Wolf Cavalry. Last night they only used 7000 of their Greedy Wolf Raiders. I'm afraid they have around 8000 now, or even ten thousand....’’

As she said that, she trailed off and thought for a moment. Finally she said ’’But you brought up a good point. If there are too many people, then we'll reveal our tail. I'm afraid that won't be very advantageous to us either. This...’’

I smiled, ’’Then how about this, [Zhan Long] will only use 3000 people. Two thousand mounts and one thousand ranged players.’’

’’Three thousand?’’

Simple's small mouth gaped, ’’Xiao Yao, are you underestimating these Greedy Wolf Raiders a little too much? Otherwise, are you underestimating [Vanguard]'s strength? Are we really as weak as you imagine us to be?’’

I laughed and said, ’’Beautiful Jun, has [Vanguard] and [Zhan Long] not interacted enough times? Did you think that I, Li Xiao Yao, am such a hot blooded person? If I didn't have assurances, I wouldn't use only these three thousand. Besides, every time a [Zhan Long] brother loses a level, my heart pangs.’’

Simple smiled, ’’Alright, I understand now. Xiao Yao, you must have some kind of ace up your sleeve, or else you wouldn't be talking so big. Ok, I will declare war on [Thousand Burial]. I will tell you the location first thing!’’

’’Yup, I'll be waiting for your news!’’


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