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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 593


Chapter 593 If You Love Me then Please Give Me Money

Queen Zhi Shu's flying speed was incredibly fast. I could barely keep my eyes open against the wind rushing past my face. The tornado above the Stormy Abyss was getting closer and closer. Lanais and Lin Han both suffered injuries and weren't willing to pursue us. I lowered my voice and asked, ’’Zhi Shu, are we just going to charge in there? Will this tornado kill us first?’’

’’Don't worry, I'll protect you master!’’

Zhi Shu glanced downward and began to chant a magic spell. Lines of golden runes began to wrap around us and form a protective shield. In the next moment, we charged right into the tornado. This time, I couldn't see anything at all. After three minutes of flight, we charged out of the tornado and into the Stormy Abyss. It was so deep you couldn't see the bottom. At the center was a strong gale that carried flames and swirled around. Zhi Shu held me in her embrace as she gripped the walls and slowly crawled downwards into the abyss.

I looked carefully and saw that there was a path on the edge of the Stormy Abyss. On it were countless Hybrid Demons. We didn't have time to grind this map however. Da Lun and Xi Fu, those two super BOSSes would arrive any minute. That, added on with Lin Han and Lanais. The Red Dragon Queen wouldn't have a chance to hold them off. Furthermore, this Stormy Abyss had Gawain and Igoras those two BOSSes. This journey was truly dangerous.


The Queen Zhi Shu sternly said, ’’Quickly expand your awareness. Where is Frost's head hidden? We'll fly directly there!’’

’’Ah?’’ I exclaimed. I then closed my eyes and reached out my Yi Hai. Layer by layer, it expanded. There was a total of twelve floors. It wasn't until I reached the second to last floor that I suddenly shuddered. I felt a familiar presence. That icy force was so clear and dear to me. The second I felt it, tears began to well up in my eyes. I widened them and pointed to the eastern side of the second floor. ’’Right there!’’


Zhi Shu charged downwards. As we dove, we attracted the attention of the inner Hybrid Demons. A group of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen rode their dragons and flew straight at us. There were countless members in their charge. Just with their numbers alone, it was enough to instantly kill me!


’’They're coming!’’

Zhi Shu looked towards the bottom and said, ’’Gawain and Igoras that b*stard have already sensed my strength. Master, I will fight them off by myself. You go and get Frost's head!’’


’’Hua!’’ After we broke through one wind wall, we charged right to the second floor. There was a caved in area on the cliff that gave way to a large hall. At the center of the hall was an enormous ice pillar with Frost's head inside. I could even see Frost's expression as she died. It was one of helpless attachment.


Zhi Shu suddenly pushed me, throwing me towards the cliff. I raised my hand and activated [Dragon's Hook]. I locked onto the cliff and pulled myself over towards it. Behind me, the tornado grew stronger. Zhi Shu reached out her arms to contain it. ’’Peng!’’ she spat out blood from her mouth. Even her [Dragon Scales Defense] appeared. Only like this was she able to block that attack for me.

A general completely clothed in azure armor carried a purple sword and charged over. He smiled, ’’Oh, Igoras. This... isn't this the wife that you've adored for over ten thousand years, but haven't been able to have se* with?’’

Igoras raised his sword and slowly appeared from the shadows. He grit his teeth, ’’Zhi Shu, why are you here? What happened to the Wild Dragon Territory?’’

The Red Dragon Queen grew furious, ’’Ignaus, you b*st*rd, you actually dared to ambush me in my sleep. You are the traitor of the dragon tribe. I will cut you down!’’

Igoras glared at me, ’’That kid... isn't that Frost's student? D*mm*t, he actually snuck into the Stormy Abyss. Is he trying to steal Frost's body?!’’

Gawain grew furious, ’’Stop him!’’


I didn't keep watching and charged straight towards the ice pillar. I raised my long sword and slashed right at it!


Sparks flew from it. The ice pillar was incredibly solid. The impact of the sword made my arm even more numb. Despite this, I continued. I even activated [Dragon Transformation]. I swung my swords and hacked at it. ’’Keng keng keng!’’ I banged the Ice pillar, leaving slash marks on its smooth sides.

Behind me, Queen Zhi Shu waved her two arms, moving the [Dragon Blades] right to Igoras and Gawain. At the same time she was also wrapped up in the enemy's power. Blood flowed from injuries all over her body.


Igoras slashed into Zhi Shu's shoulder, throwing the Red Dragon Queen into the Abyss with a slash mark left in the sky.

I rammed into the Ice Pillar. It was like I went crazy. Frost's body was right in front of me, yet I couldn't get it no matter what I did.

’’Kid, go die!’’

Igoras pointed his sword and charged at me. The moment he attacked, I suddenly heard Queen Zhi Shu's shout, ’’Igoras, do you still remember the command from the Dragon Gods?!’’

Igoras, shuddered. He turned around. A black torch flew right towards him and he roared, ’’Ah? Medusa's Rock?! Gods, Zhi Shu you crazy b*tch!’’


The black rock suddenly exploded and Igoras' body slowly turned to rock. The Son of the Storm, Gawain coldly smiled. He swept out his blade and a long slash appeared on Zhi Shu's chest. With a scream, she fell into the cliff.



Gawain raised his Purple Wind weapon and threw a kick into my chest!



I fell into a crack in between the rocks. When I looked up, Gawain raised his fist and threw a punch right into the pillar. ’’Bang!’’ the pillar cracked and Frost's head fell into his arms. He glanced back at me and smiled savagely, ’’You want Frost's head? Then get it with your life. Ha ha ha, ants will always be ants. Crushing you is so easy!’’

I shuddered. While I was still in [Dragon Transformation], I raised a hand. ’’Pu Chi!’’ my Dragon Hook pierced right into Gawain's shoulder. The hook then quickly shrank back, taking me along with it. ’’Peng!’’ I rammed into Gawain's body. I grabbed a corner of the frozen head with one hand. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and ’’Pu Chi!’’ cut into Gawain's neck then roared, ’’Give her back to me!’’

Gawain grew furious. He then flew forward and rammed my face into the cliff with a smile, ’’What are you? Did you think you would be able to steal something from my place?’’

还给我!’’No matter what, I did not let go of the head. I furiously glared at Gawain. I then swept out my foot and ’’Peng!’’ kicked Gawain. Then, with a twitch of my right arm, I activated a combo, cutting right into the BOSSes weak spot. Then, I hacked at him with all I could and pulled Frost's head back to me. I was close to going crazy as I roared, ’’B*st*rd, give me back Frost's head!’’

At the same time, my Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and appeared behind Gawain and activated [Flame Armor]. Gawain spun around and threw a slash, killing the little tiger in one clash. I turned around and kicked off the wall. Man and sword dove straight into the pile of rocks. My health had plummeted to rock bottom. I then gulped down a health potion and used a [Heal], but it was still difficult to turn the situation around with my strength.

I held Frost's head close to my chest. I began to see red as blood filled my eyes. Despair began to fill my heart. With a shaky voice, I cried, ’’Frost, I.... I really have no way... no way of retrieving you. I... I don't have the strength to not let you leave me. I....I....’’

Gawain smiled, ’’Weak human. You know that you're incapable? To dare and come to my Stormy Abyss and steal something of mine. You're just asking to be killed!’’

I began to tremble. I gripped Frost's head close to me and faltered. I didn't care how much health I had left. My Dragon Reservoir Sword trembled and I said, ’’Let's battle..’’

I knew, that if I battled, I would die. I had already done everything I could. There was nothing I could do to change this fate. This was as far as I was going.

I was completely trapped.


Right at that moment, a dainty voice rang throughout the abyss, ’’Well lookie here, aren't you brave. You actually dared to talk back against the Son of the Storm and try to fight him. You're such a brave and idiotic youngster, I'm starting to like you more....’’

I shuddered. Why was this voice so familiar? This... that's the Holy Domain Assassin... Odelia?!

As I had suspected. Beside me, a hidden figure suddenly charged out from the shadows. I could hear the clinking of bells ring out and a cloak wrapped around me. Her sword flashed and her Holy Domain energy exploded before Gawain. It was a light type attack!

’’[The Light of Buddha]!

With that one attack, Gawain couldn't help but cover his eyes and roar, ’’Who is it? What coward!’’

Odelia didn't say anything and just reached out to grab my arm. She then jumped down and grabbed the Red Dragon Zhi Shu's body from the rubble. Her Invisibility Cloak fluttered and wrapped around all three of us. The Holy Domain energy filled the air as we charged right out of the Stormy Abyss.

At the bottom of the abyss, a large number of Hybrid Demons chased after us from behind. I opened my hand, activating my big skill [Thundering Heavens]!

Thunder roared. The domain seemed as though it was being ripped apart. The Hybrid Demons screeched in pain. Even Gawain couldn't help but retreat several steps to avoid the might of the skill. He grit his teeth, ’’This kid... he actually has an ancient power!’’


My health continuously recovered itself. I held onto Odelia and weakly said, ’’Odelia, yo.. Why are you here? You... did you save us?’’

Odelia blinked a few times and smiled, ’’No problem. Yes, I was the one that saved you. How could I let you go die? Even though, I'm an assassin that only cares about money. But... but my conscious is still clear. Ish. After all, I want to bathe in the Saint's light once in a while. Isn't that right, Queen Zhi Shu?’’

Zhi Shu weakly closed her eyes and she smiled, ’’I saw that you stole a dagger from the hall, isn't that right?’’


Odelia revealed a smile to show that her trick was exposed, ’’I say, Red Dragon Queen, you're a vice god level existence. Don't think too much about the details....’’

Zhi Shu smiled, ’’All in all, I want to thank you. Otherwise, Master would've never been able to accomplish this task.’’


Odelia glanced at me and mischievously smiled, ’’Kid, love me now?’’

I was stunned, ’’That....maybe... it's love?’’

Odelia smiled, ’’Oh, then alright. If you love me then give me money....’’

I was speechless.


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