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Zhan Long - Volume 3 - The Grandmaster - Chapter 588


Chapter 588 Dragon God Essence


My Dragon Reservoir Sword slashed through the air, aiming straight at the flying dragon's abdomen. I raised my Zhen Yue Sword and ’’Keng!’’ parried an attack from the dragon's claws. Then, with a push, I rammed the claws away. If I couldn't even deal with a Saint Tier BOSS, just how was I supposed to retrieve Frost's head from the Hybrid Demons?

I blocked the attack with my blade and completed seven continuous attacks at once. The Poison Dragon roared in pain. In terms of attack power, it was far from my leve.l. But at that moment, that trash raised its head and hurled [Poison Spray]!


I felt my face start to burn as it was covered by the poison. My health quickly dropped in seconds. I immediately cast [Cleansing Rain] and used [Heal] to keep my health up. Despite this, it seemed that I was not able to keep up with the rate at which the poison sucked away at my health. I didn't have a spell like [Purification] and had no way of vaccinating this poison's effect. There was no other way. All I could do was try my best to survive. I activated [Halberd Flame] and bore with the poison as I charged forward.


Right as my health dropped below 30%, Odelia finally arrived. She leapt up, both of her hands gripping her sword and she channeled her power straight into its blade. As she descended from the sky, she stabbed the blade through the Poison Dragon's head. ’’Ka Cha!’’ it pierced right through and the Poison Dragon's health bar immediately vanished before my eyes. It cried out and fell to the ground. ’’Peng!’’ the heavy body now lay lifeless on the forest floor.

My jaw dropped as I stared at Odelia.

Odelia flashed a smile at me and used my Ruler's Mantle to wipe the blood off of her blade, ’’What's wrong? Isn't my killing technique top grade?’’

I shook my head, ’’No... just, why did it take you this long to get here?’’

’’Oh...’’ Odelia plucked a small blue flower from her hair and smiled, ’’Just now in the grass I saw a really pretty flower and went to pick it. So, does it match my cute blue cape?’’

I nearly coughed up blood, ’’In your mind, is my life just that worthless!?’’

’’No not at all....’’

She reached out and pointed at my chest with a smile, ’’Maybe in your next life, I'll be willing to be the apple of your eye. Such that whenever you look in the mirror, you will use the most loving eyes to gaze at me.. Ever since I met you, I have known, you are even more important than my own life!’’

I groaned, ’’What are you talking about? That sentiment level isn't much higher than some wild rabbit hopping in the forest, right?’’

’’Oh wow....’’

She smiled, ’’You don't have to be so cautious of me. I'm truly confessing to you! Hurry up and let's set out. We're not too far from the Great Hall....’’

I turned my horse around. As I recovered my health, I said, ’’Didn't you say that we were going into the Wild Dragon Territory for an insignificant piece of rock? Then why do you have to go to the Great Hall? Why does it sound like nothing good is going to happen there?’’

Odelia looked as if she didn't care about my questions and just looked up at the sky, ’’The moon is really round!’’

I said, ’’That's the sun!’’

’’Ah, the sun is really round. I like the feeling of its warm rays!’’



After we walked through the forest for another couple of kilometers, I noticed that the map in front of us was completely red. That meant to say that if I went in with my level and equipment, I would die for sure.


Odelia swung her cloak over me again. Right above our heads, seven dragons were scouting via the air. They were all dragon tribe members that were protecting the Great Hall. As expected, this place was practically hell!

’’Sha sha...’’

When we reached the border of the forest, I could see the markings made by an axe on the Great Hall. Dragon Nests surrounded the area. Right at the center was a raised stand that held a crimson crystal rested at the center of it. It was around the size of a soccer ball. What was it....? I searched the game forums very quickly and found a description

[Dragon God Essence] : When the last Dragon God died, his strength accumulated into this crystal. It is now a treasured artifact that represents the strength and bloodlines of the Dragon Tribe. It is the most precious treasure in the entire Dragon Tribe.


’’That rock you want me to steal, it wouldn't happen to be that Dragon God Essence, would it?’’ I spun around to ask Odelia.

She smiled sweetly and patted my shoulder, ’’You scoundrel. Who said we were stealing it? We're just borrowing it. I just think it looks interesting and want to play with it. Don't worry, do I seem like the kind of person to trick others?’’

’’You aren't?’’ I smiled.

As I said that, I turned around to look at the Dragon God Essence. Right beside it was an enormous black dragon deep in sleep. It blew soft flames from its nose while it dreamed. That f*kt*rd was probably guarding the Dragon God Essence. Motherf*cker, if I get discovered, wouldn't I be burned to ash!?

’’Hurry up!’’

Odelia grabbed her long sword. Rivers of Holy Domain Energy began to circle around the blade. She reached out and pushed me forward, ’’Go ahead. Once you get that Dragon God Essence you'll probably waken the Black Dragon. That b*st*rd isn't really strong, but he is a descendent of the Holy Dragons. You cannot run back here, otherwise you'll awaken the other high level dragons. And so.... When you get the Dragon God Essence, you have to charge forward and use your sword to cut through the cliff. Afterwards, you'll see a small path. That leads to the Wild Dragon Territory's sacred land Heart of the Dragon Nest. Once you're in the Heart, find a way to get out with your skills. I'll wait for you at the entrance of the Wild Dragon Territory!’’

As she said that, Odelia smiled, ’’You said that you want to retrieve Frost's head from the Stormy Abyss right... But I think that Igoras and Gwaine don't even think of you as a fly. Especially Gwaine, the Son of the Storm. He's extremely familiar with the Stormy Abyss, and he's number one in terms of his knowledge of meteorology. If he finds out, you won't even have the chance to run away. And so... if you help me now, I will help you too and do all I can to grab Frost's head for you. How does that sound. It's a pretty good deal right?’’

I grunted, ’’It is pretty good. Even though I might be getting tricked into something, it doesn't seem as though I have any other choice. Odelia. Do not trick me, or else I will chase after you to the corners of the world!’’

Odelia giggled, ’’Don't worry my little warrior, go!’’


I stopped thinking more about it and unsheathed both my swords. I urged my warhorse forward and summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger to fight with us. We charged right into the Dragon Tribe's Great Hall. At the same time, I swung my sword and activated a level 10 [Haste]. Like that, my Flying Scythe War Horse dashed into the Great Hall, its hooves bounding against the paved ground. We quickly arrived at the raised platform. However, before we even reached it, the dimension around us seemed to shift!

Behind me, Odelia's voice shouted, ’’Charge forward, I'll make a path!’’

A blade flew out and ’’Keng!’’ it cut right through the dimension. More accurately speaking, it broke the dimension. Who knew how strong Odelia, this Holy Domain expert truly was. She even managed to easily break through a dimension that the Dragon Tribe had set up!

I then charged forward and let my Zhen Yue Sword fly forward. My Flying Scythe War Horse passed by the raised stand and I reached out, grabbing onto the Dragon God's Essence. I stuck it straight into my pouch, and bolted for the exit. At that moment, the giant Black Dragon suddenly opened its eyes and blinked in fury, ’’D*mned humans, you actually dare steal our Dragon Tribe's treasure! You're looking to die!’’

I didn't respond and charged towards the center of the Great Hall. Just as Odeila had said, there was a small path in the wall with ancient Dragon Script carved into it Behind me, the Black Dragon roared and was flying straight at me. It blew a Dragon's Breath, cutting the Ancient Heavenly Tiger's health all the way down to critical, while I was left with 20,000. I staggered to the wall and began hacking at it!

’’Peng peng...’’

Sparks flew and slash marks appeared on the stone wall, but it did not penetrate the ancient stone.


Behind me, I could see the Black Dragon had almost reached me. It was incredibly fast for its size. It swung its claws and dealt a quick attack right into me. All I could do was cross my swords in front and hoped to parry the blow. When the claws rammed into my blades, I was shot backwards. My defense was far too low for this!


I quickly gulped down a potion and swung my two swords at the wall. Finally, a small crack formed. I raised my Cloud Stepping Boots and gave it a powerful kick!


A two meter tall opening appeared in the broken rock. I quickly charged into it!


It wasn't until that moment that I noticed that the Dragon God's Essence in my bag grew cold. If it was just a normal rock, then what was the point of stealing it?


I heard a loud explosion and I looked behind me, only to see Odelia raising her long sword. She cut through the stand. In the midst of the ruined rock, there appeared to be another dimension that was protecting a flaming item. Odelia raised it in her palm and smiled, ’’Hmph, that sneaky Igoras. Did you think that I wouldn't be able to get the Dragon God's Essence?’’

The Black Dragon suddenly spun around and roared, ’’D*mm*t, Odelia that female thief has taken the Dragon God's Essence. Hurry, and grab her!’’

As he said that, the Black Dragon roared at the sky and blew a flame straight into the air. Dragon's began to roar from all around as they flew into the air.

Odelia raised the hood of her cape and suddenly disappeared into thin air. No matter how much the Black Dragon tried to sniff her out, it still couldn't find any hint of Odelia's presence. It then roared in Dragon Language, ’’Elite Dragon Guards, immediately enter the Heart of the Dragon's Nest and find Odelia's partner. Kill him!’’

AT that moment, I heard several shrieks and three green spirit dragons descend from the sky. They were all around 3 meters long and incredibly nimble. They all had the claws and Dragon Breath skills. Furthermore, they were all Level 115 Saint Tier BOSSes. If they caught up to me, then I'd be screwed!

Without another thought, I turned around and charged down the path. Running as fast as I can!


I took the rock in my bag and threw it out. Motherf*cker, I really was tricked by that Miss Odelia.


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