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Zhan Long - Volume 2 - Rise Of Heroes - Chapter 522


Chapter 522 The Three Man Rear


The sword in Wang Jian's hands started to glow as he surged forward. Once his [Halberd Whirlwind] killed a dozen players, Wang Jian glanced around him. Almost all of the players from [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Judgement] had been killed. [Hero's Mound] and the Rhino Calvary's charge had drowned us like a flood.

’’Peng peng peng....’’

The sound of rocks crumbling from the wall travelled to our ears. Within moments, the western wall of Dragon's Den had become ruins and had lost all ability to protect us. Q-Sword raised his long sword and sternly said, ’’Advance, destroy all of their watchtowers and push all of the Death God Arrow machines in!’’


Old K and Li Mu fought fiercely as they retreated. Matcha raised her heavy shield and suddenly rammed it in front of the blacksmith and shouted, ’’We must hold our place. We cannot retreat any further! Our first priority is to focus all our firepower on those Rhino Cavalry. There aren't many of them left!’’

However at the same time, Q-Sword led a group of [Hero's Mound] players and crushed our front row of players. Dashing forward, he raised his longsword and roared at One Second Hero, ’’[Fierce Tiger Burst]!’’



It was a critical attack! Before One Second Hero could use a [Cleansing Wind], Q-Sword had already thrown his blade forward. ’’Pu Chi!’’ it punctured his chest. Immediately after, he used a [Destruction Wolf Formation], an AOE attack. One Second Hero grunted and his shield fell to the ground. Both him and the [Zhan Long] players around him were instantly killed. Q-Sword's attack power was just too high!

’’Yong Jie!’’

Witnessing that scene, my heart froze. [Zhan Long] could no longer hold off [Hero's Mound]. Even Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, and Han Bei Song couldn't completely fend everyone off. The coordination of human players and the NPC army was too deadly for us.

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cut apart the crowd in front of me as I desperately tried to get closer to [Zhan Long]'s main formation. Q-Sword's sister, Sword Tears, raised her long sword and followed after me while maintaining a distance. At the same time, she commanded Mages and Archers to lock spells onto me. Under this kind of pressure, I could not attack normally, and didn't manage to deal the most amount of damage I could.


Q-Sword suddenly threw an attack that shook Matcha's shield. He then raised a boot and kicked her shoulder, forcing her to cry out in pain and retreat, breaking her defense. Q-Sword's eyes were filled with killing intent. He lunged forward and punched Matcha's shield away. The sword in his right hand suddenly started to glow with a blue light as he threw an [Afterglow Slash] right onto Matcha!


Matcha was stunned, and the effect lasted for 1.5 seconds.

’’I'm sorry about this miss!’’

Q-Sword laughed and light began to shine from under his feet. It was his most prided combo [Six Directional Thunder]!

If I didn't go help her, then Matcha was bound to die. I disregarded everything and jumped forward, taking six to seven hits to my shoulder. I suddenly opened my left hand, and my Dragon's Hook flew out with a ’’Sou!’’. Q-Sword seemed to sense the danger and took a step backwards. ’’Peng!’’ The Dragon's Hook buried itself into a stone pillar. I tugged on the hook and flew forward. As I was in the air, I collected the Dragon's hook and pulled out my Cold Iron Sword. As I spun around in the air, I raised both my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword and threw a single attack!


Q-Sword parried the attack, but took a few steps back from the brunt of my attack. He smiled, ’’Concentrate all your attacks on Xiao Yao Zi Zai!’’

A [Magma Abyss] appeared under my feet, but I didn't retreat at all. Without looking back, I said, ’’Matcha, order everyone to retreat. We cannot hold this place any longer, go to the great hall!’’


Matcha nodded and retreated with critical health. I then relied on my [Wall of Dou Qi] to take on the firepower that was coming at me from all sides. I raised my arm and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Sword Tempest]. At that moment, a crowd of [Hero's Mound]'s players all cowered and retreated a dozen meters. In the distance, Ye Lai raised his battle axe and roared, ’’Jian Feng Han and Simple have arrived! I can't hold them off any longer. Xiao Yao, what do we do now? Dragon's Den has already collapsed!’’

I glanced at the time on the screen and said, ’’Nevermind about that, we'll just fight for our lives. There's still 40 minutes left. No matter what, we cannot let Chi Yu Han die! How about this, Ye Lai, you, Misty Cloud, and Han Bei Song all take Chi Yu Han to the eastern wall of the Dragon's Den. That will lead you to Desolate Cloud Swamp. There should still be quite a few players left there. As long as we hold out for these 40 minutes, then we'll win!’’



We defensively retreated towards the great hall. There was no where left for us to retreat to. The Rhino Cavalry began to repeatedly ram against the doors. In the next moment, the crude door crashed with a boom and the NPCs in the fort were all crushed to death!


System Notification: Please note, your fort ’’Dragon's Den’’ has suffered a critical attack. Now that the NPC officer has died, you must buy a new one within 25 hours, or else the system will take back the fort!

Wan Er raised her blood stained dagger and charged into the crowd, while protecting Dong Cheng Yue. I could see injuries and blood marks on both her legs and shoulders. She only had around 25% health left and was still being chased after by the [Hero's Mound] players. I quickly gave her a [Heal] from a distance and then charged forward and helped cover for them with a [Sword Tempest].

Dong Cheng opened her hand and helped reduce the pressure on me by casting a [Thunderbolt Finger] and said, ’’Xiao Yao, we have to retreat. Our losses are extremely high. In just a short 30 minutes, [Zhan Long] now only has a few hundred people left. In the next 10 minutes, we'll be completely massacred!’’

I looked into the distance and saw that Ye Lai, Han Bei Song and the others were guarding Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing and had already passed through the eastern gate and were heading towards the Desolate Cloud Swamp. In reality, the Dragon's Den was already a pile of ruins. This home that we put blood and sweat into could not take a combined attack from a few big guilds. We were completely defenseless...


’’Let's go!’’

I waved my sword and shouted, ’’I'll take the rear! Protect the escape of our allies!’’

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all nodded and began to withdraw from our Dragon's Den. In the distance, I could see that [Hero's Mound] was pushing 200 Death God Arrow machines towards us. Looks like Q-Sword needed some security, and is relying on his battle machines.

A group of people were all covered in blood and miserably retreated from the Dragon's Den. Watching all of our blood and sweat get crushed, Wang Jian raised a fist and with a trembling voice, he said, ’’This debt, just when will we get it back?’’

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, ’’Don't just think about vengeance. We have to keep Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing alive and we'll be victors. At that point, wouldn't Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han become completely exacerbated! Please check really quickly, has anyone gone to intercept Chi Yu Han and Ye Lai?’’

Qing Qian shook her head and said, ’’Nope!’’

I smiled, ’’That's fine... everyone hurry up and retreat! [Hero's Mound] and [Vanguard] will catch up to us soon!’’

Right as we were talking, a dozen of [Zhan Long]'s players were killed by Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han. Wan Er furrowed her elegant brows and said, ’’We can't continue like this, if we keep up running, then we'll all be killed....’’

Yao Yan helplessly looked at her and said, ’’Then what do we do?’’

I smiled and suddenly halted my steps. My War Swept Cloak whirled around behind me. I suddenly stabbed my Dragon Reservoir Sword into the ground and smiled, ’’Yue Yao Yan, take everyone and continue withdrawing towards Desolate Cloud Swamp. We just need to hold out for 20 minutes and [Zhan Long] will win! Now that our guild has completed its task, let me enjoy this last moment by bringing the rear!’’

Wang Jian anxiously replied, ’’Brother Xiao Yao, are you stupid?!’’

I turned around and looked at him and smiled, ’’Why am I killing them, you're asking? All of the [Hero's Mound], and [Vanguard] players chasing after us at the forefront are close combat type warriors. Which one of them could break through my [Wall of Dou Qi] boosted defense? Who can block my Dragon Reservoir sword's attack? That's enough, you guys hurry up and leave!’’

Li Mu stabbed his Tian Chen Sword into the dirt and he said, ’’Seeing as you're gaining more time for us, then I'll join you. For hard work like taking up the rear, I'm a professional!’’

Wolf, Matcha, and Old K all signaled that they wanted to stay as well.

I felt a little anger rise up and I threw a punch into the ground. ’’Peng!’’ Energy whirled around me and I looked at everyone and shouted, ’’Are you all stupid? Just what level are you guys at? You realize that you lost 10 levels at once in the Purple Demon Forest. Just how long would it take for you all to catch up again? Listen to me. Li Mu and I will hold this place, everyone else, retreat. This is an order from your Guild Master!’’

Wolf made a fist and then gritted his teeth and nodded, ’’Understood... everyone, let's go. Hurry up!’’

’’Boss....’’ Matcha longingly looked at me and said, ’’If just you and Li Mu stay, then you'll definitely die....’’

I smiled, ’’Hurry up, they've almost caught up!’’


Matcha, Old K, Wolf, and Qing Qian all retreated, leaving Li Mu and I in our places. An autumn breeze brushed against us. We were in a pretty sorry state, with our armor in tatters and blood dripping from our wounds.

I glanced around the area and said, ’’Come out already. Don't just hide by yourself....’’

’’Tee hee....’’

Wan Er's beautiful figure slipped out of the shadows of her [Stealth] mode and she guiltily smiled, ’’That... I was worried that you might get instantly killed... and so, the more people the better, right...?’’

I took a deep breath, ’’Ok, alright then. Then today, it will be the three of us guarding the rear. Let us advance together! We'll defend by attacking!’’



In the next moment, the three of us charged at the oncoming [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], and [Flying Dragon] players. With a flash of my blade, I immediately killed a dozen people. The Purple Kirin Dragon and my Flaming Tiger God were both summoned along with Li Mu's Bear King pet. Taking this chance before the enemy's ranged players have yet to catch up, we began our attack.

Q-Sword raised his blade and slowly walked forward and looked at the [Hero's Mound] players that I had cut down and gritted his teeth, ’’Bring a team of people and surround them. The rest of you, chase after Chi Yu Han!’’

One of the team leaders immediately brought a hundred players to come and surround us. They were all Knights and Monks.

I looked at Li Mu and Wan Er and smiled, ’’Let's do this. Focus on area attacks!’’


In the next moment, I charged forward and cut straight into the heart of the crowd by myself. I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Sword Tempest]+[Seven Star Fragment Slash] at the same time while Li Mu activated his [Covering Sword Slash] and Wan Er used her [Ice Pick Whirlpool]. The area attacks of three experts killed nearly 70 people in moments. The rest of them were all left with critical health. I swung my sword while Wan Er activated [Blade of the Death God], killing another three people.

’’Sha sha sha....’’

My Cloud Stepping Boots slid across the grass a dozen meters and I cut right through a group of a hundred people. That's not right, it wasn't that I cut through them, more like tore through them.

The expression on Q-Sword's face turned uglier. Sword Tears softly said, ’’Brother, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong and General Li Mu aren't your average high level players. It looks as though... our small number of soldiers are just there for them to cut down... I think that the reality is, killing Chi Yu Han is going to be impossible. Xiao Yao Zi Zai has protected Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing much too well. This time, they've won this quest....’’

Jian Tan raised his sword and said, ’’Even if that's so, we still have to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai, General Li Mu, and Cang Tong, or no one will really be able to rival [Zhan Long]!’’


Q-Sword fell into deep thought and then waved his hand. Nearly 3000 more [Hero's Mound] players began to come and surround us.

On the other side, Jian Feng Han's face appeared even gloomier and he raised his sword, as he brought 2000 of [Vanguard]'s players to cut off our retreat.

This must be the legendary

Even if given wings, you wouldn't be able to fly out!

*TL Note: An idiom meaning that it'll be impossible to escape


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