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Zhan Long - Volume 1 - Starting From Scratch - Chapter 177


The next day, after having more than enough sleep, I woke up at 9:30 am. Looking at the time, I suddenly jumped out of bed, remembering that there was an important meeting today. [Hero’s Mound]’s Guild Master will be coming to check on his two Deputy Chiefs and I, who was Lin Wan Er’s bodyguard, should prepare myself as well. Even if I lose to him as a person, it does not mean I would lose to him in spirit!

I hurried and got up. After washing up, as I looked at the clothes in my closet while my face couldn’t stop twitching.

“What happened?” Tang Gu looked at me and laughed.

I pondered and asked: “Glasses Bro, today I am meeting an important person. His position is far from ordinary, the CEO of some big company, so I don’t want to look too shabby in front of him. Given these conditions, what should I wear?

Tang Gu pushed his glasses up and chuckled: “Love Rival?”

“NO!” I denied fiercely.

“Then isn’t it easy? If the other party is the CEO of a company, even if you dress nicely, it won’t change a thing. You can’t outdo him. You have to think outside the box. I would suggest wearing something casual.”

“Casual wear?”

“Yup, or wear something slightly more formal, for example…There’s a VERSACE store across the street, although it is slightly more expensive than average. If you buy a whole suit, it should be around this much!” He held up 2 fingers.

Stunned, I asked: “2000?”

“Dream on, 20,000!”

“Damn it!”

My heart was aching to the point of dying. I clenched my fist and said: “Isn’t 20,000 too much? Forget it, I’ll just wear my old outfit…”

Tang Gu laughed: “Don’t. I’m guessing you are going to meet someone related to Lin Wan Er. Otherwise, with your ‘Xiao Yao Attitude’ you wouldn’t even be nervous. Just go, the outfits in VERSACE are not too bad, you should just buy an outfit and a new pair of shoes. With your handsome looks, you definitely won’t lose to anyone.”

I pursed my lips and hardened my heart: “Alright then…20,000, then let it be 20,000…”


Hurrying out the door, I entered the clothes store nearby. I purchased a casual black outfit with a price tag of RMB 24,000, and then I bought a new pair of shoes for another 800 RMB. I felt like my heart was bleeding, all this money came from the equipment and gold that took me great pains to acquire.

But when I thought about it more carefully, it’s actually fine. No matter what, I would eventually need this type of outfit. In the future I may need to carry out a job that would require me to dress up as a celebrity to confuse the enemy. At that time, these clothes could take the limelight.

I was continually prepared myself until 11 am when my phone rang. It was Lin Wan Er:

“Li Xiao Yao, are you ready yet?” She asked, chuckling.

I nodded: “Yup, I’m ready. Has Q-Sword arrived?”

“He’s coming in a minute. Come to the girls dormitory quickly, Dong Cheng and I will come down shortly. We’ll go to the school gate together and welcome him…”



Walking downstairs, I rushed to the girls dormitory. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue wore their normal school outfits and looked like normal students. I, on the other hand, was the only one who had overdressed!

“Wow…” Dong Cheng Yue looked at me while I was walking towards them. Her pretty little face suddenly blushed and she didn’t even dare to look at me anymore, while pulling Lin Wan Er’s arm she said: “Wan Er, today Li Xiao Yao… Didn’t that guy…suddenly become more handsome…”

Lin Wan Er also looked at me dazed, her small red lips softly moved: “I…I don’t know…”

I coughed once: “Are you guys ready? Shall we go?”

“Yes…” Lin Wan Er snuck a look at me again, her face blushing red.

Dong Cheng Yue stared at me hard, laughed softly and said: “Xiao Yao, today you changed into a VERSACE outfit? Dressed like that, becoming so handsome, are you going to a marriage interview later? Wuu… looking at you like that, my heart is beating a little faster…”

I said: “Get a hold of yourself…:”

Dong Cheng Yue: “Sure…”

Lin Wan Er: “…”


While waiting at the school gate, barely 5 minutes later, a black Land Rover slowly drove by and pulled over to the road side.


The car’s door opened and a proud looking figure stepped out from the car. The impressive looking, handsome young man wearing a brown outfit looked around 25. A light smile appeared on his face as he walked straight to us. He looked at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue and laughed: “Indeed, you both are just as beautiful as in the game. You are Cang Tong, and you are Cang Yue, right?”

Lin Wan Er laughed and nodded: “Guild Master, good afternoon!”

Q-Sword laughed heartily: “In the past I heard that Cang Tong was the Lin Wan Er that sang ‘Heart of Time’. Now that I know it really is you … I remember that I was crazy about you for quite some time…”

Lin Wan Er laughed softly: “Guild Master, you praise me too much, this…”

She turned and pulled me to her side, her pink tinted wrist twirled around my arm. She laughed: “This is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you should have met him before..”

Q-Sword stared at Lin Wan Er’s intimate attitude towards me as shock flashed across his eyes, but quickly a warm smile appeared on his face “Hello, Xiao Yao Zi Zai. I know your name, it’s Li Xiao Yao. It’s a good name. Turns out you really are Wan Er’s friend in real life, the gossip in the forum was not baseless.”

I nodded and smiled: “Hello, Q-Sword, Bei Cheng Feng, you are just like what the rumors described you, very handsome!”

Lin Wan Er shook my arm: “Enough, will you guys stop talking? Let’s find a place to eat, I’m starving since I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.”

Q-Sword laughed: “I know a good restaurant with delicious cuisine nearby, shall I take you guys over there?”

“Okay. Thanks!”

At this time, someone else stepped out from the driver side of the car. A 35 year old healthy looking man confidently strode toward us. He smiled softly and reached out his hand: “You must be Xiao Yao Zi Zai right? Hello, I’m one of the elders in [Hero’s Mound], my game ID is called Jian Han…”

“So you’re Jian Han, hello…”

I reached my hand out and smiled. Then, I helped Lin Wan Er step into the car. Land Rover was very spacious with ample room even for the three of us. Q-Sword kept chatting with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue about their guild management and as the only person without a guild, naturally, I couldn’t join in the conversation.


In the restaurant, our table was full with all sorts of dishes.

Q-Sword was an extremely well-mannered person and after three rounds of toasting with his face slightly red, he laughed: “ has been online for almost a month already and the competition is extremely fierce, especially in Ba Huang City, the most chaotic city of all. Ah, I’ve heard that Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s relationship with the [Flying Dragon], [Vanguard] and [Wrath of the Heroes] guilds in Ba Huang City is not the best, I guess it must be very stressful?”

I put down my chopsticks and smiled: “Actually, it’s nothing much: just a competition of who’s stronger. Anyways, you can’t really kill a person in game so as long as your account credentials and ambitions are still there, then you’ll never be gone.”

“Well said!” Dong Cheng Yue blinked her beautiful eyes and giggled: “I’ve always liked Xiao Yao’s stubborn and never ending willpower…”

Q-Sword smiled and said: “Although Fan Shu City is not as chaotic as Ba Huang City, there are still [Emerald Porcelain], [Narcissistic Society] and other rivals, so we can’t sit back and relax. I plan to build [Hero’s Mound] real life base in the coming month, it will be located just outside the cities Nan Jing and Shang Hai. At that time, Wan Er and Dong Cheng, you must come and join us, okay! If you like it, you can stay at the Guild’s Base and even have a spot in the Guild’s Residence. You two would definitely be our Guild’s central Symbols!”

Lin Wan Er frowned a little but didn’t say anything while Dong Cheng Yue looked at Q-Sword with confusion while asking: “I thought that Wan Er and I had told you already, we’ll stay in [Hero’s Mound] for only 3 months, so we definitely can’t stay at the Guild Base.”

Q-Sword gasped and said: “It can’t be. Wouldn’t it be better if you stayed with [Hero’s Mound]? Everyone in the guild is very close, how could you have the heart to leave [Hero’s Mound]? Ah, if Wan Er and Dong Cheng leave the guild, all the guys in [Hero’s Mound] would be so heart-broken. They even might riot… You wouldn’t want me, the Guild Master, to step down because I was unable to control the rebellion right?”

Lin Wan Er looked up, her beautiful eyes firm and steady: “I’m sorry Q-Sword, we promised another person that if he were to set up a guild and if the guild became powerful enough, we would join him!”

Q-Sword was shocked: “Who? Who’s guild is that?”

I stood up and smiled lightly: “My future guild —Zhan Long!”

Rage filled Q-Sword’s eyes, no matter how well-mannered a person was, they would not be able to endure such sudden turn of events. He pursed his lips and snickered: “So that’s the story… Hehe, I almost forgot the common saying, the early bird gets the worm…Haha, so be it. But since Wan Er and Dong Cheng will join you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s guild, I will be at ease. Because with you as the Guild Master, at least you won’t waste these two beautiful Deputy Leaders’ abilities, right?”

I nodded and smiled: “Of course I won’t, they are all my people. I’ll never give them up!”

Q-Sword laughed but said no more.


When it was about time to finish our meal, Jian Han stood up, looked at me, with his gaze holding a hint of provocation. He laughed and said: “We’ve had enough beer and food. I’ve heard that…Xiao Yao Zi Zai is a professional martial artist in real life and is really strong. We the House of Bei Chen have also been training in martial arts for generations. How about…we find a place to spar a little, share some basic moves?”

Having expected him to ask that, I chuckled softly and nodded: “Sure, Let’s find a place to spar a bit!”

Lin Wan Er felt that there was something wrong with the situation and hurriedly grabbed my arms: “Li Xiao Yao, don’t…”

My gaze was firm as I smiled softly: “Wan Er, don’t worry. If I remembered correctly, Wang Ran’s dojo has a nice ambiance and not many people that go to the dojo. Could you ask her to bring the keys to the dojo? We’ll just spar a little there;it should be empty today anyways.”

Jian Han nodded:”Good. Decisive!”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips, looking a little worried. She wanted to say something but didn’t while Dong Cheng Yue bit her lips and whispered into Lin Wan Er’s ears: “Don’t worry, I don’t think Xiao Yao will lose. I think he’s the strongest person in the whole world, second to none-!”

Lin Wan Er:”…”


1 PM sharp, at the dojo.


Wang Ran slowly pushed the big door open and looked towards me, Jian Han and Q-Sword. She quietly asked: “Wan Er, who are these two people? They look young and familiar,”

Lin Wan Er replied softly: “They are Q-Sword and Jian Han, members of the [Hero’s Mound].”


Wang Ran opened her mouth wide: “Gasp…Is Li Xiao Yao sparring Q-Sword? This…This is going to be an exciting fight……”